Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 772

Chapter 772: The Seduced Red Dragon

“Eat you, eat you, eat you!”

“Marry you, marry you, marry you!”

Obviously, Red Dragon Zaka inherits the tradition of the great four sisters of Zaka and is very easy to get into a state of chaos when dealing with things that are too complicated.

After a while, Red Dragon Zaka’s eyes were already full of confusion, holding her head in her hands and looking at Yun Xi with an extremely fierce and hesitant look.

It looks like a beast ready to kill its prey and a girl looking at her lover.

This is the first time that Yun Xi sees someone who can mix these two kinds of expressions on their face. She is really a fierce and lovely girl.

In order to avoid burning his sister-in-law’s mind out because of excessive thinking, Yun Xi felt that the joke should be over.

It’s enough for him to marry Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka. He doesn’t want to gather together the four dragons!

Even if he had collected the four Zaka sisters together, it would only be at the rage of the most terrible dragons waiting for him.

“It’s just a joke.”

“Don’t mind.”

“I don’t want you to return anything. You are free.”

Yun Xi tries to smile gently, ready to coax Red Dragon Zaka, who is a little bit grumpy.

Compared with her sisters, her temperament seems to be particularly impatient. Should he say that “no wonder she is the red dragon incarnated by fire”?

“Joke?” Red Dragon Zaka doesn’t think so. It is impossible for ordinary human beings to dare to refuse a dragon’s wishes.

That is to say, the proposal just now is real?

How dare this human being propose to a dragon!

Sure enough, I should eat him! Red Dragon Zaka licked her lips. From the beginning, she felt that the human being in front of her was very delicious food.

What kind of taste is it? Red Dragon Zaka can’t describe it in words.

In her memory, she has never smelt such a sweet and delicious smell. Just smelling him makes her intoxicated. If she licks and tastes him, she will be more reluctant to stop.

“Goo!” Red Dragon Zaka’s stomach suddenly became hungry.

I want to eat him! The world’s most delicious food may be in front of me! Red Dragon Zaka can’t help it.

“Hungry?” Yun Xi snapped his finger, and the hero ranked Baker’s ability was launched.

A golden bread with soft golden light, wheat flavor, and rich cream flavor appears in Yun Xi’s hand, which is one of the 100 limited loaves of bread in his bread storeroom.

This ability is an additional ability of his own hero rank, so it can be used even in the trial world, while the light refining furnace, the water god’s three god weapons, and hydra’s wine cannot appear in this trial world.

Of course, if he can integrate the light refining furnace and hydra’s wine …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 771

Chapter 771: Make a Wish to Me, Mortal

“Er… Is the heart OK?” Looking at Red Dragon Zaka who seems to have recovered to a lively state, Yun Xi can’t help but sigh at the dragon’s vitality.

The kind of injury actually recovered in less than an hour. If her heart had not disappeared, she would have recovered without his help.

No wonder a dragon is a legendary creature at the top of the food chain of the endless god’s domains.

“Heart!” At this time, Red Dragon Zaka finally realized that her current situation was abnormal.

She clearly remembers that her heart was wiped from her body by the witch in white with extremely terrible means, and finally, she suffered a tragic defeat.

Even though she is a dragon, she can’t survive without a heart. It is almost impossible to damage the heart of the dragon.

Unable to change back to the giant red dragon pose, Zaka can feel the high agitation of her chest and the damned “evil claws”.

Her heart has lost, so what is beating in her chest now?

What is this object that makes a powerful sound, that is constantly fluctuating and shrinking in her chest?

Red Dragon Zaka knew instinctively that without this object, she would have died.




Yun Xi’s palm almost recorded every detail of Red Dragon Zaka’s towering chest. After that, the parts close to each other finally separated.

However, a transparent green silk thread remained on Yun Xi’s fingertips and Red Dragon Zaka’s bud tips, which took a while to disappear.

“Boom!” The Red Dragon Zaka’s flaming flame soared into the sky, and then quickly woven into a gorgeous dress. It was a princess skirt with bright colors and multiple red and black lace. It was no problem to say that it was the Queen’s dress.

