Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 766

Chapter 766: The Condition for Saving the World is…

“Why! Why is this a marriage contract? Shouldn’t the content be something like ‘watch the enemy and help each other’?” Yun Xi looked at Robin, almost exasperated.

He did not know anything about the people in the southern forest.

It’s a human branch that, like his kingdom, splits from the ancient kingdom of Assyria.

However, the ancestor of his kingdom, the “original knight” chose the way of knighthood and continued to guard the ruins of ancient Assyria, while the one who was originally the “priest” fled to the remote southern forest and chose the road of seclusion.

They did not exist in the form of a kingdom, but became a separate tribe, and developed a unique witch system.

The witches are the incarnation of God and the representatives of the sacred and inviolable God.

Witches are not allowed to marry. They guard an ancient covenant and are chosen from the best girls of the tribe.

They firmly believe that the witch will become the Savior of the world, the noblest existence in the world, and the successor of the truly great Assyria.

Now, the covenant tells Yun Xi that the witches had made an agreement with the first king long ago, and noted on the back that the covenant had special conditions.

“Well… it is because marriage is always the most direct and effective means of covenant. Prince, you are already a king. You should understand.” Robin looks like she is going to laugh, and seems to be full of sympathy for what Yun Xi is going to do next.

“I know! I know!” Yun Xi gnawed his teeth and gazed at the marriage contract, which was written many generations ago.

“But I’ve never heard of a king marrying a witch, which never happened.”

There is only one queen of the king. That is the eternal beautiful queen, the great Queen of Assyria.

As knights, kings have never married other princesses, and there is always only one master in the king’s palace.

Until his generation, he not only married the Queen of Assyria, but also married the daughter of the Queen of Assyria, White Moon, not to mention Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka. He has achieved the epic mission of “Marrying Four Princesses”.

“Of course, it’s because the kings loved the queen so much that they didn’t plan to marry the witch.” Robin was happy to tell her king that answer.

“So this covenant has never been used.”

“In fact, according to the records, there were still a few witches who had expressed their affection for the kings.”

“It’s just that all the kings were so devoted that they couldn’t fulfill this additional condition.”

“Over time, the witches gave up.”

“But you, Prince, you don’t have this problem.” When it comes to this, Robin’s smile’s even more brilliant.

“Now you have married four princesses, it won’t hurt to have more. Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, Lulu, and Xiaomi are all …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 765

Chapter 765: The Third Zaka

The day the prince married his four princesses.

The people cheered to celebrate the day when the ancient kingdom entered a new page in history.

Far away in the middle of the continent, surrounded by the Forgotten Ruins, a green light rises from the dragon’s nest!

Then, as if something terrible was brewing, the whole central mountains were shaking.

A great earthquake is coming!

First, there was a deafening noise, then a deep gasp when the earth trembled. Countless spider web cracks appeared on the ground and then became bigger and bigger. Finally, it completely tore apart the ancient ruins that had existed for thousands of years.

It seems that there is a black demon raging here, it has walked down the streets, broke the bridge, crushed the tower, and pulled apart all the stone pillars one by one.

Scattered palace ruins, half water tower… the ruins gradually collapsed and came to an end.

All of the Forgotten Ruins are beginning to be shrouded in fog. Lime, loess, coal dust, soot, and the dead matter of a city’s destruction are mixed into a gray fog.

The thick fog floated, rising one after another, like a curtain slowly suspended in the air, silently enveloping the ruins and the silent city of Assyria.

However, this is not the end.

There is a greater, more ferocious force that has not been released deep underground.

They are waiting, waiting for the awakening of a great life, the most fierce and craziest creature bred by the original dragon’s green light.

Originally, it would have taken longer for her to be born, but now, under the anger of the original dragon, her birth date has been greatly advanced.

The earthquake was a sign of her awakening.

However, it’s not enough. It’s not enough to just push down the Forgotten Ruins where the original dragon was suppressed.

The original dragon’s anger is a more terrifying force!




