Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage- Chapter 10

Edited by: Leo & Fluffy

Chapter 10: Hua Huo’s Sword

A gentle breeze blew on Yun Xi’s hair that laid on his forehead.

After fighting with the green Hippo over 120 times, the breeze that came from nowhere was supposed to be able to relieve his fatigue.

Unfortunately, the enemy Yun Xi faced now was absolutely not at the same level with the stupid green hippo!

Sweat had been oozing from Yun Xi’s forehead as he simply stared at her.

No one would know Hua Huo’s power better than Yun Xi himself. When they were still in school, Hua Huo was already undoubtedly number one in the sword skill class. Even their teacher wasn’t able to beat her.
Her power is already far beyond her rank, the white three leaves badge.

In the God’s Domain World, people from 1st Rank to 3rd Rank were known as the “Mortal Rank”. The 3rd Rank was already the limit that an ordinary person could reach.

Hua Huo had undoubtedly reached the summit of the Mortal Rank. She was already a super ace being only a step away from the 4th Rank, the “Hero Rank”.

She was known as the first genius swordsmaiden in the history of the village. It was not blown from the wind, but instead, she won it by effort. She was only 16 years old and already reached the limit of mortals. She had a bright future.

As for the hippo he defeated just now? It seemed pretty ferocious with its iron-like skin, but compared to Hua Huo, its strength was just a joke.

Yun Xi often stayed together with Hua Huo, watching her practice and learning the basic breathing method from her. Thus, he was able to kill the hippo by using his sword and accurate anticipation skills.

However, if his opponent was Hua Huo, Yun Xi doesn’t think that there is a chance that he could win against her.

Maybe Hua Huo’s physical strength wasn’t higher than the rough green hippo, however, if you were talking about her combat power? She was able to kill ten of such hippos at once!

Yun Xi estimated that if the combat power of the green hippo was at 20, then Hua Huo’s power was undoubtedly over 100. As for the limit of her power? Yun Xi had no idea.

“Tell me, Little Xi. Where is this place? And why do you want to go into the forest behind me?” Hua Huo drew out her long sword from her back. She shook the point of the sword and gave Yun Xi a seemingly friendly smile.

“Tell me everything. Tell me the truth and you will receive a lighter sentence. If you refuse, I will punish you severely!”

If he told her the truth, then that would be the worst. Yun Xi’s head sweated profusely as he looked at Hua Huo’s eyes, which was not fun at all.

It was too terrible when Hua Huo fell into jealousy!

Why was there such a …

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