Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 26

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 26: Outbreak

“Where am I?”

Following the little girl in red, Shinichi felt that he didn’t go far. However, as he came out of his trance, he was flabbergasted to find himself standing in a grisly office.

Much like the rest of the school, this place was often covered with darkness blended with sheer silence.

As Shinichi was busy observing the peculiar room, Akia whispered in her confirming tone.

“In a ghost environment, there’s no such thing as directions, you get void of all of your vital senses it’s only the markings that can lead your way out of this hell-hole.”

Of course, the marks she mentioned weren’t as simple as drawing an arrow on the wall but consists of various tokens that could only be perceived by a ghost. It might be owing to one such blue marking on Shinichi’s hand that he could easily see through this misty environment.

Shinichi already knew that this world has changed considerably with the advent of the ghosts, he thus wanted to remember every little detail that could come handy in obliterating these demons of existence. It, therefore, wouldn’t hurt him to know a little more of this ghost environment.

However, as he probed through this room, he finally realized it…

“This is the principal’s room!” Shinichi said with certainty.

And as awkward it might sound, we couldn’t blame him for not recognizing this place right off the bat, for he was one amongst the few who had been attending the Jhoko High school for merely a few weeks. Moreover, for the past few days, most of his time was occupied solving the uncanny incidence surfacing the school. He thus didn’t have any time to spare familiarizing with the campus.

At this time, Shinichi suddenly noticed that there was actually a person standing outside the door!

He stood there, clinging on the door like a statue as if its legs had been spell bounded by a prominent mage.


This surprised Shinichi and he took a few steps back.

However, just as he pays heed to the strange man, he felt an ominous sense of death surging from the other side, even from a distance the stinking smell was too nerve breaking to avoid.

Aika too looked at the clumsy figure and shouted subconsciously.



Shinichi repeated in bafflement.

In other words, the elder with dry skin and weird eyes was the principal of Johoko High School.

If it wasn’t for Aika, Shinichi could have never recognized him. After all, at the opening ceremony a few days ago, he seemed young and was springing with life as he harangues the student with his inspirational words.
Now, it was not only his body became dryer, but his face has often withered like a weed.

To be honest, he looked far more like a ghost than Aika.

Shinichi thus was nervous and cautious and was ready to respond to the crisis inching towards him.

“Aika, dad is very disappointed in you……”

The old man shouted in a hoarse voice.

“Who do you think that I have done so much for?”

“Dad……” Aika chocked a little before she fell into silence.

After mumming his daughter, the old man slowly turned his head and looked at Shinichi indifferently.

“You are the little bug that has been making troubles……”

In his eyes, there was no doubt, no questioning, but disdain. There was almost no trace of emotional fluctuations that human beings should have. It seemed as if he had long-lost his human sentiments.

These cold glares run the goosebumps coursing through Shinichi’s spine.
He thought that the principal might recognize him. After all, they just meet each other at the opening ceremony.

But now it seemed that he thought too much.

It seemed that this man had already lost his ability to reason the difference between the bugs and humans.

This also made Shinichi completely give up the idea of communicating with the principal. He immediately realized he needs to change his attitude and consider the person standing in front of him as his enemy.

From what he could tell now, this cranky monster was really ignorant to the life and death of others.

Killing people to him was like arbitrarily killing a bug.

“Although it’s not clear how you survived up till now.

However, it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, you will all……


The old opened his mouth abruptly and what lied latent in his enormous mouth was the bug with a human face, it looked like if the bug and the principal had already agreed upon their coherent existence.

With a thunderous roar, a purple-black mist spurted out of the wacky face.

Shinichi was shocked.


He, however, escaped the attack that went straight over him.

When this strange mist sprayed on the wall, suddenly the wall rotted, like a lifeless plant withering in a very short time.

Shinichi let out a sigh of relief for not being caught with such a lethal attack. It was quite certain that if he were to be there in place of the wall his body most probably would have rotten.

He thus thanks his fortune for providing with the conscience to allocate all of his attribute points directly on the agility.

Otherwise, there were not enough places to hide here.

However, it wasn’t over yet…


The old man’s mouth opened again.

But this time, the amount of the black mist ejected from his mouth was far more than before. It was like the darkness that could swallow everything, and it thus gradually began to smother the surroundings.

The office that seemed relatively new died suddenly, and as the darkness spread, the surrounding area began to rot, the walls became dull, the tiles were shattered, and the wooden desk decayed and collapsed into a pile of dust.

Shinichi who witnessed this jawbreaking site was shocked and stunned. Most importantly, the old man was stuck in front of the door, hence he had nowhere to escape.

At this moment, Aika finally came out of her trance.

She grabbed the hand of Shinichi.

“No, we have to hurry out!”

As a ghost, she was relatively resistant to negative emotions like grievances, hatreds, etc., but Shinichi was a human being. If he was trapped here, he would die for sure.

While holding his hand, she took Shinichi to accelerate past the old man, rushed out and fled behind his back.

The old man remained motionless. After a while, he slowly turned around and walked out of the door while carrying his stiff body.

And the darkness that could rot everything also spread out……

“There’s something coming!”

When escaping, Shinichi suddenly looked back and saw a huge wave of monster identical to the weird bug with human face persuading them in a mad wreck.

It seemed that a lot of things were hidden in this school……

However, Shinichi didn’t look sad, because the more bugs with human faces chased them, more would be the chances of Aoba to escape safe and sound.

Of course, he didn’t want to die either, so he couldn’t help but ask Aika. “What should we do next?”

“Go out first!”

For the past five years, Aika had lived in the Johoku High School with her father as a ghost, in addition to occasionally appearing in front of the students and pulling pranks with them, what she did most was leaving her own marks all over the school.

Though left unintentionally, these marks were proving to be a life savior for while following them they could easily make their way through the atrocity, they thus left the school and entered the playground.

As for those bugs with human face, they seemed to be left in the filth.

However, the situation hadn’t improved. In fact, it got worsened.

“Those are?” Shinichi’s face changed slightly. A sudden outburst of fear surfaced his eyes.

There were faint glimmers of light around and he could clearly hear the marching footsteps. And as Shinichi looked around, he saw many people marching towards them.

However, Shinichi was certain that among everyone alive, except for him and Aoba, the rest were unconscious in the classroom.

In other words, these people who emerged slowly from the darkness were all walking dead.

They were the teachers and students who had died.

They……were surrounded!

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