The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm

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The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm – Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Quantity and Quality Changes

After taking out one of the soul crystal, it appeared that the odor in the air did not change much. Therefore, the proportion that one crystal held should not be much too.

Zhang Mu thought of it this way. Meanwhile, his hands already touched many corpses of the Nightmare Worm nimbly. Using both hands, he pulled the Nightmare Worms on both sides together and used both his nimble hand to wander inside the fat meat.

In no time, Zhang Mu skillfully touched the soul crystals and fished out to take a good look at them. Sure enough, it was different than the one he had taken earlier. Besides the color being paler or darker, Zhang Mu guess that it was also related to the power of the Nightmare Worm. In their group, there should be a gap between their strength. For example, the ten Nightmare Worms which was abandoned, had overused their power and burned the soul crystal that was bred inside their body for a long time. Since they were relatively weak, they were sent to bring up the rear for the retreating troops.

However, these Nightmare Worms, which were used as cannon fodder, could not block the attacks from the Obsidian Beetle even when they burned the soul crystals as a fuel for their power.

Zhang Mu thought to himself, “Since that was the case, then why did they bother to block the attacks even though it would all be in vain? Why didn’t they be obedient and become the fish meat on a chopping board? Anyway, even by burning their soul crystal, they still couldn’t escape the fate of being slaughtered. Now the soul crystals had lost its shine after being burned and consumed, causing the effects to be reduced greatly.”

Zhang Mu had a heartache when he thought of how wasteful these Nightmare Worms were.

He had a regular soul crystal on his left hand and a spoiled on his right hand. He put them into his mouth one after another and swallowed in one mouthful. When the energy dissolves and flows inside his body, he knew he had guessed correctly.

The regular soul crystals had tremendous energy while the other was defective. Zhang Mu merely felt a trace of the remaining power rushed to enter Zhang Mu’s brain.

He looked at the remaining 25 Nightmare Worm’s corpse. Out of them, 9 of the soul crystals were defective while the remaining 16 were normal. Zhang Mu made a sudden arrangement in his heart.

He would eat those defective soul crystals first. Otherwise, when he ate the regular crystals first, there would be a variation of resistance if he consumed too much of them. Then these defective soul crystals would not come in handy anymore.

Zhang Mu took the initiative and picked out those from the Nightmare Worms that shrank after burning out, then took out all of the defective soul crystals and placed them all on the open space in …

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