Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: I Want A Quiet Life

On the next day.

Shinichi woke up, got off his bed, and had breakfast as usual. Then he left home and went on the subway heading to Johoku High School with Aoba.

Through the hazy window, he could see that it was raining outside. Though the rain was getting sparse, the rainstorm hadn’t stopped since yesterday. It seemed to be raining all night.

They had to walk under the umbrella to school again after leaving the subway station. When they just arrived, they found out that the atmosphere at school was somewhat weird.

Students were discussing about the accident that happened at the teaching building the day before. The seniors practicing in the rain also bypassed there, as if they’re avoiding something.

Seeing this, Shinichi suddenly had a bad feeling. He stopped a boy who was passing by and asked.

“Well, excuse me. What happened at school?”


Suddenly getting stopped, the boy was startled. But he then took a look at Shinichi and answered.

“Well, someone died.”

“Someone died?”

Shinichi was shocked.

Like he presumed, it seemed that something bad really happened at school. No wonder everyone looked worried this morning.

Hearing this, Aoba, who was standing aside, came closer and listened to them.

Although it might not be apparent, she, who had gentle character from outside, was in fact unexpectedly bold and even had a special liking toward horror movies moreover horror stories. So she wouldn’t be easily scared by this kind of conversation.

“Who’s dead?” Shinichi asked.

“Two teachers.”

The boy turned to look at the teaching building, then he lowered his voice and said.

“I don’t really know the details. Anyway, I saw an ambulance coming in school when I got here. They sent the teachers to the hospital, and no one knows whether they can save their lives or not.”

“I see, thanks……” Shinichi nodded his head.

After the boy left, he was silent.

In his mind, he kept recalling Teacher Yamamoto, who spat blood and fainted away in the student hall yesterday morning.

In addition to him, a total of three people had had an accident, and all of them were teachers.

A coincidence?


“Shinichi, are you alright?”

Suddenly, Shinichi felt someone pulling his sleeve. Turning back, he saw that Aoba looked at him concernedly. Obviously, he who had suddenly became silent and stared ahead blankly, made her really worried.

Therefore, he could not help but apologize. “Sorry, Aoba. I was just distracted.”

“Forget it. Let’s go to the classroom first.”

After that, they walked to the teaching building and came to 1-A classroom.

Since they set off a bit late today, and they wasted some time due to the rain on their way, there were already lots of classmates chatting in twos or threes by the classroom when they walked in.

But, they found out that most of them were chatting about the two teachers who was sent to the hospital.

“I think that it’s not an accident, but a well-planned murder! Otherwise, how come teachers just fainted away all of sudden in these two days?”

“But if it’s a murder, who’s the murderer? What’s his motivation? It’s impossible that someone randomly killed teachers to revenge on school, right?”

“Well, bingo! Haven’t you watched horror movies? A student who teachers didn’t care or got bullied hid in the school and killed people randomly!”

“If that is the case, isn’t it more likely that the murderer is a ghost? For instance, a student who committed suicide in Johoku High School revenged as a ghost after he died.”

“Right, it’s possible. But, if ghosts really exist, I really want to meet them! Hell, it’s going to be fun!”

“Well, do you guys think that someone else will be killed next?”

As they discussed, they soon wondered who would be the next victim.

After all, if all these weren’t accidents, but someone having evil intentions, it’s very likely that the next victim would be a teacher at school too.

But at the same time.

“Stop joking.” A sharp voice came.

They now found out that the homeroom teacher of class 1-A, Teacher Katsurai, had already stood on the podium. She narrowed her eyes and stared indifferently at the students who gossiped intensely.

Teacher Katsurai was already 36 years old, but still unmarried. She started teaching in Johoku High School around 6 years ago, and she was a spinster. In fact, she didn’t look bad. Despite with an average look, she had a curvy figure. However, she’s too proud and picky, so she’s still unmarried.

It seemed that she wanted to hide the wrinkles around her eyes, as she put up too much makeup. She had put on heavy foundation and lipstick.

She stared at everyone indifferently.

Everyone became silent.

“Teacher Yamamoto just had a heart disease. It’s nonsense to talk about murders. Don’t talk about this anymore.” The female teacher swept her eyes over the classroom and said that to her students fiercely.


It’s possible that a man had a heart disease. But how could three consecutive teachers have a heart disease instead?

Everyone looked each other like they’re thinking the same thing. But no one dared to protest with the homeroom teacher, or they could be punished.

After all, since the homeroom teacher didn’t care at all, they had to stop discussing it.

Anyway, it’s none of their business.

“Let’s start the class.” The teacher said plainly.

The bell rang and everyone took out the new textbooks that they just received yesterday.

Shinichi also took out his textbook. But he’s clearly not paying attention on the book, let alone what the teacher taught. He tried to analyze the situation in his mind desperately.

Like other students, Shinichi also didn’t believe that all three teachers had the same accidents simultaneously.

Firstly, chances were slim that three consecutive people had a heart disease, and they all happened to be teachers at school.

Secondly, it could not justify the existence of that bug with human face.

“It’s a pity that we came late today. We couldn’t see the details of those two teachers, so we don’t know if there were also such bugs on them……” Shinichi frowned.

After all, he wasn’t clear about the bug with human face. He only knew that it’s definitely not your everyday insect that could be found in the yard.

In addition, if it was the bug with human face that did it all, what should he do? He couldn’t tell others, or he would be treated as a fool.

In fact, before he saw the bug and killed it, he wasn’t really sure of its existence. He even once thought that he mistook something else for it.

And was it possible that someone framed this?

Shinichi got more confused.

“Damn, I just want a quiet life. How come there are always monsters in every reincarnation stories that tries to kill me the protagonist?”

At the moment.

When Shinichi wasn’t paying attention.


A chalk flew toward his face from the direction of the podium.

At the crucial moment, he subconsciously reached out and caught the chalk agilely.

Shinichi was stunned.

The female teacher was stunned.

Everyone was stunned.

Nice reaction.

Many people had this thought at the moment.

The female teacher frowned and said angrily to him.

“Kitahara-kun, you didn’t pay attention, which means that you’ve already studied on your own, right? Then come up and solve this question.”

“Okay.” Shinichi took a look at the question on the blackboard. It’s a just math question, so he nodded his head.

No matter what, he got accepted by a top university in his past life. He also studied hard since he’s reborn into the world. Though he didn’t pay attention, a tenth-grade math question was still easy to him.

However, while he’s walking toward the podium, he recalled that he just caught the chalk with his bare hands, which actually shocked him a little bit.

It seemed that after allocating 1 point on agility yesterday, it made his reaction a lot more sensitive. Soon, Shinichi solved the question and put down the chalk.



The female teacher took a look at the answer on the blackboard.

It’s a perfect answer.

She stared at Shinichi for a while and said slowly.

“Return to your seat. Please pay attention in class next time.”

“Yes.” Shinichi nodded his head and sat down on his seat.

But, he didn’t notice that when the female teacher turned around on the podium.

When she wiped the blackboard with her back turned on everyone.

In her eyes.

In her nose.

In her mouth.

Bugs were drilling recklessly.

A shaking antenna and the barbed tail could even be seen.

But, when she turned around again.

Immediately, everything went back to normal.

It seemed that nothing had happened.

Everything was normal.

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