Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Girl In Red

At the lunch break.

Like yesterday, Aoba made two bentos. Therefore, Shinichi didn’t have to make effort by going downstairs to purchase his lunch. Instead, he had lunch with her in the classroom during the lunchtime.

Food sold in the student canteen was usually expensive in Japanese schools, and it’s not even tasty at all. So, many students brought their own bentos to schools. Of course, most students were too shy to have lunch with classmates of the opposite sex as it was still the first day after all.

Being glanced by his classmates from time to time, Shinichi guessed that everyone in the class already had considered Aoba his girlfriend. But they two actually were accustomed to it. Either he or Aoba was too lazy to explain their relation.

“By the way Aoba, please bring more rice next time.” Shinichi who concentrated on eating seemed to think of something and raised his head to tell her that.

“Sure, but why?” Aoba looked at him back and asked confusedly.

“Nothing, I just want to eat what you cook more.”

Aoba blushed right after she heard his answer. She gladly nodded her head and answered.

“Oh, I see……sure, I got it!”

Of course, it’s just an excuse from Shinichi. The real reason why he said that was because he found out his appetite had increased as his body became stronger. So, he wanted to have more than a normal-sized bento.

In addition, after remembering that he caught the chalk with bare hands in the morning also showed that his cheat system worked. Then, he must utilize it as much as he could.

“So next, it’s necessary for me to make a training plan. Since the skill proficiency can be increased by practicing, I can definitely increase my personal attributes by training too.” Shinichi thought.

In the past, Shinichi even couldn’t bear the daily practice in Kendo club. But now, he couldn’t be lazy anymore since strange things kept happening around him.

If this world was really broken, he could secure his personal safety and protect people he loved by getting stronger.

“But by the way, it still won’t be enough with only training.” Shinichi frowned.

Though he should maintain his daily training, if he wanted to get stronger fast, he had to level up more and gain free attribute points by acquiring demon values.

Through the experiment last night, he had used three points on strength, agility, and skill. He now only had seven points left.

He thought that maybe others all had the bugs with human face on their bodies, like he did. But after asking Aoba and other classmates, he found out everyone except him had never seen that bug. So, he had to cease investigating on this now.

“Where can I acquire demon values?” Shinichi thought.

At this moment.

Suddenly, a conversation from his side attracted him.

He turned and saw two girls chatting.

“Emi, were you on Twitter last night? A high school in Kyoto is haunted now. Rumor has it that【Hanako in the Bathroom】, one of seven wonders in the school, has showed up!” The tall girl said with excitement.

“Well……you must be kidding, right?” Emi wasn’t sure if it’s real.

“It’s real!”

The tall girl emphasized it again, took out her phone, and said with regret.

“I’ve heard a recording last night on Twitter. It’s really a weird child’s voice. She’s asking ‘Why can’t I push the door open?’. Someone followed the voice to look for her, but ended up disappearing…… Unfortunately, this post was deleted immediately, before I could save it. Otherwise, I can show you the recording now.”

“I see……”

It seemed that she wasn’t convinced. But she didn’t want to argue with her, but changed the subject instead.

“Well, actually I don’t know what seven wonders in schools are. I’ve heard that rumors vary in every school, is it true?”

“Generally, according to the most widely-spread version, there are【Hanako in the Bathroom】, 【13-Story Stairs at Night】, 【Mannequin】, 【Moving Statue】, 【Piano Sounds in the Classroom】, 【Weeping Portrait】, and the last【Cries in the Well】.”

The tall girl said one by one.

Immediately, she seemed to think of something. She smiled and said under her breath, as if she wanted to scare her.

“By the way, there are also seven wonders in our school. But one is different from those we discussed about, which is【Girl in Red】!”

“Girl in red?” She was stunned.

However, someone interrupted their conversation before she could go on with her question.

It’s Shinichi.

“Excuse me, can we join your conversation? I mean……the seven wonders in schools.” He tried to ask as friendly as he could.

Since he gained demon values from the bug with human face last night, he speculated that it might come from ghosts.

Therefore, Shinichi became interested after hearing their conversation.

Of course, he wasn’t sure if ghosts really existed until now.

The bug with human face was weird, but it’s still different from ghosts in a broad sense.

Anyway, getting more clues was always better, so he wanted to hear the details of it.

But in order to prevent himself being considered as a freak who eavesdropped here and there, Shinichi brought his childhood friend along. It’s always safer if a girl came along with him.

Sure enough Aoba didn’t deny. Though she looked quiet, in fact, she’s quite interested in ghosts. She even had lots of video collections of horror movies at home.

“Are you……Kitahara Shinichi-kun?”

She was stunned, but she recognized him right away. After all, he had delivered the freshman speech on the opening ceremony, and his appearance looked like Daniel Wu, so he was easy to be remembered.

It’s much easier to talk to her since she recognized him. Shinichi chatted with them for a while and sat down with Aoba.

The tall girl was Takahara Haruka, while the quiet girl with glasses, who sat along with her, was Akiyama Emi. [ED/N : Meganeeee-chan~]

The conversation continued.

“What were we talking about? Ah, it is 【Girl in Red】!”

Takahara Haruka seemed to become more excited since more people were listening to her now. She detailed to them the tale.

“Rumor has it that the soul of a little girl was hidden in Johoku High School. She dressed in red, walked barefoot, and had pale skin. She wandered in the campus, so people saw her from time to time.

But it seemed that she would disappear whenever she’s discovered, so no one had ever taken pictures of her successfully.

Therefore, no one could be sure if there’s really a girl in red at school.”

“When did the rumor start?” Shinichi asked after thinking for a while.

“I have no idea.”

Takahara Haruka shook her head and continued.

“I heard it from my elder sister. She was a student here, but she graduated two years ago.”

“I see……” Shinichi nodded his head.

Her sister had graduated two years ago. Since she had heard of the rumor when she started high schools also as a freshmen, the rumor of the girl in red might had existed for at least 5 years, maybe even longer.

However, six of the seven wonders in Johoku High school matched with the most widely-spread version. Why was it only【Girl in Red】?

Could it be possible that she did really existed?


Aoba, who hadn’t talked since the start, suddenly pulled Shinichi’s sleeve.

She cocked her head and pointed to a direction with her trembling hand.

She said hesitantly.

“Is she the girl you’re talking about?”

Outside the window, a girl in red with pale skin stood still in the hallway in front of the teaching building. Half of her body was hidden behind the wall.

The weird eyes without pupils were staring at them.

Though she’s far away.

Though they couldn’t see clearly.

Indescribable feelings crowded upon their minds.

They felt it immediately.

She’s staring at them.

Instantly, she disappeared.

“……” The two girls.

“……” Shinichi.

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