Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 19

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chap 19: Come with me!

“Run!” Shinichi yelled as he noticed the spider-faced ghost standing on the rooftop.

It was smirking slyly, producing a repulsive sense of aura around its awfully frightening face.

Evidently, It considered the two of them as its food, so it quickly started chasing them.

However, since Shinichi and Aoba were both human, their agility and strength were no match for a ghost. They thus were caught up in an instant.

“Bang!” The monster on the ceiling slammed down, It then reached for his pale hands and directly grabbed the calf of Aoba.

It dragged her whole body to the ground, and she could only scream.

As Shinichi witnessed his best friend lifted like a fowl through her neck, he became fierce. He turned around instantly, picked up the wooden sword, and threw it at the ghost.

“Get out!” With a bang, he hit the sword right in its face.

However, the ghost wasn’t knocked right away.

Due to its large body, as Shinichi hit it with a powerful blow, his wrist hurt a lot, and he almost couldn’t hold the wooden sword.

Fortunately, with his heavy blow, the ghost took a few steps back and groaned painfully.

Shinichi took the opportunity to save Aoba.

He thus swiftly pulled her away from the monster.

“Shinichi, sorry!” Aoba was shocked, and her face was pale.

She could only subconsciously apologize for her fall.

“Retreat!” Shinichi shouted in a grave tone, as he already knew this was not the time to talk, he thus didn’t have any time to spare for his shivering friend.

Aoba was frightened. She choked a little as if she wanted to say something, but as directed she was compelled to step back.

“Then……you have to be careful!” Aoba looked at Shinichi with some concern in her eyes.

Since Shinichi was used to the darkness, he could gradually see everything around.

But something shocked him.

He couldn’t help but shiver to the sight in front of him.

The monster in front of him was beyond his expectation. What grew around his giant body weren’t spider-like legs, but human limbs. A few vivid human faces with peculiar expressions emerged like branches of trees gushing out from his belly.

They mourned in pain as if they already wanted their miserable life to come to an end, but were forced to serve for the tyrant monster.

They looked as if the entire blend of any emotion ever known to this world has come alive in a single belly. While some of them mewled with pain, some seemed numb, and while some were quite elated, the others whined for their sufferings.

“Damn!” Looking closer, Shinichi noticed that they were actually teachers and students of his school.

Shinichi couldn’t help but swear.

He finally realized that this monster was actually one of the bugs with human-face he encountered several times.

However, he couldn’t tally for the number of people this monster might have eaten before he could grow to the present level.

It had almost literally become a ghost.

Seeming to hear Shinichi’s voice, those pale faces suddenly opened their eyes without a warning.

Pairs of hollow eyes looked at him, showing the grievances and unwillingness. They seemed to be asking him,

“Why are you still alive, when we are dead?” they thus were yelling in unison.

“Come with me…… Come with me…… Come with me!”

Suddenly the evil ghost soared.

Its large body looked bloated and slow, but its movements were surprisingly fast and agile.

Its pale arm, with striking calluses, directly grabbed Shinichi.

“Bang!” It moved so fast that Shinichi had no time to dodge.

He could only try to block with his wooden sword.

But the recoiled thud of the sword was too much for him to resist. He was thus thrown a back like a rag doll.

Seeing this, Aoba’s face instantly turned pale. “Shinichi!”

“Don’t, don’t come over!” Shinichi struggled to get up and shouted.

Even with the improvement in his attribute points, it was extremely difficult for him to face the bug who had devoured a large number of people.

If Aoba was attacked, she would definitely be dead. Thinking of this, Shinichi looked serious. “There’s no other way……”

“Improve!” Originally, he planned to distribute the ten attribute points he gained from leveling up on various attributes for balanced development, but now this monster was far beyond his current stats. If he didn’t increase his strength, It could be his last battle.

Therefore, Shinichi allocated all of his attribute points to strength.

At the next moment, a burning energy was surging through his body.

(Strength: 22.3)

“Boom!” At the same time, the ghost attacked again, and countless pale hands reached for Shinichi.

Their movement was fanatical and violent.

Obviously, they couldn’t bear their lust for flesh. They thus desperately wanted to feast on Shinichi’s carcass.

As the nauseous faces uttered in their nagging word,

“Come with me…… Come with me…… Come with me!”

“F*ck you!” Shinichi leaped up high, swung his fist, and punched the ghost in the face.

However, even though it had already suffered a blow, he couldn’t hurt it.

“How could it be unscratched?” Shinichi shouted as no matter how hard he hit it, his attacks were not even tickling the monster.

It was even too lazy to hide. The strange face now revealed a very humiliating look.

Oh, beat me if you can. It smirked wildly.

Their eyes looked extremely sarcastic.

At the next moment.

“Bang!” Like a blockbuster, under the gaze of Aoba, Shinichi knocked it out cold with just one blow.

Like miniatures from a slow movie clip, the ghost was knocked backward.

Their eyes were filled with a blend of emotions comprising of sorrow, disbelief, shock, and grief.

“I knew it!” Shinichi was overjoyed.

He had finally brought the monster to its knees.

After using the attribute points, his strength was almost doubled.

In this way, instead of using the wooden sword, it was better to fight with his bare fists. After all, the wooden sword was too brittle, and the attack was weak and inutile. It was even easy to break.

If he had a Japanese sword, it would be much better.

So Shinichi took the opportunity as the ghost was still in a state of suspicion that it had been overturned by a human.

He thus clenched the wooden sword and threw it with sheer force while directing at its face like a javelin. Moreover, he decided to targets its vital body parts including his eyes.

With a crack, the sword thrust through it, and copious amount blood dripped through his wasted eyes.

“Ah!” Being stabbed in its eye, it mourned in pain while rolling on the ground. Moreover, the countless faces ripping through its belly often seemed to be crying in agony.

Obviously, they could clearly feel his pain as they had already merged with this bug with human face after being swallowed into his abdomen.

As Shinichi witness them withering with pain, he didn’t dare to get closer, but he couldn’t even afford to stand still and wait.

Who knows how many horrible monsters were hidden in this school?

If he didn’t act, there was a chance he might run into another atrocity.

Therefore, Shinichi had to temporarily give up killing the monster.

He thus turned around and grabbed Aoba’s hand.

“Let’s go!” Aoba complied with Shinichi without a word.

Right now, no one wanted to stay in such a haunted place.

The monster covered with human faces was so scary.

Even the most thrilling background music in the world couldn’t compare to its screams.

It could easily penetrate the eardrum and could reach directly to the heart of a person.

The two directly bypassed it and ran down the stairs, trying to see if they could leave the school and go out to find someone for help. In fact, It was too dangerous to be alone.

However, the monster whose eyeball was pierced by the wooden sword apparently hate Shinichi and didn’t want to let them go so easily.

It thus resisted the seething pain, slapped on the ground, and suddenly stood up.

His overwhelming and strange shadows fell on the top of the two.

“Oh, no!”

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