Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: With Godly Artifact In Hand, The Whole World Shall Belong To Me

What are the godly artifacts for a dimension traveller? Wu Qingsong could give a lot of answers even with his eyes closed: cement, glass, gunpowder, soap, steel, perfume, highly concentrated alcohol, flintlock, mirror, refined white sugar, honeycomb briquette, etc.. This was due to the time when he was imprisoned by Klein, and there was a lot of time but nothing to do, so he could only let his thoughts drift.

But precisely because of this, most of these things have been vetoed by him.

He roughly knew the principles, but many details were not clear, especially things like cement, gunpowder purification, steelmaking, etc. He felt that he could only provide insights on the direction to take but could not give anything specific.

If he was someone with status and power, then he could probably gather this world’s skilled craftsmen and tell them the principles. He would then set a high reward for them to carry out a large number of diverse experiments, and finally find the corresponding methods, but with his current identity, it was completely unrealistic to engage in these things.

With his current funds and manpower, there was not much that he could really do. After a few laps on the streets of Umbel, he quickly crossed out glass, perfume, highly concentrated alcohol, mirror and refined white sugar.

There was magic in this world, and one of its most important branches was alchemy. The mages’ understanding and research of everything in the world might be far beyond the scientists of the previous world. At the very least, their lifespan was longer than any scientist and they had more than enough time to study and research.

The only obstacle that made this world undeveloped unlike the world Wu Qingsong came from was perhaps the fact that no one had popularized these things. They even went so far as to deliberately keep it a secret in order to accumulate their wealth.

There were many glass products and mirror shops. The price was, of course, expensive, but Wu Qingsong himself had no way to make cheap glass. In fact, knowing only the principle, he probably had to spend a lot of money and time to really make the first batch of glass, and the cost and quality also could not be estimated.

The method of purifying alcohol has long been available, but it was a common way for mages to purify their own experimental materials. Similarly, there were ways to purify sugar, salt and many other things. In the store, rows upon rows of perfumes, cologne, essential oils, all kinds of aphrodisiac, magic potions and the likes totally bedazzled him, so much so that he completely gave up the idea of making money through this method.

Next, small investments with quick results, probably only soap and honeycomb briquette are left?

This world already has something very similar to soap. It was also accidentally created by a mage …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: It’s Not That I Don’t Want To Put In The Effort

“I’ve never seen someone like you,” Harold shook his head and remarked.

Wu Qingsong felt helpless because he had been training hard in accordance with Harold’s training plan for him. However, over the past month, the yield from his efforts, energy and time put in was far from satisfactory.

Simply put, his strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and responsiveness have all been strengthened by a little bit, but that’s it. If all his initial stats were four, then he should have been able to reach the highest stats of ten. However, his stats had become stagnant after reaching five and no longer rose.

Harold even suspected that Wu Qingsong was procrastinating when he was not paying attention. This might be the only reasonable explanation, but why would he give him 30 Renals every month just for looks?

After personally staring at Wu Qingsong’s fully loaded training for a week, he had to frustratingly admit that his training plan did not have any effect on Wu Qingsong.

In a sense, Wu Qingsong’s body did not change as it should be. All the training he did only served to stimulate the potential that he should have within his original range of physical strength, but it did not make him stronger or more agile.

Harold even felt frustrated to the point that he was unwilling to accept Wu Qingsong’s money, but Wu Qingsong knew where the problem was.

It was said that the development of myofibrils is caused by a large number of exercises causing numerous tiny tears, which stimulates the body to produce a series of complex reactions that eventually lead to an increase in myofibrils, making them more compact and stout.

But his body won’t get hurt… It seems that even this tiny tear that happens because of exercises won’t happen anymore, which leads to his muscles not increasing, which means that his strength, speed and endurance could not be increased through exercise.

Well, sure enough, fate could not bear to see me becoming a barbarian and so it forced me to be a noble master?

Although so far, Wu Qingsong had not really seen even the most insignificant magic effect. He constantly heard people talking about the power of mages but there was no doubt that this world did have magic, and it was monopolized by the ruling class, the elves. It was a taboo and it was a technology not permitted for any other races to have.

He heard a terrible rumour from Harold, that every territory would send troops to villages every few years to test the newborns. The act of hiding babies was a felony enough to be sentenced to death.

All newborns born with magical affinity would be killed or taken away, and all the immediate family members of this newborn would be killed in case any newborns with magical affinity were born.

