Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

The vast sky contains thousands of God’s domains.
Junior Yun Xi was born in the Sword domain, more specifically, the White Lotus Sword Domain. He has a very jealous childhood sweetheart as he ran an ordinary bakery. At the age of eighteen, he was to marry his arranged bride.
Until the sixteenth birthday, the stars shined down on with three different roads for him to take. As three sprites appeared in front of him, the boy suddenly learned a terrible truth, that his original life goal was at stake.
In order to survive, the youth had to set foot on the battlefield of many death trials, while learning how to love, and struggle to get stronger.

Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 811

Chapter 811: The Lost City of Kings

“Ka! K! Ka!”

Huge waves of darkness kept rushing out from the first level, interrupting the celebration of the newly formed Three Dragons Alliance, while reminding this small group that the power of darkness was still overwhelmingly dominant.

“This is my sister’s power.” Looking at the tide of darkness that seemed to become even deeper and more furious, Red Dragon Zaka gritted her teeth reluctantly.

“The strongest Zaka .”

“The Dragon of Doom.”

Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Come on, we have to go to the upper level.” Yun Xi also knew that Black Dragon Zaka ‘s power was much more than the level he saw now.

If he guessed correctly, the entire continent, by now, had been consumed by the darkness.

The third princess Desert Dragon Zaka, who was originally in the royal palace, and the fourth princess Ice Dragon Zaka’s appearance here was the best proof of that.

If following this trend, Yun Xi already knew who he would meet on the third floor.

His first princess and second princess must be waiting for him there.

They, too, are dominated by Black Dragon Zaka?

Why did the twin witches, who hold the hope of this world, build the tower of fire in advance?

Too many questions haunting Yun Xi mind, and now there is only one thing to do.

Go to the highest part of the tower, to find the last hope of the world.

Once there, all the mysteries will naturally be solved.

At the same time, it is also the moment of the final battle.

“Three Dragons Alliance, set out!” Desert Dragon Zaka rushed in the front with great enthusiasm, Red Dragon Zaka took Yun Xi’s hand and walked in the middle, while Ice Dragon Zaka walked at the end.

Behind the team of four, there were countless dark substances that poured into the second floor of the giant fire tower, devouring everything like crazy.

Beyond the tower, the black dragon, who was as large as a world, stared at this Tower of Hope with cold and merciless eyes and gave the command.

“Annihilate them all …”

“Don’t leave anyone alive …”


“Huh?” Yun Xi who stepped into the third floor looked at the scenery in front of him and almost thought he was in the wrong place.

Here, is it really inside the tower?

Through the glowing doorway between the second and third floors, what unfolded in front of Yun Xi was a huge city filled with a fantasy style.

This city, surrounded by a faint curtain of light, erected one after another ancient stone walls on the roads.

These stone walls are carved with unknown ancient names, each of which is a symbol of glory, emitting a faint golden light in the sunlight.

The circular stone roads distributed in the city are spotless, carved with simple and beautiful patterns, and on both sides of the road …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 810

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Chapter 810: Three Dragons Alliance

“Huh?!” Ice Dragon Zaka was the first to sense the abnormality in herself.

“Ahhhhh, is this it?” A little slower, but Desert Dragon Zaka also felt it shortly after.

It was the feeling of the invisible thread that connected them to Yun Xi.

Through the flower at Red Dragon Zaka ‘s heart, three threads of life were connected to Yun Xi.

If there is any difference, it is probably that the threads of Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka are much longer than those of Red Dragon Zaka.

The thread of Desert Dragon Zaka is about seven times longer than that of Red Dragon Zaka’s.

The thread of Ice Dragon Zaka is about five times longer than that of Red Dragon Zaka’s.

Moreover, after a little experimentation, even after leaving this range, the girls whose hearts were not missing did not enter the near death state, but only temporarily disconnected from the thread of life.

However, once you have tried the feeling of being connected to Yun Xi, you will soon become addicted.

It is a wonderful state where life is connected and mutual thoughts can be felt.

The two Zakas, who had long been with Yun Xi, quickly adapted to this state of connection.

“Hey, I’ll try it too.” Desert Dragon Zaka pretended to hold out her index and middle fingers and raised her head.

“Meteor Fire Rain!”

Sadly, no flaming meteors fell, but instead a sandstorm blew over and began to coalesce sandstorm in the sky.

