Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Fishing in Troubled Waters

The sentry realised that Ye Shang was not merely threatening him, but was out to kill when cold metal was pressed to his neck.

“I’ll speak! I’ll speak!” The sentry revealed everything he knew.

After listening to the confession of the sentry, Ye Shang knew he had found the right place. This group of people were the Lushan bandits. Except for a few lackeys who were out gathering information, almost everyone else was at the mountain pass. This was their stronghold. Ye Shang also found out the place where the two leaders were located.

Ye Shang reached out and stripped the sentry of his vest, then shook his head, “It’s not an unforgivable crime to be a mountain bandit, but you shouldn’t have massacred a family.” With a wave of his spear, Ye Shang slit the throat of the sentry.

Ye Shang put on the sentry’s vest and returned his reincarnation spear into the storage ring. He then brushed his hair to look more like the sentry before heading towards the mountain pass. He planned to infiltrate and observe the pass.

When he arrived at the mountain pass, Ye Shang did not enter it directly. Although he was unlikely to be discovered, he didn’t want to take risks.

He went along the mountainside, dodged two sentries, before sliding down the mountain and into the stronghold, walking in casually. Although he did not look as fierce and hardened as the other bandits, there wasn’t much of a difference. There was no need to be nervous since it did not seem likely for them to know everyone in the large group of bandits.

Ye Shang walked towards the innermost part of the stronghold where the two stone houses of Huang Jun and Huang Jue, the two leaders of the Lushan bandits, were located.

He walked confidently with the sentry’s sabre in his hand, pretending to be on patrol, while gradually getting closer to the innermost part of the stronghold.

Several bandits saw Ye Shang but did not question him, and he continued to close in on the two stone houses.

Two bandits stood on guard outside the stone houses. Ye Shang did not approach, but walked back and forth, and continued to pretend to be patrolling.

Right then, the door curtain of one of the stone houses was lifted, and out came Huang Jue in his tiger skin vest.

“Er Mazi, bring some jars of wine to my room,” Huang Jue yelled at the bandit standing guard.

“Just a second! You, come and carry the wine with me,” Er Mazi waved to Ye Shang.

Ye Shang hurried over, seizing the chance to get close to the two leaders of the bandits.

Er Mazi led Ye Shang to the east side of the stronghold. As he walked on, Ye Shang saw seven to eight naked women being imprisoned in a cell and became livid at the brutality of the bandits.

“What are you looking at? If you …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Bandit’s Haunt Found

The first order of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, which trained the body, was the Blood Quenching Realm, similar to the Qi-refining stage most cultivators start training their Qi from; the second order was the Body Strengthening Realm which corresponded to the Soul-condensation stage; the third order was the Bone Forging Realm which corresponded to the Core Formation stage; the fourth order was the Soul Merging Realm which corresponded to the Soul Segregation stage.

While practicing in the Blood Quenching Realm, it was not only necessary to condense the vital energy of the natural environment into the bloodstream to strengthen the blood, but also to activate energy pathways throughout the muscular system such that the refined vital energy could reach the whole body.

The second order of the Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, the Body Strengthening Realm, strengthened the muscular system. If Ye Shang reached the second order of Myriad Dao Treasured Tome, he could compete with other cultivators of the same stage even without Qi.

This time, Ye Shang had to activate the energy pathways present in the chest and abdomen area. Although there were many small muscles in these two areas, it wasn’t difficult since it was built upon the foundation laid previously. This step could only be carried out after the energy pathways in the muscles around the spinal cord, neck, arms, and legs were activated.

After taking the blood elixir, Ye Shang directed the energy in his body towards his chest area in waves of ceaseless impacts. When he ran out of energy, he replenished it with the energy refined from the blood elixir.

If anyone were present, they would see that the robe around Ye Shang’s chest area was undulating, just like a crawling mudskipper.

Itchiness and pain, these two unbearable sensations kept attacking Ye Shang’s nerves. He gritted his teeth and continued to direct a steady flow of energy towards his chest.

After nearly two hours, the pounding energy in his chest ceased, as his body’s internal energy could now pass through his chest smoothly.

Ye Shang was now halfway through the advancement! He continued to control his energy flow, guiding the energy through his chest and towards his abdomen.

