Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 28

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 28: Stop Fighting


As the conditions worsened Shinichi suddenly starts mutating, his skin and hair turned gray, a pair of fangs grew from his lips, fierce atmosphere constantly spilled out, and Aika looked like she couldn’t believe it.

“How is this possible?!”

Although she had a conception that Shinichi was quite ordinary. but her belief soon turned real as she saw him getting rid of the control of bug with the human face, she thus chose to cooperate with him.

However, what she didn’t expect was that Shinichi would become an extremely rare zombie!

Are Japanese high school students so horrible nowadays?!

Now the situation changed instantly!


Shinichi, who was choked and hanging in the air, kept roaring, like a bad-tempered beast awakened from his slumber.

Finally, he raised his head slowly and the eyes that were slightly covered by his hair tip were horribly white.

Thick white mist oozed from his sagging mouth as if he had just climbed out of the ice kiln.

His hands directly buckled the wrinkled arms of the old man.

Then, he twists his hands with a brute force.

In the end, he broke free.

The old man’s eyes looked exponentially gloomy.


With a thrust, Shinichi landed on the ground. Turning iron-gray, he seemed a little bit heavier like a rhinoceros.

If he could open the attribute panel at this moment, he would find that the stats are running mad.





The old man, stood still like a dead body and his arms were crucially damaged. But his cold eyes were void of any emotions. They were gloomy, and it seemed that he could not feel the pain anymore.

He lowered his head.

He didn’t speak.


However, if you looked closely, you would find that in his black eyes, a pair of eyeballs were constantly spinning like the marbles out of bounds.

His abnormal state was producing an impression as if he was constantly struggling with an unknown identity for the control over his own body.

In the end, the old man fell into a deep lane of eerily quite silence.

When he raised his head again.

One of his pupils was black.

The other pupil seemed to turn white.





As the signal was perceived as directed, the corpses around Shinichi sprouted with a roaring rage.

And there was only one thing dwelling in their goofy mind – eat Shinichi.


However, even though they rushed madly with their corpse-like face, Shinichi didn’t dodge.

When they were about to rush to his front, he stomped his foot shaking the ground.

Immediately, he opened his mouth showing a pair of sly fangs and snarled at the corpses.


His voice rushed pierced through the school like a bell fry and it sounds like a surging hurricane.

At that time, the corpses stood there dumbfounded, crouching on the ground while shivering like a rat.

As the saying goes, “The gods are afraid of the wicked”, they too felt timid to the sight of a fearsome zombie.

It was also emitting the essence of the ghost.


Looking at the Zombies groaning with pain, the old man’s face turned pale. He slowly raised his head and looked at Shinichi.

At the next moment

The darkness began to surge the desolated area.

Like the rising tide of the sea, the black mist lingering around the old man, rushed to the front, like a living thing.

If an ordinary person were to enter it by mistake his body would have rot within a moment, turning into ashes like a burning corpse.

However, Shinichi stepped firmly into the darkness. It seemed that with his fierce momentum, even the darkness that could devour countless life was forced to retreat.

Just as the old man stepped and tried to choke his firm neck, Shinichi inches him gradually, landing a powerful blow to his ghastly face.

With that, like a mechanical bot, he didn’t scream or roar.

And started a string of punches.

One punch and another.




The old man face seemed like soaring pulp.

Looking at her old man getting punched like a loser, Akia retreated in astonishment.

It seemed as if she thought she would need to intervene for Shinichi in this mad duel, however it was her father who was in the need of an assist.

She thus gradually realized that she was not in the position to assist any of them for whether it was her hybrid father or Shinichi who turned into the zombie, both were standing in the league far beyond her reach.

At the moment, the only thing she could thus do was to praise them like a die heart fan.


Once again, a punch was landed.

Blood splashed in the air.

However, it wasn’t the blood of the old man, but Shinichi’s.

It was true that he just forced the old man to retreat, seemingly on the upper hand. But when she looked closely, she found that Shinichi was a mess bleeding from head to toe like a wounded soldier.

It seemed the mist had shown its effects ultimately, withering his robust body inside out.

“Ha.” The old man burst into his cranky waves of laughter as he noticed his pathetic state.

He wasn’t clear why the young man in front of him could become a zombie, but he could clearly see that he hadn’t completely turned into a zombie.

It seemed he had not mutated on his own accord, but because of contact with the grievances resonating with his body.

It wouldn’t be a shock if he himself was not aware of his sudden transformation.

Right now as the anger swirling in his body waned he started to lose his zombie state.

However, his fatal wounds were proposing a difficult proposition for him.

It seemed as if he couldn’t last long.


“Bloody moon finally comes!”

As they noticed its alluring aura everyone present there fixed their rustling eyes on the scarlet red moon.

In the clear dark sky, a blood red moon was standing like clothed blood, its very sight looked extremely infiltrating.

Looking at the bloody moon, the old man smirked fanatically.

As if he was about to embrace someone, he spread his hands in thin air.

The sharp and screaming voice whiz through the dreadful environment.

“Ghost ritual begins……now!”

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