Blade Online

Blade Online Chapter 49

Well I have some news. My editors are quite busy so what you will see from now on is self-edited versions so I may be very  bad at some places so bear with it. I will notify as soon they edit it. Some lines are different from original so as to keep flow of the story and for easy understanding. Point out the mistakes as usual.…

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Blade Online Chapter 46

Translator : KuroOuji78

Editor : humbletroll

Well an update after a long time lol. Well I have been busy in coaching and other stuff since it’s 3rd year of my uni. Also, since I am in AoE DE closed beta so I have been pretty much sucked into it lol. So much procrastination. Well here’s the chapter. Point out mistakes if any.

The preliminary round. It is conducted in a very large empty room inside the Sky Dome.

The rules of the competition are simple. You have to defeat the enemies that attack you and survive until the end of the competition is announced. The use of items is prohibited. Player whose HP reaches 0 will be transported to another room instead of dying.

It seems that there were more preliminary rounds being held in the rooms other than this one. I don’t know the exact number of players in this place, but everyone here are strong people with lots of skill and experience.  If you are negligent even for a moment you will be defeated. The only way to clear this round and advance to the next is going all out without any hesitation. Not to mention, I do not have any friends here. Among the players here, there will be a few who entered with their fellow guild members. Although the participants are divided randomly, there are bound to be several people who are in the same place as their friends. Therefore, people will probably work with their friends.

I don’t intend to use rare skills here. It would be if best if I don’t reveal my skills here, or some counter measures might be devised for them later in the competition by someone but it would be stupid if I get defeated while trying to hide them.

Each preliminary participant is given their own private waiting room. I was wondering if the Sky Dome was big enough to give players their own private room but, it seems that all the waiting rooms were divided equally.

I was sitting on a chair in the waiting room, waiting for the preliminary to begin. Players of top guilds such as <<Ouroboros>> were also going to participate in the competition.

No matter how much I trained in the forest it is still not guaranteed whether I would win or not.

As I was being crushed by tension, my body stated shining with green light.

“Sorry to have you kept waiting. The preliminary will begin immediately. All the players will be automatically transferred to the venue.”

As I was thinking, my sight was covered by light and I was transferred to a corner the huge preliminary venue. Many players started transferring around me. An alarmed expression could be seen on everyone’s face as they looked around.

“The end of the preliminary will be indicated by an announcement. So, we request you to fight until then. Well then, players, we wish that you fight bravely.”

As soon as the announcement was finished, …

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Blade Online Chapter 45

Hello guys. Its been a long time. We became busy after college opened so we really couldn’t post anything. Really sorry for that. We have become very busy due to college projects and some other matters. Well anyway with my excuse. Here’s the chapter.Quality  may not be on par so please excuse us. We will fix it later. Point out the mistakes if any.…

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Blade Online Chapter 43

Translator : HDGGXIN

Editor         : Humbletroll

This chapter itself is a conversation thread or chat so it’s different from usual. As usual point out the mistakes. We will add arc separation later in ToC.…

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