It was the roar of the earth. It was the roar of some kind of force, like the heartbeat of the world.


In the endless hot magma, a huge eye opened. It was a vertical dragon eye, the eye of a murderous dragon.

The shadow of the red dragon is taking shape in the depth of magma.

She is the king of fire, crimson dragon, is the most violent, the most domineering dragon!

The third Zaka is out of the shell!

In response to her rage, the entire crust of the Forgotten Ruins began to melt, and tens of millions of tons of magma erupted from the depths of the earth.

It was a more tyrannical and devastating natural disaster than Ice Dragon Zaka’s Ice Land spell. It was a big earthquake that could erase a country from the earth!

What’s more, it’s the end of the final magma eruption, the end of the core collapse!

About 30 meters long, the red giant dragon is flying above the mushroom cloud, sending out …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 764

Chapter 764: Lies Save the World

The blood moon disappeared from the sky.

People, as if nothing had happened, were cheering for the prince’s wedding. They could not see that the blood moon had seized their senses just now, shouting “long live the queen!” and “The princess is the most lovely!”.

Now, of course, they’re still in a frenzy.

Because today is the prince’s wedding day.

There are four princesses who marry princes.

The first princess, from the ancient kingdom of Assyria, was a proud and beautiful queen.

She stood on the prince’s right side with a smile. She wore a white wedding dress and held the biggest bouquet in her hand.

She is worthy of being the most suitable princess! Noble and elegant, she and the prince are a perfect match.

The second princess, also from the ancient kingdom of Assyria, is a lovely little princess.

She was wearing a gorgeous princess dress and looked more like a baby princess doted on by the prince than the bride. She was innocent, holding Mumu’s hand, standing in front of the prince, enjoying the prince’s touch from time to time.

Finally, there were the third and fourth princesses.

The two princesses, with different colored horns on their foreheads, show their preternatural identity.

One of them is the overlord of the desert, and the other is the king of the ice field.

Desert dragon Zaka, Princess of the most powerful Dragon Kingdom on the mainland.

Ice Dragon Zaka, sister of Desert Dragon Zaka, ruler of the emerging country of the north.

They are both extremely powerful dragon girls. As the object of marriage, they make a marriage contract with the prince.

The prince who married these four princesses is undoubtedly the happiest person in the world.

At the same time, it is also the beginning of the Kingdom’s glory. To marry these four princesses means that the prince has the support of the whole world.

People think of the moment when the prince was born, the prophecy made by the ancient augur to the newly born prince.

“Prince, your future is very great.”

“You are the hope of the world, the next king.”

“The day you were born, everyone was cheering for you.”

“Even if there is an evil dragon, it can’t hide your glory.”

“The gods are watching you. You are the only one born by destiny.”

“Let us be your power, our prince.”

Yes, the prophecy has come true now. The prince, through the power of love, even the terrible dragons are willing to be the prince’s bride.

He is the son of destiny in people’s minds, and he is destined to be the strongest king.

He is the greatest knight, the most perfect king, the hope of the world, the chosen one!

Today is the day when the prince marries four princesses and brings peace to the world.

The wedding is for the prince!

The Starwings knights on the stage witnessed the history of this miracle.

“What happened?” Hua …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 763

Chapter 763: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (End)

“I see… this is the truth of Yun Hai’s Quadrant Sword.” Yun Xi gapes at the history of the Sky Sword presented by the Holy Tree Linga.

Yun Hai cheated the whole world and changed the whole world.

“So sometimes I don’t have to worry too much. That’s not something people like me should worry about.”

“If I come across a ridge that I can’t cross in any case.”

“If it’s a problem that can’t be solved by any means.”

“Then, lie.”

“If I deceive the world, I succeed.”

Under the Holy Tree Linga, the figure who will become one of the greatest sky swords in the Sky Sword God’s Domain in the future has made a decision, a decision that will later affect the whole Sky Sword God’s Domain and make countless mathematicians cry and curse him.

“This problem is decided to be related to cats.”

“Well, because I like cats.”