The chest and abdomen were critical parts of a cultivator’s body as they were vulnerable to fatal attacks. Once the energy pathways in the muscles of the chest and abdomen areas were activated, Ye Shang’s body strength would significantly increase. Even if he was attacked, the stores of energy in the muscles of his chest and abdomen area could offset some of the impacts.

Ye Shang slowly became pale from the pain as the energy pathways in his abdomen were slowly activated.

The pain felt like his bones were shattering and his tendons were being ripped apart.

Fortunately, the pain did not last too long. After getting through his chest, Ye Shang had spent two more hours to activate the energy pathways of his abdominal muscles.

The energy pathways of his …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Advancement of Tian Yu

Enforcer Dong was baffled and fixed his eyes on Ye Shang. He could tell there was something going on when Ye Shang’s eyes burnt with prowess and an aura of battle intent surrounded his body just at the mention of Xu Mu’s name.

“They are both outstanding, but destined to be enemies,” Enforcer Dong murmured.

He had a better impression of Ye Shang because Ye Shang was affable, when he entered in a conflict with Qin Zhan and Ao Lie, he displayed an earnest vigour. On the contrary, Xu Mu felt like a vicious wolf, a virulent snake-like evil wolf and Enforcer Dong did not like the look in his eyes.

Ye Shang guided Tian Yu and flew towards Lushan Mountain, where the Lushan Bandits were last spotted, once they were out of Danding City.

Bandits plagued the mountains in Dongxuan Area, but only the powerful ones would take over a mountain and crown themselves as kings of the mountain. Most rove about the mountains in fear of extermination. With the help of Tianji Tower, the rich would commission tasks to wipe them out when provoked while independent cultivators considered robbing bandits as a way to accumulate resources.

The Lushan Bandits often appeared in Lushan Mountain, where the powerful Venerable Lushan once lived.

According to the information provided, this group of bandits burned, plundered and committed all kinds of evil deeds, even women and children were not spared.

The current task was commissioned by the owner of a medicine shop in a small town under the jurisdiction of Danding City. His daughter came across the Lushan Bandits on her way home and everyone in the caravan, including his son-in-law, daughter and two grandchildren were murdered.

The old man was grief-stricken and wanted to destroy the Lushan bandits, even at the expense of his life’s fortune.

The Lushan Mountain range covered a large area with a circumference of over one thousand kilometres and the bandits last appeared in the eastern ridges of Lushan Mountain.

It took two days for Ye Shang to arrive at the eastern ridges of Lushan Mountain on Tian Yu’s back.

Along the way, Tian Yu caught a blue-and-white python. They ate the python after it was roasted.

This blue-and-white python was massive and weighed over a hundred kilograms. It was quite challenging to roast such a big animal. Fortunately, Ye Shang came prepared and had two slender steel rods in his storage ring. All he had to do was skewer the prey and roast it.

Tian Yu now had an amazing appetite. Although it could go without food for one to two days, food weighing less than a hundred kilograms was insufficient, once it started eating.

Ye Shang knew that was because Tian Yu needed the energy for the growth. Although Ye Shang couldn’t see Tian Yu’s cultivation base, Qing Ji had told him that Tian Yu had reached the peak of the second-order stage, and would enter the Pseudo-Core or …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 83


Chapter 83: Meeting Xu Mu

“Master and Xu Chenbai are not the same kind of people. Master will not want us to suffer any harm, but Xu Chenbai will do whatever it takes to help enhance the cultivation base of the beast baby. He will not be bothered by the consequences. With a disregard for any repercussions, there is a possibility that the beast baby could enter the peak of the Soul-condensation stage if he could provide the beast baby all the resources he needs,” Qing Ji expressed her concerns.

“That’s true. Peak Leader Liu only allowed Ye Shang to take the core pills at the Soul-condensation stage three and seven, which means that Ye Shang can only take one core pill before the newcomer’s games. If they ignore the consequences, the beast baby can take up to three core pills, and he can definitely reach peak Soul-condensation.” Sikong Chuyu also understood the difference.

“Ye Shang, come eat some fruit, take a break, then continue with your practice.” Qing Ji shouted at Ye Shang.

Ye Shang was practicing in the garden, while Qing Ji and Sikong Chuyu sat at the stone table under an old tree, eating fruits and drinking tea.

Ye Shang came over with his spear, “My attacks still lack strength and intensity.”

“Take it easy.” Qing Ji threw a towel at him.

