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Hello all,

Many of you may see my name as TurtleRuler, but moreover, I am known as Cherry Blossom. Your editor for IA, GDC, and TLDP. (Along w/ my partner in crime Leo). As you all know, I have also just begun to TL myself and am currently focusing on my newest work, Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage. (AKA SEAM). I am sorry for the delays, I just had a final the last week and so, studying took up a lot of time. Along with projects and the rest of finals coming up over here, it does cause a bit of a time consumption. Anyways, SEAM will be released after I amass about 5 chapters. As for my other sidelined project, The Last Apostle, I am not officially dropping until someone decides to pick it up. Till then, there should be 1 chapter of TLA per week. If anyone wishes to pick it up, please pm our general chat on discord and before your msg, please tag me by doing : @CherryBlossoms.  On that note, we have a new TL that just joined us and he brought with him: – Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru ni wa, Hone no aru Yatsu,  LV999 Villager, Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei. Therefore, we are in desperate need of an Editor and PR for him. If you feel like the force is in you, please don’t hesitate to shout by emailing: [email protected]

Thank you for your continuous support, we will have one novel return and a new one coming in soon. Please continue to support us as we continue to grow together.


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TLDP and GDC promo

As we have said, Udeze and I will be having a buy 2 get 1 free promo for both TLDP and GDC. The period will last till the end of Cyber Monday or when we hit 20-25 free chapters.…

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The Nine Godheads Announcement

Hi all, it’s your super awesome translator daryldyh here. I’m done with my exams! I’ve read until around chapter 85 these two days and I would like to share my thoughts.

As we all know, TNGH has a really solid story line despite the bad writing (in Mandirin at least), considering it got a rating of 4.6/5 on novelupdates. This is a story I truly enjoyed since the beginning and that’s the reason why I picked this project up after Loathsome dropped it. However, it just doesn’t work out anymore as I’ve lost passion. The pace of the story is just too slow, not much info is delivered in each chapter — I can summarize an entire chapter in just 1 paragraph. As a student who’s currently working as a part-timer, I think I’m not able to continue doing this anymore, not to mention the story has been dropped by the author a.k.a no ending. It’s been a good journey, the translated chapters are still rather enjoyable. So let’s just rest the good memories in our hearts. I’ll be reading the comments, so write down what you have to say!

P/s. Shoutout to LNW admin, he’s been really helpful. Shoutout to every donor who had donated gummy bears, I really appreciate it.

If anyone is interested in picking this project up, contact LNW admin at [email protected]


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Great Dao Commander Mini mass release

Hello all,

As some of you guys know, Udeze and I have started a new novel called Great Dao Commander. The first chapter has been out for about a week now, give or take. We promised a mini mass release a few days back and that was due two days ago. Unfortunately, we ran into some issues, RL, so we ask for your forgiveness. The release will be out latest Sunday, earliest being late Thursday/ Friday. We already have our first donor as well! Thank you so much! Till our mini mass release, Cherry Blossom-out!…

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Delayed Translations

Hey guys,


As you might have noticed…

Lots of novel translation’s have been going really slow lately….

This is because many of the Translators and the Editors are having year end exams…

So they are unable to release or keep up the schedule in order to focus on the studies…

Peerless Demonic Lord & Dragon Blood Warrior will continue after Nov 4… 

The Nine Godheads will be back around mid of this November… 




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Bad News for Some

Due to certain completely  slightly dodgy reasons on our TL’s side, we are placing Twin Sword on an hiatus until further notice. The trade off is a new novel called Against The Fate (ATG vibe anyone?)

That’s all!…

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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki Hiatus!

Bad News…

Our translator for Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki has some issues on going at work..

She is too busy to send time translating…

So she will not be able to release any chapters for next two weeks…

We are really sorry about this.. Hopefully we can cover it over later….…

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Support Light Novels World on Patreon

Click the Image at the end of the post for Donation Page

So basically the sole purpose for this Patreon is for the maintenance and improvement of www.LightNovels.world

The number of novels, we are doing has is increasing everyday, number of translators joining us increasing, thus number of readers are also increasing everyday…
In order, to maintain the smooth running of website, we need to make sure the site is stable, by making sure the server is good enough which will improve the site load and up time.. We have just recently had to move to a bigger server after facing difficulties for weeks!


So in simple terms where will this be used?
– Web Site Domain Payments
– Website Server Maintenance
– Search Engine Optimization
– Site advertisement better exposure (Readers & TL’s)
– Advertisement on Chinese/Japanese Website to get more TL’s

Even 1$ Counts! 🙂


This is in noway related to sponsored chapters queue!
Solely for maintenance of website.

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Apologies to those burning their eyes.

For those who are burning their eyes reading the unedited [I’m OP but I begun an Inn] chapters, I deeply apologise. Those chapters are in the process of being edited, along with the new chapters! Expect around one chapter a week but stay tuned!…

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