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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 126


Please check it out our Patreon Page. For every 5 new patreon donors, we will release one bonus chapter.  Promo still ongoing.

As you know, the RFTIW has another promo is going on. Please read here for more details, on how to get free bonus chapters!


8/10 sponsored till 2 extra bonus. 

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Counter: 7, Thanks again to Cody Tracy!

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New Free Bonus Chapter Event-RFTIW

Hello all, this is your flowery editor and translator Cherry. Starting Monday the 22nd, all those who do ALL of the following will gain one free bonus chapter a day. With no purchase or payment necessary.

Show Times: 2:00 PM- 4:30 PM,  5:00 PM- 9:00 PM, 9:30 PM – 1:30 AM (EDT)  @ Games and Comics


  1. Go to live sales: Like, share (public), and comment : Hello from Zenith Novels.
  2. You do not need to purchase anything, but for your view to count, the live sale show must be kept running (it’s okay if you mute it).
  3. If 100 people do this, one free chapter will be given as bonus/ per day.

P.s. You do not need to buy anything, but by just liking and sharing, you are automatically entered into a $10 store credit giveaway that occurs every hour.

P.s.s Buying stuff is a bonus, it will not affect the free chapter. What will affect it is if the 100 people from our site is not hit.

This will go on indefinitely, for now, so, this is a great opportunity to get free chapters without spending a dime. I will be checking in on every show, and if we hit 100, then it is a free chapter. (only 1 free per day, but that may change if we can get more people are willing to do this).

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Great Dao Commander moves to Wuxia Nation

Some people might have already seen it, but all the chapters of Great Dao Commander has been moved over to WuxiaNation.com

This is because, they have managed to get the license of Great Dao Commander, thus it will be continued over by the same translator at Wuxia Nation…

Hope this great novel gets translated without any setbacks..!

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Looking for Editors/Proofreaders

We are in dire need of more Editors…
As you can see there has been an increase in the release rate…
Furthermore, there are few novels which have been delayed because of no editors…
Other than that, we are also starting some new translations, while some novels are also planned to be moved over…

If you are interested in editing any of the novels, we are doing… Please apply…
We are specifically looking for editors for the following novels.. :

  • It’s Impossible My Evil Overlord is so Cute
  • Higawari Teni
  • Starting From Zero

Being an editor allows you early access to all the chapters on our site…

To be an editor, you are required to do our editors test, Please read instructions carefully..

Editor Testhttps://goo.gl/ewMxYN

After completing the test send it to us via Discord (Click Here to Download) Discord: Rythrinx#4565 / [email protected]

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No Chapters Today – Server Upgrade

Hey Guys…
We are planning to upgrade our server…

But currently we are on a server with normal drives…

But new server is on an SSD… So we are required to do a full physical move over…

Hence, it could take a few hours for the site to be moved..
So today there will be no chapters released on the site for any novel.. Until the move is completed..




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No The Great Conqueror today…

Our translator and editor is a bit busy today, they are unable to produce any chaps today…

But expect double releases tomorrow! 🙂

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No The Great Conqueror today..

We are sorry to announce but the TL and Editor kinda, got busy with some stuff today and is unable to pull off a chapter for TGC today…

They will be trying to do a double release tomorrow…  Sorry guys!

………. Dying to read it myself…  !

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HBooker Contract

As some of you might know already, Zenith Novels, has done a contract with HBooker.com…

HBooker, or Happy Booker, was established in September 2015 under Hangzhou Rhapsody Network Technology Co., Ltd as a Chinese Web Novel Reader website. 

One of the fastest growing Chinese Web Novel Websites… 

By the end of March 2017, HBooker now consists of 120 Million Registered Users, Over 140,000 Novels, and 12,000 Authors, including some of the most renowned Authors in China… 

We are currently already translating some of their novels… Starchild, Crimson Dragon etc…

Not only do we have rights over translation, we have also been given the rights to publish the translated work as Ebooks…

If any CN translators are interested in joining us and translate one of these novels, please check our Recruitment page…


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A change…

As you can see, LNW no longer exists!

We are now ZenithNovels.com
We are born anew! There were various reasons for it…

The current theme is being used, till our custom theme is done, it still being coded as we speak…

I hope everyone likes the new look…

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Read all about it!!!!

Hello everyone, Cherry here with a few announcements.

  1. As you know, I am and editor and TL for LNW and work along with Leo and Udeze. We have finally created our Patreon Page!!!! Please check it out.
  2. As you know, our site has been waiting for a new site transfer as well as a new theme, so things have been delayed for sometime, along with two weeks ago, Udeze recovering from the flu.
  3. We owe you guys 10 GDC, 8 TLDP (with two being bonuses), 3 SEAM, and 3 GS.
  4. We are also now officially announcing that our team will be picking up RFTIW and will have a 7 chapter release once our new site is up, by then, maybe 10.
  5. All old chapters will be reposted and credit will be given to original TL.
  6. Now, in regards to the delays, the person working on our theme has been constantly delaying the finish date over and over. So, we decided to take action. In any case, we hope to finalize everything in the upcoming week. So, just to quench your thirst a bit, while you are waiting for the releases. We will post 3/10 GDC chapters and 2/8 TLDP today. Everything is all ready to be posted, all 31 chapters. But we are holding on because of the new site and those redirecting issues. So, please bear with this long transition.

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