Well, it looks like even with the link, she can’t go beyond her domain to perform the forbidden spell that only Red Dragon Zaka can use.

However, through the connection, Red Dragon Zaka’s unique unlimited energy was shared by Desert Dragon Zaka, as evidenced by the sandstorm that was gradually forming in the sky.

“It’s so good!” Desert Dragon Zaka happily hugged her sister, Red Dragon Zaka, and kept rubbing her cute little face.

“You’re really my most excellent sister!”

“Oh, is this the Soft Water Palm?” Because of the completely conflicting attributes, Ice Dragon Zaka did not intend to master Red Dragon Zaka ‘s power like Desert Dragon Zaka , but instead switched a direction.

The gentle little hand caressed the earth, and the cold freezing air seeped into the ground, then exploded.

This is certainly not Yun Xi’s soft water palm. Just like the Thunder Blast in Red Dragon Zaka ‘s hand becomes a Lava Blast, Ice Dragon Zaka has comprehended the Cold Ice Palm from the Soft Water Palm that best suits her attributes.

The freezing air will penetrate the defense of the person hit by this move, completely freezing the internal blood. The appearance of body shows no damage, but the internal life has long been cut off.

In contrast, Yun Xi also have acquired their proprietary natural abilities.

Desert Dragon Zaka ‘s combat talent – Frenzied …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 809

Chapter 809: Splitting the Line

“Can we explain to Mother-sama? Why don’t we just kick this liar away and go home.” Red Dragon Zaka stomped on Yun Xi’s toes with her high heels, harder, and harder.

“It’s useless, we’re already on the blacklist.” Desert Dragon Zaka shook her head.

The married daughters are like splashed water. Mother-sama must be angry hard, so she sent Black Dragon Zaka to hunt them down.

“Mother-sama is unexpectedly stubborn sometimes, we can’t go back.” Ice Dragon Zaka also agreed with Desert Dragon Zaka.

The youngest sister’s early birth is the best proof of that.

Perhaps the great original dragon mother has not yet awakened, but has made her attitude clear.

“It’s all your fault, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault!”

Red Dragon Zaka with her small fist constantly pounded Yun Xi’s head.

“You were the first …” Yun Xi tried to argue, and instantly encountered the double scorn of Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka.

“You must have bullied my sister. She’s so innocent, she doesn’t know anything, and you have really done it, a*****e.”

“That’s right, he must have grabbed a hold of my sister and then started doing whatever he wanted to her, using all kinds of positions and pretending to be innocent.”

Yun Xi knelt down and raised his hands in surrender.

There is no doubt that his defeat rate is 100 percent when arguing with them!

“Meeting this big liar is the biggest misfortune in my life.”

“That night … he … he … ooooooooooo … “Red Dragon Zaka cried, which completely sat Yun Xi the facts of the crime.

Yun Xi couldn’t explain it even if he has a hundred mouths.

“Okay, okay, there’s plenty of time to bully him later.” Desert Dragon Zaka stroked the crying Red Dragon Zaka’s head.

Who will understand her time with Yun Xi and her bitterness when she saw the prince’s wedding?

She was cheated by this liar from beginning to end, and even after becoming this guy’s princess, she never forgot to teach him a lesson.

Well, the battlefield is the bed, she has teamed up with her sister Ice Dragon Zaka and squeezed him dry many times. Congratulations, congratulations.

“Things have come to this point. We can only fight side by side with this guy to the end.”

“If it’s a combination of we three sisters and this guy, maybe there is still a chance of winning.” Compared to Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka is obviously much calmer.

There are four Zakas that were bred by the original dragon.

In terms of absolute power alone, the longer the Zaka is bred, the stronger it is, so the situation of the four Zaka sisters is very simple.

Desert Dragon Zaka can conquer the world but can’t beat Ice Dragon Zaka .

Ice Dragon Zaka can easily suppress Desert Dragon Zaka but is no match for Red Dragon Zaka .

Red Dragon Zaka can beat her two sisters one …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 808

Chapter 808: Detective Zaka

“So, Mother-sama thinks that we betrayed her?” Ice Dragon Zaka skillfully pinched Yun Xi ‘s face and fell into a thoughtful state.

“I don’t understand what’s going on at all! I definitely didn’t do anything to betray mother!” Red Dragon Zaka ‘s eyes turned red.

From birth until now, she has been working hard to complete the task given to her by the original dragon mother, and never thought about the word “betrayal”.

