The God of Sky & Earth

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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Tidying Up!

“Foul Beast!”

Su Yi’s gaze abruptly sank, while the Yuan Qi inside his body instantly gushed out from his meridians.

In an instant, Su Yi’s aura of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade also went all out without any reservation as though the entire Yuan Qi in his Yuan Qi Ocean of his Dantian, were condensed onto his fist.

He raised his arm and shook as a fist blasted out with radiance glowing brilliantly.

“Overlord’s Fist!”

Also at the same time, Su Yi hushedly roared in his heart as a fist directly clashed over, colliding with the palm of the big bear.


When both of them just contacted, Su Yi’s fist that was brilliantly glowing seemed to have inflated as a clear wind and thunder rang through like a thunderclap rumbling, bringing with it a feeling as if a king had awoken to descend, producing a tremendous pressure that reverberated throughout.

A trace of frightening Yuan Qi power like a volcano eruption abruptly charged out from Su Yi’s fist.

At this moment, the several beasts behind the group of people from the Mighty Bear Tribe felt the aura on Su Yi’s body. Their entire bodies unknowingly trembled with expressions of fear!


In an instant, under the watch of everyone, there was a fluctuation feeling around the surrounding space.

A trace of frantic energy abruptly blasted out from the clashed between Su Yi’s fist and the palm of the Earth Hill Fierce Bear.

Enormous raging wind formed into airwaves like a hurricane and directly shot over.

The raging wind swept through like a hurricane passing by.

“Pat pat……”

The group of youngsters from the Mighty Bear Tribe kept shockingly scurrying retreated while some of them directly fell onto the ground in shock.

“Pu pu……”

The Earth Hill Fierce Bear that was two zhang tall immediately spat out blood while its body scaled through the air before landing heavily onto the ground.

The palm of the bear that clashed over was, horribly mangled while the fearsome eyes of the Earth Hill Fierce Bear revealed fear as its pupil shrank before it tightly closed its eyes in terror. It actually got directly killed.

The group of stumbling and miserable youngsters from the Mighty Bear Tribe initially thought that Su Yi, would be trampled by the Earth Hill Fierce Bear. No one expected that the outcome would be this unbelievable that an Earth Hill Fierce Bear in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Eighth Grade, would actually be killed in one punch.

Xiong Lie was even more perplexed. The formerly gaze that was coldly smiling was instantly replaced by shocked as though he had seen a ghost as he could not accept this outcome.

As for the strength of this punch, Su Yi was also secretly stunned before becoming very satisfied.

However, Su Yi was not especially happy killing an Earth Hill Fierce Bear in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Eighth Grade in one punch.

Firstly, the bloodline …

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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 232

Translator: Si Mei / Siew
Editor: B E E P/ Avis

Chapter 232: You Best Don’t Provoke Me!

Amongst the several beasts, there was a big bear that was very eye-catching with a fierce aura. Its bear paw had a size as big as a total of two dustpans with a height around two zhang while its entire body was yellow.

“Mighty Bear Tribe!”

Without even looking at Xiong Lie who was in front of him, Su Yi could already know the identity of the group of people by only looking at the over twenty youngsters that dressed like a huge bear.

“Is him. It is him!”

Glancing at Su Yi, a young man in the group of people from the Mighty Bear Tribe that had once seen Su Yi before, loudly shouted as though he was very excited.

The ones who came over was precisely the group of people from the Mighty Bear Tribe with Xiong Lie as the leader. They initially planned to go down the mountain and returned when they suddenly heard such a commotion and was attracted over.

“Yi Su……”

All of a sudden, a series of gazes fixedly stared at Su Yi as they became excited.

It must be, known that they had searched around the Yao Luo Mountain for many days and just when they were going to give up, they actually found the person they had been searching. How could they not be excited?

Xiong Lie glanced at Su Yi while he was somewhat surprised of the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture standing before Su Yi. However, he did not care as he watched Su Yi with secretly glowing eyes. He slightly coldly smiled and said: “Brat, we meet again?”

“You have a problem?”

Su Yi looked at Xiong Lie and the rest that had come seeking for trouble. With safety in numbers, and also enemies often crossed each other’s path, they had most likely come with ill-intentions.

Xiong Lie glanced at Su Yi and shouted: “Brat, spoiling my fun, you will eventually need to pay for the price!”

Su Yi’s eyebrow slightly arched as they had indeed come with ill-intention.

Scanning his gaze over the twenty-over youngsters, all of them seems to be in the cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm while the strongest was still Xiong Lie.

Su Yi truly did not put any of it in his heart as back, when he was in the Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade, he could already easily defeat Xiong Lie, nonetheless about now.

“You do not seem to be my opponent, correct? Can it be that all of you want to come together?”