Like a dragon horn, the crystal crown on Red Dragon Zaka’s head is indescribably noble.

The front part of the chest, the bow woven out of the red ribbon is just right to cover the chest, giving people a faint sense of temptation.

Under the high skirt is a pair of nearly perfect jade-like legs.

The small jade feet are stepping on a pair of high-heeled shoes with red glass heels, which makes Red Dragon Zaka’s height increase a few points, although even then, her height is only to reach the neck position of Yun Xi.

“You… what have you done to my heart?” Finally, Red Dragon Zaka, who finally weaves his magic costume, presses her chest nervously, feeling the familiar and strange beating sound, and her mind is blank.

“I think… it is a flower there.” Yun Xi doesn’t know what’s going on.

He still had the strength of Lvji in his body, and helped the dying Red Dragon Zaka build a flower that could replace the heart, which was far beyond his expectation.

“Flower?” Red Dragon Zaka closed her eyes and felt the leaping sound inside her body with all her …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 770

Chapter 770: Resuscitated Heart

Yun Xi did not expect that after calling Linga the Holy Tree, the green spot left by the unknown existence named “Lvji” still remained in his body, and played an important role in this critical moment.

The only embarrassment was that his palms seemed unable to move from the chest of Red Dragon Zaka because of these green dots.

The soft and smooth skin seemed to stick with his palm. He could even feel the sound of the heartbeat clearly from the palm.




Because she regained her heart, the seemingly incurable body of Red Dragon Zaka began to repair itself bit by bit.

About a quarter of an hour later, Red Dragon Zaka coughed, vomited a lot of blood stasis, and opened her weak but no longer dying eyes.

The eyes of the red dragon look like the color of volcanic eruption, hot and bright, like the combination of the most beautiful ruby and sunset.

“You… you… what are you doing!” As soon as she woke up, Red Dragon Zaka found that her strong scales had disappeared, her proud huge body had disappeared, and even her dragon horn had retracted into her body.

All over her body, not even a dress!

What a shame! What made her angrier is that this human is still kneading her chest!

“No… don’t misunderstand it… I’m trying to save you…” Yun Xi only wants to cry.

“Die! “Red Dragon Zaka put her hands around Yun Xi’s neck, and her feet locked his body. She was ready to break his neck.

But before she broke Yun Xi’s neck with both hands, her whole body was suddenly weak.

The hands that wanted to break Yun Xi’s head slid down, and her strong and slender feet did not escape the disaster. The originally fatal move of killing instantly turned into the coquetry between lovers.

The culprit for all this is naturally the flower that revived Red Dragon Zaka, the last gift Lvji left to Yun Xi.

Red Dragon Zaka, who lost her heart in the battle with the twin witches, would have died. It was because of the mimicry heart formed by this flower that she could survive.

The gift was given by Lvji to Yun Xi, how could it do anything to hurt Yun Xi? Red Dragon Zaka’s counterattack is doomed to be invalid.

“You… what have you done to my body…” finds that she has almost lost all her strength, for the first time in her life, Red Dragon Zaka shows her panic like an unarmed mortal girl.

Even when she was facing the witch dressed in white, when she fell from the sky, she never had such an expression.

Death in the war is not an unacceptable outcome for Red Dragon Zaka. A fall in the battle with super-strong enemies like the twin witches is totally acceptable to the red dragon.

On the contrary, she didn’t die and her body fell into an unknown person’s hand, and …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 769

Chapter 769: Contract

What broke her wings was a Red Lotus Demon Sword.

Through her body was the shining Ring of Stars and Moon.

What erased her heart was the “motto” or “karma” launched by the witch in white, ignoring all her defensive resistance.

She perhaps can defeat any one of the twin witches, but they will not be separated.

When they fight together, even a dragon will be afraid of the power they play with.

They, who have opened a door to a higher realm, can even create the miracle of stars falling.

This war was a complete and tragic defeat of the crimson dragon, even at the cost of its own life.