“Good … good … I know you are a good boy.” Ice Dragon Zaka stared at Yun Xi as if looking at a scum.

It’s all your doing, right?

A large bead of sweat fell on Yun Xi’s forehead. This is really a crime. If he did not save Red Dragon Zaka, she would have died a long time ago.

As for why the original dragon thinks that her daughters have betrayed her… Yun Xi himself is also confused.

With Red Dragon Zaka’s straightforward character, to be a traitor is really too hard for her.

“Is it possible that Black Dragon Zaka misunderstood Mother-sama’s will? Mother-sama’s true body should still be in a deep sleep.”

“If Mother-sama woke up, it wouldn’t be the same as it is now.” Desert Dragon Zaka offered a different opinion.

“Then, is it the Black Dragon sister who is bent on doing what she wants?” A spark of hope appeared in Red Dragon Zaka ‘s eyes.

Being questioned by the greatest original dragon mother… she couldn’t imagine that!

If it was just Black Dragon Zaka ‘s misjudgment, then it would be acceptable.

After all, the youngest sister was also the child with the purest of hearts, so there must be a misunderstanding somewhere.

“I don’t think that things will be that simple.” Ice Dragon Zaka shook her head.

“At least, she felt something from Mother-sama.”

“Otherwise, it should be impossible for her to be born at this time.”

“Unlike the three of us, her scheduled birth time was after the three of us had completely conquered this world.”

“She is the ultimate dragon of doom, the fearsome existence that kills gods, Black Dragon Zaka .”

Red Dragon Zaka froze for a moment, the fire of hope that had just been kindled in her heart was extinguished at once, and she almost cried her nose off.

“Why does the sleeping Mother-sama think that we have betrayed her?”

“What is the biggest difference between us and Black Dragon Zaka who should not have been born?”

“If there is really a decisive difference …” Ice Dragon Zaka who had pulled the biggest problem in this war out and analyzed the key to it suddenly raised her eyebrows and stared at Yun Xi.

“Is that you?”

The voice was unmistakable, it was the voice that has locked the culprit.

“It’s him …”

Desert Dragon Zaka shrugged her shoulders. Back when she was possessed by Black Dragon Zaka she had a feeling that her youngest sister had already found out about it.

This …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 807

Chapter 807: Suppression

“Let’s do it again!”

“We believe in each other.”

“As long as we love each other.”

“Then we can turn the miracle into reality!”

Not a spell, but better than a spell. It looks like just sweet words between lovers, but it really does inflict real damage to Ice Dragon Zaka .

This is something that a hundred human forbidden spells can’t do, a special mental attack of Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka .

“Boost … potential …” Black gravel with even larger dark matter sprinkled around Ice Dragon Zaka , forming a dark canopy.

Surrounded by a black canopy, Ice Dragon Zaka became even more unfathomable, and the sense of intimidation she released rose at the same time.

“Feel that?” Yun Xi noticed something.

“It’s not quite normal.” Red Dragon Zaka also noticed that her own sister, Black Dragon Zaka was unconsciously revealing problems.

Black Dragon Zaka’s domination was a forced domination that gave no room for thought, an absolute command from top to bottom.

The Godslayer God Weapon that she holds appears to be able to give battle commands without regard to the consciousness of the opponent.

It’s just that giving battle commands takes times and is more or less delayed. Although such absolute commands can make the dominated person become more powerful, their moves are somewhat inflexible.

They can release more than 200% of the usual power, but can not use their own combat skills to the limit.

In numerical terms, Black Dragon Zaka can significantly improve the dominated’s physical strength, agility, and even maintain the dominated’s best fighting style.

The only weakness is the reaction speed, which is why when Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka drove straight in and beat Desert Dragon Zaka on the head, the Sand Eyes failed to intercept halfway.

The Desert Dragon Zaka that had four Sand Eyes for all-around 360 degree defense would not have made that kind of outrageous mistake.

“Then, let’s go on in one breath!”

“Switch battle mode!”

After discovering Black Dragon Zaka’s Domination Mode’s greatest weakness, Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka gave up to continue to use forbidden spells, but launched Thunder Walk, moving at an incredible speed.

In terms of human fighting style, Desert Dragon Zaka is more of a warrior type, while Ice Dragon Zaka is more of a mage type, Red Dragon Zaka is a magical warrior type, and Black Dragon Zaka is a mysterious unknown type.