Such rumours have led to many beastkin babies to be killed …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Training Day

Wu Qingsong and the others lived a secluded life after that. Fortunately, the restaurant was just downstairs. Drawing water and using the toilet did not require them to go far away. Thus, the chances of being discovered were minimal.

Wu Qingsong carefully observed the surrounding area. In his eyes, the layout of Umbel looked very good. Almost every street has a semi-open sewer. Every certain distance, there would be a fountain that transports clear water through an earthen pipe. This setting not only facilitate the lives of the residents, but it could also help in the prevention of epidemic and act as part of fire prevention facilities.

This might also be the reason why the fire that day did not cause too much harm.

The restaurant is a good source of news. Wu Qingsong carefully pried for the news, but not many people knew that there were a murder case and fire in a certain warehouse.

He asked Ling to go to a nearby clothing store to buy a few different sets of clothes that could hide his appearance, and then stealthily passed by that place.

The door was closed. The escaped beastman seemed to have never returned, and there seemed to be no garrison troops lying in ambush nearby.

The most inconspicuous person of the three, Liu Li was sent to the city gate, the dock, and the public square to see if there was an arrest warrant for them. The result was also a no.

Did the beastman escape out of fright? Has the matter subsided?

Wu Qingsong could not believe that his luck would be so good.

In fact, as time went by, he even began to wonder if he could recognize the escaped beastman. For him, differentiating the furry face of a group of male beastmen was, after all, still too difficult.

No matter what, they still have to carry on with their life.

After this little disturbance, other than letting them understand the dark side behind this prosperous commercial city and that they must always be cautious, the biggest gain for them might be the coins that Wu Qingsong got from the bodies.

It was less than half of the money Nina gave them, but it was enough to support them for a longer time.

With this money, Wu Qingsong finally decided to move to an independent small courtyard. For a person with many secrets, living in the same place with many strangers was definitely not a good choice.

The lady boss was obviously disappointed with their decision, but she still helped them to find a small, relatively independent and secluded courtyard that was in line with Wu Qingsong’s expectations, with a monthly rent of 25 Renal.

As for the rest of the rent they had paid before, she was adamant in not giving it back and instead promised to put it in their tab and deduct from it when they came to have their meals.

“What a miser!” Ling said …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Accidentally Became A Criminal

The short sword that was slightly deformed pierced through the beastman’s throat and the resulting feedback was indescribable.

Blood spurted out of the wound and splashed on Wu Qingsong’s face, waking him up from the thrill of killing. He took a step back and stumbled over his feet. This caused him to fall on the ground.

Four bodies were scattered around him, and their blood slowly gathered and formed pools around the bodies. The sight of it was gruesome. The smell of the blood and the choking smell from the smoke and fire mixed together and surrounded him, leaving him no place to hide.

This was not the first time he has killed in this world, but at that time, he was quickly pounced on and bitten by the war wolf and then captured by Klein, there was no chance for him to really think about it. Now, he had enough time to face the killings that he had done, which has currently stimulated the guilty feelings that came as a result of education and his way of life. Even the memories of the soldiers he previously killed resurfaced from the depths of his mind and overlapped with the bloody scene in front of his eyes.

This is not the previous world.

Wu Qingsong said again to himself.

Perhaps the law where the strong feed upon the weak has never changed. It only appeared in a different form.

For a 19-year-old sophomore bachelor, it was difficult yet simple to accept such a reality. It was simple because he has already accepted this law of the jungle within the setting of the world in countless games, novels and film and television works. The difficulty lies in accepting that those abstract, even illusory things are truly becoming reality, becoming the ubiquitous rule in his life and smashing apart everything that he has been familiar with for 19 years requires a process as well.

No matter how realistic games and movies are, they can’t bring out this kind of sense of touch and smell. And they won’t just thrust at you all of these things without any modification or beautification.

I’m fine. I can accept all these things.

He said to himself.

However, when he finally stood up, he accidentally saw the open wounds and the disfigured body of the burned bearkin. He could not help but throw up all the things he could throw up in his stomach.

These people had it coming.

He reassured himself.

As for me, to live on in this world, to live the life that I desire, adapting quickly to these things is a must.

So he forced himself to search the pockets of the four bodies and took all the coins for himself. He then used every means to throw them into the fire.

The fire did not spread fast, but when he finished all of this, the warehouse also finally began to burn up in flames.

Wu Qingsong knew …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: You Guys Should Be Satisfied Now


The other bearkin charged towards them.

