Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 21

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 21: Humans And Ghosts

“The day has finally arrived,” A distinct voice mumbled with some satisfaction in its shrieking tone.

The campus was covered in darkness embraced by dead silence. Even the arduous buzzing of the insects couldn’t be heard.

If you were to approach the school gate, you would find that the never-resting streets gobbled with silence. Even the street lights were malfunctioned. With no pedestrians wandering in the dark, It seemed everyone residing in this murky town had already died.

In front of the Cathedral window, an old skinny man donned in the black gown was standing in solitude. A strange light was gleaming in his sinking eyes.

His skinny body and cheekbones were covered terribly in gray spots, producing a look similar to an albino.

If a student were to witness this grotesque sight, he would be shocked, because the man in black was none other then the principal of the school, Yamagishi Seisuke!

At the moment, Principal Yamagishi- A person of morale who always liked to smile, looked like a psychopath.

With some strange ambiance surfacing in his head he was muttering over and over again,

“Finally… finally…”

“Cough… cough… cough!”

It seemed he spoke too fast and accidentally got choked. The old man coughed fiercely spitting out the saliva from his twiggy mouth. His eyes were suddenly filled with the soot of blood.

Moreover, as he coughed under the tight gown, he cried in agony as something tried to drill his head out.

That gesture was extremely infiltrating and was almost resembling a person who wanted to vomit his soul out.


After a long time, the old man finally calmed down. However, his face seemed much more skinner like a fowl who had been half starved until it’s only feathers left in its body.

But he didn’t sit down or rest and remain standing rigidly in the same old stance. He apparently wasn’t concerned about his health and was extremely indifferent to death.

After all, ever since that cursed night aging back to five years, he had already died thousand times. Thus, there was no point for him to fear death.

Yes, it had been five years…

Five years…

Yes, Five years!

Even after five years, Principal Yamagishi can’t help but hate himself as he recalled the cruel sight.

At that time, his wife had just passed away. He was thus meeting the day and nights hoping to secure the future of his only daughter. However, the fate laughs at his face for on one normal day he somehow witnesses the dead carcass of his beloved daughter lying like a lump of meat scattered across his spacious house.

Even though his robust body had lost his agility over the years, yet her cute smile never ceased to exist in his rusting brain. But now there was nothing except for the lump of meat for him to look at.

He felt like a piece of meat got dug out from his heart itself.


Since then, he had muddled along with no ambitions. He quits his job and kept dreaming of bracing his daughter again.

Though people persuaded him initially, but gradually as his pathetic sight become a sore of their eyes, they can’t help but pray for him being relieved of his miseries.

However, at that time, he heard it.

He heard that ruffling sound in the dark.

It illuminated his life with the hope of resurrecting his daughter.

But while defying an old saying, an eye for an eye, the price for a life was not a life this time but was lives.

Countless lives.

But he agreed.
As long as he could see his daughter again, it didn’t matter how many lives he had to sacrifice.

As he felt quite greedy and remorseful for the time he has wasted, he wanted to compensate for the fatherly love she had been devoid of, and thus wanted to spend each of his passing days with her.

To this end, he accepted the unknown existence and merged with it. Then he discovered that it was a bug, but with a strange face, like a ghost. Under the instructions of the devil, he spent a lot of time to get to the position of the principal of Johoku High School. Since the ritual ceremony to resurrect his daughter required a lot of young and frisky lives, High school students were undoubtedly the most suitable candidates.

As he carried out his cranky experiments, he planted the bugs in many teachers while using their flesh and blood as the culture tank, and fostered the students with the eyebrows of produced insects.

Since they had all undergone medical examinations at school, their blood samples weren’t that difficult to retrieve.

And as long as there was blood, the bugs with human faces would automatically find the hosts to board and drill into the flesh.

And surprisingly, after doing this for the first time, his guilt quickly disappeared.

He thus eventually turned impudent to the situation.

This made the principal feel that he didn’t make a mistake.
All this was a small price to pay for the resurrection of his daughter.
That’s right, for my daughter!

…And all these efforts will end today!

“Sacrifice… sacrifice… I will sacrifice you and perform the ritual!” In the hollow eyes of Principal Yamagishi, nothing can be seen except for madness, which even turned his dark skin a bit of unnaturally ruddy.


At this moment.

A crimson red butterfly flew in through the window and turned into a little girl in red.

Her face was pale and stiff. She looked like a ghost, but there was a humanized sorrow on her monotonous face.

“Dad, stop it now. You can’t do this.”


The old man turned to look at her, his eyes looked infiltrated, he looked like a ghost, and his tone was indifferent.

“No, you are not Aika.”

“Dad, I never thought about going back to life.”

The little girl in red, or Yamagishi Aika, shook her head and whispered.

“It’s because you are just a ghost.”

The old man didn’t want to listen to her, he thus turned directly, and said in the same indifferent tone, “Next, I will condense a soul for you, then there is nothing that can stop me from resurrecting you… It will end soon, just endure it for a little longer.”

“As a child, you should listen to your parents. And, don’t you want to see your mother again? As long as the ghost ritual is successful, I can not only resurrect you but also your mother.

In this way, our family of three can be reunited.
We can return to our cheerful life.
Doesn’t it sound good?”


Aika was silent for a long time.

She slowly lowered her head in disdain. Then she turned and disappeared.

The old man didn’t pay attention to her either. He turned and looked at the quiet campus.

His eyes looked strangely fanatic.


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