Like two thunderbolts running on the ground, sometimes intersecting, sometimes overlapping, the constantly rising spikes of glaciers on the ground were completely unable to stop the assault of the two, all blasted into a shattering mass of ice and snow.

“Ice… Armor …” Ice Dragon Zaka also responded in a mage style. She directly cloaked herself in a layer of azure ice armor, its hardness was enough to rival Red Dragon Zaka ‘s lava shield, and even had the special effect of bouncing off the enemy’s physical attacks.

However, she didn’t …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 806

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Chapter 806: The Fifth Princess’ Promise

The four treasure beads of “sand”, “ice”, “fire”, and “nightmare” were given to the four Zaka sisters by the sleeping original dragon.

The Star of the Sand, inlaid with a sand treasure bead, has an extremely large attack range and the ability to summon an entire desert army, specializing in ranged attacks.

Forst Dragon Teeth, inlaid with ice treasure bead, can easily change the sky and terrain, and has the most powerful control ability.

The Molten Fire Core inlaid with the fire treasure bead holds the power of endless fire, and the crimson Dragon Roar Wave it contained can destroy the world in minutes.

This is the reason why Red Dragon Zaka’s crimson Dragon Roar Wave has such a terrifying spreading ability and its power keeps increasing.

The final treasure bead, the black treasure bead that represents the “nightmare”, is in the hands of Black Dragon Zaka, who should not have woken up at this time, and whose God Weapon is unknown.

Now, Red Dragon Zaka saw the sword in Ice Dragon Zaka’s hand and the empty red and black treasure bead slots, and instinctively understood that her God Weapon, the Molten Fire Core, was actually part of that sword.

The source of power of the Zaka sisters all came from that sword, so the origin of this sword is self-explanatory.

“Mother-sama … really thinks that I betrayed her?”

Red Dragon Zaka could not believe that this was the truth, she was actually a good child who was very family-oriented and never had the idea of betraying her mother.

From her birth until now, she had definitely not done anything to disobey her mother’s orders, she was obviously too good to be a Zaka!

“Whistle the … desert wind …” Ice Dragon Zaka raised the golden sword in her hand, and the endless desert gale began to gather around her.

The gravel falling from the black Star of the Sand in the sky was also continuously swept in by this huge storm, forming a black sandstorm connecting heaven and earth around Ice Dragon Zaka .

Along with the black snowflakes that kept falling in the Ice Field, this scene looked incomparable, as if the distance between heaven and earth had become blurred in this instant.

“Watch out, it’s coming!” Yun Xi held Red Dragon Zaka ‘s hand tightly, sending incomparable enthusiasm and strength to her heart.

It was hope and faith, the courage to never give up and go forward no matter what kind of desperate situation they were facing!

That is the fighting spirit held by Yun Xi.

In the dark forest, when facing the almost invincible …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 805

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Chapter 805: Four Precious Treasure Beads

“As long as we hold hands.” Yun Xi once again took Red Dragon Zaka’s small hand, and the two looked at each other with affection.

“It is a memory that will never be forgotten.” Red Dragon Zaka was also very cooperative with Yun Xi. At this moment facing the terrifying Black Dragon Zaka , only when the two entered the highest synchronized state, there was the light of victory.

“Snort!” It might be an illusion, but an expression that seemed to be stung by something did appear on Ice Dragon Zaka’s beautiful face.

There was also more than a hint of confusion and uneasiness in her pitch-black pupils.

Why is there a dark flame burning in the chest just by looking at the pair holding hands?

The young girl’s heart, suffered a great injury.

“Look, the sky is burning!” Yun Xi judged that continuing to let the temperature drop would do more harm than good, so he decisively let Red Dragon Zaka launch the forbidden spell again.

“Let the entire world burns!” Red Dragon Zaka’s petite index and middle fingers stood side by side, pointing high and proudly at the sky.

Huge fire clouds quickly gathered, forming a scorching cloud that could release a shower of meteorite fire.

However, only half of the sky was occupied by Red Dragon Zaka’s fire clouds this time, and the other half of the sky was still occupied by the black star.

The forbidden fire cloud that Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka released together only appeared in the sky where they were.

The entire second floor of the tall tower turned into a world of half ice and half fire.

“First shot!” The second Meteoric Fire Rain came with great force, and the seven-star forbidden spell took shape even faster and more ferociously than when Red Dragon Zaka fought against Desert Dragon Zaka .

