Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 27

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 27: Zombie!


When he Looked around, Shinichi saw those who walked slowly like corpses. Sure enough, he certainly didn’t think that they would all woke up from a nightmare and would come over searching for him.

These people in front were no doubt dead!

Shinichi once saw it in a horror film that once a human being got killed by a devil, his spirit become a slave to the devil. Even if he was dead, he couldn’t get rid of the pain.

At this moment, it was very similar to the plot of the horror film. The dead mob here had been resurrected by the devil in order to catch the protagonist.

The only difference was that those movie plots were fake, and the protagonist could always survive.

However, In front of them, it was a reality, one so cruel that they couldn’t escape.

“Hey, do you have any idea how to get out of here? If you have anything, you should say it now, or we won’t have the chance.” Shinichi looked around cautiously and turned his head towards Aika and uttered.

“Unfortunately, no……”

Aika shook her head and said.

“The whole school has been shrouded in the ghost environment released by Dad. Even I can’t escape.”

Johoku High School thus for an instance was like a birdcage.

Inside the birdcage, it was all dark, and your sight and senses got confused. Although she could recognize the direction to move with marks she left, she couldn’t break the cage and escape.

Shinichi didn’t say anything, but nodded and took a deep breath.

“Really? Then we can only fight desperately.”

He couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless.

Originally, Shinichi believed that he had the blessing of a cheat system. Even if the school was quite dangerous, he should be able to escape smoothly. Moreover, even if he failed, he should let his childhood friend escape to ask for help, while he waited for the rescue in the school.

However, his speculations were running down the hill for not only he couldn’t save his own skin but was often not certain if his childhood friend was safe and sound. Though he could have survived this atrocity before, however, since the sacrifice ritual was about to be performed now, it seemed almost impossible to escape this cage.

Thinking of this, Shinichi looked around unwilling.

He thus muttered in his delusional mind.

“If I knew that this would be the case, I would have confessed my love for Aoba.”

During his 16-year life, Shinichi had been accustomed to a kind of life where he was being accompanied by Aoba. Therefore, he wasn’t in a hurry to confess his love. He wanted to get along with her after being admitted to the university, then got married after graduation, and make a resounding family with her. In the end, he craves for nothing but a stable life.

However, all these fantasies had been shattered to pieces with recent incidents.

This wasn’t the f*****g world he longed for, but a strange world full of monsters everywhere.

Right now, they were going to die by the hands of the villainous ghosts.

Even before I died, I wanted to see her again. Shinichi sobbed a little as he lost all of his hopes to spent an un-materialistic life with Aoba.

It seemed he couldn’t confess his love anymore.

He thus smiled a little while thinking of himself being born to be alone.


“They’re coming!” Aika shouted.

Those who were the walking dead finally revealed their true faces.

They were really dead. Their faces were numb, their eyes were hollow, and some even missing their hands and limbs, but they were still rushing as if they were the pawns of a chess game.

And as they approached closer, they seemed to smell the essence of human flesh. And after discovering the fresh source of meal they rushed like the scavenger screaming from all the direction to spot their prey.

This scene seemed like a Zombie Apocalypse from a sci-fi movie, but the intensity of the situation was way beyond the screens to hold.

Shinichi face looked awkward.


He said in a mad tone and rushed over.

Although it was clear that he was desperate, Shinichi didn’t want to just sit and wait for his death.

As for Aika, Shinichi didn’t care about her. She herself was a soul, thus in the face of raging deads, she was at an unfair advantage than Shinichi himself.


Shinichi clenched his fist and landed on a body that rushed over toward him.

But at the same time, his fists twisted with the thud and he mourned in pain. He felt coldness drilling deep into the bones as if he hit the frozen ice.

The corpse he hit fell to the ground, and most of its body lay flattered on the ground with its head sinking to the ground. It was like a leaking balloon, but it wasn’t the air but the brain plasma that leaked.

However, despite head was shattered with plasma spilling from its cracked end, the corpse still struggled to get up.

Its numb eyes looked straight at Shinichi.

Again, he came to him…


Shinichi deeply felt that these corpses were far more difficult to deal with than he thought. It seemed that as long as they had the ability to move, they would keep coming with an exponentially increasing strength.

The zombies in the movies that could die easily of one headshot were nothing when compared to them.

However, during the battle, he found something good.

Every time he knocked away a dead body, his demon value would increase slightly.

Although it wasn’t much.

【Demon value +1】

【Demon value +1】

【Demon value +1】


Shinichi had already fought desperately, but he still couldn’t break through the siege. Instead, he was surrounded by the bodies. Aika though wanted to help him, but she herself was sieged by a group of corpses.

Finally, her pale face became fierce, and she screamed.

“Get out!”

Aika became scary.

Suddenly, lots of blood oozed from her body and flowed through the shallow ground. On the pale face, all kinds of horrible wounds popped out of the blue.

She died because she fell off the building, resulting in head being crushed into the pieces of lump meat, her death thus was quite scary and even when her funeral was held, the embalmers who cremated her body were scared to death with her grotesque face.

At the moment, what she revealed was her face without modification, which was naturally more terrifying.

As she became fierce, the corpses surrounding her couldn’t help step aside.

But before she even had time to catch her breath, they rushed over again.

Aika was shocked.

What happened?


At this moment, she suddenly realized that her father had already appeared. He was standing not too far and was slowly approaching the two of them.

As he walked closer, the corpses became more and more fierce, and the surrounding area swallowed by the familiar darkness begin to rot to shreds and withered slowly.
The old man walked over slowly, with his repulsive face fixed at Aika, and with their captain taking the charge the fear corpse suddenly began to spur with life.

Although they didn’t hurt her, but the cold arms bound her tightly, restricting her movements.


At this moment, Shinichi was completely exhausted, and the corpses were too violent, hence he couldn’t stand it alone. In the end, he was pinned to the ground with some mighty blows from random directions.

There were countless pale heads embracing him as if they wanted to claim his flesh to quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger.

However, without the permission of the old man, no one could dare to move.

The old man thus walked over step by step.

He then caught up the neck of Shinichi while bringing his pulp face up from the ground.


At the moment, Shinichi’s face looked terrible. His blood circulation was bad, he thus was gradually turning dizzy and unconscious.

At the same time, he started twitching unnaturally.

That was proof of resentment invading his body.

After a while, he would be swallowed up by strong grievances like the surrounding environment.

Then his body would rot, and his bones would be smashed and turn into a pile of dust.

However, it was at that moment.

It changed suddenly!


It seemed that something was about to drill out.

Shinichi suddenly uttered something in a low pitch voice resembling the roars of the beast, which were usually filled with wild and scary atmosphere.

His hair and skin were gradually turning iron gray.

Inside his closed lips, a pair of fangs continued to grow out.

Seeing this, Aika was stunned.

She looked like she couldn’t believe it.

She thus could barely utter a word.


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