Evil-like Duke Household

Evil-Like Duke Household – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Young Ace of Light Armored Knight Squad (LOL)

My name, is Zen=Helix. I am a member of the Light Armored Knights. It has only been one year since I joined the knight corps. I’m 20 years old and having been praised because of my ability, I began being called as knight-ace by my companions.

Due to my fame, prince Alto often sought me for consultation and often practiced with me.
I heard that the infamous Governor-dono Grid=Ractos and his son Jake=Ractos are inside a shop called [Crescent Moon Pavilion] today and are in the middle of a meeting to overthrow the country.

Their evil deed actually never got confirmed as there wasn’t even any proof of it. Perhaps because of that, the knight captain, prime minister, and even his highness, never believed in their wrong doing and thought all of that was just a baseless rumour.

Prince Alto should also have heard the same from his majesty. Thus, I want to get the detailed explanation of what happened, and want to ask for a detailed explanation from him, but it seems that Prince Alto was at his wit’s end. It seems that Prince Alto got some kind of information that both of them tried to do something outrageous to the prime minister.

If such a thing really happened, then surely the spy will get wind of it. If it’s just his baseless fear, then I can just leave it alone, but if it’s not then I’ll take care of it. Thus, with that in mind, I walked toward the Crescent Moon Pavilion from Prince Alto’s information.

As I arrived near the Crescent Moon Pavilion, the target of my mission, the two persons , were about to enter the store.

(but really, this sign … it’s written in a unfamiliar word eh?)
A messed up character that seems like some complicated symbol, perhaps someone who knows what it is will know what it means. It could be that this was a code or something like that.
No, for now, I have to take precautions against governor-dono’s movement. I hid my presence, secluded myself near the shop window, and looked inside.

The atmosphere inside the shop was different. The store interior had unknown ornaments lined up, the governor-dono who had just entered showered with people with his gaze, but everyone immediately gazed away.
… Those guys didn’t felt scared, it looked like they already knew that the governor will come to this place . (TL : no this is a normal people reaction )
And then the shopkeeper, I already knew with a single glance, he is not just a normal shopkeeper. There were scars all over his body that seemed to have been caused by a sharp object. This is, it seems this is quite suspicious.

[ Boss, that thing that just entered today, we came to get that] [ ….. Oh, just sit and wait. I’ll prepare it ] –
The governor’s son called the shopkeeper over. The…

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Evil-Like Duke Household – Chapter 18

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Evil-Like Duke Household – Chapter 16

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Evil-Like Duke Household – Chapter 12

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