Monster Refining System

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 11

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 11 – Ye Qingwan

“Yes. Are you unwilling to do so?”

The regent took a glance at Xia Fukun.

“No… but you’re asking me to train with a little girl?”

Xia Fukun was speechless. Wasn’t I clear enough? This is different from my expectations! I’m here to cultivate, not play around. How old even is Qingmu Xuan?

“Hehe, you should not underestimate this little girl Xuan’er. She might not have the ability to summon a beast of the fourth grade like you, but she’s already a second-grade beast trainer.”

“Second-grade beast trainer?”

Xia Fukun had never met any beast trainers back in Summer City, so he was still unsure of the beast trainer hierarchy.

Seeing that Xia Fukun was unaware of it, the regent explained to Xia Fukun slowly.

From his explanation, Xia Fukun learned that beast trainer was a well-respected career in the Nine Spiritual Mainland. For example, Qingmu Xuan, who was a second-grade beast trainer, would be able to summon a peak second-grade beast. And in the entire Yaslan Empire, the total number of beast trainers was only around ten, which was why the regent cared so much about him.

“I may not be a beast trainer, but in order to groom Xuan’er, I have hired a teacher over from Odin Academy.”

Just as the regent said this, a pretty figure in white appeared in front of Xia Fukun slowly.

As soon as he saw the woman, Xia Fukun sucked in a deep breath.

The fantasy novels that he had read in the past always described the female lead as having extreme beauty that could steal the heart of an entire country. But to be honest, having grown up on Earth, Xia Fukun did not have much understanding of this description.

Earth was taken over by the “internet celebrity look,” so almost all beauties looked the same, which is why there’s a popular quote on Earth – gorgeous physical appearances are all the same, while an interesting soul is one in a million.

Now, Xia Fukun finally got to meet a real beauty….

If he were on Earth, Xia Fukun would definitely go up to her and ask for her WeChat. However, he was currently on the Nine Spiritual Mainland, and from the other party’s posture, she seemed to be someone with an extraordinary social standing.

Seeing that Xia Fukun had his eyes on the pretty lady, the regent heaved a sigh of relief.

This was exactly the reason why the regent brought Qingmu Xuan to meet Xia Fukun. He did not have any intention of pushing Qingmu Xuan on Xia Fukun, rather, he hoped to introduce the beauty in white to Xia Fukun through Qingmu Xuan.

The beauty might not be part of the Qingmu imperial family, but she was closely related to them. If they ended up being a couple, then Xia Fukun would also be someone related to them.

“Kiddo, this is Xuan’er’s teacher, Ye Qingwan, an inner

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 10

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 10 – Going to the Capital

“Good, good, good!”

Mu Yun let out a burst of evil laughter.

Eyes bulging out, twitching facial muscles, and a face that was flushed red. Mu Yun wasn’t exactly friendly-looking to start with, but anger made him extremely terrifying.

The sorrow of losing his precious grandson had turned into anger, consuming Mu Yun slowly as he started to lose his mind. He was determined to kill Xia Fukun regardless of the regent’s intervention.

“Then I shall see how good you are, the strongest martial artist present in the Yaslan Empire!”

Mu Yu snickered. He drew a rune with his finger in the air and imprinted it on his chest. Black smoke waltzed around Mu Yun’s body, who was now exerting a mighty force.

“Wow, I didn’t know that you had picked up black magic!” The regent frowned upon seeing Mu Yun increase his power within such a short period of time. Mu Yun was making use of black magic to increase his power to the equivalent of a Supreme Realm martial artist.

He took a step forward and disappeared among the dense black cloud. Within no time, he was right in front of Mu Yun.


Strong energy waves spread throughout the Xia residence as Mu Yun raised his hands to defend himself from the regent’s attack.

“Be careful!” Xia Fukun gasped. His heart was beating as if it was trying to escape out of his ribcage as he witnessed the mind-blowing fight between two Supreme Realm martial artists in close proximity.

At this moment, Xia Fukun realized that an energy wave was coming toward his direction. Panic-stricken, he froze to the ground as if he were temporarily paralyzed. Suddenly, a black figure jumped out, blocking him from the energy wave.

Xia Fukun watched with jaws wide open. Wow, the person that the regent brought is so powerful! His ability must be near the Supreme Realm.

From the corner of Xia Fukun’s eyes, he saw that the people the regent brought were currently standing next to him.

