Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 29

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 29: Ghost Ritual

“Ghost ritual begins!”

Screams rumbled through the entire campus as if a group of ghosts was crying.

The pale face of the old man suddenly sprung with life as he witnessed with his gouging eyes, the scarlet moon hanging in all its might above the clear sky.

Shinichi though stood stiff like a dead man, he seemed a bit resistant to the bloody moon.

However, he suddenly felt something.

Looking around at the quiet surroundings, he reverted his attention to the old man hiding amongst his countless minions.

At the next moment.

He rushed out fast while clearing his way filled with zombies.

Rampaging all the way, he came to the old man, grabbed his collar, and landed his fist on his face.

Even though his fists were bleeding and the darkness that swallowed everything rushed over like a wave, he didn’t stop punching.

The old man, however, though was beaten to a pulp seemed to be engulfed in a ghoulish silence.

He was like a dead body.

If others of Shinichi’s friends were to saw this bizarre scene, they would probably think that Shinichi had got a job of an undertaker.

However, at this moment.


An extremely heavy force spindled like a gusty wind knocking Shinichi out cold on a wobbly wall.

Many bugs with human faces suddenly showed out of blue beside the old man. They all seemed to be quite familiar with their huge bloated figure and repulsive human face gushing off their belly like the roots of the trees.

The old man finally gathered his strength and stood up with blood dripping through his face swollen like a skull.

There were only some traces of a feining smile on his wasted face.

However, as time passed he was frozen with the kiss of death.

The old man slowly looked around.

The bugs with the human face surrounded him.

“How come you only be 4?”

“Where are the other 2?”

The old man couldn’t help but look at them.

They also looked at the old man in confusion.

“? ? ?”



At this moment.

A misty figure came out of the rubble and rushed toward the wretched bugs.

Yes, it was none other than Shinichi.

Looking at him, the old man’s face turned gloomy, but it was too late to say anything.

None of these matter now, The bloody moon above their heads would soon turn stark red!

He raised his head and opened his mouth.

There was a face in his mouth.

The face also opened its mouth.


A strange scream buzzed through the entire area like a hummingbird.

The bugs also raised their heads and screamed to their summoning, the pale faces gushing out of their belly were often howling in unison.

The scene was horrible and terrifying.

Enough to scare people to death.


The old man’s body was torn apart. A weird ghost impostor in his face drilled his head through the mouth.

Black mist oozed from the bugs with human faces a large number of corpses, which in turn were absorbed by this creepy vile of a ghost.

As it Obtained a lot of black mist, the ghost briskly drilled out of the crushed head.

The corpses, on the other hand, lost all of their momentum and dropped dead with their lifeless bodies.

They fell on the ground.

“……” Shinichi stood still in the same place, he looked down piles of female bodies laying down to his frozen feet.

As he looked through the dead heap, his eyes got fixed on a blurry figure, He, however, being out of his wits couldn’t recognize the defunct body.

He didn’t even remember that she once told him of the seven wonders in Jhoku High school.

However, a sense of disdain in his heart intensified his urge to kill.

His throat was a little itchy.


After roaring, Shinichi’s scarred body once again turned gray, and the fangs gradually emerged from his lips.

And within the nick of second his short hair suddenly metamorphosed to a thick strand of ashen grey hairs.

His hollow eyes were flashing with a green light.



Shinichi stepped on the ground, while shattering most of its rough textured surface and bolted straight to sabotage the enemy.

Then he landed a punch in his face.


Compared with the tough feeling he had when punching the face of the old man, he seemed to punch on the cotton this time.

However, as he hit its offensive face, the ghost felt dazed for a moment and slacked a little drilling through the head of the principal.

That was enough.

The bloody moon was still not stark red.

Yes, it wasn’t too late.

Just before that……


Suddenly, two bugs with human faces reached the back of Shinichi with silver light, raised their pale and giant hands, and grabbed him.

The sharp claws pierced the back of Shinichi. They though wanted to gnaw his limbs, but their claws were unexpectedly clamped and stuck in his back.

Shinichi thus immediately stepped on the ground and leaped into the air. And as he flipped back the razor-sharp claws left his back with a spring of bloodshed.

He raised his hands and pressed them against heads of the bugs. The head seemed pretty much bald with no hair sprouting in the barren land.

The bugs desperately tried to raise their heads.

He suddenly exerted force.


With an uncanny strength, he suddenly thrust their head while pressing them hard on the ground. Their whole faces were deeply sunken, and stinky brain plasma splashed out from the crack in the heads.

His hands were covered with shreds of their brain and some blood. However, there was not even a single trace of pity on Shinichi’s cold face.

He walked forward step by step.


Looking at the old man who had not yet completed the final transformation, he couldn’t help but stop. The strange ghost in his mouth was stuck.

It seemed jolted as it was hard to believe that a semi-finished product in front of him could transform into a zombie again and again.

As Shinichi approached closer, the old man moved slightly.

He……took a step back.

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