Yun Xi nodded in agreement. He did not have the extraordinary mathematical talent and deduction ability of Yun Hai the Sky Sword, but only this point was similar.

Two people in different worlds like cats. They both see the cat that exists and doesn’t exist, neither alive nor dead. The cat that steps on the world line gracefully.

It is so incredible that it cannot be described in any language.

“I see!”

“I can do it in this way!”

For a moment, Yun Xi was so blessed that he suddenly thought of how to use the petal of Linga, 1/8 of White Lotus Secret Treasure.

“It’s a dream, and it’s not a dream.”

“It’s a trial, and it’s a new world.”

“Who can tell whether the world is real, whether I am dreaming or a butterfly in this world is dreaming?”

“Maybe everything in this world is not true.”

Yun Xi kisses the petal that sends out the wonderful breath of life, and begins to lie bravely to the world, to the wedding of the blood moon, which is about to trigger a world-scale tragedy.

So the story begins.

“A long time ago… no, maybe a long time later…”

“About a thousand years after the fall of the ancient kingdom of Assyria… No, it’s the first year after the new kingdom was established.”

“There was a prince who met his beloved.”

“As the prince grows older, it is time for him to have to get married, and he is distressed because he has so many lovers.”

“So, he began to be distressed and confided his heart to the girls who might be his brides.”

“The first bride, who was the first to make an appointment with him, a queen came from an ancient royal family.”

“The queen is proud and beautiful.”

“The queen is clever and kind.”

“The Queen’s country is from a distant world, and is called Assyria!”

“Answer me, my queen, would you like to be my princess?”

In the sky above the Royal City, the Queen …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 762

Chapter 762: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (16)

Mathematicians are all hopelessly paranoid.

Before Yun Hai the Sky Sword asked the question about the cat, mathematicians throughout the endless god’s domains were carrying out an unprecedented project.

This project has been helped by almost all the great beings in the endless god’s domains.

From gods to demons, and even the nameless things hidden in the abyss, they joined hands to give the greatest assistance to the largest project in the history of the endless god’s domains.

The essence of this project is to gather all the mathematical formulas and theories together to form a perfect self-consistent system.

Just as one plus one is bound to be two, the sun rises from the eastern horizon and sets on the western horizon. This project is ambitious to define the source of truth in the world and interpret all phenomena with perfect mathematical formulas.

Odd, even.

Infinite cycle, infinitely large, infinitely small.

The sum of any odd number, the sum of any even number, all the proportional arrangements, formulas, all have to get the perfect solution!

They want to prove that mathematics is the highest truth in the world, the highest wisdom that can explain everything and weave everything.

With the participation of many gods, this seemingly impossible task has been constantly pushed forward. This organization, which has gathered the wisdom of the entire endless god’s domains, once let people see the highest level mathematical pyramid of the entire endless god’s domains.

From the basics such as the “Nine Chapters of Arithmetic” and “Geometric Principles” to the higher stage of “Calculus” and “Algebra”, to the “Physical Origin” and “Astronomical Observation” of the most advanced theories.

This perfect pyramid belonging to mathematicians is being cast day by day. Everyone feels that they will become the witness of the truth, the founder of this unprecedented mathematical pyramid.

These great mathematicians with different identities and races once felt that they were the people closest to the truth, and that the world’s most magnificent project was about to be completed in their generation.

Some optimistic people even thought that as long as there is this mathematical pyramid, even human beings with short lives can find a way to break through the hero rank and even the legend rank.

Because no matter how difficult the problem is, it can be solved, can’t it?

They built this miraculous mathematical pyramid just to solve all the problems in the world and give the answers to all the phenomena and theories in a mathematical way.

As long as this pyramid is completed, human beings and other intelligent creatures will enter a new era.

This is the biggest reason why gods and even demons have joined the study, because it is a theoretical path to “infinite truth”.

Just as the Mechanus God’s Domain’s ultimate scientific fantasy “cyber elf with infinite computing power”, mathematicians are eager for such power.