The torn dragon wings can grow back little by little.

The penetrated body can also absorb lava essence to repair.

However, the lost heart can never recover, because it has been completely “captured” by the witch in white, and has become the booty of the twin witches.

“Well, little human, if you want to do it, do it.” The dragon closed her eyes and waited for her death.

To be able to walk on the ground in this lava lake and have a magic sword… It may not be the worst outcome for her to be killed by such a strong human.

Even if the human is an ant in the eyes of the dragon, it is an ant strong enough to threaten the dragon, the king of ants.

As for the twin witches, she was sure they were not human beings.

She had an honest and upright fight against them, the most formidable enemies.

She can’t imagine that human beings can be as powerful as the twins.

Their eyes gave her a sense that they were not human beings but connected to some kind of great will.

That kind of feeling is like, no matter how strong she is, losing in their hands is the absolute destiny which can not be defied.

“You… are you an evil dragon?” Yun Xi slowly came to the crimson dragon, which was the third and strongest dragon he had ever seen in the world.

“Yes, I am the most ferocious crimson dragon. I should have been the great volcano overlord.” Even though her death was approaching, the crimson dragon still raised her proud head.

Dragons never bow their heads.

In the early days, there was only one voice, which was always in high spirits and complacent.

“Hey, sister Ice Dragon, sister Red Dragon, and sister Black Dragon, I am your elder sister, Desert Dragon Zaka!”

“For you, I will respond to the will of the great mother and conquer the world.”

“The barbarians in the north have all surrendered. They have changed their belief in total. From today on, the dragon is their faith!”

“The desert tribes in the West have also surrendered. They are willing to offer sacrifices to our great dragons.”

“Now, there are still the southern tribal areas with witches and the last Knight kingdom of …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 768

Chapter 768: The Fallen Dragon

Like meteors penetrating the atmosphere, there are huge objects similar to crimson meteorites falling in the distant sky, making a loud sound that Yun Xi, who is hundreds of kilometers away, feels that his eardrum is about to break.

Where the meteorite fell, there appeared a red mushroom cloud, which seemed to be accompanied by a kind of unwilling roar.

In the midst of the blaze, the red light that was spreading from the sky began to dissipate. After about a minute, it completely disappeared.

The fire clouds from all directions also all restored the original color.

It was just that lava-like crimson color that lasted quite a long time.

Both sides of the battle have the power of burning mountains and boiling the sea, and the danger level is no less than that of the bloody wedding not long ago.

This continent is indeed a dangerous place. It is far from as simple as it seems.

The time when the knights were the highest force on the mainland was long gone.

In any case, this is a battle that has been decided. It seems that the person who summoned countless fire clouds and almost ignited the sky was finally defeated by the one who dominated the stars.

Yun Xi also wants to know who the person is that calls the glory of the stars.

However, Yun Xi always thinks that maybe things are not so simple.

With a trace of curiosity, Yun Xi began to move towards the area where the meteor might have fallen.

The closer Yun Xi gets to the place where the huge object fell, the more he can feel the horror of the battle before.

A hundred kilometers away from the falling area, the vegetation is still barely in its original shape, and when it is about 80 kilometers away, obvious dehydration symptoms begin to appear.

Within 50 kilometers, most of the vegetation leaves are withered, as if they have not been moistened for months in the drought, but this is on the river bank of the largest river in the mainland!

By the time he enters the inner ring area about 20 kilometers from the falling area, it is already a complete natural disaster scene.

Almost all the plants are dead. Something more terrifying than the hot wind in the desert completely destroys the vitality of these trees. The temperature in the air exceeds 50 degrees, which is an environment that human beings cannot live in.

In addition to a very small number of brambles surviving, both plants and animals have been extinct.

Moving forward, the environment can only be called hell.

The mountain range of flame – Yun Xi can only use this word to describe this terrible scenery.

River was burned beyond recognition.

The forest no longer exists.

There is a ring of flaming mountains, with numerous lava flows, as if guarding something, unscrupulously erupted deadly poison gas and flame.

