Monster Refining System

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Seventh-Grade Bicephalous Demonic Wolf!

“Master, this Li Qinghe has gone too far, right?”

After Li Qinghe and the Li family’s elites left, the Ye family elders stepped out. All of them were frowning.

“Hmm, then why didn’t you guys utter a word when he was here?” Ye Yuantian glared at them.

Shortly after, he sighed.

“The Li family now has Odin Academy in their hands. We can’t afford to offend them. We have no idea where Chairman Zhu went or if he’s even still around. If this continues, Odin Academy will soon fall into the Li family’s hands completely….”

Ye Yuantian shook his head. The chairman had always been a mysterious man to the world. His full name was unknown to even the higher-ups of Odin Academy. All that was known about him was that he left the academy a few years ago, and back then, he was already a Heaven Realm martial artist.

With his power, he was a preeminent martial artist of the Nine Spiritual Mainland. However, years had passed, yet Chairman Zhu had not returned. As for Li Mu, he was about to break through to the Heaven Realm due to the number of resources he had on hand. Even though he was incomparable to Chairman Zhu, he was still stronger than the Ye family.

“Three months later, Qingwan will be back from the Yaslan Empire. I will tell her by then.” Ye Yuantian sighed. The same went for the elders of the Ye family too.

There was nothing they could do except maybe blame it on Ye Qingwan’s lovely looks?

There was a fair number of geniuses who were after Ye Qingwan. However, they all took a step back after hearing Li Qinghe’s name. In Odin Academy, Li Qinghe was the thing that saved Ye Qingwan from many troubles, but she was unaware that, during her time in the Yaslan Empire, Li Qinghe had run out of patience and gave such an unreasonable request.

Back in the Yaslan Empire, it had been two days since Xia Fukun and the group entered the Misty Swamp.

“Teacher Qingwan, are you sure that the Blood God’s Blossom is here?”

Xia Fukun was feeling slightly puzzled. They were almost reaching the core of the Misty Swamp, and they had slain a number of third-grade and fourth-grade beasts on their way. They had even killed a fifth-grade beast, but the Blood God’s Blossom was still nowhere to be seen.

“It should be here. How would something that costs ten thousand spirit stones be found so easily?” Ye Qingwan responded softly, giving Xia Fukun a glare.

This glare made Xia Fukun’s blood boil. If they weren’t in a dangerous environment, he would’ve definitely stepped forward and pulled Ye Qingwan to the side to have a good chat.

“However, we should be more careful since we’re now at the core. The core of the Misty Swamp is home to many sixth-grade and seventh-grade beasts.”

Hearing Ye Qingwan’s reminder, Xia Fukun’s

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Marriage

 “Blood God’s Blossom?” Xia Fukun was slightly taken aback. Information about the Blood God’s Blossom slowly came to his mind.

Blood God’s Blossom: an ingredient for a high-grade pill, Blood Grain, which is used to increase one’s power significantly within a short period of time. Usually, only people who practiced evil techniques would possess the recipe for it. However, the mercenary guild was only in charge of putting up the missions. They did not care about the person who put the mission up.

“You’re thinking of…?”

“Yeah, Blood Grain is a type of pill made by martial artists who practice evil techniques. If I can, I hope to get rid of such detrimental people from the Yaslan Empire before I return to Odin Academy.”

On a normal basis, after a mercenary completes the mission, he or she would just bring the item back to the guild and leave, but due to the preciousness of the Blood God’s Blossom, the person who put up the mission said that he would come to the guild to collect the flower himself.

Xia Fukun never thought that Ye Qingwan would have such an idiotic idea.

If Xia Fukun were the one leading the team on this mission, he would surely avoid as much trouble as he could as that was how most earthlings would behave. However, he had met with Ye Qingwan, the female knight who had a strong sense of justice.

If it was someone else, Xia Fukun would surely not care about them, but there was nothing he could do this time around since Ye Qingwan was his goddess….

The Blood God’s Blossom grew in the Misty Swamp, which was a distance away from the capital, thus Xia Fukun and the group set off immediately.

Just as the trio left the guild, a few figures followed.

“Da Ge, the mission for the Blood God’s Blossom has been taken by that trio.”

“Those three are not simple people. Even though one of them is a child, the lady is a beast trainer, and the guy can fly, which means he must be at least in the Profound Realm.”