“Have you thought of separating the shock waves? You can concentrate some on the shaft, with just enough intensity to repel the opponent’s weapon, and the rest on the tip of the spear to increase its destructive power.” Sikong Chuyu suggested. .

“You’re right! Let me try,.” Ye Shang stuffed a green apple into his mouth and resumed his practice.

“Well…I should’ve told him later, he ignores everything else during practice.” Sikong Chuyu said with exasperation.

“Thirteenth is an orphan. He wants to be strong, so that he can search for his family.” Qing Ji lowered her voice as she shared more about Ye Shang.

“His inherent temperament is unique and unlike children from ordinary families. He might be from a powerful and wealthy family, that has run into some problems.” Sikong Chuyu thought.

People were different, the descendants of the bandits inevitably inherited their temperament, but disciples from families of great influence often inherited noble temperament and imposing manners.

“According to the description of Grandpa Gu, the two people who protected Ye Shang should be guards. Both of them died, Ye Shang lost contact with his family, and no one came looking for him.” Qing Ji said.

Sikong Chuyu nodded and did not expect that he had such a story.

Ye Shang gradually found an inkling to Sikong Chuyu’s suggestion, leaving some shock waves on the spear body and focusing the rest on the spear tip.

Having found his touch, Ye Shang practiced for two hours, studying the control of shock waves on the shaft and the spear tip.

Ye Shang did not stop to take a shower until evening.…

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Duel

“After a long period of time, treasures may naturally occur in the uninhabited space but so will the demons, so there may be risks and rewards. If you choose to go in, you must be very careful.” Qing Ji stood up and looked in the direction of the loft where Sikong Chuyu was cultivating.

Ye Shang was stunned. “What happened?”

“Sikong successfully advanced, I can’t imagine that she can actually reach such a high cultivation base at such a young age.” Qing Ji emotionally.

“Martial Sister, I know cultivators barely age after reaching the fourth-order stage, so how old is Sikong exactly?” asked Ye Shang.

“23 or 24!” Qing Ji said.

“She’s only a little older than me, but her cultivation base is way higher than mine.” Ye Shang scratched his head and said.

Qing Ji stretched out her hand and gave Ye Shang a pat. “Take it easy, your starting points are different. I will tell you more about the extradimensional space.”

Then Qing Ji told Ye Shang about the situation of the extradimensional spaces discovered in the past.

“What are you talking about?” When Ye Shang and Qing Ji were chatting, Sikong Chuyu, who took a shower and changed to a light blue skirt, came to the hall.

“I’m telling him more about the sect. Congratulations.” Qing Ji said with a smile.

“Ye Shang reached the Soul-condensation stage, very good. Your cultivation speed is really amazing, but the most important thing is your strong foundation.” Sikong Chuyu sat down and said.

“It’s incomparable to yours.” Ye Shang laughed at himself.

“I have cultivated way longer than you. The main achievement of cultivation still depends on potential and opportunities. I believe in you. Didn’t you tell me that you would protect me?” Sikong Chuyu said with a smile.

Ye Shang didn’t answer, but bowed his head and drank tea.

After a while, the servant came in and called them to have breakfast.

After breakfast, Ye Shang began to practice the Wind Chasing Spear.

With the bursting of the qi from his Dantian, Ye Shang found that he now had the ability to create 33 shock waves and the speed of the shock waves was also a lot faster, which made him very delighted.

Normally, the number of his shock waves was estimated to be 30 when he reached the Soul-condensation stage, now it was not only beyond the estimation, but also circulated faster.

After practicing for a while, he began to practice the Heaven Obscuring Palm, and the diameter of the cyan cyclone reached more than one foot along with the qi circulation in his Dantian.

Ye Shang reached out his hand and gave a blow to the rockery on the side of the yard.


A piece of bluestone on the rockery was knocked away.

After that, Ye Shang circulated the qi and striked again, and the result was the same.

Feeling the qi in his Dantian, Ye Shang laughed since there was barely any …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Soul-Condensation Stage

Shortly after Ye Shang returned to the second floor, Qing Ji showed up since it was dinner time.

Qing Ji enjoyed a higher quality of life, hence she wouldn’t take any bigu pill if not necessary.

“Master Qing, Master Ye just came out, played with Tian Yu for a while, ate something, and then went back to the room.” The servant reported.

Qing Ji nodded, she was not worried about Ye Shang who had built a strong foundation from tasks and actual combat experiences.

