The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm

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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 167

Chapter 167: A Key Figure

This time, Zhang Mu felt that he was making a fool of himself for trying to be smart. At first, he arranged for him and Yuan Rui the identity of a first-ranked evolver so that there would not be much attention drawn to them. This way, he could easily approach the era merchant shop at Shan Xi city and then quietly leave the place once he had completed the era merchant task successfully.

But the problem fell on the awakening ability that he had chosen. For some reason, the evolvers with the tamer ability were crucial in Long Qi’s plan for recovering Jin Zhong city. As a result, they were qualified to have a conversation with the base leader.

Whereas the most absurd part was that the leader of Shan Xi city that Zhang Mu met this time, was not the Ice Queen that could freeze people with a look from his memory, but it was the fat bald-man that he met when the Cataclysm was about to begin.

Because of his action, it had changed Long Qi’s entire fate. It turns out that Long Qi, who was supposed to become one of the members of the walking dead herd, had escaped from this fate. Coupled with the adventure that he did not reveal, he managed to advance to the second rank and reached such status and strength he had now.

Despite that, Zhang Mu quickly adjusted his mindset. Although he was in a hurry to complete the era merchant’s task and leave after that, he knew that Long Qi would not let him off that easily. Furthermore, the most important thing was that he, himself, was interested in the matter of recovering the city. In the past, he existed like a cannon fodder, but now it seems that he could participate in some of the most advanced decision makings and complete the essential segment.

Thinking about this, Zhang Mu slowly became excited. There was a blaze of fiery in his eye.

Do you want to recover the prefecture-level city with less than two months into the Cataclysm? You got guts! I like it!

Furthermore, Zhang Mu was not attracted to the rewards of the era merchant’s task this time, as he knew that the amount of profit he could earn was limited. And the most important fact was that even if he completed the deal, he would not be able to promote his status to an entry-level sub-merchant too. Therefore, it was just a typical era merchant task.

The reward of a trainee sub-merchant was not attractive for Zhang Mu, who was a first-ranked evolver previously. Now that he was a second-ranked evolver, he completely disregards those era goods that those evolvers valued as a jewel.

Right now, he was more interested in Long Qi’s idea. He believed that if the plan had plotted adequately, then he could obtain a vast profit from there. He stared at Long Qi and said, “You have to …

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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Paying Off A Debt

“Why does your expression look so surprised?”

Long Qi observed Zhang Mu with his eye. His keen instincts that had been trained for many years was telling him that there is something wrong with Zhang Mu. However, he could not find out where the problem was.

Zhang Mu himself was a cautious person, so how could he fell under Long Qi’s trap and let him find more inkling? Hence, he took his time to reply, “I feel like it was such a coincidence. At first, I couldn’t bear the hunger so I had to steal your wallet at Luoyang city and now, I have met you here again. From a tycoon to a special force instructor, now you’ve changed into the number one figure in Shan Xi city. It all happened so abruptly.”

At this time, Long Qi finally found the uncertainty he had on Zhang Mu. He squinted his eyes and carefully eyed up and down at Zhang Mu in front of him. He asked a question that Zhang Mu could not find a reason to explain to him at once, “I remembered my statistician reported to me that you were from a nearby city seeking for protection. However, I remembered you were from Luoyang city. With such a long distance from here and there, coupled with the traffic now, did you honestly came to Shan Xi city from such a far distance to seek for protection? Furthermore, the information should be blocked now, so how did you know that this is the safest place?

Zhang Mu boy, right now, you better give me a reasonable explanation.”

As Long Qi spoke, his voice gradually turned colder. The glance he looked at Zhang Mu was just like a scanner scanning at his surrounding. If he could not give him a clear explanation, Zhang Mu felt that he would be captured alive.

Looking at this fat bald-man having a smile on his face, he was emitting the same presence as Zhang Mu.

A murderous vibe!

Now it was not the time to expose his secrets yet. However, he could not afford to have a dispute with him. Even though he was unsure who would win or lose, but one thing for sure was that Shan Xi city would not allow him to stay anymore. Also, he did not complete his era merchant’s task yet.

As quick as lightning, Zhang Mu’s mind ran through a thousand reasons. Right away, he found a suitable excuse to answer Long Qi’s sharp question. His lip curled into a smile as he said, “Who would risk their life and ran over a hundred kilometers to come here? Furthermore, the communication system is worthless now. You should have tried to use the most primitive equipment to communicate, and it failed, correct? So there is no way I would know that this place was secure.”

“Well, after that? You did not mention the main point.” Long Qi continued to interrogate Zhang Mu.…

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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Zhang Mu’s fault

“How come it’s you?”

