Monster Refining System

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Gourmet Chang Yuxuan

“It’s fine, Master Ni Gu, just cut straight to the point. Why did you call me here? I’m only going to be here for a short period of time since I have to return to the capital soon.”

Master Ni Gu burst into laughter and sent the group of ladies off.

Why do you need to send them off? Xia Fukun pouted slightly. They are not affecting me!

“Young Master Kun, you will be heading to Odin Academy, right?”

“Eh?” Xia Fukun raised his brows. “The rumors you heard are quite accurate, huh?”

“Hehe, Young Master Kun is good at jokes.” Master Ni Gu said. He was full of smiles.

“The reason why I called Young Master Kun over is because our executive is interested in getting to know Young Master Kun. We have a branch near Odin Academy, and I hope that Young Master Kun will forgive us for the previous incident. Before Young Master Kun returned, I already apologized to Mayor Xia on the behalf of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce.”

Xia Fukun nodded. They were humans after all, and the relationship between the Xia family and the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce was nothing more than business. During the Baiyun Mountain incident, Xia Fukun was sure he would do the same if he were in Master Ni Gu’s shoes. However, he never expected that the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce’s executive was interested in meeting him.

“I will make a trip to the branch near Odin Academy if I have a chance then.”

Master Ni Gu heaved a sigh of relief. He received the command to leave a good impression of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce on Xia Fukun. If he failed to do so, he might lose his status as head of this branch.

“Putting that aside, I have another matter….” Master Ni Gu said, slightly embarrassed.

“What?” Xia Fukun frowned.

Bro, this is too much! Aren’t you getting too much screen time right now?

“So, it’s this,” Master Ni Gu said and clapped. “Chang Yuxuan, come out.”

And Xia Fukun saw a person walk in immediately.

It was a youth around his age. However, he was slightly plump, and he seemed to be chewing something, which should be food.

“Uncle.” Chang Yuxuan greeted Master Ni Gu and flashed Xia Fukun a smile before plopping down onto a seat.

Master Ni Gu flashed Xia Fukun an awkward smile.

“Young Master Kun, I am so sorry that you have to see this. He’s my nephew, Chang Yuxuan, and the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce’s vice-chairman’s son. Not only that, he’s also a fourth-grade beast trainer who will be making a trip to Odin Academy soon. I hope that you can look out for him for me in Odin Academy….”

Xia Fukun blinked his eyes in confusion.

Beast trainer? Another beast trainer?

Didn’t they say beast trainers are rare? And there are less than ten beast trainers in the Yaslan

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Sexy Girl Group

Xia Fukun arrived at where the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce was originally located and was taken aback by the scene. Not only did they not move out after the Baiyun Mountain incident, they had even expanded. The shops next to them were now theirs.

“Wow, are they intending to become the masters of Summer City?” Xia Fukun sneered and walked in.

After upgrading his power to the Profound Realm and then to the Warrior Realm, there was an obvious difference in his appearance, but in a good way. Now, he was no longer the weakling that he used to be.

However, he was currently being stopped at the door of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce.

Even though this would be a normal situation for him on Earth…

This is the Nine Spiritual Mainland!

And the Yaslan Empire! And Summer City! My father’s the mayor of this city!

Moreover, I’m now a Warrior Realm martial artist! It’s so embarrassing to be stopped!

This thought made Xia Fukun extremely unhappy. He stared at the young guard who held him up and smiled thinly.

“Young kid, do you know who I am?”

Hearing Xia Fukun, the guard snickered.

“I don’t care who you are, but this is the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce! Other than Mayor Xia and the two Young Master Xias, everyone else needs an entry ticket in order to enter.”

Hearing the guard, Xia Fukun was full of smiles.

“Brother, I’m quite sure that I’m the Young Master Xia you’re talking about.”

“You mean that you’re Young Master Xia Fukun?” The guard scanned Xia Fukun.

“Of course. I’m the Xia Fukun you’re talking about.”

Xia Fukun felt that he should be holding a fan right now. It would suit this situation perfectly!

However, Xia Fukun never would have dreamt that the guard would start laughing at his words.

“Recently, Young Master Xia Fukun defeated the sect leader of Baiyun Mountain, Mu Yun. He even followed the regent to the capital. When this news broke out, many swindlers pretended to be Young Master Xia Fukun. Young lad, you’re young and good looking, you’re not making a good choice. I am afraid you’ll get beaten up.”