One of them was a cute little girl who was about ten years old.

She wore a light green dress and had her hair braided with red ribbons. With shiny doe eyes, snowy white skin, and a button nose, this cute little girl looked just like a doll.

Feeling that Xia Fukun’s eyes were on her, the little girl turned around. She reached out her hand.

“Qingmu Xuan, a beast trainer too.” She grinned, revealing her pearly white teeth.

Wow, such a cool introduction!

Xia Fukun plastered a smile on his face and shook her hand.

Don’t tell me… Xia Fukun thought of a possibility; that the regent might use a honey trap on him to get him to join forces with the imperial family. But she’s younger than me by about ten years! Why would I fall for a little kid? I’m not a pedophile!

No, this is so

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 9

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by: adeadaxe

Chapter 9 – Help


Raging black clouds sprawled across the skies of Summer City, right before the city was engulfed by fog within a split second.

The ground was shaking up and down, instilling panic in Summer City’s residents.

Terrifying would be the only word to describe the power of a Supreme Realm martial artist.

“This is the Xia family’s death day….”

In a valley that led to the border of Summer City, the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce workers could be seen running for their lives. Master Ni Gu could be seen standing amongst them, smiling bitterly. He was friends with Xia Kuangyun, but not close to the extent that he would risk his life for Xia Kuangyun. The Red Maple Chamber of Commerce might not fear the Baiyun Mountain Sect, but Master Ni Gu feared for his life, thus he was escaping with the other workers. This was simply human nature.

“Bastard Xia Fukun! Prepare to die today!”

A roar boomed across Summer City, causing the ground to rumble.

Blood splattered all across Summer City’s streets. It was left behind by many commoners on the streets who were unable to take the impact of the powerful soundwave.

“Ah, Mu Yun is so close to the Supreme Realm, no wonder there’s nobody willing to render us a helping hand….”

Xia Kuangyun stared at the black sky blankly. He knew that Mu Yun was about to break through to the Supreme Realm, but he never thought that he would be so powerful. Xia Kuangyun felt like nothing but an ant standing in front of him.

However, he needed to step out, no matter what.

“Your humble junior Xia Kuangyun is honored to meet Senior Mu Yun!”

As an elite in the Profound Realm, Xia Kuangyun had the ability to fly. He floated lightly above the Xia residence and bowed to Mu Yun.

“Xia Kuangyun? That bastard’s father?”

Mu Yun was nowhere to be seen, but his voice rang across Summer City clearly. Howls of chilly wind could be heard along with Mu Yun’s words.

“You are a bad parent, and you deserve death.”

A bolt of lightning struck down, ripping the pitch-dark sky in half before heading toward Xia Kuangyun.

All of a sudden, a gigantic figure leapt to the sky.


It protected Xia Kuangyun from the attack before falling to the ground.


A deep pit formed in the ground following the fall of the giant figure.

Xia Fukun furrowed his brows. He didn’t know that Mu Yun was this strong. He had not even shown himself yet and he was already able to seriously injure the Super Strength Ape.

Fear travelled in Xia Fukun’s veins, but he had no choice but to put on a calm expression and step out.

He flew toward Xia Fukun’s side, staring at the black cloud that was floating over his head.

“Who are you to kill my father?”

Seeing Xia Fukun floating right next

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 8

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 8 – A Strong Enemy Arrives!

“Thank God for blessing the Xia family with a beast trainer! In this empire, there are hardly any trainers. All trainers are important to the empire. If the regent knew about this, he would protect the Xia family without a doubt and train Kun’er well.

“Then, even if Baiyun Mountain’s Mu Yun came here personally, the Xia family would be spared under the regent’s wings!”

Hearing Xia Kuangyun, Xia Fukun raised an eyebrow.

An idea crossed his mind.

Since trainers are important to the empire…

Then I’ll be able to get any beast I want from the regent! When I create a beast in the Supreme Realm, I won’t have to fear the Baiyun Mountain Sect anymore since I will also be in the Supreme Realm by then!’

“Father, I think we should treat Elder Brother’s injury first, right?”

The sun had gone to rest, the moon taking its place as darkness began to take over the Yaslan Empire.

In the capital of the Yaslan Empire:

“So, how was it?”

The regent raised his head slowly, eyes fixed to the silhouette in front of him.

“Master, the activities on Baiyun Mountain were due to Mu Yun. His grandson, Mu Bai, was killed.”