But instead of using the almost impossible infinite computing power, they use formulas …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 761

Chapter 761: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (15)

Yun Xi can see that. Having gained the power gained by Lvji’s wing, he can clearly see the scene that even his teacher, Casina the Battle God, and Longnis the Sky Sword can not see.

The flower of the Holy tree Linga, the legendary White Lotus Secret Treasure, is about to mature.

However, compared with the nearly eternal life of the Holy Tree Linga, this “about” has a very big error in terms of human’s concept of time.

It will take at least three years for that flower to fully bloom, and the upper limit maybe a hundred years later.

Not long ago, the breath of the White Lotus Secret Treasure is just a little remnant of this Linga flower, which has brought earth-shaking changes to the whole White Lotus Sword Domain.

When Linga’s flowers really bloom, the scene in all of the White Lotus Sword Domain will be unimaginable.

Today’s White Lotus Sword Domain is not the unknown remote sword area where Yun Hai the sky sword lived in the past. Although people can’t directly observe the existence of the Holy tree Linga, people deduce the future of Linga flower.

Therefore, at the moment, the housing price in the upper-level area of the White Lotus Sword Domain is so expensive. Countless forces are focusing on the White Lotus Secret Treasure that will bloom.

“Just one petal.” Yun Xi did not want to monopolize the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

All he needs is a petal of the White Lotus Secret Treasure to help him solve his current problems.

Although he didn’t understand why the fading green light inside his body told him that he could achieve his wish by borrowing a petal from the Holy Tree Linga.

It sounds like a dream come true. It’s too unrealistic.

“……” The Holy tree Linga sways, and the bamboo shoot shaped tree body shows layers of lines, which makes Yun Xi immerse in the endless brilliance of wisdom for a moment.

These lines, every trace and every line are the evolution of “rules”. The Holy tree Linga itself is a rare plant-type fantastic creature, the lines it engraves are the interpretation of the mysteries of “wisdom” and “life”. Without the help of Lvji’s power, human beings would never have seen the Holy tree Linga hidden in the deepest world rules.

A small white flower blooms from the Holy tree Linga. It is the flower of wisdom with eight leaves and the true body of the White Lotus Secret Treasure.

According to legend, four leaf grass brings luck, while an eight leaf flower represents the door to endless wisdom.

At the moment, this Linga flower is about to grow, only the last petal is still partially developed.

In the face of Yun Xi’s request, Linga generously delivers the petal that has not yet been fully developed to Yun Xi.

This piece of flower petal with countless regular lines, accompanied by a reassuring warm breeze, gently …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 760

Chapter 760: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (14)

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, small and white, clean and bright, talk to me.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, one by one, may you bloom and grow happily.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, my lovely little baby, come on and be with me.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, my little snowflake, I want to be with you every day.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, come and find me.”

“My lovely Edelweiss, I like you. One day, we will meet again.”

“At that time, smile at me and welcome me.”

“This is our unchanging agreement.”

Yun Xi’s eyes were full of tears.

At that moment, his figure almost coincided with the boy waiting by the lake.

The young boy tried his best to wait until the body could no longer support it. When it was dark, when the body temperature almost disappeared, the lifeline of the body was in danger.

In the end, he didn’t wait for the person he wanted to wait for and didn’t say the words that had been prepared for a long time.

On that day, the lines of the fate of both sides were completely staggered, just like the distance between the world, gradually drifting away.

The owner of the green wing is late for a long time. Maybe it is a period of negligible time for the creatures that can cross the sky.

But for those who are in love, it is as long as a century.

Some time, missed is missed.

Some people, you think she will always be by their side, always can see her, but suddenly, you will never find her.

Sometimes, fate is so changeable and unpredictable.

Even if you are high and have all the praise and glory of the supreme wing, you will lose your important things.

“Lvji…” Yun Xi remembered this soft and sad name.

Numerous green light spots are gathered in Yun Xi’s body, which is different from the violent sun walker’s power, which is totally under the control of Yun Xi.