Xia Fukun was utterly confused.

What the hell, since when am I so famous that people have started impersonating me?

Even though he has stopped me, I can’t blame it on him!

“Why not go get Master Ni Gu and tell him that I, Xia Fukun, am back and have him come out to take a look?”

“No…” The guard held back the urge to roll his eyes. Does he not understand human language? “You’re dying to receive a beating, huh?”

“I’m really Xia Fukun….” Xia Fukun said, not knowing what to do next. “Master Ni Gu told my father to have me take a trip here when I return.”

The guard hummed after hearing him.

“Okay, I’ll go call Master Ni Gu for you, just because you’re

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – The Xia Family Must Never Be at a Disadvantage

“Younger Brother, this is somehow hurtful….” Xia Fuqian pulled Xia Fukun to the side and whispered.

“What’s wrong, Elder Brother?” Xia Fukun asked.

“No, look, you only gave me one piece of armor while you gave Father an entire storage ring. I’m sure it’s filled with treasure. Look, Elder Brother let you have the Flame Bear. Now that you’re rich, I’m sure you have something better for me, right?”

Seeing Xia Fuqian rubbing his fingers in front of him, Xia Fukun was in utter disbelief.

Don’t tell me…

The entire family is made up of money grubbers?

“Elder Brother, I would have done so if I could, but all I have is the one storage ring, which I have given to Father. Why don’t you just ask Father to spare you some items for his son?”

Xia Fuqian’s face fell immediately.

Xia Fukun, you’re indeed not my brother!

Xia Kuangyun’s a money grubber! What would he give me?


Xia Fukun initially thought that Xia Fuqian was a generous person since he offered to give him the Flame Bear, but he was wrong. If I did not isolate myself for an entire year, forget about a thousand gold coins, he would not even give me a single cent!

I pity Elder Brother! Now I understand why they say the elder sibling knows the parents the best!

Xia Fukun shrugged. Suddenly, something crossed his mind.

“Oh yeah!” He patted Xia Fuqian on his shoulder. “Elder Brother, do not say that I treat you badly. I have something else, but it’s up to you if it turns into a treasure.”

The word “treasure” made Xia Fuqian’s eyes light up.

Xia Fukun is now in the Warrior Realm, so the gift he takes out will surely be good.

“Here,” Xia Fukun said, and a thought crossed his mind.

“Ding dong! Host has exchanged for a magical egg for ten refinement points. A magical egg gives you a chance of hatching a rare beast.”

Hearing the notification, Xia Fukun squinted his eyes.

He had seen this magical egg long ago, but he never exchanged for it since he did not have the time to hatch it. I can’t be hugging it in my hands whenever I’m with Ye Qingwan and the rest, right?

But Xia Fuqian is a different story….

In Xia Fukun’s mind, Xia Fuqian was the ideal person. Someone like him and such a weird egg was the perfect combination! They suited each other perfectly!

And what was more important was that the beast from the magical egg did not need Xia Fukun to parent it. Anyone who hatched it could be its master.

“What’s that? Younger Brother? Is this the treasure you’re talking about? This salted egg?”

Looking at

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Unfair!

“Ah? Of course.”

Having to stay next to Qingmu Duan for such a long time, Shadow was used to the way that Xia Fukun and Qingmu Duan communicated. He was slightly taken aback by Xia Fukun’s sudden politeness.

Xia Fukun was set to return to Summer City three days later.

During his rest that lasted for three days, Xia Fukun did not see Ye Qingwan or Qingmu Xuan anywhere in the palace. He then heard from Shadow that they had gone out for a learning trip.

Initially, Xia Fukun was upset that they left him out, but he soon understood why they chose to do so. If they went with him, given that he had the ability to summon eighth-grade beasts whenever he felt like it, it would defeat the purpose of the learning journey for them, which was to train and improve as beast trainers.

Ye Qingwan was here in the Yaslan Empire to teach Qingmu Xuan, to allow her to get into the inner school as soon as she went to Odin Academy. If Xia Fukun went with them, Qingmu Xuan would not get to try new things and she would not learn anything.

Knowing the reason, it made Xia Fukun feel much better, and proud.

