Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki Hiatus!

Bad News…

Our translator for Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki has some issues on going at work..

She is too busy to send time translating…

So she will not be able to release any chapters for next two weeks…

We are really sorry about this.. Hopefully we can cover it over later….…

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Support Light Novels World on Patreon

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So basically the sole purpose for this Patreon is for the maintenance and improvement of

The number of novels, we are doing has is increasing everyday, number of translators joining us increasing, thus number of readers are also increasing everyday…
In order, to maintain the smooth running of website, we need to make sure the site is stable, by making sure the server is good enough which will improve the site load and up time.. We have just recently had to move to a bigger server after facing difficulties for weeks!


So in simple terms where will this be used?
– Web Site Domain Payments
– Website Server Maintenance
– Search Engine Optimization
– Site advertisement better exposure (Readers & TL’s)
– Advertisement on Chinese/Japanese Website to get more TL’s

Even 1$ Counts! 🙂


This is in noway related to sponsored chapters queue!
Solely for maintenance of website.

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Ore to Kawazu-san Weekly Schedule

Hey guys, I’ve been really busy this week but I’ll resume OKIH releases this Sunday. I’ll be posting extra chapters starting Monday to make up for the ones I might miss. That said, I’d like to emphasize that our schedule won’t be daily but WEEKLY.



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2 New Novels Joins Us!

Big News… From now on we will be releasing chapters for two new novels:

Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono : translated by Ellionora

Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki: translated by SOD

Both are really good Japanese novels!

Welcome them and Enjoy the read!


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Twin Sword & Infinity Armament

Good news,

The translator for Twin Sword & Infinity Armament has joined our site…

All the previous chapters of both novel has been edited, so it would be good to start from the beginning if you read early..

Our editors team has spent a lot of time on editing all the chapters for us!

Team: Leo, Vick, Akhil, CrimSonWolf, Ethan, Sai, Fade,Brandon, Cherry Blossoms, Kensei, Ryan, Sascha 

Translator: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

For now both novels will release a single chapter every week!

Welcome them and Enjoy the Read!…

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