She headed for the loft where Sikong Chuyu lived and planned to have dinner with Sikong Chuyu.

In front of Sikong Chuyu’s loft, Qing Ji stopped, and was surprised that Sikong Chuyu was seeking a breakthrough.

When Sikong Chuyu came to the mansion, she was at fourth-order stage seven, and was now heading towards the fourth-order stage eight.

What surprised Qing Ji was Sikong’s trust in her, since Sikong was at risk of being seriously injured if she was disturbed during the advancement.

Shaking her head, Qing Ji returned to the main building and began to eat.

Qing Ji, who finished dinner, did not start to cultivate, and instead stayed in the grand hall to keep a lookout for any disturbance.

Since Sikong Chuyu trusted her, she had to live up to that trust.

Not to mention that Qing Ji got along well with Sikong Chuyu, Qing Ji would help simply because Sikong was Ye Shang’s friend.

Ye Shang calmed his mind and started his close-door cultivation after returning to his room and taking the mediation pill.

There was a fundamental difference in the quality of qi between the Qi-refining stage and the Soul-condensation stage. He had to produce a qualitative change in the quality of his qi by compressing it from a gaseous state to a liquid state.

Liquefied qi was a sign of entering the Soul-condensation stage, and solidifying the liquefied qi into a core would be the symbol of the cultivators at Core Formation Stage.

Ye Shang first circulated the qi in his Dantian slowly.

After a quarter of an hour, Ye Shang absorbed the power from the meditation pill, directed the energy of the medicine towards his Dantian and continued to compress the gaseous qi in his Dantian.

Ye Shang then continued the process of absorbing the energy of the mediation pill, and compressing his qi.

It was a difficult process, and no accident could be tolerated.

Once an accident took place, the compressed qi would rebound and his efforts would be in vain, risking damage to his Dantian and other internal organs.

Ye Shang kept absorbing the energy from the meditation pill and compressed the qi in his Dantian.

After four hours, his forehead was covered with perspiration, when he continued to compress the qi.

Two more hours later, Ye Shang’s Dantian shook, the qi was compressed to an extreme causing a qualitative change, and a drop of liquefied qi was produced.

After the appearance of this …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 80

Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 80: Xu Mu the Beast Baby

After gazing at Qing Ji and Mo Chen, Ye Shang put the furnace liquid away since he understood that they had their own dignity, and they wouldn’t take something which did not belong to them.

“By the way, the Jiuyin Peak leader also accepted his last disciple, and he’s likely to win the newcomer’s games this year.” Mo Chen turned somewhat awkward.

“What happened? Is there no chance for Thirteenth?” Qing Ji put down the glass in her hand.

“The disciple was the beast baby brought back by their eldest disciple, Tie Qun, a few years ago. The Valley Master recognised his talents and potential when he first saw him, and groomed him, taming his wild natureTwo months ago, the Valley Master returned the beast baby to Jiuyin Peak. Xu Chenbai, the leader of Jiuyin Peak, announced that the beast baby’s wild nature has been considerably tamed, and will be accepted as his disciple.” Mo Chen told them the news.

“I’ve heard of the beast baby, when he was first brought back, he injured many of the servants.” Qing Ji said.

“When I went to pick up the resources for Thirteenth, Tie Qun brought that little tyke there too. He bragged that the beast baby would participate in the newcomer’s games and told us to be prepared. That beast baby smirked and made a gesture resembling breaking someone’s neck.” Mo Chen said.

“Jerk, Jiuyin Peak is doing this intentionally,” Qing Ji cursed.

“Xu Chenbai is at loggerheads with Master, so he won’t let go of any chance to strike at Taixuan Peak.. The beast baby is no longer a baby, he is Xu Mu now.” Mo Chen said.

“Xu Chenbai is such a bastard. What’s the cultivation base of Xu Mu now?” Qing Ji asked.

“Soul-condensation stage 5. He is born with the strength to fight against stronger enemies.” Mo Chen said.

Ye Shang got up and left, and when he reached the stairs, he said, “I will cultivate harder.”

Qing Ji threw Mo Chen a dirty look as she watched Ye Shang leave. She understood that Ye Shang was stirred up and felt pressured by the news. Liu Yangyu had told those who are participating in the newcomer’s games to work harder and perform well. Under these circumstances, Ye Shang couldn’t afford to lose.