This also means that the bond between her and Yun Xi has become even stronger.

After experiencing the jealousy with Desert Dragon Zaka , she, who on the surface seems to have sworn to be at odds with Yun Xi, seems to like Yun Xi even more instead.

In this world, the most moving and unforgettable thing is precisely what you can not obtain. The strong sense of turpitude will instead make the flame of romance burn more fiercely.

Speaking of the personal battle power, she is only inferior to Black Dragon Zaka amongest the four sisters. She is the dominator of the flame.

In terms of attributes, she is fully restrained her sister, Ice Dragon Zaka.

The fire meteor blasted down, and Ice Dragon Zaka’s ice field was smashed out of a large crack. Searing hot lava ejected from the ground, like …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 804

Chapter 804: Frozen Domain

“I never thought that I would have to fight with my sister one day!” Desert Dragon Zaka moved her arms and legs, and her battle intent was raised high.

“Ice Dragon Zaka… sister, I did not betray mother.” In contrast, Red Dragon Zaka’s mood was a bit low, completely unaware of what she had done wrong.

“Enemy? …” Yun Xi mood is quite mixed.

Defeat the evil dragon is the main task he must complete, so it’s not wrong for Black Dragon Zaka to regard him as an enemy.

But why did he, a brave man who was going to slay dragons, marry the daughters of the dragon!

Now there are already three Zakas who have an intimate relationship with him.

Something must have gone wrong!

“Bet on the name of the third princess, I’ll make you recover, sister.” Desert Dragon Zaka leapt up high, and four Sand Eyes appeared around her at the same time, then set into her limbs, giving her super power and speed.

This is Desert Dragon Zaka’s all-out fighting mode. The loss of the Star of the Sand did not depress Desert Dragon Zaka, but rather aroused the fighting factor in her body.

Even if her clan was wiped out, and even her God Weapon was taken away by Black Dragon Zaka, as long as this wild fighting spirit is still there, Desert Dragon Zaka will never be defeated!

“Mirror …” Ice Dragon Zaka moved her fingers and quickly summoned one mirror of ice after another.

Of the four sisters of Zaka , Ice Dragon Zaka has the most stable fighting style.

She’s not the same as Desert Dragon Zaka, and she’s not the same as Red Dragon Zaka. She’s good at formulating a strategy and then executing that strategy to win.

Like the ice and snow that never melts in the north, she is cold and cruel.




Dozens of ice mirrors were blasted into pieces by Desert Dragon Zaka in one breath, while Ice Dragon Zaka’s figure completely disappeared into this world of ice and snow.

Relatively, there was more black gravel falling from the black Star of the Sand in the sky, and the surrounding temperature began to become icier and icier and biting.

“Is she trying to freeze us all to death?” Yun Xi, holding Red Dragon Zaka’s hand, slightly estimated the surrounding temperature. It was already below minus one hundred degrees.

It’s difficult to describe the icy world filled with cold fog at this moment, and the fog is definitely not any water fog, but a cold that can completely freeze human blood.

“Whoo … hoo …” gradually, these fogs transformed into some kind of humanoid silhouette, that is the ice creature that inhabits the end of the world – ice spirit. They are minions of Ice Dragon Zaka.

These white spirits every night will wander in the ice and snow. Once encountered humans, they will take the initiative to approach, and then take …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 803

Chapter 803: The Provoked Ice Dragon

“Withdraw from the marriage?” Yun Xi felt confused. Between him and Red Dragon Zaka, there was no such thing as a marriage contract.

“Retirement!” Desert Dragon Zaka was surprised. She felt that there was no happier day in this world than the days with Yun Xi.

By analogy, Red Dragon Zaka must also have understood how happy it is to be with the person you love, right?

“Yes, withdraw from the marriage, goodbye, and never see you again!” Red Dragon Zaka was serious. Her proud princess heart could not bear the fact that the person she loved did not belong to her alone.

Rather than suffer the humiliation, she simply kicked him out!

That’s the difference between her and her sisters. The Red Dragon Princess will never be a slave!

“Farewell forever, a*****e!” Turning around, Red Dragon Zaka’s determination was unshakable.

Then, at a distance of about “one Zaka away”, she fell down, and the whole body rapidly weakened, falling into a near-death state.

