Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 25

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 25: Mistakes


With the squeezy sound, the claws of the beast penetrated the chest of Aoba without any hindrance.

Much like the way Jesus got crucified, her pretty figure was hanging in the mid-air as if it has been bolted by something.

As she lowered her head, a copious amount of the blood dripped through her ransacked body, turning her clothes Scarlett red a soaring wound soon turned visible to her fainting eyes.


She soon started coughing with her shrinking time and spat out a bucket of thick blood gushing from her throat.

The droplets of her crimson blood fall on the claws penetrating through her decreased body.

She seemed stiff, yet was too adamant to brace death.

When she thought of death, her consciousness suddenly grew weaker.

And as the throbbing in her head was about to die, darkness engulfed her.





A blend of emotion emerged from her passive face. A resounding clip surfaced her dying brain.

“Hey, what’s your name? I am Shinichi, we are roughly the same age.”

“I heard that you were very sick before, but don’t worry, my dad said that the surgery was successful. You just need to take good care of your body, and then you will never know when you turn as good as ever.”

“Oh! listen to me young lady, I said that you are fine. You will not die, so don’t be so scared.”

“If you are to turn ill again, I will be there to save you.”

“Because you know, your puppy dog’s eyes are staring at a future doctor.”

“Well, deal?”

She could vaguely hear Shinichi talking, but she didn’t know why his voice was slightly tender.

It’s so good, I really want to hear more of his voice. Aoba tried to refute her death with a comforting dream.

However, as soon as this fluke ended, his voice ceases to exist in her rusting brain.

And suddenly the sweet melody was replaced by……

The Thundering roar.

It was a dark and deep path. It seemed long and weary. On the sides of the road there lied a hump of sparse weeds. It seemed it had been less traveled by, hence it looked desolated.

Aoba was confused. She didn’t know why the huge lane of a road appeared all the sudden. She could only feel if she had traveled this tattered path before.

And as she ventured deep into this stingy road, a nightmare awakened.

But suddenly as her dead body moves, she let out a sigh of refusal from her whistling throat.

She shook her head almost instinctively.

She muttered.


Don’t go back……

I don’t want to go back……”


Within an instant,

Everything calmed down.
The surrounding area was quiet, and there was no sound at all, even a strange humming sound couldn’t be heard.

The fat and sluggish headed ghost gradually realized that the girl was dead, and seize to feast on its prey.

At this moment.


A strange head lifted up with a pair of hollow and dark eyes popping from her wacky face.

Her hollow sockets were enshrouded with darkness resembling the death itself.





The kindness and trust that once gleam in her shimmering eyes were replaced with blood lust and avarice.

The pale and slender hand suddenly moved. She grasped the sharp claw piercing through her chest with both of her hands and pulled it out in inch by inch as if she was playing with a toy, it looked easy and simple.

Surprisingly, no blood flowed out.

Even her wounds were healed.


The ghost couldn’t talk, but the puzzled look on its face conveyed it all. Obviously, its simple mind was unable to make out anything of the peculiar scene.

How could a person who just died move in such a robust manner?

And what was this strange power?

It was completely irresistible!

“Roar!” As it finds it impossible to escape her death grip, the monster cried in agony.

Unable to put the two and two together, the bug with the human face could only act instinctively. Its reaction wasn’t slow. It roared, and within a nick of a second a few slender sharp claws flashing with glares ripped through her body.

However, what was faster than its attack was the shadows that suddenly caught its claws.

With some godly strength, it bound them tightly, and there was no way to move!

It was her long black hair!


The girl’s eyes were still blank. She looked down on the ghost indifferently.

The black hair behind her crooked back seemed to extend infinitely as they gripped the ghost like a python.

At this moment, the bug could gradually realize that he had made a mistake.

He thought that she was easy prey, but everything was turning differently.

However, it was too late to repent.

It was too late.


Aoba’s eyes looked numb like a dead man. She waved her hand gently, and the thick black hairs tied to the claws were suddenly pulled out!

As her hair swirl like a sword, the limbs of the monster were dissected.

Blood splashed!

But this was not over yet.

“Ah, ah!” The severe pain of the broken limb caused the ghost to fall into the struggle of anger it couldn’t resist, even the voices in its throat were frozen by the strands of hairs clogging in its mouth.

That was it.

One, two, three……until all got pulled out.

From the initial hysterical struggle, it gradually began mourning for mercy and was finally at its last gasp.

On the verge of death, it got paralyzed and as life left its shattered body, it finally realized.

It had woken a sleeping monster.

An extremely dangerous monster!

“Don’t, don’t you want to eat people?

Then, even if you’re eaten by me……

You can’t blame anyone, right?


The girl cocked her head and slowly crouched down, then she reached out for her hands and tried to take the weird head in front of her.

However, at this moment, she suddenly stopped and withdrew her hand.

After a few seconds of stagnation, she slightly frowned and sighed reluctantly.

She tried to reach out for the pulp head again.

Then she withdrew her hand.

Reach out.


Reach out.



Finally, her hand stopped in midair while struggling with something.

After a long while, she grasped sadly, withdrew her hand, and then raised the foot, directly stomping its head on the ground.

As the bloodshot face met the ground, an eyeball bounced out of the blast and rolled straight down the stairs like a marble. It was totally dead.

With the thud the monster was dead.

As she put the monster out of its misery, her strength waned, she was thus ready to sleep.

Her head leaned on the wall.

She closed her eyes slowly.

What could be heard then was the respiteful snoring.

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