The end of the day is probably …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 767

Chapter 767: The Burning Sky

In the end, Yun Xi accepted his fate.

“Why, I’m just here to beat down the dragon, just to have a cruel and bloody trial of death.”

“Clearly I want to carry out such a great trial, but why did it come to this point?”

In the forest, Yun Xi is advancing through all kinds of difficulties.

Today is the third day of his journey alone. In the name of “cultivation and seclusion”, he temporarily got rid of his four princesses and left his kingdom alone to carry out one of the most important trials of the dragon’s war.

Goal – to marry the twin witches and gain their power.

This is also one of the branch tasks he has to complete. According to Robin, without the power of the twin witches, he will not be able to defeat the terrible original dragon.

Indeed, the power of Red Lotus and White Lotus is absolutely strong, which is recognized by his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo.

His childhood sweetheart didn’t even praise the first master of the White Lotus Sword Domain, the White Lotus Sword Master, who was at the sixth rank. However, she only praises the twin witches. This is the first time Yun Xi sees Hua Huo recognizing her peers.

Yun Xi still doesn’t know how strong Hua Huo really is.

Her strength is that the stronger you become, the more you can find the gap with her.

The only twin witches recognized by Hua Huo also has the God’s talent, and it is a special God’s talent that Yun Xi still does not know.

Even his teacher, Casina the Battle God has said that this generation of twin witches in the White Lotus Sword Domain is unfathomable and has unlimited potential.

Yun Xi also believes that if he can get the help of the twin witches, it will be absolutely useful to defeat the terrible dragon.

Just, why should we take marriage as the premise!

And, before he came to the world, the marriage contract was written?

Why has the first king who has been devoted to her Majesty, the Queen of Assyria, make such a strange agreement with the witches?

Yun Xi sniffed out the smell of conspiracy and felt the malice of the world line.

“Well, there must be a choice not to get married.”

“The future can be changed!” Yun Xi cheers himself on.

Didn’t he change the future of the kingdom by marrying four princesses?

“Shua!” Yun Xi walked out of the dense forest and saw a magnificent river in front of him.

Seeing the river, Yun Xi couldn’t help but think of the memory of sinking into the river with Desert Dragon Zaka, intertwined with each other, and finally Zaka drowned and fainted.

It was just a few days ago, but it gave him a strange feeling of nostalgia.

Today’s Desert Dragon Zaka is probably still eating and drinking in the palace. Although she is a bit impatient and …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 766

Chapter 766: The Condition for Saving the World is…

“Why! Why is this a marriage contract? Shouldn’t the content be something like ‘watch the enemy and help each other’?” Yun Xi looked at Robin, almost exasperated.

He did not know anything about the people in the southern forest.

It’s a human branch that, like his kingdom, splits from the ancient kingdom of Assyria.

However, the ancestor of his kingdom, the “original knight” chose the way of knighthood and continued to guard the ruins of ancient Assyria, while the one who was originally the “priest” fled to the remote southern forest and chose the road of seclusion.

They did not exist in the form of a kingdom, but became a separate tribe, and developed a unique witch system.

The witches are the incarnation of God and the representatives of the sacred and inviolable God.

Witches are not allowed to marry. They guard an ancient covenant and are chosen from the best girls of the tribe.

They firmly believe that the witch will become the Savior of the world, the noblest existence in the world, and the successor of the truly great Assyria.

Now, the covenant tells Yun Xi that the witches had made an agreement with the first king long ago, and noted on the back that the covenant had special conditions.

“Well… it is because marriage is always the most direct and effective means of covenant. Prince, you are already a king. You should understand.” Robin looks like she is going to laugh, and seems to be full of sympathy for what Yun Xi is going to do next.

“I know! I know!” Yun Xi gnawed his teeth and gazed at the marriage contract, which was written many generations ago.

“But I’ve never heard of a king marrying a witch, which never happened.”

There is only one queen of the king. That is the eternal beautiful queen, the great Queen of Assyria.