Well, it’s not my fault that I’m too powerful!

When I first arrived at the Nine Spiritual Mainland, I felt that the Monster Refining System was somehow dubious and not as good as those systems that I read about in novels back on Earth, where they could give birth to diamonds and gold, but it’s not bad. If I got a system that gave me money for free, I would have already died in Summer City.

Three days later, Shadow brought Xia Fukun back to Summer City.

This made Xia Fukun worry about the safety at the capital. If he’s here with me, who’s going to guard the palace? But he was soon reminded that the eighth-grade Onyx Dragon was still guarding the capital.

Upon returning to Summer City, Xia Fukun heard a piece of depressing news.

The Red Maple Chamber of Commerce had returned!

What the hell, didn’t you run for your lives? Why are you back now when we have defeated Baiyun Mountain?

But his doubts were cleared as soon as he saw Xia Kuangyun.

Per Xia Kuangyun’s words:

“Master Ni Gu gave me a hundred thousand spirit stones in the name of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce.”

Great. At least now I know why I am so money hungry, I guess.

“Kun’er, I heard that you’re now in the Warrior Realm?” Xia Kuangyun asked Xia Fukun, who was in a dark mood. Xia Kuangyun was obviously surprised.

“Yeah.” Xia Fukun raised his hands, and the energy of a Warrior Realm martial artist could be felt.

Xia Kuangyun was nearly suffocated by his energy.

“Kun’er! Stop that! Hurry!”

“Hehe.” Xia Fukun chuckled wryly and kept his energy.

“The regent is indeed powerful! He made my

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Making a Trip Back

“Wow! Dope!” Xia Fukun gasped. There was a terrible rumble from the ground as the landscape that Qingmu Duan was pointing at crumbled into ashes.

A phrase that Xia Fukun frequently saw on Earth suddenly crossed his mind.

“Reading more broadens your vocabulary, so you can say more than ‘Wow’ and ‘Dope’ when you’re impressed.”

Well, it’s awkward, but I really do not have any other adjectives suitable for the scene that’s unfolding in front of me now!

“What do you think? Do you want to give it a try?”

A few hundred meters away from Qingmu Duan, a deep crack could be seen in the ground, containing the ashes of the landscape that had crumbled under Qingmu Duan’s finger. From Xia Fukun’s perspective, all he could see was a crack like a giant dried-up river in the ground.

“The third finger…” Xia Fukun said excitedly.

He was curious if he had the energy to sustain himself to perform the third part of the skill.

A thought crossed his mind. Xia Fukun suddenly floated up in the air, looking extremely imposing.

“This…” Qingmu Duan stared at the scene with an open mouth. He was aware that one would need to gather nearby energy in order to perform the third part.

As for him, he could only gather about twice as much energy as his own.

However, he felt that Xia Fukun…

“Desolate Three Fingers…

“Third Finger…

“Breaking the Universe!”

Accompanied by a growl, Xia Fukun looked up slightly, his eyes painted black and white. His lips could be seen moving slightly as he raised his arms, pointing into the air.


A doughty strength could be felt forming around his finger.

The next second, the space that Xia Fukun was pointing at started to crack, forming a spiderweb-like diagram that started to slowly spread.


“Shattering of space?!”

Xia Fukun had yet to even perform the skill, but the energy he held was so strong that it could cause such a big impact to space. This made Qingmu Duan’s heart beat rapidly.

Shattering of space was a method used by martial artists in the Heaven Realm. Even Qingmu Duan was unable to perform such a skill or he would have already broken through to the Heaven Realm.

Meanwhile, Xia Fukun was only in the Warrior Realm, yet he was able to perform this trick.


“Is this the true Desolate Three Fingers?”

Seeing Xia Fukun perform the Desolate Three Fingers made Qingmu Duan realize the problem he always had when performing the Desolate Three Fingers.

At this moment, Xia Fukun’s actual attack began.


“Be careful!”

Xia Fukun could be seen falling from the air. Qingmu Duan rushed up immediately to hold Xia Fukun in his arms.

“Kiddo, I told you. You would have to be a monster to perform the third part unscathed as a Warrior Realm martial artist,” Qingmu Duan said and turned back to see that the damage caused by

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Desolate Three Fingers

“Great! Great! Grat!” Qingmu Duan said, his face flushed red with excitement, not because he chose to nurture Xia Fukun, but because Xia Fukun did not let down his hopes.