Su Yi shot a glance at this group of young men and women. He had used his spiritual power to probe the surroundings secretly. There did not seem to have any presence of a powerful cultivator from the Mighty Bear Tribe which reassured him a lot.

And although the numbers of people in this group were many, Su Yi …

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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 231

Translator: Si Mei / Siew
Editor: B E E P/ Avis

Chapter 231: Meeting Enemies

However, they had already spun around the Yao Luo Mountain for several days. Other than encountering some dangers, even the traces of the people from the Ancient Spirit Village, were never seen.

“Count that brat lucky. Let’s prepare to go back.”

Hu Du felt very gloomy as this trip, had been wasted. He could only find another chance next time.


“Bang bang……”


A beast roared while intense fighting sounds rang out with big commotions.

Su Yi’s figure appeared on top of a big faraway rock as he glanced down the valley.

At the moment, a total of over ten zhang giant flying beast with wings spread was fighting with a lizard beast.

Both the cultivation of the flying beast and the lizard were around the Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade from their auras.

The claws of the flying beast were swift and sharp. Its body emitted a glow as the feathers on its body shone. Every time it dived down, it was incomparably fast and wherever its sharp claws went passed it would shatter the large rocks.

The lizard beast was unable to fly, yet it was very nimble. Its defense was remarkably powerful as its body, was covered with a thick armor-like meat scales that emitted black radiance. It was obviously an Earth element beast with a big long tail that was also incomparably sharp and emanated a chilling light. Under a defensive stance, the flying beast totally could not find any chance.

“Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture.”

Su Yi knew that the flying beast is a Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture, but he did not recognize the lizard beast.

That was also normal as there were too many beasts in this world. There were many of them that were mutated and mixed beasts, so it was impossible for someone to say that they knew every single type of beasts in the world.

However, for a strong cultivator, it was easy to grasp the level of the bloodline of the beast.


A crisped cry transmitted over. At the top of the valley, on one side of the cliff, there was a cave with a nest.

Two small Hunting Wind Demonic Vultures were staring concernedly at the intense battle between the lizard beast and the adult Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture.

“That little lizard is having thoughts about the two small Hunting Wind Demonic Vultures. But, it did not expect that it will be, caught by the big Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture.” Su Tian Que said with its head raised.

“That lizard is very smart. Most probably, that Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture also could not do anything to it.”

Su Yi’s eyes moved as he judged the far away intense battle between the lizard beast and the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture. Although the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture was a flying beast which held many advantages.

But, that lizard was very smart while …

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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 230

Translator: Si Mei / Siew
Editor: B E E P/ Avis

Chapter 230: Grant You One Side Of The World!

“However, you are also remarkably lucky that the effect is already no longer its original one or two-tenths as the demonic core, is crushed by you and you have also only swallowed a small part of it. Otherwise, you might not be here anymore.”

Su Tian Que rolled its eyes and looked at Su Yi. The demonic core, was crushed, which had greatly diminished its effect while it also knew that Su Yi had only swallowed a small portion of it. Therefore, he was able to endure it and even gained tremendous benefits from it.

It was absolutely coincidental and by chance. If not, with Su Yi’s cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm, directly taking the demonic core was entirely courting death.

“Is that so……”

Listening to Su Tian Que’s words, Su Yi uncontrollably secretly sucked in a cold breath as he had surely escaped a crisis.

The demonic core converged most of the energy of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros in the Demonic Void Realm. That was the Demonic Void Realm which with his cultivation of the Yuan Xuan Realm, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

This fluke was entirely coincidental while also based on his luck.

“How much have you recovered?”

Afterward, Su Yi questioned Su Tian Que with full of expectation. This fellow had swallowed much more energy of the demonic core than him. Feeling its aura, it had seemingly also gained quite a lot of benefits.

“A demonic core in the Demonic Void Realm that is incomplete, how much can I even recover?”

Su Tian Que rolled its eyes at Su Yi and then with a stern expression, it continued: “I will need to re-cultivate. I think that I will perhaps remember everything when I have re-cultivated and recovered.”

“Then you can slowly re-cultivate.”

Su Yi arched his eyebrow. This fellow had always been so mysterious.

“Relax. The moment I have recovered, I will grant you one side of the world!” Su Tian Que glanced at Su Yi and said in a generous and overbearing tone.


Su Yi took a few glances at Su Tian Que and faintly laughed again.

“Su Yi, what is the meaning of your laughter? Do you not believe me?!”

“I believe. Why will I not believe you.”

“But I feel that you completely do not believe in me and is mocking me.”

“Impossible, why will I mock a peacock!”