The guy who was addressed as “Da Ge” wore hide clothing, and there was a scar right across his face. He watched Xia Fukun and the team leave with narrowed eyes and a scrunched face.

“Let’s trail behind them and see. The Misty Swamp is inhabited by many beasts, so it’s a dangerous place. If the trio manages to go through all the dangers, then we’ll take some small advantages along the way. If they fail, then they must have died inside the swamp. We’ll just turn back if that happens,” the scar-faced man said wishfully.

“Da Ge, you’re smart!” The other two men bootlicked.

With that, three figures jumped into the air, following Xia Fukun and the rest to the Misty Swamp.

Xia Fukun and the group flew about a hundred kilometers before they reached the Misty Swamp in the

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 18

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 18 – Grade A Mission

The old man’s words made Xia Fukun unhappy.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. This is not Earth; I can’t possibly try to reason with the old man about how customers are always right.

Xia Fukun followed the old man’s finger.

The words written were as follows:

For an Elementary Realm martial artist to become a mercenary, one needs to pay one hundred gold coins and write down your details. Collect the mercenary badge, and you’ll officially be a first-grade mercenary.

The only thing that caught Xia Fukun’s eyes was the hundred gold coins.

Having led a good life at the Xia family and the capital, why would Xia Fukun have any money on him? He rubbed his nose, slightly ashamed.

“Old man, that’s the procedure for an Elementary Realm martial artist. What about a Profound Realm martial artist? Do they need to pay?”


Xia Fukun’s words made the old man, who was sucking his smoking pipe, choke on the smoke.

“Kid, are you joking around? A Profound Realm martial artist would go to the VIP room on the second floor. You wouldn’t need to pay either. You’re so young, how could you be a Profound Realm martial artist?”

“Oh, so they do not need to pay, huh?”

Xia Fukun felt like facepalming. Why didn’t you mention that earlier if it’s free?

With that, he turned around, walking toward the VIP room on the second level.

Could that kid… really be a Profound Realm martial artist?

Puzzled, the skinny old man watched Xia Fukun walk away.

On the second floor, Xia Fukun saw Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan coming out of the VIP room.

“Why are you so slow? We’re already done.” Ye Qingwan frowned.


You are already aware of the rules here, but I wasn’t! I was nearly conned out of a hundred gold coins by the old man downstairs! Xia Fukun scorned.

Ignoring Ye Qingwan, Xia Fukun made his way to the VIP room.

“Greetings, Sir. Are you here to register as a majestic mercenary?”

At the door stood a stewardess in a bunny costume. Her snowy white thighs, bosom, and most of her body were exposed to the air. Xia Fukun took a few glances and coughed.

“Yeah, I want to know about the procedure.”

Only a martial artist with power at or above the Profound Realm would come to the second floor to register as a mercenary. Anyone who possessed such power definitely had a certain social status, thus the bunny girl dared not look down upon or suspect Xia Fukun’s words. He might’ve been masked and sounded like a youngster, but this was a mercenary guild, a place where no child would come to fool around.

Very soon, the bunny girl brought him a form and an apparatus that looked like a crystal ball.

“Sir, this is a form to register as a third-grade mercenary. But before you

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 17

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 17 – Mercenary Mission

Seeing how unbothered Xia Fukun looked, the trio was speechless.

“Since you said that you have refined the beast that’s living at the bottom of the spring, you should be aware of what beast it is, right?”

The regent was curious about the beast’s identity. What could it be other than a ninth-grade beast if it was something that the Onyx Dragon could not do anything about?

The number of ninth-grade beasts in the entire Nine Spiritual Mainland was as rare as a hen’s teeth, and now here was one in the Yaslan Empire! The regent was unsure if Xia Fukun was speaking the truth, but he hoped he was, as Xia Fukun would have gotten rid of a hidden danger for the Yaslan Empire. But if Xia Fukun wasn’t… the consequences would be dreadful.

“I have no idea.” Xia Fukun shook his head calmly.

“I entered the spring to find out the identity of the beast, but as soon as I did, that bastard tried to snatch my body before I could figure out what it was. Luckily, the beast was seriously injured so it did not manage to succeed, instead paying with its life. I was blessed by the misfortune too; my cultivation improved by a large extent,” Xia Fukun said, putting his fist in the air and giving it a wave.

