Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Elf’s Attack

“Hua Huo…” Yun Xi looked at Hua Huo, whose expression was really bad at this moment. His back was covered with cold sweat.

“Mei, you’re my maid!” Hua Huo stared at Hua Yue’s full breasts and snow-white skin, then looked back at her own chest, having a very sad feeling in her heart. The White Gold Rose Bloodline had quite the superiority in regards to appearance. Once a girl awakened her White Gold Rose Bloodline, she would become a natural blonde girl.

Her skin was so soft and seduced people to bite it. She gave Yun Xi a feeling that her skin would taste like a sweet juice. After all, she was a blonde beauty! That was a pretty rare sight in the whole Sky Sword God’s Domain. Yun Xi couldn’t stop himself from indulging in the fantasy.

“Gee? Mei, you’re Hua Huo’s maid? I see…” Looking at Yun Xi’s black maid’s uniform, Hua Yue saw the light suddenly. In the whole White Lotus Sword Domain, only Hua Huo’s family had the ability to train such a perfect maid.

After all, Hua Huo was…

“Yes. I’m Hua Huo’s greatsword maid,” Yun Xi said with shyness. Although he wanted to take off the cursed maid’s uniform immediately, but the threat of the unknown but definitely terrible Apostle forced him to accept this identity.

“Greatsword maid!” Hua Yue was really shocked after hearing this. After all, the greatsword maid’s legacy wasn’t something inferior to her White Gold Rose Bloodline! The greatsword maid never served specific people, because they were the god’s maids!

In the Western God’s Domain, to be a greatsword maid was every maid’s dream. How could it be possible that a greatsword maid suddenly came to the White Lotus Sword Domain?! This was the territory of Eastern God’s Domain!
“Humph. Not a bad maid, isn’t she? I chose her to be my greatsword maid, inheriting the legacy of the third maid, Killing Princess,” Hua Huo proudly stood beside Yun Xi. She felt that it was one of her smartest decisions to let Yun Xi to be a greatsword maid.

“She inherited the legacy of the third maid, Killing Princess!” Hua Yue didn’t expect that she would see a living legend standing in front of her today. That explained the strange feeling when she saw the black maid’s uniform. This wasn’t a common maid’s uniform! It could be regarded as a hard armour that was made of soft cloth.

She knew the rarity of a greatsword maid and she knew of the value of the legacy Yun Xi had inherited. Every greatsword maid who had a single-digit number had been recognized by history itself. For thousands of years, none of them were mediocre.

Killing Princess was the one who had the most powerful anti-person power amongst the top ten greatsword maids. She also had an alternate name which was less known but bloodier: “Slaughtering Princess”.

However, in Hua Yue’s eyes, she didn’t see any signs that Mei …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Hidden Sword

That’s strange. Is she deliberately trying not to harm me?

Yun Xi’s Crane Wings Twin Swords and Hua Yue’s White Gold Crossed Sword continuously crisscrossed in the air. They had seen through each other’s sword skills and moves. Although their battle seemed to be very violent, but actually, it posed very little danger.

Compared to the battle between Childe Yun He and himself, Yun Xi felt that he was actually playing a game now. If he had to describe the difference, that would be the strange atmosphere between them as they attacked each other.
She will perform continuous attacks from the front!

She is going to launch a charge attack!

Oh, this is Xiao Cao’s continuous thrusting! Has she learned that?

Yun Xi discovered that he had been wrong. Hua Yue’s talent wasn’t inferior to Xiao Cao’s. As her White Gold Rose Bloodline awakened, her crossed sword skill was becoming perfect. Compared to Flying Swallow Sword which was nimble and unpredictable, the Crossed Sword unified both attack and defense.

Hua Yue’s sword skill was biased towards defense. She preferred to counterattack after making sure of her own safety. In some way, her battle style restrained the Flying Swallow Sword.

Xiao Cao’s sword was a mortal’s sword that had reached the limit. Hua Yue’s sword was a gorgeous and useable Holy Crossed Sword.

“Ding!” Crane Wings Twin Swords and Holy Crossed Sword collided with each other in the air and made euphonious tremulous sounds. They were both hero ranked weapons such that mortals couldn’t release their true powers. No matter whether it was Yun Xi or Hua Yue, they both could only use a small part of their sword’s powers.

As the old proverb said, “Diamond cuts diamond”. This was the best picture to describe their current situation. Yun Xi planned to learn from Hua Yue and practice during the exam, so he didn’t use the twin swords’ flying ability, but only used his Flying Swallow Sword to fight with Hua Yue.