“Next, I’m going to teach you the Desolate Three Fingers.”

“Okay.” Xia Fukun nodded.

“The Desolate Three Fingers, just like its name, the skill consists of three parts, and you will be using three of your fingers.

“Since you’re in the Warrior Realm now, you will be able to carry out the first two skills. The third one might be too intense for you to handle, so I’ll just teach you the first two for now.”

Knowing that Qingmu Duan was doing this for his own good, Xia Fukun remained quiet.

“The first finger is called Crushing Mountains and Rivers.”

“Three Boxes of Paper?” Xia Fukun was slightly shocked. What kind of stupid name is that?

“Shut up!”

Xia Fukun’s mouth was quick to ruin Qingmu Duan’s good impression of him.

“Alright, continue.” Xia Fukun nodded, promising that he would keep his mouth shut.

“Crushing Mountains and Rivers, just like its name, the first skill has the ability to make mountains collapse and slash rivers in half.

“We need to go to the back of the palace for me to show you how it works,” Qingmu Duan said and flew off, leaving Xia Fukun behind. After a short pause, Xia Fukun followed.

When Xia Fukun arrived, he could hear Qingmu Duan shout, “Watch me!”

Under Xia Fukun’s watchful gaze, Qingmu Duan sent all his spiritual energy to his finger and pointed to the air.

“Desolate Three Fingers – First Finger, Crushing Mountains and Rivers!”

As soon as Qingmu Duan did this, energy in the originally peaceful space started to stir up, and energy ripples could be seen forming around Qingmu Duan’s finger.

A strong wave of energy immediately flew out toward the place he was pointing at.


With a loud bang, the mountain peak that Qingmu Duan was aiming at turned into a plain.

“How is that?” Qingmu Duan turned to Xia Fukun proudly.

But before he could say anything more, he saw Xia Fukun pointing at the same mountain peak he was pointing at, and…

“Crushing Mountains and Rivers!”

Xia Fukun pointed to the mountain peak that Qingmu Duan was pointing at, forming a pit that was more than ten meters deep into the ground!

“You…” Qingmu Duan felt like he had seen a ghost!

What on earth? I was just demonstrating!

I haven’t even started to actually teach you and you have already learned it? How am I supposed to feel satisfied now?

“Hurry up, teach me the second part!”

Now, the Desolate Three Fingers had sparked Xia Fukun’s interest.

If the first part could already cause such huge damage, then how powerful would the other parts

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Stance

Being a regent? Xia Fukun wasn’t interested in it. I would be unable to pick up different girls if I were the regent!

Wait… that’s wrong. I would be able to have all the girls in the Yaslan Empire if I was the regent. But that’s not the point.

I have transmigrated here after much difficulty. I don’t want to stay in the Yaslan Empire, such a small place, forever.

The Nine Spiritual Mainland is vast, and there are so many places that I have yet to visit!

I hope that I can be like the main characters of the transmigration novels that I’ve read – dominating the world, not just becoming a regent and enjoying life.

Xia Fukun had never told the regent such things, but they had a tacit understanding, which was why Qingmu Duan was aware of it despite Xia Fukun never voicing his thoughts.

The next day, the regent came to Xia Fukun again.

He was struck dumb when he saw that Xia Fukun was now in the Warrior Realm.

Previously, when Qingmu Duan heard from Xia Fukun that he would be able to upgrade to the Warrior Realm when he acquired the beasts, Qingmu Duan thought he was exaggerating even though he trusted Xia Fukun with all his heart.

Qingmu Duan spent three years to get to the Warrior Realm!

And Xia Fukun…

Only took a month?

“This kiddo, you’re absolutely surprising,” the regent said to Xia Fukun.

“A pleasant surprise or a bad one?” Xia Fukun chuckled.

After breaking through to the Warrior Realm, he was able to sense many things that he wasn’t able to when he was in the Profound Realm. Xia Fukun could even see traces of the wind with his bare eyes.

This was what made being in the Warrior Realm amazing!

If a Warrior Realm was equipped with such a great ability, how powerful would a Supreme Realm be?

Because of this, Xia Fukun started to look forward to breaking through to the Supreme Realm.