He knows nothing about how to use this power that doesn’t belong to the world at all, but it’s not something he needs to worry about.

These forces are completely harmless to him. Instead of being lighted by the power of the sunwalker, this power will nourish his body in reverse.

The cost is that the number of these green dots is constantly decreasing, and a large number of them are disappearing every moment.

It’s the power built on sacrifice, the power to give Yun Xi unlimited protection, wisdom, and courage.

“Flowers…” Yun Xi instinctively understood how to find the most suitable carrier for these forces.

This infinite force of life has the possibility of creating all miracles. The way in which they are used to express strength is “flowers”.

If Lvji was here, she would be able to create infinite beautiful flowers and turn the barren land into a paradise full of flowers.

What she held was just that incredible brilliance of life, an alien of the great …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 759

Chapter 759: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (13)

No, it’s not the power of sunwalker!

Once again, opening the forbidden door that should never be opened, Yun Xi is even ready to be burned by the flames of the sun.

Yun Xi has a vague guess about where the golden-red sun wings come from. After all, this is not the first time he has used the power from sunwalker.

This time, however, the wing from behind the doors opened by the Starwings is quite different from those of the last time.

It is an incomparably beautiful Green Wing full of the breath of life, just like the incarnation of the spirit of all living things in heaven and earth. The crystal-clear wing does not have any strange feeling, but is full of the breath of the birth of all things.

And, it’s not a pair of wings, it’s just one wing!

The moment this wing appeared, Yun Xi heard the song. It was a song of missing that had crossed the distance of time and reverberated in the world.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star, small and white, clean and bright, talk to me.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, one by one, may you bloom and grow happily.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, my lovely little baby, come on and be with me.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, my little snowflake, I want to be with you every day.”

“Edelweiss, edelweiss, come and find me.”

Along with the slightly sad and full of longing song, the intelligent creatures of the whole world saw the wing and heard the song coming from the river of time.

Beautiful and clear green wing, showing an eternally beautiful posture, emitting countless green light spots, to fall on the earth, into the river and fall to the bottom of the abyss.

Many of them fell to Yun Xi.

Unlike the sun’s wings, the green wing clearly reveals part of her message.

“Praise you, our highest wing.”

“The glory of green, the beauty of flying.”

The green wing, representing the eternal glory, spread out behind Yun Xi, gently touching him and wrapping his body.

Time changes, Yun Xi saw a piece of green water, transparent as green gems, hazy fog surrounded the green water, making all this seem like a dream.

Under the early sun, the small trees beside the lake swaying, shedding golden lights from the shadows.

The young man was sitting under the big tree beside the green water. He was wet through, but he looked forward to the bright green water.

“Come and play hide and seek.” It seems that there is a girl’s echo beside his ears. He clearly did not see her appearance, but had a feeling that the softest part of the heart is touched.

The young man was looking around, but he couldn’t find the girl’s figure. He could only wander around the lake where the two met over and over again.

On the big tree, there is graffiti.

It was an umbrella, a very poorly painted umbrella with …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 758

Chapter 758: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (12)

It is also the battle of the dragons, however, the battle between Desert Dragon Zaka and White Moon is quite different.

Ice Dragon Zaka and the Queen of Assyria are more like wizards, the Frost Dragon Teeth and the Blood Moon Blade are typical long-range attack weapons.

But the battle between Desert Dragon Zaka and the black flame demon bug is like diamond cutting diamond.

White Moon stepped her barefoot onto the body of the black flame demon bug, dominating the sixty-nine most dangerous demon bug in the starry sky. Two black tentacles turned into huge black flaming whips, which severely bombarded the huge body of Desert Dragon Zaka.

“Roooaaarrrrr!” The dragon scales, which are invulnerable to fire and water, are burned with two black marks. Desert Dragon Zaka lowers her head and directly hits the head of the black demon bug.

Compared with the nearly 50-meter body of Desert Dragon Zaka, the black flame demon bug, which is only about 10 meters long, looks small and exquisite.

However, the power of the bug doesn’t depend on body shape.