Without the slightest hesitation, Wu Qingsong used the foxkin as his shield. Although the bearkin had pulled back his hands in time, his claws had made a long bloody ratch on the foxkin’s body.

He shrieked, “Miro! Are you out of your mind?”

“He killed my little brother!” the bearkin bellowed.

Wu Qingsong put a bit of force in the short sword in his hand, and the foxkin immediately screamed out loud, “Get away from me! Motherf**ker! Quickly! Or I swear that I will kill your whole family!”

The bearkin glared at Wu Qingsong who stood behind the foxkin while clenching his fist tightly, but eventually, he took a step back.

“It’s our fault this time!” the foxkin had come to himself and began to persuade. “Sorry! Everything is our fault! I got blinded by greed! I am willing to apologize and pay for your loss! As long as you let me go, I promise that I will never bother you again! I know a lot of high ranking officers in the garrisons. If you have any needs, I can help you connect with them!”

“Let them go inside the house!” Wu Qingsong said instead.

“Didn’t you hear him?” the foxkin shouted. “Get inside quickly!”

He immediately said, “There is no need for letting things get out of hand. Umbel is a small place. If something big happened, no one will have it easy.”

Wu Qingsong did not believe his words at all and even turned a deaf ear towards the implicit threat in his words. As a local bully, they were likely to know many town guards, otherwise, they would not be so brazen with their evil deeds. But precisely because of this, he would never believe that after freeing this foxkin, they would let him go.

Putting others aside, the resentment from that bearkin could burn. If the foxkin was not taken hostage, he would have already rushed over.

“Get them to move faster!” he ordered.

“Quick! Quickly!” the foxkin shouted.

The beastman who had deceived Wu Qingsong and another hired thug first entered through the door of the warehouse. The bearkin stood angrily by the door, but after giving a loud roar he still walked in with his head bowed.

“Take a look, it’s all done according to your will,” the foxkin said cautiously. “You can rest assured. I, Noel, has always kept my…”

A sudden pain came from his abdomen. The foxkin abruptly lowered his head and ruthlessly bit on Wu Qingsong’s hand that was holding the sword while using one hand to grasp his right arm that was holding his sword. Just as he was preparing to completely subdue Wu Qingsong, Wu Qingsong handed the sword to his left hand and pierced his chest with that sword!

“How could…you…you…”

The foxkin could not believe something like this would happen. The dagger that was hidden inside his sleeve was clearly already……

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Don’t Force Me, When I Get Mad, Even I Am Scared

“It’s just in front,” the guide repeated again.

This was not the first time that he had said this sentence and Wu Qingsong’s suspicions gradually grew stronger.

“Do you often frequent that shop?”

He grabbed his short sword tightly using one of his hands while his footsteps began to slow down.

“Just once in a while. It was so far that only those who lived nearby would go there so often!” this person said. “If it was not for my friend who lived near to it that brought me to that shop, hell if I would know that a shop which sells such a good seafood stew ever existed!”

This kind of reply was considered reasonable, which made Wu Qingsong slightly relieved.

In fact, even Wu Qingsong could not figure out the reason that a random diner would deceive him.

He was oblivious to his identity, neither did he know if he had money or companions much less the consequences of deceiving him. If this world had reached the point where one person would deceive another person for the sake of it, then he really did not know how the people in this world had survived until today.

The position of the sun began to sink a bit towards the west. For a newcomer that had just arrived at Umbel like him, it might be a bit difficult to find the way back after dark, so he sped up a little.

“Just how far is it?”

“It’s right around the corner of the street in front, whew, these five coppers of yours is not that easy to earn…” the guide grumbled. which dispelled Wu Qingsong’s doubts.

But in the next moment, his footsteps came to an abrupt halt.

In front of him was a dead end. The end of the alley was a place that looked like a warehouse. Although the door was open, no matter how he looked at it, it was not a place where a down and out old man in this population would live.

And this person, after stopping dead in his tracks, suddenly gave a loud shout, and immediately two beastmen ran out from a shop across the alley and blocked his way.

“What do you mean by this?” Wu Qingsong subconsciously stepped back and grasped the handle of his short sword.

And the beastman who brought him here suddenly changed his expression and laughed out, “Didn’t you want to learn swordsmanship? That person is in there!”

Wu Qingsong took a step and wanted to pass through the gap between them, but these beastmen were obviously used to this kind of thing. The three people cooperated and quickly blocked all his way out.

“Don’t ask for trouble, half-elf!” a bearkin with a naked upper body said maliciously. “Get in obediently, or you’ll suffer!”