Qingmu Duan did not waste any time either. He was aware that Xia Fukun would be taking his leave to Odin Academy with Ye Qingwan in a month’s time.

Even if Xia Fukun was considered an excellent martial artist in the Yaslan Empire, if he were put in Odin Academy, then he could only be considered ordinary.

Odin Academy was filled with talents of the Warrior Realm, as well as talents in the Supreme Realm.

If Xia Fukun went without anything else, he would surely not have the upper hand.

“I heard from Qingwan that you’re quite skilled in beast training already?”

“Hehe, lowkey, lowkey.” Xia Fukun chuckled and bowed.

However, Qingmu Duan gave him a smack on his head before he could even finish his words.

“I praised you just a little bit, but you seem to be pretty arrogant now, huh?”

“Erm.” Xia Fukun fell into silence.

“When you were in the Profound Realm, there were many things

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Remarkable Talent

A month passed. Qingmu Duan finally returned.

During the past month, Ye Qingwan did not let Xia Fukun cultivate with them for obvious reasons. After the incident at the inn, Ye Qingwan had started feeling uneasy around Xia Fukun. It was a weird feeling, and even she herself did not know the reason for it.

But on the contrary, Qingmu Xuan started looking at Xia Fukun in a different light.

She had the impression that something had happened between Xia Fukun and Ye Qingwan the night back at the inn.

Children could be unpredictable at times due to their cheekiness and wild ideas that went beyond adults’ imagination. Well, Xia Fukun could not be considered an adult yet either. He was still… inexperienced, after all.

Back to the present, inside the palace.

“Did you… go farming?”

Looking at Qingmu Duan standing in front of him, in a total mess, Xia Fukun was puzzled.

“This heartless kid. I would not be in such a state if not for the beast you’re looking for!” Qingmu Duan huffed, glaring at Xia Fukun.

“Where’s the beast?” Xia Fukun was tingling with excitement, but he still maintained a poker face.

“Hold on, let me take a bath first. Chicken nuggets! I even met an eighth-grade beast on my way back. Such luck I have! If not for that, I would not be in this mess!” Qingmu Duan made his way to the bathroom while cursing.

When he returned, Xia Fukun realized that he was still the same old Regent Qingmu Duan. He still had the might of a regent and the aura of an expert. If not for his close relationship with the regent, Xia Fukun would still tense up in his presence.

“These are the beasts you wanted.” Qingmu Duan waved with hands and, with a bang, a pile of beast corpses could be seen lying in front of him.

“You killed them?” Xia Fukun walked up and took a look at the corpses, slightly at a loss for words.

“Nonsense. How else would I bring them back?” Qingmu Duan glared at Xia Fukun once again.

“Whatever. I don’t mind. There’s no difference.”

Xia Fukun had experimented with the Flame Bear and knew that the Monster Refining System only needed the body. Regardless of whether it was alive or dead, it could still be refined.

“You better not have lied to me. It was a lot of trouble to get those beasts,” Qingmu Duan said. “Oh yeah, how’s cultivation with Qingwan going? I heard that you guys flipped the Bu Peng family upside down?”

Hearing Qingmu Duan’s words, Xia Fukun rolled his eyes.

“The Bu Peng family master was duped. A pharmacologist called Yao Duwan tried to use the Blood God’s Blossom to summon a demon, but Ye Qingwan and I took care of it.”

Xia Fukun did not take all the credit, and he was sure that Ye Qingwan would speak up for him too. Qingmu Duan

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – Mist Fairy

“Who is it?”

It’s late at night, who could it be? Xia Fukun frowned.

And his doubt was cleared immediately when a familiar figure stepped into his room.

“Why didn’t you knock on the door?” Xia Fukun stared at the figure that was standing in front of him.

“I did.” Ye Qingwan stared at him blankly. If that wasn’t a door, then what was it?

Oh, alright…. Xia Fukun felt that his brain was a puddle of mush. What was I planning to say?

“You’re here to talk about the eighth-grade beast that I summoned, right?”

I might have forgotten about what I was going to say, but with my extraordinary observation skills that help me see through almost everything in life, I can identify her motive without a sweat. In short, I’m amazing.


“Huh?” Xia Fukun smiled at her awkwardly. Then what is she here for?