“Oh? By who?” The regent rubbed his chin.

“Summer City’s mayor Xia Kuangyun’s son.”

“Summer City?”

The regent looked up. He was stunned by the answer.

He was expecting the culprit to be an extraordinary martial artist or someone who had powerful forces supporting him, thus not fearing offending the Baiyun Mountain Sect, but Summer City…

Obscurity would be the word to describe Summer City.

Xia Kuangyun isn’t powerful, and they do not have powerful forces backing them up, so what makes Xia Kuangyun so daring? Is he mad?

“Master, the Xia family might be somewhat rash, but your servant understands why they are fearless.”

The regent raised his eyebrows.

“Hurry and spill the beans,” the regent said, slightly annoyed by the suspension.

“After my trip to Baiyun Mountain, your servant was similarly confused by Xia Kuangyun’s action, thus I made my way there.”


With Shadow’s ability, it would’ve taken him about half a day to go to and return from Baiyun Mountain. The regent had been waiting for Shadow’s return since noontime, but he did not return until night, making the regent worry about his safety since he did not expect Shadow to make a trip to Summer City.

“There’s something odd about the Xia family?”

“Yes.” Shadow nodded.

“Your servant only learned this after making the trip down to Summer City. They have a beast trainer in their family; Xia Kuangyun’s younger son, Xia Fukun.”


A beast trainer!?

The regent shot up, his eyes and mouth wide open in an expression of stunned surprise.

There were hardly any trainers in the Yaslan Empire and only a handful of unknown ones despite the Yaslan Empire having tens of millions of citizens.

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 7

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 7 – Kill!

“Hold on!”

A figure flashed past, standing in front of Xia Fukun.

He had white hair, and he was looking at Xia Fukun with a smile on his wrinkled face. Seeing the familiar face, Xia Fukun commanded the Super Strength Ape to stop its actions.

“Master Ni Gu, what are you doing here?”

Xia Fukun raised an eyebrow.

Where was the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce when we got into trouble? Only coming out to save Mu Bai’s life, huh? One with the Baiyun Mountain Sect, I see.

“Young Master Kun, this old man hopes to plead for Young Master Mu Bai’s life. I hope you will spare his life.”

Ni Gu smiled bitterly.

He was currently trembling in fear in front of the Super Strength Ape, but this was the last resort. If the Xia family were to be wiped out, the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce would not be affected. However, if Mu Bai were to die in Summer City, Mu Yun would turn Summer City upside down. Ni Gu wasn’t able to bear the responsibility of losing the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce division in Summer City.

Hearing Ni Gu, Mu Bai was no longer shaking with fear.

He even stared at Xia Fukun with a smirk plastered on his face.

Xia Fukun stared at Mu Bai in disdain.

Did I say I was going to let go of you?

Xia Fukun turned toward Xia Kuangyun. Xia Fukun was certain that, as Summer City’s mayor, Xia Kuangyun would know what to do best.

“We are already considered the Baiyun Mountain Sect’s enemy. Kun’er, do what you think is right,” Xia Kuangyun said calmly.

“Okay.” Xia Fukun nodded.

The Super Strength Ape let out a growl and glared at Mu Bai in its hand.

“Young Master Kun!” Ni Gu’s jaw dropped open. He never dreamed that Xia Fukun would ignore his pleading.

He was not from the Baiyun Mountain Sect though, so Ni Gu did not risk his life to save Mu Bai.

As soon as he heard the ape’s growl, Ni Gu scattered away at the speed of lightning.

Before Mu Bai could even wipe the smirk off his face, he felt a strong force pressing down on his body.


This was Mu Bai’s last word. He must have been quite shocked that his life would still end here despite having someone plea for his life.

“Since when did I say I was going to let go of you?”

Xia Fukun sneered as he watched Mu Bai’s organs drop to the ground. Blood splattered all across the mayor’s residence, tainting the walls and ground red.

Master Ni Gu, who was still watching from the side, walked up to Xia Fukun while wiping the blood off his face.

“Young Master Kun, you’re too rash! You killed Mu Yun – the Baiyun Mountain Sect’s leader’s – grandson. He will massacre Summer City!”

Xia Fukun took a glance at

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 6

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 6 – The Super Strength Ape Shows its Power!

“Super Strength Ape!”

Xia Fukun’s holler reverberated throughout the mayor’s residence like a clap of thunder.

