Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: She Is Right Next to You

Time went by.

Soon, their school was over.


As the bell rang, a bunch of students left the school building, and Shinichi and Aoba’s figure were also mixed in it.

The rain that had last for two days finally stopped now. Though the sun hadn’t come out, and the sky was still gloomy, people could finally put away their umbrellas.

“Phew, the rain finally stops……”

Shinichi shook off the water on the umbrella, took a look at his watch, and turned to talk to his childhood friend.

“Aoba, it’s still early. How about having some desserts before going home?”

Unlike in China, schools were over very early in Japan, around at three thirty. If you didn’t join any club, you could directly go home.

Except joining the Kendo club in the middle schools out of interest, Shinichi went home directly after school. But, it’s still too early for him, so he didn’t want to go home yet. He decided to have some food to fill his stomach.

As the saying goes, life is long, you should never pass on delicacy.


After getting along with Shinichi for a long time, sure enough Aoba knew that he was a foodie. She smiled upon hearing his question, then she nodded her head and said.

“What do you want to eat?”

“Hmm……let me think.”

Since middle schools, Shinichi had been visiting various restaurants with her, so she’s accustomed to it. He pondered where they should go.

“How about the newly-open Chinese restaurant?”

“Or those Japanese restaurants we usually go.”

“Or some delicious desserts?”

“How about having them all?”

With his appetite now, he might have a chance to have them all. But, since she’s with him, he should try it on the other day alone.

After pondering a little, he decided to have sushi, what they seldom had. So they went to a reputable Japanese restaurant with Aoba.

Walking in, the waiter immediately came over with a smile.

“Welcome. A table of three?”

“Two.” Shinichi said.


The waiter was stunned for no reason. He looked at them doubtfully and nodded his head. “Well……then follow me.”

He guided them to their seats and handed over a menu.

Aoba had a small appetite, so she only ordered two dishes, while Shinichi ordered a lot.

After ordering, the waiter bowed and turned back.

“Ah, I almost forget it. I have to call my mother, or she will be worried if I come home late.” Aoba suddenly thought of something and said anxiously.

“Then make a phone call.” Shinichi said casually.

Since he had been self-disciplined since he’s a kid, his parents always held an open attitude on education. As long as he didn’t do something dangerous, they wouldn’t stop him.

On the contrary, Aoba’s parents were stricter. Especially her father, who was a policeman, he really treasured her. Aoba even had to return home in time after school. But since she only went home directly or had desserts with Shinichi after school, she never cared about it.

“Sure.” Aoba nodded her head.

She took her phone and called home.

While Aoba was talking to her mother, Shinichi was drinking the cold water that the waiter just sent and waited for their meal.

After a while, their meal wasn’t ready, but he noticed that several customers and waiters were staring at them from time to time sensitively, and they seemed to be whispering something, as if they didn’t want to be found out by him.

But when they found him looking at them, they turned their heads back, as if they felt embarrassed.

Shinichi frowned.

What happened?

“Aoba and I should have nothing special, why are they looking at us?”

He checked if there’s anything on his face first and took a look at Aoba. But after finding no answer, he just forgot it.

He stopped caring their looks and instead, he cared more on their meal.

At the moment, Shinichi suddenly wanted to pee, so he said to Aoba.

“Aoba, I’ll go to the bathroom. If the sushi is ready, don’t wait for me.”


After talking to her, Shinichi stood up and walked toward the bathroom.

But he was stopped when he was about to go in the bathroom.

It’s another waitress in the restaurant.

“Little girl, it’s the men’s room. You should go to the women’s room.” She said kindly.


Shinichi was stunned.

He pointed to himself.

Me, little girl?


But he realized that she’s not talking to himself before she answered him.

She squatted down and talked to ‘nothing’ with a smile on her face.

Seeing this, Shinichi was even more confused and felt scared.

Eventually, he interrupted her and asked.

“Excuse me, who are you talking to?”


The waitress was also stunned.

She looked at him strangely, as she’s looking at a psychopath.

But she didn’t get emotional.

She pointed to Shinichi’s side.

And said.

“Of course, I’m talking to her.”

“Don’t you know her?”

“She kept following you.”

“And she’s holding your hand.”

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