Mo Chen rubbed his forehead helplessly. It was not his intention to give Ye Shang more pressure when he shared the news. Now that Xu Mu is participating in the newcomer’s games, winning the game was almost impossible.

“I believe him. As long as he wants to, he can do it. Soul-condensation stage 5 is much higher than Ye Shang’s, but it is not a problem for him if he has more time.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“There is not much time left. He has less than 6 months now. The annual sect contest is held three months before the apprenticeship ceremony.” Qing Ji said.…

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 79

Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 79: Furnace Liquid

“Sixth Sister, let me elaborate on this matter. Eleventh Brother is mainly afraid that you will be unhappy.” Ye Shang poured Qing Ji a cup of tea.

“Unhappy? Tell me more. I will only be happy for Eleventh, why would I be unhappy?” Qing Ji was bewildered..

Ye Shang then told her everything about Mo Chen and Chu Lingfei.

“Eleventh is really a bastard. That’s just something between Chu Lingxiao and me. It has nothing to do with others. Even if Chu Lingfei is not a mere cousin but the blood sister of that a*****e, I wouldn’t mind. Get Eleventh here,” Qing Ji shouted at Ye Shang.

Ye Shang let out a sigh of relief as he knew that Qing Ji was a reasonable person, but he was afraid that she would lose her mind when she became emotional.

He was relieved that she didn’t object to it, hence he got up and shouted for Mo Chen.

“Sixth Sister,” Mo Chen greeted after coming over.

“Eleventh, in your eyes, am I such an unreasonable person? Not to mention that I do not have an opinion on this matter, even if I did, I would still want you to be happy.” Tears welled up in her eyes as she became emotional.

She was happy that Mo Chen had considered her feelings, but at the same time she felt apologetic that he did.

“Sixth Sister, that’s not what I meant, I just didn’t want you to be unhappySixth Sister, I’m sorry!” Mo Chen choked up.

“Eleventh, just like you’ve done everything you could for Twelfth, I will do anything for you. We are the brothers and sisters.” Qing Ji hugged Mo Chen and patted his back.

“Thirteenth, thank you.” Mo Chen smiled at Ye Shang.

“Eleventh Brother, now that our problem has been solved, what if Chu Lingxiao disagrees?” Ye Shang voice out.

“How dare he? If he disagrees, we will make him agree with our fists. We don’t need to notify our Master, just inform Great Martial Brother in advance.” Qing Ji snorted.

“Thank you, martial sister. I want to drink, did you bring the blue blood spirits?” Mo Chen said with a smile.

“Bastard. You’re always taking advantage of me.” Qing Ji slapped Mo Chen, but still took out the jar of wine.

“If I don’t take advantage of Martial Sister, will you allow me to take advantage of Thirteenth?” Mo Chen glanced at Ye Shang.

“You dare? Master will peel your skin off. Let’s drink! Sikong, drink some too. I shall abstain.” Qing Ji looked at the direction where Yang Lei was cultivating.

Just then, a formidable shockwave from the location where Yang Lei was cultivating washed over them, and they felt riots of aura from the mansion.

“The breakthrough was successful.” Qing Ji said with excitement.

“Yes, that feels like the aura of a fifth-order cultivator. Ye Shang, your Ninth Sister succeeded.” Sikong Chuyu said.

“Then we can drink together …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 78

Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 78: Getting Along Well

“Sikong, wait a minute. Sixth Sister, there is a misunderstanding. I have known Sikong for a long time. We did the tasks together and she helped me a lot.” Ye Shang said Qing Ji.

“Thirteenth, I should trust who you trust, but your ninth sister is now in the middle of her close-door cultivation!” Qing Ji was embarrassed as she knew that Sikong Chuyu did not harbour ill intentions after looking into her clear eyes and hearing what she said, but she couldn’t take any risks.

“Ye Shang, your sixth sister is right. It’s okay, I’ll leave,” Sikong Chuyu said with a smile.

“Sixth Sister, anyone who wants to harm my ninth sister must step over my dead body. But I can’t disappoint my friends. Sikong, I will accompany you to find a suitable place in the city.!” Ye Shang gave way and started heading out as he knew that Qing Ji was right. After all, she did not know Sikong Chuyu.

“Well, go arrange accommodation for her! Don’t go to the lake.” Qing Ji sat down as she knew that the relationship between them was very good.