“I’m just here to give you a reminder. You might have the ability to summon an eighth-grade beast, but there are many superpowers on the Nine Spiritual Mainland, and there will always be someone stronger. Your secret is safe with me, but beware of doing that in the future. If you’re being watched by people with malicious intentions when you summon an eight-grade beast, the consequences would be too dreadful to think about.”

Ye Qingwan paused before continuing.

“An eighth-grade beast might be strong, but it can only take down a martial artist in the Supreme Realm. There are many martial artists about to break through to the Heaven Realm or already in the Heaven Realm hiding around. If you’re discovered by them…”

“I may be kidnapped and become a lab rat?” Not waiting for Ye Qingwan, Xia Fukun finished her sentence for her.

“Lab rat? What’s that?”

Of course, Ye Qingwan would not understand what a lab rat was, but she could feel Xia Fukun’s breath on her face when he said that as he had leaned toward her. This action caused Ye Qingwan’s face to flush red.

Back in Odin Academy, Ye Qingwan always presented herself as an icy beauty and kept herself away, not even sparing the male talents a glance. This was the first time in her life that she had ever gotten so close to a male.

“Uh, nevermind….”

The fact that Ye Qingwan was unaware of what a lab rat was had already been thrown to the back of Xia Fukun’s mind. He put on a sly grin and looked into Ye Qingwan’s eyes.

“Are you showing me care?”

“No. Don’t be delusional. I’m just afraid that being too striking would bring about trouble for you.”

Xia Fukun felt like a ball of fire to Ye Qingwan, which burned her body as she came into contact with him. Subconsciously, Ye Qingwan moved her eyes away from him.

“Is that so?” Xia Fukun reached out his hand and placed it on the door next to Ye Qingwan, still grinning.

There were many

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Big Loss?

“Sorcery?” Xia Fukun was taken aback by Yao Duwan’s words.

“How dare you make such comments? Have you never reflected on yourself?”

Not wanting to waste any more words on Yao Duwan, Xia Fukun immediately summoned his Fire Python Tiger.

What a joke, I rented it for an hour, so why would I only use it for ten minutes? I will definitely not be an extravagant and wasteful person.

On the other hand, Yao Duwan, who had lost the help of the demon, was now at a loss.

He was just a pharmacologist, how was he going to fight an eighth-grade beast?

After a few minutes, Yao Duwan was badly defeated by the Fire Python Tiger.

Xia Fukun went to Yao Duwan. Just as he did with Yang Guo, he squatted down in front of Yao Duwan, wearing a sneer on his face.

“Can I ask you something?”

Yao Duwan’s rotten face was so badly disfigured and grotesque that it sent chills running down one’s spine. Xia Fukun couldn’t help but look away. He’s such an ugly thing….

“Kid…” Yao Duwan reached out a hand weakly.

“What, you want to give me something?”

Xia Fukun reached out his hand to Yao Duwan.

Yao Duwan: “???”

What on earth is he thinking?

But it doesn’t matter.

Yao Duwan used all his energy to hold Xia Fukun’s hand in his own.


As soon as Xia Fukun came in contact with Yao Duwan, smoke could be seen drifting out of his hand, turning it purplish-green.


“Why would I let you off for ruining my plan?

“I, Yao Duwan, have been living in the Yaslan Empire for years, and I have never fallen at anyone’s hands. I might be just a pharmacologist, but I focus on poison. I have tried so many poisons that my body is now more poisonous than any poison! Who asked you to be so brainless, to make physical contact with me? Serves you right, rascal! Hahahahahaha!

“But why… I could’ve towered over everyone in the Nine Spiritual Mainland, but you, this rascal, ruined it for me! Ahhhhhhh!”

The more Yao Duwan said, the crazier he got. He started laughing like a madman, but suddenly, he came to a stop.


Xia Fukun wore a poker face as he squatted right in front of him, and his hands were as good as new.

“You’re fine?”

“Yep.” Xia Fukun nodded.

He stared at Yao Duwan in disdain.


I spent five refinement points on an antitoxin extracted from a precious beast! If I could not withstand such a small amount of poison, then the Monster Refining System must be a swindler!

Of course, Yao Duwan was unaware of that.

Initially, Yao Duwan thought that Xia Fukun was only able to recover after inhaling his poison previously because it was not poisonous enough. However, I have released the strongest poison in my body, and he’s still fine!?

What on earth? We are definitely people of

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