Both of them questioned each other in unison. Meanwhile, Yuan Rui, and Li Hu were stunned looking at them. How did these two people get to know each other?

When Li Hu was assuming that Zhang Mu might recognize his leader because of his military family background, a voice sounded beside his ear, “Li Hu, take this lady out first. I got something to chat with this brother.”

Obedience was the first duty of a soldier. Therefore, Li Hu did his job without hesitation. In the meantime, Yuan Rui also walked out slowly since Zhang Mu had signaled for her to do so.

Right now, the tent was empty except for Zhang Mu and the guy in front of him.

This man, was the fat bald-man that he stole the three thousand dollars before the opening of the Paradise Era.

How could it be him?

Because of this person’s wallet, which held the three thousand dollars, it allowed Zhang Mu to buy his first melee weapon and supplies. With that extravagant outfit and strange wallet, the memory was still fresh in Zhang Mu’s mind when he recalled the matter.

Now this fat bald-man, did not have the tycoon presence when he first met him. Without the sunglasses, his eyes looked sharp, and he was charismatic. Although the appearance was the same, he seemed to change into another person.

But judging from his physique, how could he be a veteran’s instructor and managed to convince everyone in the city?

The moment Zhang Mu recalled his memory, the bald man interrupted his thoughts.

“Long time no see, a boy from the Thieves Sect.”

The man in front of him broke the silence first and looked at Zhang Mu with a faint smile on his face.

How did he know his identity?

If he did not mention it, Zhang Mu might have forgotten this identity in the corner of his mind. The conscious from his past life always occupied a dominant position, so the memory in regards to the Thieves Sect was relatively shallow. The skills he learned for a decade ago was not useful at all because it was too weak in this Cataclysm. If he used this trick against those high-ranked evolvers, basically he would be getting himself killed as their senses were very sharp.

Furthermore, ever since he became the era sub-merchant, even though he did not completely sever the connection between the human race, but he also did not make much contact with them. Moreover, he did not want to use this skill when he was young too. Eventually, he slowly forgot this in the corner of his mind.

Zhang Mu’s expression turned serious as he stared into the eyes of the bald leader. He was not overwhelmed by his imposing presence as he asked with vigilance, “So you remembered my appearance? Although I did steal your wallet, how did you know I’m from the Thieves Sect?”

If he knew …

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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 164

Translator: Yuchaoz
Editor: Myro

Chapter 164: It’s you!

Zhang Mu could feel clearly that the security was getting tighter after they walked through a few more streets. The number of guards on both sides gradually increased, and the sense of discipline they had was flawless. Even if it was Zhang Mu that walked past them, all of them continued to stand there with their heads high and chest out, since it was Li Hu that was leading them the way. They looked straight ahead instead of following the movement of Zhang Mu and the others with their eyes.

All of them are soldiers!

It looked like this city was the same as taken over by the military. However, this was also good. With the military took charge of the city, then the peace and order would be much more stable.

Just that in most cases, soldiers who mutated into the walking dead were terrifying during the beginning of Paradise Era. Those soldiers who lost their guns wouldn’t have the strength to fight back against the walking dead. As a result, a regular troop would suffer enormous damage. However, it seemed that the soldiers here had overcome the beginning of the new era.

The problem now, lies in this new leader. What happened exactly?

Embracing this question, Zhang Mu finally arrived at the core of the entire city. It was a newly established camp, but it was simple and crude, even shabbier than the residential area outside. Almost all of the people here were working in an orderly manner, not wearing the military uniform as they had changed into their usual clothes. From this, he concluded that the soldiers and the ordinary evolvers had scattered into various departments.

This decision required a lot of courage. If the leader solely used the soldiers, then the execution and adaption rate would be higher. Now that he had included the civilians, it had pulled down the overall level. However, he had a crucial advantage, and that was to control the entire base completely.

This leader had a huge ambition. Perhaps at this time, his intention not in this small Shan Xi city already. The people that were working, mainly consist of well built young adult, even those round and plump man sitting around to lead the civilian could be not seen at all.

Li Hu explained to Zhang Mu after he saw the bewildered look on his face, “We had to rebuild a new one since the former camp was ruin. It was constructed according to the instructor’s opinion. Anyway, we don’t mind it. If it’s simple, then it’s simple.”

Zhang Mu nodded his head to show his approval. Under the forced oppression of the military and that instructor, the management of the base would be working in the right direction.

Of course, for this situation to work in the long run, this leader had to maintain his oppression and the spirit of the entire base must be optimistic, not dropping in …

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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 163

Translator: Yuchaoz
Editor: Myro

Chapter 163: Bewildered

When Zhang Mu entered the gate, he smiled and greeted the soldiers guarding the entrance. At this moment, Li Hu caught up to them riding the mutated military dog while the people inside closed the gate immediately.