In other people’s eyes, ants that seem to be able to trample to death with one foot can easily lift objects more than 400 times their own weight, while it’s far from the strongest amongst all insects. Some beetles can lift objects thousands of times their own weight.

The appearance of the black flame demon bug seems to be more inclined to longicorn. This is a kind of insect known for its absolute strength and super strong crustacean. After countless times of evolution, its power has become more terrifying.

Even the Desert Dragon Impact, which was strong enough to smash the towering mountains, didn’t make the black flame demon bug retreat. Instead, it took the initiative to rush up without fear. It used its hard head and the extremely different body size of Desert Dragon Zaka to fight head-on.

The forces of both sides collided with each other, and then fought, making the ground emit a huge wail, forming a large-scale earthquake.

Numerous spider-web-like cracks spread from the place where the two giants collide. Visible shock waves swept the land, and countless gravel even flew to the sky, forming small mushroom clouds.

All the hot sand burst out and even formed a storm!

This is a natural disaster. It is created by the giant dragon and demon bug. It is enough to make the human species extinct.

If the battlefield had deviated from the Royal City, the whole city would have been buried in this spreading earthquake.

“Trachoma, storm!” Desert dragon Zaka has never felt that she is in such a good state that the magic in her body almost forms a huge wave.

Stepping on the desert land, she did not step back, even if she was facing the black demon bug, whose strength was stronger than her own. Instead, she turned all the strength of the desert into a part …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 757

PS: I’m back, not dead yet

Chapter 757: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (11)

“Ga!” Ice Dragon Zaka’s whole body was unnaturally stagnant, and her body was pierced by the bloody light blade and almost completely still in the sky.

The second forbidden spell which had already been launched was completely interrupted. Countless ice crystals were flying around her beautiful body, becoming extremely messy.

“Two…” The Queen of Assyria, once again, pointed to the head of Ice Dragon Zaka.

Another bloody light blade was shot out, and this time, Ice Dragon Zaka responded in time. At the critical moment, she leaned her dragon head over and only let the strange bloody light blade brush her dragon horn.

At this time, the power of the first bloody light blade appeared in Ice Dragon Zaka’s body.

The chilling blood lines spread rapidly and incomparably from the place where they were penetrated, and soon covered half of Ice Dragon Zaka’s body.

What’s this? Ice Dragon Zaka instinctively felt that something was wrong, especially in the area of the heart that had been crossed by the bloody light blade, and convulsed uncontrollably.

On the ground, the Queen of Assyria pulls out a translucent bloody magic dagger with graceful movements.

It was the magic sword used by the Millennium queen.

The name of the sword – Assyria’s Witch Blade. It is an ancient god weapon inherited by the royal family of Assyria. It is a magic sword restricted to women.

The Queen of Assyria once used to defeat the arrogant dragon with this magic dagger, so that those dragon people withdrew from the mainland, and made the kingdom of Assyria an unprecedented glory.

Therefore, this Witch Blade is also known as the Queen’s Blade, which symbolizes the supreme power of the witch in the kingdom.

This God weapon was originally like a crystal sword. It was used to control the huge magic power of the Queen of Assyria. If necessary, it could even be transformed into a huge lightsaber, tearing the sky.

It’s just, after that night of the blood moon, everything changed.

The Queen of Assyria, who killed all her enemies, was eventually contaminated and assimilated by the blood moon.

As a symbol of the Queen of Assyria, the Witch Blade has become a part of the blood moon.

It is just different from the knight kings who burned themselves out. The Queen of Assyria was favored by the ancient gods and gained the power of the blood moon.

That’s the ominous power of the curse. If the Queen of Assyria in the past was a kind-hearted witch, then she is the one who symbolizes blood and death now.

Her magic also changed from light-type and water-type to blood-type magic.

At this moment, the blade in her hand becomes the blade of the blood moon.

The bloody light blade that runs through Ice Dragon Zaka’s body is the “landmark” used to launch blood magic.

Slowly holding the Witch Blade in her hand, the …

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