A bot of jagged lighting shot across the sky above the mayor’s residence.

Within no time, darkness engulfed the sky. A giant silhouette about four meters tall dropped from the sky, shaking the ground as it landed.

“What the hell?”

All that were present were bewildered.

Xia Kuangyun, Mu Bai, and the other Baiyun Mountain Sect disciples were familiar with a huge scope of beast species, but this was something they had never seen.

The Super Strength Ape towering above them stretched out its long arms that were about three meters long.

Its huge eyes that were like red rubies shone as it eyed the men standing right beneath it. It even had two patches of weird golden fur sitting on its shoulders.

“What’s this?” Mu Bai shuddered.

“Is it a beast?”

Mu Bai rolled his eyes. Have you ever seen a beast drop from the sky? But… there’s clearly one right in front of me!

“This beast… it should be a fourth-grade beast….”

Ling Fei, who was still fighting with Xia Kuangyun, retreated back to Mu Bai.

A fourth-grade beast was equivalent to a Profound Realm martial artist who was about to break through to the Warrior Realm.

This was not something that they could handle!

“Is this the guardian beast of the Xia family?”

The Baiyun Mountain Sect disciples were utterly confused.

Of course, not only were they confused, but the Xia family members were dumbfounded too.

“Kun’er… this…”

Xia Kuangyun heard Xia Fukun’s roar before this gigantic ape appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

Thus, he assumed that Xia Fukun would know a tad bit about this situation.

“This is my pet.”

Xia Fukun could not take his eyes off the Super Strength Ape. He was so happy with the product.

The Monster Refining System actually works!

And this Super Strength Ape is so… dope!


Hearing Xia Fukun’s words, Xia Kuangyun was flabbergasted.

Which means that this gigantic ape in front of me isn’t an ordinary beast!

Only a beast that had been tamed by a trainer would be known as a pet.

In the Yaslan Empire, or more accurately, the Nine Spiritual Mainland, martial artist was the most common occupation.

However, it was not the only occupation.

Other than martial artists, pharmacologists and beast trainers were also occupations that people of the Nine Spiritual Mainland could take up.

Beast trainer was a mysterious occupation. They had a higher status in society and were more respectable in comparison to pharmacologists.

There weren’t more than ten beast trainers in the entire Yaslan Empire!

So if Kun’er says that this gigantic ape is his pet, does that mean that he’s a beast trainer?

Due to the mysterious nature of most beast trainers, nobody, even the Baiyun Mountain Sect, dared to offend a beast trainer

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 5

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 5 – Successful Refinement

Right outside the mayor’s residence, Xia Kuangyun stared at the trio standing in front of him.

In front of them stood a teenager in white. He was none other than Mu Bai, the teenager Xia Kuangyun injured yesterday.

“Haha, Mayor Xia must not have expected to see me this soon, right?”

Hearing Mu Bai, Xia Kuangyun snickered.

“Of course, how I wished to never see you again.”

Hearing Xia Kuangyun, Mu Bai’s face fell.

“I mentioned yesterday that the Xia family is nothing to us, Baiyun Mountain, but since you were unwilling to take my words seriously, you have brought about your doom!

“However, we, the Baiyun Mountain Sect, aren’t that evil. If you’re willing to hand over the Flame Bear you snatched away from my hands and make me the mayor of Summer City, I’ll close an eye to this.”

Hearing Mu Bai, Xia Kuangyun furrowed his brows.

So, he’s interested in my Summer City, huh? The Baiyun Mountain Sect is ambitious.

“Summer City’s Mayor Seal is in my pockets. Get it if you can. I’m curious how good Baiyun Mountain’s people are.”

Xia Kuangyun sneered. A current of force started to wrap around his body.

As Summer City’s mayor, despite only being in the Profound Realm, Xia Kuangyun had talent above an ordinary Profound Realm martial artist.

Feeling Xia Kuangyun’s force, the trio that Mu Bai brought along sneered.

They got into position and emitted force similar to Xia Kuangyun’s, pressing down on him

“Xia Kuangyun, our sect is willing to let you live due to your contributions to Summer City, but if you remain stubborn, then you only have yourself to blame for your death! A Profound Realm martial artist like you is nothing but a piece of trash to our sect leader!”

Before Xia Kuangyun could answer the elite that Mu Bai brought along, two figures appeared next to Xia Kuangyun.