In order to repay Hua Yue for her seed, he deliberately became the whetstone for Hua Yue’s awakened bloodline, to help her sharpen her Holy Crossed Sword. At the same time, this would also help him improve his own sword skill. After obtaining Xiao Cao’s incredible talent, mortal’s sword, his last weakness had been offset. This was the best time for him to practice his sword skill.

He met the right person at the right time. This was the meaning of this battle. They had already forgotten that they were having the Sword Palace’s entrance test. They had only one goal: to temper their sword skills in this battle.

“Arrghhh! I can’t stand it! This is not a battle!” Hua Huo was on tenterhooks. Her jealousy radar was warning her that her big breasted elder female cousin was becoming more and more threatening.

“It’s rare to see such a high-level competition. Why should we stop them?” Red Lotus was satisfied with the current situation. …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Yun Hai’s Legacy

“Since you have been chosen by Crane Wings Twin Swords, I allow you to inherit my legacy. Remember, the sea of clouds is shapeless. The secret of my sword skill isn’t in the sword but in the heart.” (Yun Hai was the man’s name, but also meant “the sea of clouds”)

Yun Hai stepped on the sea of clouds and started to perform his strongest sword skill.

“This is…” Yun Xi found out that he didn’t understand this sword skill at all because he couldn’t see any signs that the man named Yun Hai was performing his sword skill. In his eyes, Yun Hai was just casually walking on the clouds without any purpose.

“No matter how many times I have seen your sword skill, it’s still so scary,” The giant man constricted his pupils as he looked at his best friend, Yun Hai.

Scary? He wasn’t even performing his sword skill. Why did the giant man say “scary”?

As Yun Xi looked at them in confusion, Yun Hai had stopped and looked around with a relaxed look. At the next moment, the mountains and the sea of clouds were suddenly torn to rags as if the space itself had become a shredded picture scroll.

Yun Xi finally realized why the giant man had said “scary”. Because Yun Hai’s sword skill killed nothing but the “world” itself.

“Cough!” After Yun Xi returned his mind to the real world, he saw a mad man.

“Give them back! They’re my family’s heirloom!” Childe Yun He was as hysterical as a lunatic at this moment.
Fail the Sword Palace’s entrance test? If he compared it to losing the family’s twin spirit swords, that was just a trivial thing! Childe Yun He refused to believe that the Crane Wings Twin Swords that had protected his family for a thousand years, had now accepted a stranger as their new master. Even though he knew the tale told in his family, he still couldn’t accept that!

He inherited the name as the current “Childe Yun He”. If he lost the twin swords, he would no longer be the “Childe Yun He”, but the sinner of his family!

“I can’t lose the Crane Wings Twin Swords! They are mine, my precious! You’re just a menial maid! How can it be possible that you have better talent than me and are accepted by my Crane Wings Twin Swords? This isn’t true! It’s just like the nightmare I had last night… Yes, this is another nightmare! Yes, this is a dream, a dream!”

Maybe it was because Childe Yun He was stimulated too much, he remembered a part of his experience in last night’s dream. In the dream, he had also lost the Crane Wings Twin Swords, but after he woke up, the twin swords were still on his back. In the dream, a monster had killed him dozens of times, but after he woke up, he was still unscathed.

Ha ha ha, …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Obtaining the Twin Swords

We meet again, Crane Wings Twin Swords. For an instant, the twin swords had drained nearly one tenth of Yun Xi’s blood. However, he showed no signs of being in pain, but instead looked at the Crane Wings Twin Swords with a smile – although his heart had almost been cut through by them.

“????… Who are you?” Two indistinct voices came from the twin swords. They were the sword spirits of the twin swords. One of the twin swords was male and the other female. After thousands of years, two incomplete souls had been born within the twin swords. This meant that the twin swords were only one step away from becoming a pair of artifacts.

It was said that the twin swords were forged by the legendary craftsman, Ou Zhi Zi’s successor. After they had appeared in the world, they were doomed to be embryonic forms of a pair of artifacts. Unfortunately, no one from the Yun He family were as talented in sword skills like Yun Xi. They weren’t even able to contact the sword spirits of the twin swords.

Up to that moment, Yun X touched the twin souls in the twin swords by performing the forbidden skill.

“We once fought side by side. Maybe you have forgotten it, but it was a really pleasant memory,” Yun Xi said with a yearning tone. He reached out both his hands, grabbing the sword handles in his two hands he drew the twin swords out of his body bit by bit.

“Impossible! That’s impossible! What is this happening? Kill her, kill her! Crane Wings Twin Swords! Crane Wings!” Childe Yun He was really flabbergasted as he saw Yun Xi drawing the twin swords out of his body.

