Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 20

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 20: Why Are You So Skilled?

“Damn it!” Shinichi shouted as he cowered timidly at the sight of the monster.

The monster this time was relentlessly giving Shinichi a hot pursuit, which in turn caught him off guard.

Being cautious of the well-being of his best friend, Shinichi pushed her aside. However, though Aoba’s face was pale, she could only cry at the sight of his friend being crushed by the hands of a hideous monster.

“Ah!” Shinichi screamed.

Since the monster had devoured so many people, a slam from his chubby body was more than enough to crush Shinichi’s limbs.

“Ha.” At this moment, the monster giggled smugly. It though glared at Shinichi with murderous intent yet It didn’t immediately resort to tore his body limb by limb. It seemed as if it wanted to exact revenge for the bane inflicted upon him in the form of his blind eyes, and thus wanted Shinichi to taste the worst despair of his life.

Its detestable mouth consisting of countless sharps fang was strained with obnoxious saliva mixed with instinctively strong smell blood. The odor of the blood was strong enough to turn Shinichi crimson red thereby forcing him to puke.

This guy had really consumed a lot of people.

Now, was it his turn? Fear? Regret? Upset?

Nothing seemed to seize Shinichi’s brain. Moreover, as the throbbing in his head was about to die, everything blackened out.

Death had never been so close to him.

“S-Shinichi!” Seeing this, Aoba’s face was pale.

She screamed in resentment.

She though wanted to save his best friend but, the stark fear of death itself had frozen his dormant legs.

She thus was compelled to stand transfixed like a lump of lifeless clay.

At this moment. “Run.” This was the weak voice of Shinichi.

Although he was going to die, he must ascertain that Aoba escaped, he thus summoned all of his strength and tackled the monster’s whistling body. “Run, Aoba.”

“……” Aoba was stunned. Her brown eyes were staring at him.

At this moment, she couldn’t tell what she felt in her mind.

The only thing clear was that fear or timidity didn’t matter.

They all collapsed like a sand tower. There was nothing left.

The rest was……

“Plop!” “Plop!” “Plop!” As if something was about to appear, Aoba stood up and wobbled.

Her eyes looked serious.

The speed of her heartbeats was almost fast enough to cause tinnitus. Her blood was boiling rapidly.

She raised her head slowly.

“The one who dared to hurt Shinichi should……die!” Just as her pupil waned to a bare minimum, she suddenly busted with fury.

The fire axe in her hand was released. With a sharp whistling, the head of the axe landed on the monster’s neck at a precise angle, splitting it into half.

The dissected neck looks like a specimen of butchery with a sheer red blood soring all over its surface.

With that strong blow, some of the monster’s blood had splashed on her face.

However, she didn’t budge. As her cold eyes stared at the mourning monster, she looked like a witcher assigned with a task.

Again and again. “Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!” The axe landed on the monster, again and again, taking away the remaining vitality of the bug.

The monster kept staring at Shinichi, so it didn’t expect that the shivering girl would attack it, which enabled her caught him off guard.

In addition, her strength seemed inhumane, for unlike most of the human, she managed to kill the monster with a single blow.

Finally, with a bang, the monster was slammed directly on the wall.

As for Shinichi, who lay on the ground, couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded and marveled.

There was only one sentence in his mind. – Why are you so skilled?!

“Huff……huff……” Finally, the monster was smashed into pieces, and Aoba stopped.

Her face was amazingly pale. Obviously, the slashing had greatly consumed her physical strength.

She was trembling, so she could only stand with an axe.

As she heard the quiet place resonating with her breathing, she finally realized her recent deed.

Brilliance emerged in her originally dim eyes.

Looking at her bloodstained hands, she couldn’t help but awe.

“I……I……I……” Aoba turned her head looking for some comfort in the arms of Shinichi.

But when she saw him look at herself as if he had encountered a ghost, she felt quite gloomy, as if she wanted to defy the reality.

She wobbled and shook her head. However, she was also afraid that Shinichi might avoid her. “S-Shinichi, no, I just want to protect……”

“I know.” Shinichi immediately grabbed her hands while caring less of the blood surfacing her fragile hands.

In fact, he was a neat freak, but he chose not to care about it at the moment. He looked seriously in the eyes of Aoba and said slowly.

“You aren’t wrong, Aoba. Without you, I would have already died.”

Aoba was stunned.

Her eyes gradually filled with tears.

She thus lowered her head and let out a sigh of relief.

Shinichi touched her head gently while trying to console her. “Thank you, Aoba.”

Right now it was not pivotal to unveil the secrets of Aoba being on a rampage and killing a fiendish demon.

Shinichi already knew that her frenzy was nothing but a product of her instinct to protect him.

That was enough.

However, what seemed out of the place was actually the fact that even though the wretched bug was killed by Aoba yet the demon values was supplemented to his stats.

A pleasant reminder of leveling up jiggled.

【Demon value +74】

【Reach the upgrade conditions, you reach level three.】

“This time, all ten free attribute points should be allocated on agility.”

Shinichi immediately said as he remembered himself being dead meat on account of his snailish body.

Now he should focus on naturally improving his agility to its peak.

As for the idea of distribution as needed before, it was temporarily gone.

He had a severe crisis now. If he didn’t allocate them beforehand, maybe when he faced danger, he might get too late.

With the sudden boost in his attributes, Shinichi felt some changes in his body.

He felt lighter and lankier, and even his vision and hearing were improving faintly.

It seemed that agility had enhanced not only his speed but also his reaction time.

Level 3: 34/80 (Demon value)

Strength: 22.3

Agility: 20

Physique: 8.1

Spirit: 10

Free attribute points: 0

Skills: (Basic Kendo, Intermediate, Proficiency 4%, 0/5)

“Now since my reaction time has considerably improved I should be able to dodge unprecedented dangers,” Shinichi grinned with some thoughts dwelling in his head.

However, life is filled with trials and tribulations.

Just when he thought so, he looked back, and noticed,

Aoba was nowhere to be seen!

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