Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 23

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 23: Man In Mirror


Hearing the depressed tone of the little girl in red, Shinichi couldn’t help but frown and asked.

“What ritual?”

Speaking of it, though he had already heard the news of the ghost environment and bugs with human faces, the most critical man behind the scenes wasn’t mentioned by the girl yet.
Moreover, the bugs with the human face seemed too daft to plot such a master plan. Therefore, all the evidence points towards someone holding the strings for the bugs with the human face.

As she finally heard the expected question the little girl in the red almost fell into a coma and after a while she finally uttered,

“……My father wants to bring me back to life.”

“Your father wants you to be resurrected?”

Shinichi repeated before her as he couldn’t believe it.

However, the more he tried to put the two and two together, the more he fell into the never-ending thoughts about the preceding incidence.

“Wait, how come this matter relates to your father? Who is he?”

However, without waiting for her to answer, he suddenly thought of something in his mind and all seemed crystal clear.

Finally, all the clues were connected in series.

Bugs with human faces…

The little girl in red…

The seven wonders in school…

The memory of her life…

“… Don’t tell me that your father is the principal of our school?” Shinichi asked the little girl in the red in astonishment.

For a moment he doubts his own conscience, Shinichi felt the reality too hard to swallow for he had always known the principal, who addressed his lovely students at the opening ceremony a few days ago as a person of morale. He thus doesn’t seem like a kind of person who would commit such a heinous act.

However, his speculation was reasonable.
After all, planting the bugs into the students and the teacher not only required regular contact with them but also the access to all of the resources of the school, It was thus quite obvious for the principal to turn out to be the master planner.

Moreover, the only thing that explains the little girl in red wandering in the school was to have regular contact with the father who neglected her for so long, It was thus clear why she plods along as one of the seven wonders of the Jhoko High school.

Of course, he now recounted the most important thing. The surname of the principal seemed to be Yamagishi and In the clip from the past life of the little girl in red, he clearly remembered himself seeing the door plate dangling on the entrance of her house that read-The Yamagashis.

“So, say it…all this is done by the principal?”


The little girl in red, Yamagishi Aika, give Shinichi the worst surprise of his life.

The principal who gave him a good impression was the man behind the scenes who controlled the bugs with human faces and use the bodies of students and teachers as their hosts. And his daughter, who has already died, had tried her best to save everyone.

Shinichi cursed himself for not anticipating the most obvious aspect to the case sooner.

He grimed like a freak and uttered something out of the blue,

“Who is the real ghost here! The ghost girl who goes out of her ways to protect the innocent lives or the imposter who pretended to love the student while conspiring to feed them to the devil?” He sighed a little and said, this is really ironical.

“Dad……wasn’t like this at first.”

Aika whispered to Shinichi’s cursing.

“He changed after he merged with that person……the ghost who could manipulate the bugs.”

“At first, my father would listen to me, but gradually, he got consumed by the idea of resurrecting ritual mentioned by the ghost, which in his world could bring back the time he has lost by empowering him to resurrect not only me but also my mother.”

However, Aika felt that the so-called resurrection ritual was very likely a trap set up the ghost for her father so that he could drive him to complete the ritual.

As for the true purpose of the ritual, she didn’t understand it. She just had a hunch that sacrifice ritual would bring nothing but sufferings and despair. They thus need to stop this insanity.

Otherwise, something terrible would be released!

“So, there is a ghost in the principal’s body…” Shinichi looked uncomfortable. The situation at the moment was much worse than he imagined. The chance of the principal being alive seemed quite slim.

However, knowing this, he didn’t want to blame Aika for dragging him into this hell hole. He, however, can’t help but feel infuriated. After all, although he was lucky enough to avoid it, his childhood friend had to face this ghost environment alone.

Shinichi felt that nagging concern coursing through his body.

Oops, why it takes me too long?

“Aoba – the girl who stayed with me that day, do you know where she is now? I can help you stop the ritual, but only if you assist me in finding her!” Shinichi asked Aika in a bit nervous tone.
At the moment, the whole school was engulfed in the ghost environment. It was difficult to find the right direction, so he could only pin his hopes on the girl. Perhaps, she had been in this school for many years and might know a way that could take him quickly to Aoba.