They were his family’s spirit swords! They were his family’s most valuable treasures! Suddenly, Childe Yun He remembered an old tale told in his family. Long, long ago, when the successor of Ou Ye Zi presented the Crane Wings Twin Swords to his family, he had also left a message. At that time, Ou Ye Zi’s successor and the Yun He family master were very good friends. The Crane Wings Twin Swords were made from the materials they collected together and were the tokens of their friendship.

“The twin swords are my most satisfying work, but my friend, remember, powerful weapons always choose their own masters. When the twin swords become a pair of artifacts, they will have their own souls. If your descendants can’t master them at that time, I’m afraid that they will leave your family.”

“It doesn’t matter. If the Crane Wings Twin Swords think that my descendants are unworthy of using them, they can just leave and choose their new master by themselves!”

“Could it be that… Would it be that…” Childe Yun He shivered as he thought of that possibility.

“No, no, it won’t happen! She is just an unknown maid! The Crane Wings Twin Swords will never accept her!”…

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Blood-stained Skill!

“I’m the winner! Mei, you can’t be biased towards her!” Hua Yue’s hair had become a beautiful white gold. She smiled, teasing Xiao Cao and Yun Xi.

“Hua Yue…” Xiao Cao crossed her fingers with Yun Xi’s fingers, looking at Hua Yue with a slightly hostile glance. Under Hua Yue’s white silver armor, her breasts seemed to have become a little bigger.

This was too unfair! Did bloodline awakening have such a benefit? That was too enviable.

For a moment, the atmosphere between them turned strange. They both felt that they were each other’s destined rival.

“Hua Yue, congratulations!” Yun Xi immediately said to resolve the strange atmosphere between Hua Yue and Xiao Cao. From their seeds, Yun Xi had learned that they both were geniuses and had a bright future. Hua Yue had the White Gold Rose Bloodline and Xiao Cao had her mortal’s sword. They had just condensed their seeds, but that had shown their powerful talent.

“Thanks. I really didn’t expect that the legend was real,” Hua Yue threw out her chest. Yun Xi blushed to see his black hair lucky charm swaying between her two plump breasts.

At the same time, Yun Xi found that the thread between Hua Yue and himself was rapidly getting more solid. In Hua Yue’s body, Yun Xi’s seed was growing up healthy and strong. In Yun Xi’s body, Hua Yue’s seed was sprouting merrily. The invisible thread was closing their distance.

“Gee… This feeling…” At first, Hua Yue just planned to say something to Xiao Cao, but her face suddenly turned red.

Why? What is this feeling? She felt her chest choking. Was it because the white gold armor was pressing her breasts because they suddenly became bigger? Her heart was beating extremely fast. She had never felt such an anxious feeling. Calm down! Clam down! I’m Hua Yue, the inheritor of White Gold Rose Bloodline and the practitioner of the Holy Crossed Sword! Keep the eight virtues of knights firmly in your mind! Don’t panic!

“Ah…” Yun Xi vaguely felt that some changes had happened to the thread between Xiao Cao and himself; and the thread between Hua Yue and himself. In his mind, the threads were just used to exchange their battle experiences and understanding about sword skills. But now, they were developing towards an unknown path.

As Yun Xi felt confused, he suddenly heard a provocative sound from the stage.

“That maid, come here!”

Childe Yun He finally couldn’t retain his composure!


Hua Yue coldly took a glance at Childe Yun He as if she was looking at a dying frog.


Xiao Cao also looked at Childe Yun He with freezing eyes after she let go of Yun Xi’s hand.

At this time, they were so similar. Not only them. All the female swordsmaidens looked at Childe Yun Xi as if they were looking at a dead man.

“Are you poking fun at me?!” Childe Yun He got angry. As the …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Their Seeds

No, you’re wrong. In fact, Xiao Cao’s talent was much better than Hua Yue’s. Yun Xi shook his head as Childe Yun He laughed. At this moment, the two girls’ seeds had appeared in his body. At the moment Xiao Cao’s sword was shattered, a seed had appeared in her body. If Xiao Cao’s sword had been tougher, the battle wouldn’t have ended so fast. In that case, the final result would still be uncertain.

Now, Yun Xi absorbed the two newborn seeds into his body through the invisible threads between the two girls and himself. Yun Xi himself also didn’t expect that he would obtain the two girls’ seeds in such a short period of time. He couldn’t see any traces of any new seeds being born in the other thirty-five girls’ bodies.

Xiao Cao and Hua Yue both were just at the 2nd rank, therefore the rank of their seeds weren’t high. As a person who had higher power, their seeds didn’t have any secrets in Yun Xi’s eyes.

