Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Tick

“…Is this the school?” Looking around, Shinichi mumbled something in his mouth as he noticed he somehow had left the comforts of his room.

It though was dark and gloomy, but there were no doubts about it, It was indeed his classroom.

As he noticed a handful of heavy heads sinking in the desks, he can’t help but scratch his own head.

As far as he could remember he was just brushing his teeth seconds before retiring to the bed.

But now he was standing in his classroom for no good reason.

Sure enough, this shocked him. “Am I in a Deja Vu?” Shinichi whispered as he can’t believe him being in the classroom.

No, no!

“Ouch.” Shinichi cried as he hurt his own head while pinching it hard.

Since it was not a dream, he could only think of it as an illusion.

He probably had got confused by the ghosts.

But, It was not very likely.

“If ghosts really sneaked into my house, there should be a sign. Also, it’s not the same feeling when I encountered those twits…” Shinichi raised his brow while seething with anger as he clenched his fists.

He had been victimized multiple time with those illusions lately.

But the illusions created by the dead body or the little girl were relatively exaggerated and bizarre.

But he could clearly feel his limbs now. In other words, this should indeed be Johoku High School, and he must be in class 1-A.

However, he couldn’t comprehend why he popped out of nowhere in the school in the middle of the night?

And what about other classmates? Why were they all asleep?

“Hey, are you alright? Wake up.” Shinichi frowned and tried to push a few of his classmates dozing beside him, but no matter how loudly he yelled, they didn’t budge.

Although they were still breathing yet, they looked like a carcass of a wild beast.

Shinichi though tried his best to wake all of his classmates, but his desperate efforts were running down the drain.

Finally, he came to his childhood friend with no gleam of hope in his eyes.

Shinichi felt that it was very likely that he was the only one awake.


“…Hmm?” After he shook the shoulder of Aoba, she responded.

Although she hadn’t opened her eyes yet, she did mutter something surprising Shinichi.

A sudden beam of hope began to surface his eyes.

He thus shook her shoulder again.

“Aoba, wake up.”

Finally, she opened her eyes to Shinichi’s call.

After a while, she treated him with a broad smile.

“Shinichi…it’s nice to see you in my dream.” Aoba murmured while partially in the locks of her eerily quiet slumber.

Obviously, she was about to fell asleep again.

As Aoba was living her dream, Shinichi felt a bit infuriated and thus shouted in a grieving tone, “Aoba, this is not a dream! Open your eyes.”


It seemed that she heard the anxiety in his tone, Aoba thus resisted the drowsiness and cocked her head up straight.

She opened her eyes and looked around. She was stunned for a while and before she finally noticed that something was wrong,

She muttered, “Shinichi, where am I?”

“School.” Shinichi sighed as he gazed upon her jolted face.

Though he was in complete control of his wits, yet much like the girl that just woke up he too was confused to some extent.

In fact, it was natural for him to be startled for not only he got teleported to the school out of the blue but also was compelled to witness all of his classmates lying like a corpse in their desk.

What’s the situation?

However, at least Aoba had already woken up to accompany Shinichi in this atrocity.

This often showed that he was not dreaming, instead, this was a reality.

“Wow!” Aoba clung on Shinichi’s shoulder as she finally realized the gravity of the situation.

At midnight, they showed up in the classroom for no reason. Moreover, It was quite dark and gloomy all around.

Moreover, the classroom was full of people with their head weighed down to their desk as if they were already dead.

They had to admit that this was really a scary scene.

As Aoba can’t suppress her curiosity, she inquired, “Shinichi, why are we here?”

“I don’t know.” Shinichi shook his head and told her that he actually just woke up, so he didn’t know what was going on.

As he plunged deep into the thoughts, he felt stunned. He thus utters chokingly, “It’s estimated to be related to the strange incidents in school.”

“Strange incidents?” Aoba takes a few steps back. “What? Do you mean those dead teachers?”

“Yes, those dead teachers!” Shinichi nodded.

In fact, he sounds quite assured.

Since they suddenly appeared in school, it must be related to those dead teachers.

The long dead troubles were now springing with the life with the advent of these teachers.

The situation deteriorated with their death, and finally, for the worst case scenario, the students were now getting involved.

In fact, the little girl in red did mention that ‘there’s not much time’, but Shinichi didn’t expect that it would turn out this soon.

It was actually only one night since his unexpected encounter. “Then Shinichi, what should we do?”

Aoba inquired in a trembling tone.

She could only dare to stay next to Shinichi.

Soon she searched for her phone as her feeble head got struck with an unexpected idea of calling for the police.

“By the way, let’s call the police!” Shinichi didn’t agree, but he didn’t stop her either.


