Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 30

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This is the last chapter of this novel we translated, as I mentioned in the first chapter, this novel was dropped by the author while we were translating, so we stopped the translation as well. :'(

Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 30: Congratulations on Surviving the First Book!


Taking a step back, the old man’s body became stiff.

Am I afraid?

Am I still fearful?

He couldn’t understand. But as the young man inches him step by step, the unspeakable feeling in his mind really intensified, it feels as if someone was constantly trying tamping in his chest.

The old man looked around. Two bugs were missing, two were killed, one was lifeless after absorbing the black mist, and there was only one left.

The corpses also were just a dead weight that can’t be put into any further use.

The bloody moon was clearly stained with blood.

But this ghost ritual had failed in advance.

The old man’s eyes were filled with contempt and sorrow.

And as usual, he felt into the deep lane of silence.

However, as something struck his sinistrous mind he suddenly moved!


The old man raised his head and cannibalize the bug standing next to him. Moreover, since his emotions were long dead, there was not even a trace of remorse as he tore off the flesh of his companion to fill his own belly. A large amount of blood splattered on his wacky face as he enjoyed his binge eating.

Seeing this, Shinichi still didn’t speak, he didn’t know what the other party was doing, but it didn’t bother him.

Just walk forward and kill it.

At this moment.


Shinichi’s body suddenly became stiff and his footsteps cease to exist.

The blue veins suddenly emerged from the corners of his eyes, and a large amount of blood exuded from his chest staining his clothes.

Obviously, his physique simply couldn’t bear the toll of the zombie state, let alone maintaining for so long, hence it had already approached the tipping point.

If he really broke through his shell again, his body would definitely collapse.

However, Shinichi didn’t stop. He slowed down a little and started moving forward.

At this moment, the old man was finally done feasting on the head of the bug.

He climbed into the hole from its head like a spider.

Then the two merged at a speed visible to the naked eye.


In the end, his lower body had a large number of human hands and feet, while his upper body composed of a dry old man.

In his mouth, a strange ghost was stuck, and it seemed it still wanted to drill out of his host.

It was a very weird and daunting species.

Staring at Shinichi, who came slowly, the old man and the ghost screamed in unison, their jarring voice was full of grievances and hatred.


With the body of the bug with the human face whose head was eaten, the old man rushed to Shinichi in a mad wreck. It seemed the lust for the human flesh for the ghost residing in his humongous mouth has grown beyond thresholds. He thus couldn’t wait to devour Shinichi.

But unexpectedly despite allocating the most of the points on agility, Shinichi didn’t dodge, but rushed over and bumped into the old man.

He summoned all of his strength in his fist and landed a punch!

The old man also swung his fist with sheer force!


The collision between the palms broke out with a strong air current.

Shinichi was forced to step 10 steps back, while the old man stepped back several steps, thanks to his hands and feet at his lower body, dragging two deep traces on the ground.

However, Shinichi didn’t stop here and rushed over to the old man.


In the face of this seemingly stupid play, the old man didn’t dodge either, but roared angrily and step forward.

They collided instantly.


For a while, the violent collision echoed through the whole school, and all the doors and windows can’t stop shaking.

In the end, within this smoggy environment a misty figure was knocked out cold. However, surprisingly it wasn’t the old man but Shinichi himself.


He couldn’t help but spat a considerable amount of his blood owing to the pressure running through his guts, his face was pale, and his palms has turned blood red.

This was also inevitable.

After all, his physique couldn’t withstand the zombie state. He was thus holding his last grasp with whatever left in his already empty tank.

Therefore, under this cruel confrontation, Shinichi was on the downside shot and got knocked away.


“Damn!” The old man looked extremely resentful. Originally, he should have completed the ghost ritual under the bloody moon, but because of this person, he was so embarrassed at the moment, he even had to give up the degeneration, and temporarily merged with the bug to seek a way out of the clutches of death.

Looking at Shinichi at the moment, he wanted to satisfy his hunger with his flesh, quench his thirst with his blood, and outlet his frustration by gouging his eyes and ripping bones apart.

However, he had to admit that Shinichi’s strange body was quite scary.

The strange ambiance in his eyes was running down the chill preventing him to attack further.

Zombie……hateful zombie!

“But……as long as I can eat his hand, it’s okay, even I can directly capture his zombie body!”

Thinking of this, the old man screamed and leaped all the way through the sky. The huge and bloated body reached a rather lump some height.


Looking up, Shinichi was indifferent and didn’t react.

Then, the high-rising monster with its weight advantage and the unrivaled momentum dropped like a thunder bolting at Shinichi standing on the ground!

A strong wave spread out quick like a disaster.

From the smoke and dust, a huge beast with a sarcoma suddenly emerged.

Shinichi stretched out his left hand and was suddenly bitten!

It was extremely painful!

“I won’t let it go, I have to bite your hand off directly!”

While the old man gnawed his teeth, he heard a peal of strange laughter coming from a throat. The red emerged and licked his lips.

It looked like a beast full of appetite, giving a ferocious and terrifying impression.

There was no doubt that he had thoroughly merged with the devil.

He no longer looked like human beings.