“Then where are you going? Most likely, those fellows from the Ancient Spirit Village have left. Too bad, the meat of this Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros is a little sour and smelly, or else it can be roasted to eat.”

“Wait for me! Oh ya, the broken sword on your back seems unusual. Is it this broken sword that has killed the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros……”


The voices of a human and a chicken echoed …

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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 229

Translator: Si Mei / Siew
Editor: B E E P/ Avis

Chapter 229: Broken Sword!

A beast from the moment they were born, would need over 20 years before they could reach the Demonic Xuan Realm, yet Da Bao and Xiao Ling had obviously reached it within a few months. How could Su Yi not be astonished?!

“My lord, we have broken through to the Demonic Xuan Realm. That spiritual root is a treasure.”

Da Bao and Xiao Ling said in beast language while flicking their tongues and affectionately winding around Su Yi with excitement.

They had eaten the spiritual root of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng and gained tremendous benefits from refining it, allowing them to break through to the Demonic Xuan Realm.


Su Yi praised them and then thought about the situation. Even though Da Bao and Xiao Ling had gained benefits from the spiritual root of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, the biggest reason for their growth must most probably have a connection to this mysterious space.

Back then, when Golden Python, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, White Jade Swallow and the rest had gained benefits from the inheritance of the mysterious space, they had become different after that.

As for Da Bao and Xiao Ling, when they were still inside the egg, the mysterious space seemed to have bestowed them the benefits.

Hence, Su Yi was wondering that although this time it was because of the spiritual root of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, the most crucial reason for Da Bao and Xiao Ling to be able to reach the Demonic Xuan Realm so fast was still because of this mysterious space.

Su Yi swept his gaze around and saw that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was still at the same old place with half section of its roots plunged into the soil as its body emitted a glow while the leaves on its head gave out a radiance.

“Spiritual Essence……”

Su Yi recalled his precious Spiritual Essence and immediately went over to take a look. Afterward, he was reassured.

The pool of Spiritual Essence had expanded a little along with the space.

However, on an overall, the remaining Spiritual Essence from before was still there.

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng had kept its promise and did not steal the Spiritual Essence to drink.

The Spiritual Herbs inside the mysterious space had also grown up healthily while emitting a radiance.

The elixirs that Su Yi, had placed inside the mysterious space previously, had advanced and improved a lot too.

“You guys will continue to cultivate in seclusion for a period of time. When it is alright for you guys to go out, I will bring you out.”

Su Yi explained to Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest after tidying up and taking another Yuan Weapon saber from the mysterious space.

At the moment, it was not suitable for Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest to reveal themselves as he was still at the heaven of peace and happiness, …

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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 228

Translator: Si Mei / Siew
Editor: B E E P/ Avis

Chapter 228: Expanding Once Again!


The aura on his body had entirely become quiet. Around Su Yi, who was sitting cross-legged, a whiff of aura that was many times stronger than before emitted out and spread from within his body as though awakening, bringing along a trace of immense and mighty with an air of destruction permeated.


Suddenly, both of his eyes opened. In his eyes, two blinding glow that seemed as though real, shot out at the same time.

Only, the glow flashed and past before his eyes and then gradually subsided into the firmed and brooding eyes.

“Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade!”

When he first felt the inside of his body and the transformation, Su Yi’s face gradually flushed with shocked and had a little hard time coming back to his senses.

However, his shock was not entirely because he had now reached the cultivation of the Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade.

After he cut off from breaking through continuously, he was already around the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade. Instead, because of Su Yi’s tremendous perseverance as he kept forcefully compressed the Yuan Qi in his body and aura, his cultivation was suppressed and suspended at the early stages of the Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade in the end.

Only, as he had continuously broken through from the initially later stages of Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade until the Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade now, how could Su Yi not be shocked from continually breaking through four grades?

The higher the cultivation, the harder it was to breakthrough.

Back then, when he had drunk the Spiritual Essence for the first time, he had only broken through from the Yuan Soul Realm Third Grade to the Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade, continually breaking through for three grades.

But, that was only at the Yuan Soul Realm.

And right now, Su Yi had broken through from the Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade to the Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade.

Just based on breaking through from the Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade to the Yuan Xuan Realm Third Grade only, the span between them was not something that the Yuan Soul Realm could compare.

Su Yi was even more shocked that although he had continuously broken through four grades, he could still feel that there was surging energy from the demonic core inside his body that was unrefined.

The energy from the demonic core seeped within his bones, muscles, and all of his limbs inside his body, as though it could charge out and erupt at any time.

Only, at the moment, the energy had now seeped into his body. Even though it was still extremely massive, it no longer surged as if it got forcefully suppressed by Su Yi.

Su Yi felt that the amount of the massive energy from the demonic core, that was refined by him was not even …

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