Li Hu leap down from the broad back of the military dog. He patted its head and spoke, “Go and have fun by yourself for a while.” But at this moment, the mutated wolfdog who was quiet for the whole time earlier, barked a few times and lowered its head to rub Zhang Mu’s shoulder. Meanwhile, its hopeful eyes looked at Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu understood its intention right off the bat. He reckoned that it wanted to play with Li Hu’s German Shepherd. Also, he found that the mutated wolfdog had been following him closely for these days, so it was normal for it to be itching to do something when it saw its kind.

“Brother Li, you see my mutated wolfdog did not have fun for a long time. Now that we are in the city, can you let your German Shepherd take him to stroll around and relax?” Zhang Mu chuckled and asked for Li Hu’s opinion.

Li Hu pondered for a moment and agreed immediately, “Sure thing. Just now, the one who spoke to you earlier was my person in charge, and he had approved my leave for the rest of the day. Also, someone has been arranged to take over my place, so Thunder does not need to be here anymore. Alright, I’ll let your big dog go out and play with my Thunder then. Meanwhile, let me take all of you to the base and register.”

After that, he caressed the chin of Thunder and said, “Today we have a night off, so there is no need for you to return to the camp. You can bring him to play around, but don’t be too late. Come back when it’s about time.” At first, Thunder looked at the mutated wolfdog with a face of disdain. However, Thunder felt that it had to thank the wolfdog that possessed the same canine breed instead now. It also felt a little excited as Li Hu did not give it a day off for a long time.

Although it was a military dog, trained to be disciplined since young and continued to obey its dog handler even after its mutation, it still had a thirst to play deep within its heart.

Looking at the mutated wolfdog and Li Hu’s Shepherd dog running out from his vision one after the another, Zhang Mu made a connection suddenly. He turned and asked Li Hu, “Brother Li, is Thunder male or female?” Li Hu was a little uncertain what to say to Zhang Mu, but he still replied, “Female.” Now, Zhang Mu knew why the mutated wolfdog was so excited. Oh boy, this fellow had taken a fancy to a military dog. How bold and …

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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 162

Translator: Yuchaoz
Editor: Myro

Chapter 162: Welcome

The short man called Li Hu, had a solemn look on his face. Once he heard the orders, he asked with uncertainty, “Brother Feng, why are you so certain that they are first-ranked evolvers?” The young men laughed, “When I sent down the loudspeaker earlier, I secretly confirmed their identity too. Even though the man’s energy had a strong fluctuation, but he definitely did not exceed the range of the first rank.” “You must know that the existence of the second rank, is untouchable and there is only the boss who had managed to reach that rank in the whole Shan Xi city!”

At this moment, the young man’s eyes were full of enthusiasm for the person that he mentioned earlier.

Li Hu knew in his heart that the current in charge was one of the few people that worshipped the base leader, so he no longer talked anymore. He walked down the tower by himself and opened the gate.

“Do not try to resist. We are going to carry out an inspection.”

After that, the gate slowly opened.

At this moment, all the fur on the mutated wolfdog stood up abruptly, and its gaze transfixed at the direction of the gate.

The moment Zhang Mu felt strange, a ray of black and yellow lightning sprang out from the gates together with a person sitting on top of it.

It was a German Shepherd dog! A military dog!

After they went out, the gate quickly closed again.

As quick as lightning, they had arrived in front of Zhang Mu and the others. Although Zhang Mu was able to capture the moment of that military dog, the speed was too fast for him to see the person’s face distinctly.

That German Shepherd dog, was remarkable!

No wonder his mutated wolfdog had an embattled look, it turned out that it had met its own kind.

The mutated wolfdog barked twice but that military dog ignored it completely. The difference in obedience could be seen from here.

A short men leap down from the mutated military dog that parked in front of Zhang Mu. The look that he was giving Zhang Mu was like a wolf staring at him.

“A veteran?” Zhang Mu no longer narrowed his eyes to size up the other party. He guessed the identity of the person and questioned him.

The clean leap, straight body, the amount of space between his legs, and the opened shoulders that even a recruit could not do, coupled with the imposing pressure from his eye, allowed Zhang Mu to confirm that this man, was most likely a soldier who had been enlisted for many years.

Zhang Mu had contacted many soldiers in the past. Their ability might not be the strongest, but their enforcement was utterly superb. In fact, there were many bases controlled by the military because of the bunch of soldiers in their hand.

Was the current Shan Xi city taken over …

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