Even though his arm was bitten, Shinichi was still lingering in the realm of silence.

If he had a clear sense of consciousness, he might pretend to be indifferent at this moment and said. “Now, do you think I’m afraid of the pain?”

But he didn’t.

All he did was to silently accumulate his powers.

The old man, on the other hand, wanted to bite his hand off, he thus had an appropriate chance to attack with all his might.

The only risk Shinichi stands was to get his arm tore off by the devil.

But now, he couldn’t afford to hold it anymore.

So, at the next moment.


Shinichi screamed and gathered all the power surging through his right arm. The violent force even swelled the muscles and it seemed as if the blue veins would burst out of his tormented skin.

Like a beast, he struggled desperately.


Although he couldn’t hold any longer, his painful mournings were enough to convey a near-fatal sense of crisis, the old man thus waned his eyes and it seemed he doesn’t care of his hands now and wanted to retreat.

However, it was too late.

“Boom!” Shinichi landed a fearsome punch. Within a split of seconds, the ugly nose resting on the old man’s face was smashed to pieces.


With the circulating pain, the old man screamed in agony, and his whole face was distorted. His sharp teeth, however, were also loosened for a while, allowing Shinichi to pull his hand back.

But this wasn’t over yet. At the next moment, Shinichi indifferently landed another punch with his injured hand!

The monster’s entire face sagged, the sarcoma was smashed, and the blood splattered!

Its huge body was also sinking by the impact, and the ground collapsed!

At the same time, Shinichi swung his fists again.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

His body was going to collapse, and his strength had basically depleted, he thus couldn’t inflict much of harm with his fragile blows.

However, even each punch could only inflict 1 point of damage, as long as he swung his fists fast enough, he could inflict 100 million points of damage!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Loud noises resounded across the skies.

On the ground, a crack was developing in the shape of a spider web.

In the end, Shinichi had landed countless punches, and even he couldn’t even feel his own limbs. His fists were bloody and painful, but even then he couldn’t feel like stopping now.

Every punch had been landed hard on the old man, and suddenly with the bright pricks of lights, flashbacks surrounded his fainting memory.

Teacher, classmates……everyone is dead.


You should die too!

Shinichi was about to land his last punch.


At this moment.

A pale and weird hand came out and grabbed his wrist.

Shinichi was stagnant.

He slowly raised his head.



What appeared in front of him was Aika, who had been hiding behind the shadows for about a quarter of an hour. Her red dress was still bright, standing in the sharp contrast with her pale skin.

Her hand exuded with a strong chilling air, like a corpse frozen in the corpse.

She grabbed the arm of Shinichi firmly.

It seemed she wanted to stop him from killing his father.

Shinichi didn’t say anything.

At this moment, he was the brink of collapsing, both physically and consciously. His zombie state had almost disappeared. It seemed as if he was having his last grapes.

The only thought telling him he was not in a coma, was the throbbing in his head telling him not to let that bastard go.

Thus, If Akia was determined to stop him, she was an enemy for him.



Suddenly, the little girl in red slightly bent down and reached out to grab the old man’s neck.

She broke it with a little effort.

It was so crisp that it was extremely clear in the current dead environment.

The old man stared at her with his eyes wide-open, and he couldn’t believe it.

As Shinichi witnessed the atrocity finally being put to rest, he couldn’t believe it.

“Thank you, brother.” The girl in red raised her head again and graced Shinichi with her innocent smile. She grabbed the torpid hands, pressed it on her head, and then rubbed it back and forth.

This was the first time that Shinichi saw her smiling.

This was also the first time he saw such a weird smile.

Since the very beginning he met her, he recalled her to be an expressionless ghost. Moreover, he often remembered the troubles he had to endure interpreting her verbal gestures, however, her dull face was finally filled with some life.

The smile was innocent and cute, but if you overlooked the whole process of change, you would only feel as if you saw a monster.

She thus smiled and said cutely.

“Thank you for helping me so much,

so that I can smoothly

kill Dad.”

“Hmmm………?” Shinichi was stunned.

Immediately, the little girl in red squatted on the floor without any notions, held the ghost that was about to slip away from her father’s mouth and then eat it alive.

However, it seemed that the ghost was very chewy, so it wasn’t easy to eat. She thus exerted a little more force producing a sound similar to the beast chewing its prey.

As she eats his raw flesh a copious amount of blood flowing through his burst organs dripped through her jiggish face.

Finally, she stretched out a pink tongue and licked her lips back and forth.

She looked like eating something delicious.


The quite place thundered with a vague boom.

The sky, which was originally dim, was slowly disintegrating and revealing its true face. A few faint but tinkering stars made their way through the white moon standing in the clear night sky.

It seemed that with the death of the old man and the ghost, the ghost environment shrouding the school had finally begun to disintegrate.

And Shinichi, who was thoroughly exhausted, fell to the ground.

As his consciousness gradually blurred, he saw that the little girl in red walked briskly into darkness.

And she turned her head back and waved at him with a refuting smile while bowing her head as if she was bidding goodbye.

As he saw her receding figure he fell into the shackles of sweet sleep.

He could only whisper in his dreams.

……what, what did I help?

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