Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 21

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 22: Really Cute


Shinichi shouted in his trembling voice echoing through the school congealed with darkness. He seemed a bit infuriated and confused.

“How could it be?” Shinichi bites his nails as he cannot understand Where Aoba had disappeared to all the sudden.

The tattered hallway was shining with a faint source of light which cease to exist at its end.

The cold and the humid air arousing a mundane atmosphere seemed much more terrifying with a pool of blood staining the ground. And as if it was not enough, there were even some trace of a person being dragged to the unknown ends of the hallway.

“What if……Aoba got dragged by something?” Shinichi moves a few steps back in fear as he pictured his best friend being dragged through the ground.

He thus lost his wits and shouted in his shrill voice.

“Aoba, where are you?! If you can hear me, just respond!”
His voice though spread through the empty space, but it didn’t go too far, and as if it was absorbed by something. It eventually grew weaker and vanquished into the thin air.

Obviously, this scene was arousing a strange air of suspicions for a normal school. This place was not only shrouded with darkness but was also defying the natural laws of physics.

If Newton himself were to be resurrected here, he would be humiliated to the extent that he would probably jump back right back to his coffin and nail it down.

Shinichi however, seemed to get no other choice but to subdued his fear and ventured into the darkness.

He thus couldn’t afford to gather intel about these strange phenomena.

But at this moment.

……Somebody broke through the silence!


With a subtle humming sound, a thin figure emerged slowly from the darkness. Her skin was fair and glaring, and it stood in sharp contrast with the darkness surrounding her.

Out of his sheer impulse, Shinichi entered into a state of war. However, his sudden outburst tamed at the sight of the person standing in front of him.

“……It’s you!”

Yes, the person in front of him was the little girl in red.

After all, this was the third time that Shinichi encountered her. The impression was really profound. Therefore, when she saw her, he recognized her right away.
However, until now he had only seen her outside the premises of the school. It was thus a bit surprising to witness one of the seven wonders of Jhoko High School wandering in the school itself.

This also turned Shinichi a bit high.

“Is it you, who take Aoba away?” Shinichi pushed her aside and asked in a grieving tone.
Frankly speaking, after seeing the memory of the little girl in red, even if he knew that she was a ghost, he didn’t have much of the bad feelings but only felt sorry for her.
However, if she had hurt Aoba in any way, he couldn’t be blamed to lose his cool.


Though it seemed the little girl in red wanted to cradle, but she stood like a statue, transfixed and dumfounded watching Shinichi’s voluble mouth spitting springs of questions.

Shinichi realized that she couldn’t talk. Even when she tried to remind him that something was coming, he had had a gruesome time interpreting her verbal gestures.

However, unexpectedly…

“Wait, apart from you, are there other people awake?” The little girl in red slowly opened her mouth uttering the vague words and looked at him with a trace of surprise.

Though her voice wasn’t intact, and she sounds like a hoar as if her vocal cord was damaged, yet it was far better than that reticent ghost.

Since Shinichi had already witnessed a lot of strange things, the little girl in red uttering something in her frail voice didn’t take him by surprise. He thus asked her in a calm tone, “You can actually talk?”

“Only at school.” She shook her head.

Only at school?

Shinichi rests his hands on his chin as if he was in a deep line of thought.

It seemed that even ghosts had got some constraints.

Anyway, in short, it was a relief that she could talk.

Moreover, Shinichi often noticed that she didn’t seem to know that Aoba had already woken up.

However, Shinichi couldn’t afford to let his guards down for it could often turn out to be her well-laid plan to consume him.

“No, even if she did this since she’s one of the seven wonders in Johoku High School, she certainly knows a lot of insiders of this school. She could thus be a bit handy in finding Aoba.” Shinichi raised his eyebrows as he thought about finding his best friend as soon as possible.

Of course, it was hard to tell if she would chuckle with him, Shinichi thus pondered the possible ways to make her talk.

However, the little girl in red seemed to have guessed what he wanted to ask.

And surprisingly, she didn’t show any restrains.

She thus whispered in her jagging tone.

“This school is enveloped with the ghost-environment.”

“Ghost environment?” Shinichi repeated in a questioning voice.

“Yes, this is an ability that can only be used by ghosts. Unless there’s a means of confrontation, otherwise, once you enter here, you will be lost.”


Shinichi can’t help but feel a little bad for Aoba, but he wasn’t too surprised.
Just as he guessed previously, this school was really weird. It was probably impossible for him to escape all by himself.

In fact, as soon as he was preparing to go downstairs with Aoba, he had already noticed that the four-story teaching building’s staircase was extending indefinitely to the depths of hell…

The little girl in red continued.

“People who are summoned by the devils will automatically approach the school and will be pulled into the ghost-environment and as for the medium used to summon them…
You have already seen it.”

“What? Do you mean…the bugs with human faces?” Shinichi asked in his queering voice.

The party, on the other hand, nodded in apprehension.

It seemed to be the case.

This time, Shinichi could finally understand why everyone appeared in the school in the middle of the night? Since it turned out that those bugs were actually behind this.

In this way, things were far more horrible than he imagined. The bugs had drilled not only in the teachers who died recently but also the students of the entire school!

“But why am I still here?” Shinichi asked himself inexplicably.

If the premise of pulling into the ghost environment was to be hosted by the bug with human faces, he should be okay. After all, the bug that wanted to get into his body had long been dead.

Hearing this, the little girl in red lowered her head down and glanced at Shinichi with her fingers crossed on her chest.

She was like a child who had done bad things and wanted to admit it but was afraid of the chidings.

But in front of him was a pale child in red.
She was cute and scary.
She was really cute.

Eventually, she continued and said frankly.

“Since I need your help. I have left a mark on you that will lead you into the ghost-environment. This way, you can help me stop it all, else there would be a blood shred that would engulf everyone. Yes, everyone here would die!”

Saying these bone-chilling words, she turned and looked out the window.

Shinichi too looked all around himself.

As he somehow looked through the window pane, he felt stunned.

“What is this……?!”

The bizarre scene, even for a while, made him forget to question the imprint she mentioned.

He saw a blood-red moon hanging high above the sky, illuminating with glaring light, which seemed extremely scary.

No, to say it more precisely, the moon was covered with a layer of an unidentified scarlet substance.

And the substance seemed to be alive as it was constantly surging.

This substance seemed to prey on the moon turning it crimson red, the altered color seemed to spread quickly with a pace visible to even the naked human eyes. It looked as if the entire soul of the moon has been devoured by that devilish substance.

The little girl in red reverted back to her normal stance and said seriously.

“On the full moon night, when the blood moon appears, the ghost ritual will start.
Then, everyone here will…

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