It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute

It’s Impossible that My Evil Overlord is So Cute – Chapter 76


Chapter 76: Flowers, Girls, and the Guardian Shield (4)

A pale yellow Rolls-Royce Phantom car was driving quietly along the road.

Himesaki Mizuki lay on the leather backseat of the car and napped.

Although she was a boarder, she had begun to take over part of her family business and often went out to deal with all sorts of issues, and therefore, she occasionally needed to live outside. In this regard, the school turned a blind eye to this due to her family’s influence.

Last night, this “princess” of the Himesaki family attended a high society dinner. She had spoken with various merchants and politicians, and after leaving the dinner party, she had immediately taken a plane to Okinawa to negotiate with the representative of the Okura Syndicate, and then signed a series of cooperation contracts with them.

Finally, she boarded her family’s private plane and returned to White Bell City, then took the Rolls-Royce Phantom car back to school.

Despite the brief rest on the plane, she had hardly slept the whole night. However, she was already accustomed to this. After having agreed to her father’s requirements, she had gotten herself ready for this mentally.

The Himesaki family was a time-honored family in Japan. It is said that during the Shogunate period, the Himesaki family had staked a sizeable claim in Japanese businesses.

However, during the historical Showa period, businesses in Japan had an explosive growth, but the masters of Himesaki family at that time were all pedantic and inflexible old men, therefore this glorious old family started to fall into a decline.

Fortunately, Himesaki Mizuki’s father seized the family business abruptly and forced all the old men who seized the power of the family into nursing homes. After that, he consistently reformed the family’s business, and finally stabilized the family stopping them from declining.

Undoubtedly, as a man who did all of those things, Himesaki Mizuki’s father was a man who had an unbreakable will and cold blood. Once he made a decision, no one could shake his determination, including his only daughter Himesaki Mizuki.

At the same time, he was also one of the most standard businessmen.

“It’s OK to not want to marry, but you have to show the benefits above what I can get from marrying you to the heir of another family.”

Himesaki Mizuki would never forget her father’s eyes when he looked at her as if he was looking at goods. After that, that man, her father, turned over to her a small part of his family business. In order to respond to her father’s expectations, Himesaki Mizuki had to try her best to deal with these business affairs.

Hence, she became what she now was: the talented girl in the eyes of ordinary people, the distinguished talent recognized by the employees of her family, and the sister sama in the eyes of the students of the school.

“…Not enough.” Himesaki Mizuki sighed. She knew what she did wasn’t enough to satisfy

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