“Help! Help!” Wu Qingsong yelled loudly, but this place was a remote path away from the main road. There …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Novice Mission

According to his own experience in modern society, Wu Qingsong took the two beastwomen to a place that should be a residential area.

The past experience of traveling with his family told him that places with high traffic such as attractions and stations because there was no shortage of customers, the services that could be obtained at the same price were often lacking.

A tour how-to said this: Never look for something to eat near the scenic spot. You should follow the locals to find something to eat in their usual place.

Soon, they found several restaurants on a relatively deserted street, and the people who came in and out were obviously locals.

The combination of a half-elf and two young maids clearly was a little bit eye-catching. However, as a resident of a trading town, their ability to accept strange things was obviously stronger than that of an agriculture-based town like Calagados.

The owner was a middle-aged beastwoman who still had quite a charm. She recommended their specialty to Wu Qingsong; a dish made with sea fish, shellfish and vegetables. The three people ate while nodding their heads repeatedly.

“It’s so delicious!”

Liu Li could not help picking up the dishes and licked them clean making Wu Qingsong feel a little shameful.

“Do you know if there is a house for rent nearby?” he asked the owner. “Doesn’t have to be big, just clean.”

“Guest, do you want a separate yard or just one or two rooms?” the owner looked at their combination and asked.

“How much for the separate yard?”

“One month for around twenty Renals.”

“So expensive?” Ling immediately clicked her tongue.

“This place is Umbel!”

The shop owner shook her head.

“If you’re staying at an inn, even for a single room, one month would cost at least thirty Renals.”

“What about the rooms then?” Wu Qingsong asked.

“Guest, if you’re not picky, I have two empty rooms upstairs. You can take a look first and we can discuss everything else later.”

This arrangement seemed to be no problem. The owner then handed over the shop to his husband temporarily and took them upstairs.

There was not much of a difference between this house and the surrounding residential houses. The whole wooden structure has three floors. Tightly cramped together with the houses on both sides, Wu Qingsong felt that he had returned to the ‘village in the city’ next to the school. The room where the owner took them to see was at the end of the second floor. The doors of the two rooms were facing each other. One room was facing the street downstairs and they could smell the fragrance of the food from downstairs here, while the other room was facing a small alley. Through the layers of houses, they could faintly see the dock and the sea in the distance.

The furnishings in the room were simple; bed, closet, two stools and a small table that could be …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Umbel

The two towns were totally worlds apart. Just the outer appearance had an obvious difference, showing a large disparity in their strengths.

The tall white stone walls gave you peace of mind at a glance, which was not something that Calagados’ low wooden walls could compare to. The fields outside the town were arranged orderly, with a large number of stone canals and lofty windmills, and the growth of the crops looked much better than the small town they came from.

The coachman told Wu Qingsong that this was the handiwork of an archmage invited by the three major guilds when the town was first expanded. The construction of these irrigation canals and wells were just something he had done in passing, but it became an irrigation network that all the people from Umbel was proud of.

“Under these windmills are all wells. Thanks to these things, Umbel can rely on such a little plot of fields to feed so many people.”

This was the first time Wu Qingsong ever felt the power of magic belonging to this world with his senses. When they approached the canals, he carefully observed them and found that they were completely different from the canals of his own world. It was neither concrete nor was it a stone wall. It looked like the soil next to the ditch was directly turned into stone.

“This is the magic of turning mud into stone,” a passenger said with some pride. “That year, it was not only because of money that the archmage was successfully invited to come, it was also due to the relationship the president of the commercial guild had with him. If not, how would such a high up person come to such a place in the middle of nowhere!”

“Rumors had it that he is the illegitimate child of that archmage…,” he lowered his voice and said with the superior air of a mysterious well-informed person.

The crowds and traffic around them suddenly increased out of nowhere. It was like they were intentionally picking the time when they were not paying attention and drilled out from under the ground. However, there were not many carriages that take passengers on board, most of them were large carriages that were carrying goods. There were also many people who just carried baskets on their backs and walked in the direction of the gate.

The road was beginning to get congested.

Perhaps because the journey was about to reach the end, the passengers in the carriage began to become lively. There was a guy who looked like a fox that started telling all kinds of legends about Umbel, while another beastman who looked like some sort of rodent began to inquire about Wu Qingsong’s purpose in Umbel.

“It’s simply to broaden my horizon,” Wu Qingsong said cautiously.