“This weirdo…”

Xia Fukun’s words were partly true. Even though his words were dubious, nobody could find any problem with his nice words. Since there was nothing they could do, the trio had to let the matter go.

“However, Teacher Qingwan, I’m afraid that we might not be able to use this spring for cultivation in the future.” Xia Fukun smiled at Ye Qingwan, looking at the spirit spring that was now like a dead pond.

“That’s… fine.”

In fact, Ye Qingwan only stumbled across the spring by coincidence, thus it did not really matter if they had the spirit spring for cultivation or not. However, upon hearing Xia Fukun casually mention the experience of how he refined the beast that even the Onyx Dragon could not handle, Ye Qingwan viewed Xia Fukun differently.

The regent did not ask any further as he knew that everyone had their own secrets. Since Xia Fukun was unwilling to talk about it, the regent was not going to force him. Either way, the result was good at least.

“Since the spirit spring can’t be used anymore and the beast has been taken care of by you, we shall return to the capital now. There’s no need to make a trip here anymore.”

“Oh,” Xia Fukun answered half-heartedly.

The Monster Refining System has taken care of the beast, so the spirit spring has lost its value.

However, how will I and Qingmu Xuan cultivate from now on? What will Ye Qingwan have in store for us?

But Xia Fukun was worrying too much.

After they returned to the capital,

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 16

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 16 – Monster Refining System Upgrade!

The next day, just like yesterday, Qingmu Xuan went to Xia Fukun’s room to wake him up, but Xia Fukun was nowhere in his room.

“Did he secretly leave to cultivate?”

Thinking that Xia Fukun had gone off for training to impress Ye Qingwan, disdain overtook her. Qingmu Xuan said nothing more and followed Ye Qingwan to the spring.

Cultivating at the spirit spring was the first lesson that Ye Qingwan gave Qingmu Xuan. Only when Qingmu Xuan and her pet were connected on a deep level could they move on to the next training.

On the way, Ye Qingwan would look back from time to time.

“Teacher Wan’er, are you waiting for that guy?”

“No.” Ye Qingwan immediately shook her head upon hearing Qingmu Xuan’s words.

“Who would wait for someone like him?” she added.

“Hehe,” Qingmu Xuan said nothing more.

Very soon, both of them arrived at the spirit spring.

However, they were utterly shocked by the scene that welcomed them.

“Is this… the spirit spring? What happened to it?”

The spirit spring that was brimming with spiritual energy was long gone. The waters had turned black and lifeless. There was a small cyclone swirling in the spring continuously.

“Something has gone wrong with the spring. We have to inform Uncle Qingmu about it.”

Both Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Duan were aware of the presence of a mysterious and powerful beast that was living in the bottom of the spring. Since the spring had become like this, did something happen to the beast in the spring?

Qingmu Xuan was still in doubt when Ye Qingwan dragged her back to the palace.

If the spirit spring has turned into this, then Xia Fukun…

Back in the palace, hearing from Ye Qingwan about the spring, the regent and Shadow exchanged a glance, blood draining from their faces.

They were aware that Xia Fukun had made a trip to the spirit spring last night. Since there were changes to the spirit spring, then it must have been related to Xia Fukun.

In fact, the regent did not care about what happened to the beast, but Xia Fukun…

After a short exchange of glances, the regent and Shadow took off, flying into the distance.

Seeing both of them leave so anxiously, Ye Qingwan patted Qingmu Xuan’s shoulders.

“Xuan’er, wait at the palace. Teacher Wan’er will follow and take a look too.”

“Alright.” Qingmu Xuan nodded obediently.

Ye Qingwan summoned out her Flame Sparrow.

When the Flame Sparrow was summoned, it was ten times bigger than its original size. Ye Qingwan leaped onto the Flame Sparrow, and with a shriek, it flew right after the regent and Shadow.

At the bottom of the spirit spring, foul gases were coming out of Xia Fukun’s body continuously. The foul gases were what tainted the spirit spring that was originally brimming with energy.

Seeing the state of the spirit spring, the regent and

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 15

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 15 – Golden Ray Python

Two figures dashed out of the room in the dark.

Afterward, two figures appeared in the room.

“My lord, Xia Fukun seems to be heading to the spirit spring. Could it be that he has found out about its secret?”