As knights, kings have never married other princesses, and there is always only one master in the king’s palace.

Until his generation, he not only married the Queen of Assyria, but also married the daughter of the Queen of Assyria, White Moon, not to mention Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka. He has achieved the epic mission of “Marrying Four Princesses”.

“Of course, it’s because the kings loved the queen so much that they didn’t plan to marry the witch.” Robin was happy to tell her king that answer.

“So this covenant has never been used.”

“In fact, according to the records, there were still a few witches who had expressed their affection for the kings.”

“It’s just that all the kings were so devoted that they couldn’t fulfill this additional condition.”

“Over time, the witches gave up.”

“But you, Prince, you don’t have this problem.” When it comes to this, Robin’s smile’s even more brilliant.

“Now you have married four princesses, it won’t hurt to have more. Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, Lulu, and Xiaomi are all …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 765

Chapter 765: The Third Zaka

The day the prince married his four princesses.

The people cheered to celebrate the day when the ancient kingdom entered a new page in history.

Far away in the middle of the continent, surrounded by the Forgotten Ruins, a green light rises from the dragon’s nest!

Then, as if something terrible was brewing, the whole central mountains were shaking.

A great earthquake is coming!

First, there was a deafening noise, then a deep gasp when the earth trembled. Countless spider web cracks appeared on the ground and then became bigger and bigger. Finally, it completely tore apart the ancient ruins that had existed for thousands of years.

It seems that there is a black demon raging here, it has walked down the streets, broke the bridge, crushed the tower, and pulled apart all the stone pillars one by one.

Scattered palace ruins, half water tower… the ruins gradually collapsed and came to an end.

All of the Forgotten Ruins are beginning to be shrouded in fog. Lime, loess, coal dust, soot, and the dead matter of a city’s destruction are mixed into a gray fog.

The thick fog floated, rising one after another, like a curtain slowly suspended in the air, silently enveloping the ruins and the silent city of Assyria.

However, this is not the end.

There is a greater, more ferocious force that has not been released deep underground.

They are waiting, waiting for the awakening of a great life, the most fierce and craziest creature bred by the original dragon’s green light.

Originally, it would have taken longer for her to be born, but now, under the anger of the original dragon, her birth date has been greatly advanced.

The earthquake was a sign of her awakening.

However, it’s not enough. It’s not enough to just push down the Forgotten Ruins where the original dragon was suppressed.

The original dragon’s anger is a more terrifying force!




It was the roar of the earth. It was the roar of some kind of force, like the heartbeat of the world.


In the endless hot magma, a huge eye opened. It was a vertical dragon eye, the eye of a murderous dragon.

The shadow of the red dragon is taking shape in the depth of magma.

She is the king of fire, crimson dragon, is the most violent, the most domineering dragon!

The third Zaka is out of the shell!

In response to her rage, the entire crust of the Forgotten Ruins began to melt, and tens of millions of tons of magma erupted from the depths of the earth.

It was a more tyrannical and devastating natural disaster than Ice Dragon Zaka’s Ice Land spell. It was a big earthquake that could erase a country from the earth!

What’s more, it’s the end of the final magma eruption, the end of the core collapse!

About 30 meters long, the red giant dragon is flying above the mushroom cloud, sending out …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 764

Chapter 764: Lies Save the World

The blood moon disappeared from the sky.

People, as if nothing had happened, were cheering for the prince’s wedding. They could not see that the blood moon had seized their senses just now, shouting “long live the queen!” and “The princess is the most lovely!”.

Now, of course, they’re still in a frenzy.

Because today is the prince’s wedding day.

There are four princesses who marry princes.

The first princess, from the ancient kingdom of Assyria, was a proud and beautiful queen.

She stood on the prince’s right side with a smile. She wore a white wedding dress and held the biggest bouquet in her hand.

She is worthy of being the most suitable princess! Noble and elegant, she and the prince are a perfect match.

The second princess, also from the ancient kingdom of Assyria, is a lovely little princess.