However, Aika shook her head and whispered. “Although I would have loved to say yes, I am sorry. To be honest, I can’t confirm her location at the moment.”

“Didn’t I mention it? Ghost environment is the ability only used by ghosts. I can’t comprehend it. I can only interfere to a certain degree. And the reason why I can find you is that you have the mark I left. As for her, I guess she was taken away by other ghosts when you were not paying attention. There is more than one that kind of monster in this school.”

“And, the feeling she gave me was a bit strange……” Aika said hesitantly.

She’s a bit similar to me.

She still didn’t say this.

“So, you want to tell me that Aoba is dead, right?” Shinichi clenched his fists angrily. He seemed much more angry at himself than Aika.


Aika shook her head while trying to assuage him.

“There is still hope.

Right now, as long as you could stop my Dad and he couldn’t summon the ghosts who wandered around the school in advance, they won’t be able to proceed for the ritual.
She could thus be released from the death grip.


She stopped while mumbling something in her mouth, but Shinichi knew what she wanted to say.

But, on the contrary, he wouldn’t be too easy to deal with.

In response, Shinichi’s answer was……

“Let’s do it!”

With almost no hesitation, he replied in a firm tone.

Aika didn’t say anything but stared at him.

Then she extended his hand to him.

“Ok let’s go then.”


Shinichi wasn’t timid. He directly grasped her pale and slender hand but was chilled to his spines while doing so.

Sure enough, though she could communicate like ordinary people in school, the little girl in front of her was still a ghost.

The girl who stood in front of him had already died five years ago.

“What is this?”

Shinichi suddenly noticed there was a shallow cyan handprint on his right wrist as if it had been held by something.

It seemed that this was the mark left on him as mentioned by Aika.

He suddenly speculated that she might have engraved it the evening he left her memories.

It was because of this imprint that he had to endure so many troubles.

However, at the moment, Shinichi had no time to waste on the futile things.

He just thought secretly.

Aoba, you better be safe and sound!

“Sh-Shinichi, where are you……?”

As Aoba dwell timidly around the black pitched path she turned, again and again, to ascertain no one was following her.

Unfortunately, she had a strange inkling that someone had been chasing her quietly. But every time she turned back, she didn’t see anything.

As the step grew louder and clear Aoba lost his conscience to the fear and couldn’t think in a tactful manner.

After all, she simply didn’t know why she was here.

“I was with Shinichi before, then after I came out of that trance, I couldn’t see him around.”

Aoba had a resolute faith in Shinichi, she thus couldn’t think of Shinichi deceiving her and leaving her alone in this wretched place, she thus was sure that there was something befooling her to move in circles.

Aoba thus decided to stay in the same place for a while without moving.

If Shinichi was nearby, he would definitely come to find her. But unfortunately, even after a while, he was nowhere to be seen, Aoba thus left her place and ventured to find him by herself.

However, it was strange that even though she felt that she had traveled a distance enough to circle the building multiple time yet, not even for the single time she bumped into Shinichi nor she could find a way to escape this murky place.

It was like being caught in a labyrinth of infinite loops, and she could only spin around in vain.

Aoba had been desperately trying to restrain herself from thinking about these pessimistic stuffs.

However, it was still difficult to avoid.


Her repressed weeps finally start to spread.

At the moment, Aoba profoundly felt that she was happy that Shinichi could stay with him before. Now she was alone. She didn’t know what to do.

As for the sight of the axe that Shinichi gave her before, instead of bringing her a sense of security it was running down the chills through her trembling body.

Especially as she looked at the blood stain on the axe she felt quite shaking recalling her bloodthirsty self, who went on a rampage a moments ago.

Aoba couldn’t imagine how she did this.

It was like as if she was possessed by something at that moment.

Coming back her trance, she saw herself carrying a bloody axe in her hand.

This again turned Aoba shrieking like a dormouse.

She didn’t want to have that experience anymore.


At this moment.

Another footstep could be heard.

Aoba was terrified, she thus shouted.

“Who is there?!”

As she turned around she could see nothing but a mirror reflecting her own figure.

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