Watching Xia Fukun leave, Shadow raised his eyebrow slightly.

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter. The beast living in the spring is not something even my Onyx Dragon can deal with, so that kiddo will surely be at a disadvantage, but it’s not a bad thing for that kid to suffer a loss.”

“Is Xia Fukun that valuable that my lord is willing to invest in him so much?” Shadow asked, puzzled.

“Of course.” The regent nodded without hesitation.

“The ancestor once said that every hundred years, a genius emerges from the Yaslan Empire.”

“Do you mean that Xia Fukun’s that genius?” Shadow held his breath. If that was the case, then all his doubts would be cleared.

“No.” The regent shook his head. “If he was just a genius, I wouldn’t treat him so nicely. There’s another thing that the ancestor told me before he left.

“Every ten thousand years, there would be an extraordinary genius that emerges in the Nine Spiritual Mainland.”

“Ss—” The regent’s words made Shadow take in a deep breath.

After some time traveling, Xia Fukun and the Super Strength Ape arrived at the spirit spring.

“You said that there’s something good down there. Is there a living thing or treasure?”

Xia Fukun and the Super Strength Ape could communicate through telepathy. As soon as he voiced his question, the Super Strength Ape replied immediately.

“I’m not sure, but I think that it’ll be helpful to you, Master.”

“Okay, then let’s make a trip down!”

Xia Fukun had no idea what was in the spring. But as long as I’m careful, everything should be fine.


Xia Fukun and the Super Strength Ape fell into the spirit spring.

That was when Xia Fukun realized that the spiritual energy in the spirit spring was surging up to him violently.

“The spiritual energy in the spring is not only beneficial to pets, so why did Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan not get into the water themselves? Are they unable to absorb the energy in this spring?”

Xia Fukun was puzzled. From the situation happening now, he was sure that, regardless of whether he acquired the treasure from the bottom of the spring or not, it would not be a wasted trip. In the future, he would only have to cultivate in this spring, and he’d be able to break through to the Warrior Realm within no time. As for beasts in the same realm, they were nothing to Xia Fukun. He would be able to make use of them as he wished.

The Monster Refining Systems allowed beasts of the same cultivation or lower to be absorbed into the system immediately. However, Xia Fukun believed that this

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 14

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 14 – Exploring the Spirit Spring

Even though his goddess was sitting right next to him, such a method of cultivation was still boring to Xia Fukun.

When Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan were done cultivating, they realized that Xia Fukun had fallen asleep on his spot….

“Stupid! Ignorant!”

Seeing Xia Fukun fast asleep, Ye Qingwan was at a loss for words.

She was unable to believe that such an unmotivated person like Xia Fukun was a fourth-grade beast trainer as soon as he was enlightened. Moreover, he was a martial artist too.

Could it be… that all geniuses are truly ninety-nine percent inborn talent and one percent hard work?

No, I don’t even see the one percent hard work in Xia Fukun.

Qingmu Xuan couldn’t help but facepalm at this scene. She hoped that when she and Ye Qingwan finished cultivating, they would be welcomed by Xia Fukun cultivating hard. That would leave Ye Qingwan with a better impression of Xia Fukun.

But now… haish!

After having to be woken up from his sleep, Xia Fukun giggled lightly.

“The cultivating session has finished?”

Ye Qingwan: “…”

After some thinking, Ye Qingwan turned to Xia Fukun.

“If you continue on like this, I am sure it will be difficult for you to make it to Odin Academy.”

Meh, what academy? I’m perfectly happy not going there! Xia Fukun snickered in his heart. Of course, he could not voice his thoughts. My goddess, Ye Qingwan, is an inner disciple of Odin Academy! It would be inappropriate to badmouth Odin Academy right in front of her.

The sun was already dipping behind the horizon when Xia Fukun returned to his room. At the same time, the regent was there too.

“How was the cultivation session with Qingwan?”

“Hehe, it was okay.” Xia Fukun brushed the regent off.

“Mm, you will have to work hard. I am aware that your father has already gotten you a spot in Odin Academy previously, but that’s a spot for outer disciples, so you won’t get in touch with the core and important knowledge. But if you make a trip there with Qingwan, you might get to be an inner disciple.”

The regent’s words piqued Xia Fukun’s interest.