If Sikong Chuyu left Ye Shang, Ye Shang would never forget it.

“Not now, I will accompany Sixth Sister for a cup of tea for sure.” Sikong Chuyu entered the hall and sat down.

“I am sorry. If Ninth Sister wasn’t undergoing close-door cultivation, we could have had a banquet when Thirteenth’s friends come to visit.” Qing Ji said.

“I get it, your martial brothers and sisters are lucky to have such a good elder martial sister like you.” Sikong Chuyu said and drank some tea.

“My martial brothers and sisters are all from poor families, some of whom are even orphans, thus I am their elder sister. Thirteenth, arrange a place for Miss Sikong to live.” Qing Ji waved at Ye Shang.

Ye Shang felt that they were getting along and left with the servant.

“Sikong, Thirteenth still doesn’t know what beauty is, and is not well versed in the matters of the heart. He has no friends either and his friendship is genuine. I hope you won’t hurt him in the future.” Qing Ji sighed as she knew that Sikong Chuyu was destined to be a hurdle in Ye Shang’s life.

Sikong Chuyu was too beautiful, though Qing Ji had seen many different kinds of people, she had never seen a woman with such a figure, appearance and temperament.

It might be nothing now, but when the circumstances around Sikong Chuyu changed, it would be a hurdle for Ye Shang.

“I know. True affection is rare. Just the day before, he saved my life, which left scars on his back! So I won’t hurt him. But I don’t understand, do I not look like a good person?” Sikong Chuyu was confused as Qing Ji seemed to think that she would hurt Ye Shang.

“I don’t mean that. You will understand what …

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Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God – Chapter 77

Translator: xjshengchen

Chapter 77: No Need

“Thirteenth, you got upgraded to the bronze tier in Tianji Tower!” Qing Ji looked at the bronze token in his hand.

“Well, after completing the tasks today, I entered the bronze tier, so I can save some points when I exchange them for medicinal herbs.” Ye Shang put away the bronze token and said with a smile.

“Exchange for medicinal herbs? What kind of medicinal herbs do you want to exchange?” Qing Ji asked after getting Ye Shang a cup of tea.

“I plan to exchange them for core pills. Sikong said that using three core pills at the Soul-condensation stage is a bit too much, thus I plan to exchange for two.” Ye Shang told them his decision.

“Do you have a lot of points? Or do you think we don’t have any medicinal resources in Taixuan Peak? You don’t need to exchange your points for them, you will have the pills when you reach the Soul-condensation stage.” Qing Ji said.

Then Mo Chen smiled and told Ye Shang that Taixuan Peak provided them with three core pills when they achieved Soul-condensation stage, but under the restrictions of Liu Yangyu, each person only took one or two.

“Thirteenth, you have been doing tasks recently, and have a very stable foundation. Now, you should focus more on cultivation and stop doing tasks until you enter the Soul-condensation stage.” Qing Ji said since she was very worried that Ye Shang would pick up bronze tier tasks he could not handle.

“Okay, I understand.” Ye Shang nodded and said.

“Thirteenth, are you going to cultivate here or on Taixuan Peak?” Mo Chen asked.

“I feel the same everywhere.” Ye Shang thought for a moment and said.

“Well, Eleventh, go back and inform the Master about the situation here. I will stay here to protect your Ninth Sister during her close-door cultivation period and guide Thirteenth. In addition, when you come back, bring the resources belonging to Thirteenth.” Qing Ji said to Mo Chen.

“Since the arrival of Thirteen, I have completely lost my status and am reduced to an errand boy.” Mo Chen sighed.

“Stop complaining!” Qing Ji grabbed the towel from the table and threw it at Mo Chen.

Mo Chen chuckled and ran away.

After chatting with Qing Ji for a while, Ye Shang returned to his room on the second floor to rest since he couldn’t keep up with Qing Ji’s questioning about Sikong.

In the private room of Tianji Tower, Sikong stood in front of the window, Enforcer Dong stood not far behind her.

“Enforcer Dong, how many people know that I am here?” Sikong turned and looked at Enforcer Dong.

“Nobody knows. Master, you said that the task of the Purple Gold Beast King was a trap. Was it aimed at you? Or was it just a coincidence?” Enforcer Dong questioned Enforcer Dong uncertainly.

“A few days ago, the Dongxuan headquarters sent some personnel to every first-class city, right? …

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