Hua Yue’s seed:

Holy Crossed Sword (proficient): This is a knight’s sword skill from the Western White Gold Rose Family. It was beloved amongst knights and people with evil intentions were unable to learn it. It was a pre-skill of a high-level sword skill: Holy Spirit Crossed Sword.

White Gold Rose Bloodline (partly awakened): a high-level bloodline from the Western White Gold Rose Family. It can help the owner become a natural knight and offers a noticeable increase in the owner’s strength and holy power.

As a 2nd ranked seed, it was pretty excellent. It was even better than the 3rd ranked monster green hippo’s seed. Besides, it was the first low-level seed Yun Xi had seen that contained the bloodline from another god domain.
However, although Xiao Cao was defeated due to a bad quality sword, her seed had more amazing properties.

Xiao Cao’s seed:

Mortal’s Sword (perfect): The person who held this sword had practiced the mortal’s sword skill to the limit. In that case, the person was able to learn any high-level sword skills two times faster than ordinary people.

Mind’s Eye (incomplete): A kind of insight learning from practice and exercise. It could help the owner analyse the environment and catch the tiniest opportunity to reverse the situation.

Combat Intuition (partly awakened): This ability could help the owner analyse the battle trend and respond to it in advance. At any time, the owner of this ability could use 100% strength.

Persevering Heart: The grass-like girl had a persevering heart. It could help her open the door to a higher rank.

This was too powerful. After seeing the properties of Xiao Cao’s seed, Yun Xi exclaimed in his heart. She was like a grass seed, sleeping under the ground to get through the chilly winter. As long as spring came, she would break through the endless darkness and bloom in splendor.

Xiao Cao’s seed was just at the 1st rank, however, Yun …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 84

Chapter 84: White Gold Rose

In the sight of the crowd, the battle between Xiao Cao and Hua Yue started. Out of many people’s expectation, Hua Yue wasn’t the person who made the proactive attack. Xiao Cao seemed to have a premonition. For the first time in her life, she gave up her stable attack style but launched an indomitable, straight attack towards Hua Yue.

Her sword was unpretentious and her thrusting was simple. However, when Xiao Cao brandished her sword, her moves were so pleasing to the eye. Stable. Xiao Cao’s moves were extremely stable and her sword skill was as basic as the content in the textbook. This was Xiao Cao’s sword. A mortal’s sword.

No one had taught Xiao Cao anything. She had mastered the basic sword skill through brandishing her sword millions of times. In that case, she could stand out from the candidates and stand on the stage of the final four.

“Ding!” Hua Yue stepped forward, parrying Xiao Cao’s thrusting attack by using her white gold crossed sword. Hua Yue’s sword skill was straight and gave the crowd a sacred feeling, because her sword skill was an authentic knight legacy from the Western God’s Domain. She had the bloodline of the White Gold Rose Flag in her body. Her teacher was a White Gold knight who was admitted by the Knight God’s Domain.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!” Xiao Cao performed continuous thrusts. Without any fancy tricks, her continuous thrusting was just strengthening the most standard thrusting attack again, again, and again, gathering all her strength together to launch a general attack towards Hua Yue.

“My sword skill was invented by Shinra, the legendary White Gold Rose Knight. It is called ‘Holy Crossed Sword’,” Hua Yue said. She held her white gold crossed sword with both her hands and looked pretty devout. She showed strong self-confidence and inviolability in her eyes. She was different from other noble children because she was a girl who had a true knight bloodline. Her ancient bloodline gave her a tough character and dignified will and helped her practice to her limit.

Xiao Cao’s sword skill had nearly reached perfection. Hua Yue’s sword skill wasn’t inferior to hers, but more balanced and biased towards the knight’s creed. If Xiao Cao’s sword skill was as wild as a strand of grass, then Hua Yue’s sword skill was as steady as an upright cross. Unlike the Flying Swallow Sword, Hua Yue’s sword skill was very different from the traditional eastern sword skill style. It was a sword skill from the Western Knight God’s Domain.

“My teacher used to say that if I wanted to practice Crossed Sword, then I had to understand the meanings of humility, integrity, compassion, bravery, justice, sacrifice, honor, and soul!”
Hua Yue’s will and spirit were rising. She threw out her chest with pride, as if something was growing in her body.

“Eh?” Yun Xi felt it.

Although it was pretty weak, but there was a small seed rapidly …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Hua Yue

The penultimate round of Sword Palace’s entrance test started. There were over three hundred candidates taking the test. No one had expected that after several rounds of tests, three of the final four people would be female swordsmaidens.