“Hey … she is really a child like you …” looking at Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi sighed, while holding Desert Dragon Zaka in his arms, walked to the fainted Red Dragon Zaka and extended his right hand.

The hand feel was as good as ever, even the rhythm of the heartbeat was so familiar.

“Ooo … miscalculated!” Red Dragon Zaka regained her consciousness and looked at Yun Xi with hateful eyes.

“Hate you, I hate you, this philanderer!” The young girl’s angry roar rang through the sky.

“Withdraw the marriage! Withdraw the marriage! You liar!”

“Let go of me and untie this thread!”

“Even if I’ll die and be buried in a coffin, I definitely don’t want to be with you!”

In response to Red Dragon Zaka’s angry rebuke, Yun Xi couldn’t do anything about it.

This green flower is not something that he can create, the way to unlock it… he does not know it either.

“You saved her, and then the two of them got entangled in the thread?” The rejuvenated Desert Dragon Zaka finally jumped down from Yun Xi’s embrace and curiously kept moving her little hand between Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka, trying to catch the invisible thread of life.

“I’m so jealous! Why don’t I have this thread …”

Well, it looks like Desert Dragon Zaka is interested in the play of tying herself and Yun Xi together with a thread.

“You have married my sister, and still dare to seduce me? You shameless bastard!”

“Say! How many other fiancés and lovers do you have?”

Red Dragon Zaka’s anger value continued to rise, especially after finding Yun Xi was really counting how many fiancées and lovers he had.



Fierce bite!

Dragon claws!

Dragon tail!

She used all the attacks that could be used, but unfortunately, under the suppression of the green flower in the heart, all these attacks were just tickling for Yun Xi.

“You two are so close, when will …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 802

Chapter 802: The Revived Desert Dragon Zaka

“Gahhh, my head is going to break …” Desert Dragon Zaka was lying in the sand pit with an airless look.

Her original huge body, also began to shrink and finally transformed back to the human appearance.

“Sister, is everything okay?!” Although just now she teamed up with Yun Xi to beat Desert Dragon Zaka, she does care about her sister.

She knows when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to love. This is the style of Red Dragon Zaka.

“You are … sister …” Desert Dragon Zaka shook her head and recognized the sister in front of her.

“Yes, I am Red Dragon Zaka , your proud sister.” Red Dragon Zaka stroked Desert Dragon Zaka ‘s head and disliked Yun Xi with a grumbling look.

“You’ve broken my sister’s head!”

If not, she can’t get rid of Black Dragon Zaka’s domination ah …Yun Xi helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

“Shaheen, hug me …” After saying hello to her sister, Desert Dragon Zaka began to pamper Yun Xi.

Well, after Black Dragon Zaka ‘s absolute domination disappeared, she ended up choosing the truest second memory, the one belonging to the third princess, only slightly mixed with some of the first memories.

She is the child of the great original dragon, the king of the Western desert, married to the prince called “Shaheen”, and is in her honeymoon period.

The lies Yun Xi told really fooled Desert Dragon Zaka completely.

“Shaheen?” Red Dragon Zaka suddenly had some kind of very bad premonition.

After watching Yun Xi lightly pick up Desert Dragon Zaka whose limbs were sore and weak, and started to knead the weak parts of her limbs, Red Dragon Zaka instantly exploded!

“You, what is your relationship with my sister!”

Yun Xi looked awkwardly at Desert Dragon Zaka who was pampering herself in his arms, what should he do at this point?

“Of course it’s a couple relationship, I’m already married to him.” Desert Dragon Zaka had a rightful expression and told the truth, making Red Dragon Zaka’s eyebrows rise.

Red Dragon Zaka was so angry that her eyebrows went up. “Tell the truth!” In a rage, she pinched Yun Xi’s neck. If he does not explain, she is ready to give him a bloody end.

“Well, I did marry your sister.” In the end, Yun Xi could only throw up his hands in surrender and honestly tell the truth about his relationship with Desert Dragon Zaka.

“Oh my God, isn’t my sister dead?”

“In the end, what happened?” Red Dragon Zaka felt that her outlook on life, her world view all collapsed.

Her sister, who she thought was dead, was not dead.

The Yun Xi that she thought belonged to only herself, had married her sister Desert Dragon Zaka long ago.

“Why didn’t you tell me, why did you deceive me!” Red Dragon Zaka ‘s eyes were filled with tears, and the hand that was pinching Yun Xi ‘s neck was …

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