In a town with almost thirty thousand people, the chances of meeting with a few strangers again were not high but getting vigilant around strangers was common …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Horseman Never Talks In A Roundabout Way

What kind of identities should they use to enter the town was the first problem they faced. Fortunately, there was no such thing as a travel permit in this world, and also no limit or prohibit on commercial circulation. On the contrary, the pursuit of wealth by the elves had even greatly stimulated the development of commerce, allowing many large and small merchants to be active throughout the empire.

Liu Li’s understanding of this world was not much higher than Wu Qingsong’s. After consulting with Ling, Wu Qingsong decided to assign his identity as a member of a certain chamber of commerce. Such people were more common and would not attract other people’s attention. It was certainly strange to take action with two maids by his side, but some wealthy half-elf merchants often took vassal beastman subordinates and bodyguards with them around. So, their actions were not too glaring and abrupt, it could only be considered eccentric.

He took the decision to distribute the money evenly and hid them on each of them so that they could avoid putting all the money on one person. If the target was too big and was being targeted, then reduce the risk of being stolen or robbed. At least before he had sufficient ability to protect all of them, it should be like this. But what he did not think of, was that such an arrangement evidently surprised and delighted Ling and Liu Li, especially Liu Li. Wu Qingsong reckoned that she had never had so much money before. After getting excited for a long time, she suddenly began to worry, worry that she would somehow lose this money. Wu Qingsong and Ling appeased her for a while before she became cheerful again.

When entering the town, Wu Qingsong had no choice but to accept the fact that he was being treated as a half-elf. Such a misunderstanding seemed to have morphed into his label in the world. But due to this, the guards were not as hard on him as they were to everyone else, so much so that not even a question was thrown at them. After collecting the entry fees of twenty coppers from each of them, the three of them were allowed to pass through the city gate.

Thus, Wu Qingsong got his first chance to truly take a look at the towns of this world.

According to Nina’s introduction, this town called Caragados was the fourth largest town in the Illiar barony. Because it was surrounded by plains, it was one of the main grain-producing areas in the region. Yet, according to Wu Qingsong’s standard, it could only be regarded as a slightly larger village. The walls were similar to Leimu Town in that they used logs. There were watchtowers at regular intervals, as well as walkways for the soldiers to patrol.

Perhaps it was because the news that the Leimu Town was burned down by the fire had …

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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Newbie Village Online

Soon, Liu Li hid away because of shyness and timidity. Wu Qingsong had to spend a lot of time to calm her down, and in the process, he finally heard some new information.

Leimu Town practically got half-ruined.

This might not be entirely due to Nina and the gang. They just set fire in several places, such as military camps and warehouses. But when they launched the attack, the higher-ups of Leimu Town were drinking at the banquet to celebrate their expedition. It was almost impossible to organize an effective disaster relief operation. The top commander of the Leimu Town garrison, Wals, was inexplicably beheaded by Nina shortly after the start of the fire, which sunk the Leimu Town completely into chaos. It also made them lose the chance to keep the fire under control.

The fire not only burned down the warehouses and military camps of the Leimu Town garrison but also burned away a large number of workshops and slum areas. It was said that nearly 200 people died because of the fire, countless were wounded and nearly 2,000 people became homeless. Even several of the most valued warwolves by the garrison troops in the southern part of the town were burned to death in their cages, while the rest either escaped to the forest around the Leimu Town, or they went crazy because of their burns and started attacking people in the fire scene. Only less than half of them were caught after the fire.

The fact that the fire caused such huge losses, the warwolves could be counted as one of the most important reasons.

“Meow~ We met two of them in the forest when we came over, it was awful…” Liu Li told Wu Qingsong with a very soft voice. Her speech rate was very fast. Without paying attention, he would not understand what she was saying. Wu Qingsong had to put his ear close to her in order to catch her words, which made the two look very close, and Ling seemed to be somewhat at a loss due to this.

“What about Klein? Any news about him?” Wu Qingsong especially asked Nina about this.

“My subordinates did not catch his name in the list of people that died in battle,” Nina replied. “But there was no sight of him among the officials dealing with the aftermath, so his injury should not be light.”

She had already learned from Bernard about Wu Qingsong’s advice on the way they deal with wounds. This made her more curious about this mysterious half-elf. However, she had no intention of inviting Wu Qingsong to join them. In this rebel army led by her, the main members were either the survivors of the Silvermoon wolves or the descendants of the vassals of the Silvermoon wolf royalty. There were almost no outsiders. Although her instincts told her that Wu Qingsong was unlikely to be a spy appointed by the government, it still would not necessarily …

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