She was wearing a gorgeous princess dress and looked more like a baby princess doted on by the prince than the bride. She was innocent, holding Mumu’s hand, standing in front of the prince, enjoying the prince’s touch from time to time.

Finally, there were the third and fourth princesses.

The two princesses, with different colored horns on their foreheads, show their preternatural identity.

One of them is the overlord of the desert, and the other is the king of the ice field.

Desert dragon Zaka, Princess of the most powerful Dragon Kingdom on the mainland.

Ice Dragon Zaka, sister of Desert Dragon Zaka, ruler of the emerging country of the north.

They are both extremely powerful dragon girls. As the object of marriage, they make a marriage contract with the prince.

The prince who married these four princesses is undoubtedly the happiest person in the world.

At the same time, it is also the beginning of the Kingdom’s glory. To marry these four princesses means that the prince has the support of the whole world.

People think of the moment when the prince was born, the prophecy made by the ancient augur to the newly born prince.

“Prince, your future is very great.”

“You are the hope of the world, the next king.”

“The day you were born, everyone was cheering for you.”

“Even if there is an evil dragon, it can’t hide your glory.”

“The gods are watching you. You are the only one born by destiny.”

“Let us be your power, our prince.”

Yes, the prophecy has come true now. The prince, through the power of love, even the terrible dragons are willing to be the prince’s bride.

He is the son of destiny in people’s minds, and he is destined to be the strongest king.

He is the greatest knight, the most perfect king, the hope of the world, the chosen one!

Today is the day when the prince marries four princesses and brings peace to the world.

The wedding is for the prince!

The Starwings knights on the stage witnessed the history of this miracle.

“What happened?” Hua …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 763

Chapter 763: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (End)

“I see… this is the truth of Yun Hai’s Quadrant Sword.” Yun Xi gapes at the history of the Sky Sword presented by the Holy Tree Linga.

Yun Hai cheated the whole world and changed the whole world.

“So sometimes I don’t have to worry too much. That’s not something people like me should worry about.”

“If I come across a ridge that I can’t cross in any case.”

“If it’s a problem that can’t be solved by any means.”

“Then, lie.”

“If I deceive the world, I succeed.”

Under the Holy Tree Linga, the figure who will become one of the greatest sky swords in the Sky Sword God’s Domain in the future has made a decision, a decision that will later affect the whole Sky Sword God’s Domain and make countless mathematicians cry and curse him.

“This problem is decided to be related to cats.”

“Well, because I like cats.”

Yun Xi nodded in agreement. He did not have the extraordinary mathematical talent and deduction ability of Yun Hai the Sky Sword, but only this point was similar.

Two people in different worlds like cats. They both see the cat that exists and doesn’t exist, neither alive nor dead. The cat that steps on the world line gracefully.

It is so incredible that it cannot be described in any language.

“I see!”

“I can do it in this way!”

For a moment, Yun Xi was so blessed that he suddenly thought of how to use the petal of Linga, 1/8 of White Lotus Secret Treasure.

“It’s a dream, and it’s not a dream.”

“It’s a trial, and it’s a new world.”

“Who can tell whether the world is real, whether I am dreaming or a butterfly in this world is dreaming?”

“Maybe everything in this world is not true.”

Yun Xi kisses the petal that sends out the wonderful breath of life, and begins to lie bravely to the world, to the wedding of the blood moon, which is about to trigger a world-scale tragedy.

So the story begins.

“A long time ago… no, maybe a long time later…”

“About a thousand years after the fall of the ancient kingdom of Assyria… No, it’s the first year after the new kingdom was established.”

“There was a prince who met his beloved.”

“As the prince grows older, it is time for him to have to get married, and he is distressed because he has so many lovers.”

“So, he began to be distressed and confided his heart to the girls who might be his brides.”

“The first bride, who was the first to make an appointment with him, a queen came from an ancient royal family.”

“The queen is proud and beautiful.”

“The queen is clever and kind.”

“The Queen’s country is from a distant world, and is called Assyria!”

“Answer me, my queen, would you like to be my princess?”

In the sky above the Royal City, the Queen …

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