“Is Odin Academy that powerful? I heard that it’s on equal footing with the Yaslan empire when I was back at Summer City.”

“Hehe, equal footing?”

The regent gave Xia Fukun a glance.

“We would be celebrating if that were the case! You’re aware that the Yaslan Empire is just a tiny nation located in Scarlet Water province, right?”

“Yeah.” Xia Fukun nodded. He might have transmigrated from Earth, but he was still equipped with a basic knowledge of the Nine Spiritual Mainland.

“Do you know that Odin Academy is one of the top superpowers in Scarlet Water province?”

“What!?” Xia Fukun exclaimed. He had thought of the possibility that Odin Academy would be stronger than the Yaslan Empire, but he did

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 13

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 13 – Mysterious Spirit Spring

Xia Fukun went back to his room drowsily. From tomorrow onward, he would be cultivating together with Ye Qingwan and Qingmu Xuan.

Right after Xia Fukun left, Shadow went toward the regent.

“My lord, I’m afraid that the Ye family might not like the arrangement you have for Miss Qingwan. What if they blame it on us…?”

“Hehe, relationship matters are unpredictable. I’m just giving that kiddo a chance. You saw the battle that took place just now, he’s a man with a promising future. I’m afraid that the Yaslan Empire is not enough for him to unleash his potential. Of course, I hope that the Ye family will be able to see his strengths.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s almost time that Qingwan finishes her experience here. About three months later, she’ll return to Odin Academy. Three months is sufficient for Xuan’er to upgrade to a third-grade beast trainer. By then, I shall let those three make a trip to Odin Academy. When they return, my time as regent will be up.”

Hearing the regent, Shadow was in slight disbelief. He never expected the regent to be this far-sighted.

It was a peaceful night. The next day, Xia Fukun felt that there was something squirming on him.

“The sun’s already up yet you’re still sleeping?”

Before Xia Fukun opened his eyes, he heard a silvery voice in his ears.

“?” Xia Fukun’s eyes rolled open slowly, and a little girl came into his view.

“Who allowed you to climb on me?”

Xia Fukun sulked and lifted Qingmu Xuan off of his body. If not for Qingmu Xuan, Ye Qingwan would not have a bad impression of me!

“Don’t you like Teacher Wan’er? If you treat me nicely, I might give you some help.” Qingmu Xuan currently had braids. She looked at Xia Fukun mischievously.


Her words sparked Xia Fukun’s interest.

“Three months later, Teacher Wan’er will return to Odin Academy, a place where fish and dragons mingle together. With Teacher Wan’er’s looks, she’ll surely attract a number of talents. If you wish to get Teacher Wan’er’s heart, you only have three more months left.”

Hearing Qingmu Xuan’s words, Xia Fukun took another glance at her subconsciously. He never thought that this little girl would be so mature that she could see all his problems….

“Then what do you think I should do?” Xia Fukun took a deep breath and turned to Qingmu Xuan.

“Easy, you just need to follow what I say!” Qingmu Xuan laughed and ran out. At the same time, Xia Fukun heard soft footsteps coming toward him.

He immediately got up from his bed and looked at Ye Qingwan, who was at the door.

“It’s time for cultivation now. Since I lost to you, I will keep my promise and help you with cultivation. However, it all depends on you to meet Odin Academy’s entry requirement.”

After that, Ye Qingwan turned and left

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 12

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 12 – Both Beast Trainer and Martial Artist


As soon as the Super Strength Ape appeared right behind her, Ye Qingwan sensed it.

However, this only piqued her curiosity.

Ye Qingwan heard from the regent that Xia Fukun was a beast trainer who had just awakened and already possessed the ability to summon a fourth-grade pet. However, she was in slight disbelief, as under normal circumstances, a beast trainer who just awakened should only be in the first grade. It was obviously impossible for a newborn to already be an adult.

However, Xia Fukun had overthrown her belief.

Furthermore, Xia Fukun’s control over his pet was something unlike any other newbie Ye Qingwan had seen.

Dodging the Super Strength Ape’s attack at lightning speed, Ye Qingwan looked up at Xia Fukun, frowning slightly.

“You have just awakened?”

Ye Qingwan suspected that Xia Fukun wasn’t a newbie since he had such strong control over his pet, not much weaker than her own.