“No signal… Why?” Turning the phone on, though the screen worked normally, but it had no signal.

Aoba dabbled her hands in raging anger.

It was obviously their school, but there was no signal around. They thus couldn’t call the police or their parents for help.

“Just like horror movies.” Shinichi joked.

But Aoba couldn’t laugh at all. She always liked to watch horror movies, so she already knew that this scene behind the closed door was pretty much similar to horror films wherein the directors desperately tried to add a tense atmosphere which made it impossible for the characters to either call for help or to escape.

Therefore, every time she watched a horror film, Aoba would feel elated.

However, as she finds herself in the shoes of protagonists of his deary movies, she can’t help but sweat.

“Don’t be afraid. You’re not alone.” Shinichi tried to tame Aoba down with his useless jokes.

However, he made her even more afraid. In fact, so afraid that he had to hold her hands to console her.

“No matter what, I will protect you, and I will not let anyone hurt you.” Although Shinichi wasn’t sure if he could handle it, he tried his best to assuage her.

Aoba gradually calmed down.

Seeming to think of something, she nodded her head and clenched Shinichi’s hands. She then took a deep sigh and whispered, “Shinichi, I will protect you, and I will not let anyone hurt you.”

Hearing his childhood friend repeating his own words in an incoherent tone, Shinichi didn’t think too much but burst into laughter.

He knew better than anyone else that Aoba was a gentle young lady who had no combat skills.

However, it was good for her to cheer up once in a while, Shinichi thus veiled his rising laughter.

He then took a deep breath and said, “It’s time to go out of this dingy cell.”

Everyone in the classroom except for him and Aoba was dazed.

They couldn’t find any aid inside. Hence, they could only go out and see if there was anyone outside.

However, since he feared of some danger outside Shinichi searched for the classrooms first.

He was fortunately equipped with a wooden sword, which he was rewarded as a gift from his fellow classmate and now he could finally make good use of it.

The basic kendo was also an intermediate skill.

“Let’s go.” Shinichi took the lead and opened the door cautiously, while Aoba followed him closely.

The hallway was quiet, with no light shining the tattered path.

The pathway seemed to be filled with an abyss leading to darkness.

It was like a beast who could swallow a person. They, however, stumbled their way to other classrooms only to find them being inhabited with the hibernated mob.

But all of the students who fell into sleep couldn’t wake up.

“Why can’t anyone wake up?” Aoba felt confused.

There had been too many strange things happening, and she had to admit that it was giving her a chill resembling the horror film.

“………” Shinichi didn’t talk. For the weird situation, what he could think of was only the bugs with human-face.

Shinichi thought that these bugs were originally after him and the dead teachers.

But perhaps the horror seemed to exceed his expectations.

Maybe those bugs were chasing everyone, but the one after him was killed. Hence, it was not dubious for him being in his senses.

However, he can’t help himself feeling startled at the queer sight.

He quietly glanced at Aoba, who somehow was awake defying the current situation.

“Why? Why can Aoba wake up…?” Shinichi couldn’t understand, so he could temporarily let it go.

At the moment, their priority was to escape from school on the premise of protecting their own safety and call the police for help.

However, before setting off, Shinichi broke the fire cabinet in the hallway with the wooden sword and pulled an axe dangling on the anchor.

Originally, he was worried that it would trigger the fire alarm, but the result was silent.

Maybe it was deliberately shut down, or the whole school was enveloped by a strange atmosphere.

In short, he handed the axe to Aoba and said. “Aoba, use this for self-defense.”

“F-fine!” Aoba nodded in comprehension while holding the axe firmly.

As he looked at her wobbly body, Shinichi felt quite anxious for he can’t withstand the idea of his timid friend holding an axe.

But now there was no other way since two hands are always better than a single.

No matter what, he must help Aoba escape this hell hole.

“Let’s go.”


After that, the two walked down the stairs while holding a wooden sword and an axe.

However, since they couldn’t bear grabbing the attention of the ghost they were compelled to walk gently all along the stairs.

“Tick.” “Tick.” “Tick.”

The silence gripping the hallway was suddenly broken by the sounds created by the raindrops dribbling through the rooftop eaves.

It was extremely weak but clear. The two raised their heads alarmingly.

“What?” However, it suddenly became quiet. On the ceiling, there was an ugly looking evil ghost with a human face.

Its shape was resembling a spider.

It had several hands and feet hanging like the grooves in the air.

Most of its body was in mid-air.

Its bloody mouth filled with fangs was sagging and aiming at the two underneath.

Obnoxious saliva was dripping down the ground from his mouth.

Tick, tick…..

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