“If Mu Yun is that great, why is he not here himself?”

Seeing the figure, Xia Kuangyun was stunned.

“Why are you here, Kun’er!?”

He soon saw Xia Fuqian as well after yelling at Xia Fukun.

“Qian’er, you’re the elder brother! You’re supposed to act responsibly! What on earth is this?”

Xia Kuangyun felt dizzy. He planned to buy time for his sons to escape to Odin Academy, where they would be safe. But now, it seemed like his plans were ruined.

Xia Fuqian pursed his lips. What can I say? I wasn’t hoping for this incident to take place either!

“You’re the second young master of the Xia family, right? The Flame Bear is with you, right? I’ll spare your life as long as you hand it over,” Mu Bai said, smiling widely at Xia Fukun.

“I don’t think you would like it now. I already had it for dinner.”


Mu Bai stared at Xia Fukun, unable to believe his ears.

“Are you retarded!? The Xia family spent so much on a

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 4

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 4 – Revenge of the Baiyun Mountain Sect

Within the blink of an eye, Mu Bai was nowhere to be seen.

He left without a trace, making Xia Fukun think that he was dreaming about seeing him for a second.

He might’ve still thought that if not for the pool of blood on the ground.

Xia Fukun turned to look at Xia Kuangyun, who had a grim expression on his face ever since he heard Mu Bai’s name.

Mu Bai, Mu Yun…

Both of them have the same surname. Could he be the direct disciple of the Baiyun Mountain Sect? Or the Sect Leader, Mu Yun’s, descendant?

Xia Kuangyun shook his thoughts away. There’s no point crying over spilt milk. The Baiyun Mountain Sect might be strong, but what can they do? Slaughter Summer City?

“Mayor Xia, you’re too impulsive!”

Master Ni Gu came up to Xia Kuangyun, sighing.

“That teenager that left is Mu Yun’s grandson!”


Xia Kuangyun took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

He turned to Xia Fukun, who was on his right, plastering a smile on his face.

“No matter who he is, this is Summer City, not a place where he can act as he likes.”

Hearing Xia Kuangyun, Master Ni Gu smiled bitterly and left. He had already rendered all the help he could. The future of the Xia family lay in Xia Kuangyun’s hands now.

Everything else went smoothly afterward. Due to the huge crowd that was present, Xia Fukun did not put the Flame Bear into the Monster Refining System immediately. He called for the guards to bring it to him as usual.

“Kun’er, I’ll get someone to send it to you. You should go back and take a rest.”

Xiang Kuangyun spoke to him normally, as if nothing had happened, but Xia Fukun was aware of the storm that was brewing.

He nodded and gave Xia Kuangyun an innocent smile as if he was ignorant of the situation. He crept to the mayor’s residence after Xia Kuangyun had gone back.

He could hear Xia Fuqian’s voice travelling from the mayor’s residence.

“Father, what’s wrong? Why did you call me over in such a hurry?”

Xia Fuqian was confused by Xia Kuangyun’s action. He could not understand why his father had called him over in such a hurry as soon as he returned from the auction with his younger brother.

“I have registered you and Kun’er into Odin Academy, a college that’s next to the Yaslan Empire. School’s going to start soon, so start packing and get ready to leave with Kun’er within the next two days.”


Xia Fuqian raised an eyebrow.

“Father, did something happen at the auction today?”

“Of course not, what could have happened? I just realized that Kun’er’s been acting more cheerful recently, so I hope that he can learn new things and improve. Odin Academy is no weaker than the Yaslan Empire. It will be a good

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 3

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 3 – Conflict

“Ten thousand spirit stones!”

Xia Kuangyun named a price casually.

In the Yaslan Empire, a spirit stone was equivalent to one hundred gold coins, which meant Xia Kuangyun just bid one million gold coins for the Flame Bear!

This was crazily overpriced for a Flame Bear.

Xia Fukun was taken aback by the price too.

He might’ve still been unfamiliar with the Yaslan Empire after just a year, but he was at least aware of how valuable spirit stones were.

Tears glossed Xia Fukun’s eyes as soon as he heard Xia Kuangyun.


This was the first time Xia Fukun meant it when he called Xia Kuangyun father.

He could deeply feel how much Xia Kuangyun loved Xia Fukun, or rather, him.

“Hehe. I said that I’ll get anything Kun’er wants.”