Xia Fukun nodded. I’m actually not a beast trainer, I just have the Monster Refining System. I have no idea why she is so shocked though.

“Teacher Qingwan, if you’re not going to summon your pet, I’m afraid we will be unable to continue this competition.”

Hearing Xia Fukun, Ye Qingwan hummed. She drew a seal in the air with her finger, and suddenly, a ball of flame appeared from the middle of the seal.


Xia Fukun squinted his eyes. So an ordinary beast trainer… has to follow various steps in order to summon their pet, unlike me who can summon them directly. I need to come up with a signature pose so people won’t be suspicious when I come across anyone in the future. If they do, I may turn into a lab rat.

“This is my pet, a Flame Sparrow. I have suppressed its ability to fourth-grade, same as your pet.”

Upon hearing Ye Qingwan’s introduction, Xia Fukun received a new piece of information from the Monster Refining System.

“Flame Sparrow. Class: Bird. Upon reaching the ninth grade, it will undergo a tribulation. If it succeeds, it will become a phoenix.”

Of course, this was just an introduction. There had never been anyone who managed to upgrade a Flame Sparrow to the ninth grade.

“Beware!” Ye Qingwan called out softly, and Xia Fukun could see a ball of flame flying toward the Super Strength Ape.

Super Strength Ape, Break the Boat, Xia Fukun said in his heart. The Monster Refining System had already imprinted some of Super Strength Ape’s skills in his mind, so he was familiar with the commands.

Receiving Xia Fukun’s command, the Super Strength Ape growled, and its gigantic figure started spinning on the spot rapidly. The scene looked just like a tornado colliding with the flame ball that the Flame Sparrow had transformed into.


A collision could be heard, and smoke could be seen waltzing out.

The Super Strength Ape reached out

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 11

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 11 – Ye Qingwan

“Yes. Are you unwilling to do so?”

The regent took a glance at Xia Fukun.

“No… but you’re asking me to train with a little girl?”

Xia Fukun was speechless. Wasn’t I clear enough? This is different from my expectations! I’m here to cultivate, not play around. How old even is Qingmu Xuan?

“Hehe, you should not underestimate this little girl Xuan’er. She might not have the ability to summon a beast of the fourth grade like you, but she’s already a second-grade beast trainer.”

“Second-grade beast trainer?”

Xia Fukun had never met any beast trainers back in Summer City, so he was still unsure of the beast trainer hierarchy.

Seeing that Xia Fukun was unaware of it, the regent explained to Xia Fukun slowly.

From his explanation, Xia Fukun learned that beast trainer was a well-respected career in the Nine Spiritual Mainland. For example, Qingmu Xuan, who was a second-grade beast trainer, would be able to summon a peak second-grade beast. And in the entire Yaslan Empire, the total number of beast trainers was only around ten, which was why the regent cared so much about him.

“I may not be a beast trainer, but in order to groom Xuan’er, I have hired a teacher over from Odin Academy.”

Just as the regent said this, a pretty figure in white appeared in front of Xia Fukun slowly.

As soon as he saw the woman, Xia Fukun sucked in a deep breath.

The fantasy novels that he had read in the past always described the female lead as having extreme beauty that could steal the heart of an entire country. But to be honest, having grown up on Earth, Xia Fukun did not have much understanding of this description.

Earth was taken over by the “internet celebrity look,” so almost all beauties looked the same, which is why there’s a popular quote on Earth – gorgeous physical appearances are all the same, while an interesting soul is one in a million.

Now, Xia Fukun finally got to meet a real beauty….

If he were on Earth, Xia Fukun would definitely go up to her and ask for her WeChat. However, he was currently on the Nine Spiritual Mainland, and from the other party’s posture, she seemed to be someone with an extraordinary social standing.

Seeing that Xia Fukun had his eyes on the pretty lady, the regent heaved a sigh of relief.

This was exactly the reason why the regent brought Qingmu Xuan to meet Xia Fukun. He did not have any intention of pushing Qingmu Xuan on Xia Fukun, rather, he hoped to introduce the beauty in white to Xia Fukun through Qingmu Xuan.

The beauty might not be part of the Qingmu imperial family, but she was closely related to them. If they ended up being a couple, then Xia Fukun would also be someone related to them.

“Kiddo, this is Xuan’er’s teacher, Ye Qingwan, an inner

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