The male civilian’s camp had been completely annihilated. Over twenty female swordsmaidens entered the list of top thirty-six. In the quarter final, the girls had defeated almost all the male swordsmen, except Childe Yun He (In fact, there was another male…). Unprecedentedly, seven female swordsmaidens entered the list of the top eight.

As for the noble families’ camp, only Childe Yun He was still active in the test. Almost all the noble families turned to support him, placing all their hopes and honor to the only surviving 3rd ranked Childe.

After several rounds of internal battles, two female swordsmaidens stood on the exam area. The first girl was Xiao Cao, a civilian. She had obtained Yun Xi’s blessing and had a solid sword skill foundation. The second girl was Hua Yue, an aristocratic miss. She had also obtained Yun Xi’s blessing and was good at a gorgeous Western God’s Domain’s sword skill named “Crossed Sword”.

The two girls’ sword skill styles were completely different. Xiao Cao was good at basic sword skills, which was even unexceptionable in Yun Xi’s eyes. Hua Yue’s Crossed Sword was also excellent. She was the strongest female swordsmaiden in this test.

One was a civilian, a poor girl who practiced her sword skill only for standing out amongst others. Another was an aristocratic miss, a gold-rose-like maiden who had received the best education since her childhood.

Xiao Cao’s sword was a long steel sword. Its outward appearance was weathered and antiquated. However, it was the best weapon the villagers had purchased from a traveller, and in order to buy it, the villagers had spent all of their money.

Hua Yue’s sword was a gorgeous holy crossed sword. Its sword handle was set with a white gold cross, and its sword blade was engraved with beautiful elf-style patterns. It was even more expensive than Childe Si Nian’s two-handed heavy blue sword and was a spirit weapon that could be used up till the hero rank.

A civilian and an aristocratic miss. Xiao Cao was as ordinary as a stalk of little grass, Hua Yue was exalted like a rose. They should have been in two different camps. Their appearances had also highlighted their differences. Xiao Cao had light freckles on her face, plus her fallow-coloured ponytail and simple leather armour; everyone could determine her poverty. Although Xiao Cao’s face was delicate, she didn’t pay too much attention in dressing herself up. She was just a normal village girl.

Hua Yue wore elaborate silver armor, and every part of the armor had been crafted. It was as perfect as her figure, far above any luxury goods. The silver lines on her armor highlighted her supple breasts. If comparing just one’s figure and appearance, Hua Yue …

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Air Battle Sword Skill

Mortals had no idea about what an “air battle” was. Humans weren’t birds. They didn’t have wings. Even if a mortal rank person had strong muscles like Childe Si Nian, after gathering all their strength, that person would only be able to jump a few metres. The hang time was so short that the person could only do a few things within that period of time, for instance, launching a Leap Attack. Therefore, as long as a person was still a mortal, no matter what that person’s career was, be it a swordsman, alchemist, taoist priest, mage or knight, that person wasn’t likely to know a lot about air battles.

However, amongst all the mortal rank skills, the Flying Swallow Sword was one of the few skills that could let its user launch an attack from the air. Of course, one could do that only after they could use their Flying Swallow Sword perfectly and Quicksilver Motion skillfully.

Yun Xi had met both requirements, in which case, he could temporarily get rid of the weight and restrictions, turning into a swallow and fly to the sky. Therefore, when Childe San Quan was still secretly dropping his “little tricks” onto the exam area, he suddenly saw Yun Xi jumping up into the air and avoid all his traps.

His mind went blank. This wasn’t what he had expected! In order to defeat this unknown black-haired maid, he had tried his best. After stepping onto the stage, he had begun to place traps around the exam area by using some sneaky methods. However, even though he had three careers – taoist priest, alchemist, and swordsman at the same time, he hadn’t expected that a mortal rank person could have such amazing bodily movement and a nimble flying aptitude.

The world seemed to have slowed down at that moment!

“No!” Childe San Quan could think three times faster than ordinary people. He tried his best to activate all his traps. One transparent thread after another bounced up from the ground. If Yun Xi had rushed into that area, he would have faced inevitable death. These threads extended from the Five Animals Fan Sword. They were pretty sharp, such that they could easily slice a green hippo to pieces. However, Yun Xi wasn’t rushing to him from the ground, but flying to him from the sky. The only place the traps didn’t cover… was where Childe San Quan stood!

“Shuffle!” That was the sound of wind, but also the sound of a sword.

“Si!” Faintly, Childe San Quan heard the splashing sound of his blood, then he fainted. All the people around the exam area fell silent.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” These people suddenly heard an applause coming from the Sword Palace’s platform.

How long had it been since the Flying Swallow Sword was invented by that peerless sword master? Since that time, only a few mortal people could use it.

Yun Xi became a swallow and flew through …

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