Xia Kuangyun might’ve seemed generous with his wealth, but Xia Fukun was aware that ten thousand spirit stones was equivalent to a year of Xia Kuangyun’s earnings.

Right after Xia Kuangyun named the price, the crowd was in an uproar.

“Ten thousand spirit stones?”

“Who the hell named that price? Do you think spirit stones are made out of rocks?”

“Which wicked man did this? He must have done it on purpose to pull up the price!”

“Ten thousand spirit stones is too much for this Flame Bear! Ten thousand spirit stones is enough to buy a third-grade beast!”

“The rich can do whatever they want indeed….”

Inside the auction house, there was a burst of discussion.

The auctioneer’s eyes shone upon hearing Xia Kuangyun’s price. She put on a seductive smile and spoke with her whiny voice.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I know that all of you are aware of the value of a Flame Bear, but remember, some second-grade beasts have a Neidan. And if this Flame Bear has one…”


As soon as the auctioneer trailed off, there was an uproar once again.

“Was it room number three who named that price?”

“Room number three… isn’t that Mayor Xia’s exclusive private room?”

“Mayor Xia wants to buy it for ten thousand spirit stones, does that mean that the Flame Bear has a Neidan?”

Now, everybody looked at Xia Kuangyun in a different light. All of them believed that Xia Kuangyun had chosen to name such a high price because he knew that the Flame Bear had a Neidan.

A beast’s Neidan was a valuable item. Even ten thousand spirit stones might not be enough to exchange for one.

The crowd turned to Xia Kuangyun, staring at him, green with envy.

“The auctioneer is smart, huh?”

Xia Kuangyun furrowed his eyebrows. He was sure that he would be able to get the Flame Bear with the price he named, but that sneaky snake-waist woman blew up the price once again.

“Eleven thousand spirit stones.” A snicker could be heard coming from room number two, the room next to theirs.

Hearing the auctioneer, Xia Fukun had butterflies in his

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Monster Refining System – Chapter 2

Translated by: xiannie
Edited by:msi38

Chapter 2 – The Fight for the Flame Bear

It was almost impossible for Xia Fuqian to give up something that had caught his eyes, but this was Xia Fukun, his younger brother, who had become estranged with the Xia family over the past year. Other than getting the guards to catch him exotic beasts, he never interacted with the family ever since last year.

Since Xia Fukun asked for it, then Xia Fuqian would definitely give in to his younger brother.

Xia Kuangyun heaved a sigh of relief at Xia Fuqian’s response. Like any other parent, his biggest wish was to see his children get along well with each other. He was pleased to see his sons getting along.

The auction started at eight.

As the mayor of Summer City, Xia Kuangyun had to make an appearance even if he was not going to take part in the auction.

He brought along Xia Fukun with him too.

“Greetings, Mayor Xia!”

This auction was organized by the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce. It was such a large organization that it had a high status in the Yaslan Empire despite its headquarters being located somewhere else.

The person who greeted Xia Kuangyun was an old man with white hair. Xia Fukun recognized him as Master Ni Gu, the leader of the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce Summer City Division.

It had to be said that Master Ni Gu had just broken through to the Profound Realm. Other than Xia Kuangyun, there was almost nobody in Summer City who could tell him what to do.

“Haha, it’s a grand event, so of course the mayor must come to show the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce some support!”

After a short conversation out of courtesy, Xia Fukun followed Xia Kuangyun to private room number three.

There were ten private rooms in the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce, and room number three was usually occupied by Xia Kuangyun. The first two rooms were given to elites or Red Maple Chamber of Commerce’s higher-ups. It was understandable though; Xia Kuangyun might have been the mayor of Summer City, but in the Yaslan Empire, his talent was only so-so.

In fact, he should’ve been happy that the Red Maple Chamber of Commerce was willing to treat him so nicely even though he was just a Profound Realm martial artist.

“Kun’er, father will get you the Flame Bear by all means!”

As soon as they entered the room, Xia Kuangyun patted Xia Fukun’s back.

Xia Fukun nodded.

He might not have had many interactions with Xia Kuangyun ever since he arrived in this world, but he knew how much Xia Kuangyun cared for him.

I’m not a cold-blooded animal. Of course I would be touched.

And it’s time to see how well this Monster Refining System thing is!

I have read many novels about such a situation on Earth, and most of the protagonists became invincible after getting their cheat! So

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