Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 24

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 24: Ha-ha-ha……ha-ha-ha……


Aoba shouted at the strange figure while peeping through the glass, though it seems quite familiar yet, it was amusing to see Aoba cuddling like a mouse at the figure she was so familiar with. She felt so afraid that she almost fell to the ground.

“What is this……?!” Aoba cried as if she had seen an old hoe.

However, it doesn’t take her too long to realize that she was standing in the front of the mirror.

The strange figure that surprised her was thus, in fact, her projection in the mirror.

“Huff……” Realizing this, Aoba let out a sigh of relief mixed with some womanly commotions.

In fact, she was not the only one in the boat, there were various cases reporting of people being horrified at their own projection in the mirror as if they had seen someone else, however, these incidents particularly tend to revolve around women owning to their eccentric approach towards the concept of beauty.

In addition, she was already in the death grip of fear running through the biting cold air flowing across this strange school, it was thus inevitable for her to fall for such mistakes.

Comforting myself, Aoba punched her own head indicating herself to calm down.

But her heart couldn’t stop pounding faster.

“But……why is there a mirror in the corridor for no reason?” She asked herself in a monosyllabic voice.

Even when Aoba talked to herself, the voice produced from her grinding teeth clearly reveals her nervousness. She thus couldn’t dare to enter the room again and assumed that the mirror might have been put down by the mischievous students of the school to play pranks on the passer-by.

After all, no one was present there for the moment, who could possibly pull out such stuff to scare her. It thus ought to be the deed of one of those so-called punks of the school.

“No……anyway, I have to leave this spooky place right now!”

Aoba only wanted to leave this miserable place with Shinichi.

But at this moment, she suddenly noticed……

The mirror was flashing with not just two but four hands?

Moreover, the hands were still moving forward, as if they were approaching to embrace her…


For a moment, Aoba finally reacted in accord of her impulse while subconsciously holding her head and squatting down.


She could then clearly feel that a surging wind storm that seemed to infiltrate her bone was rushing in a mad pace towards her. Within a split of seconds, it swept over her head, rolling up her unfurled hair.

Even though the cold wind pinned her to the ground, She somehow stood up and fled.

As she turned her head while whistling with the winds, she could clearly see the atrocity following her.

Her face turned pale.

“It’s that monster!”

Seemingly aware of her horrified gaze, the monster standing there slowly turned its head and smirked.

And the pale face gushing from her stomach often seemed to giggle with a feigning smile.

It seemed that they couldn’t wait to invite her to become one of them.




The weird laughter spread throughout the deep hallway and poured into the eardrum of everyone present there.

Aoba thus was compelled to cover her ears.

“How, how could it be?”

Aoba felt dazed and confused.

Wasn’t it dead?

I remember killing It with my own hands!

Wasn’t it chopped to pieces?

It was so bloody!

“Does it come back to me for revenge?” Aoba was terrified as she stumbled all her way through the hallway.

If she could observe it carefully, she would find that the evil spirit in front of her was actually different from the one she just killed. Its posture and look were very different, and the faces on its belly were also different.

However, at the moment, Aoba had no time to spare for such vitals.


It was coming over!

“Is there anyone here! Help!” Aoba yelled as she felt this sky scrapping body approaching her.

At the moment, since Shinichi was absent. She couldn’t outrun the monster with her own strength.

Aoba, as usual, could only pin her hopes on others. She thus desperately slammed the doors and windows, pleading for the help from the mob who had already laid down to the slumber in the classroom, but none of them woke up.

Looking from her point of view, the whole classroom was full of people, everyone was lying on the table motionlessly like a cold and strange body.

After all, Aoba wasn’t sure whether these people were still alive. After the departure of Shinichi, this school was giving her the feeling that she was the only one alive.

As for the sounds she made, she not only failed to wake up anyone in the classroom but also attracted the despair.

The monster covered in faces had already caught up to her!

Seeing the danger approaching quickly, she could only give up.


As she turned to the face of death, Aoba felt exhausted, and her legs were heavy.

After all, Aoba wasn’t good at sports. Her biggest hobby was reading. But now she had to try her best to escape, which made her regret not paying the due heed to exercise.

There was a sharp tingling in her chest as if her heart was about to come out.

But she couldn’t stop.

Couldn’t stop!

If she stopped……

She would die!


Suddenly, there was a loud noise behind her.

The bug with human faces caught up with Aoba at a fast pace. Its body was thick and greasy as if it was stuffed with fat, giving it a dull and bloated look. However, its feet were exceptionally agile.

In a blink of an eye, it almost inches to the back of Aoba.


As they stared at the frightful face of the girl, the swollen and pale face on the head of the monster showed a very humane pleasure. Obviously, it couldn’t wait to eat her delicious flesh.

A pale and bizarre hand reached forward.


Aoba, who was desperately running away, couldn’t even look back, but the chill on the back of her head was clearly telling her…

The crisis was coming!


Inadvertently., as she ran in a frenzy, she didn’t notice the ladder under her feet and tripped thereby injuring her legs.

Her chin especially was in a severe state.

At this moment.

The wind was whistling in her ears.

As she turned in fear, her eyes were wide open. It stabbed her! The sharps claws stabbed Aoba as she mewled with pain.

At the end.




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