The Almighty Asura

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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Boy’s Tear

In Autumn, leaves turned yellow and fell to the ground whenever an Autumn breeze blew by. Some of the leaves fell on top of a newly-built white marble tomb, instilling a feeling of gloominess and desolation.

All Mu disciples that were of higher ranks who died in battle were buried here, the Mu family’s cemetery. A few hundred tombs were built here.

A young man dressed in a white mourning garment knelt in front of a gravestone that had the words ‘General Mu Tian’ carved on it. He threw a few pieces of joss paper into a small pot and burned them.


“Father, why did you leave our family and me so soon? Father, did you know? You were the man whom I admired the most, and I’d never thought that you would leave me like this.”

Mu Feng knelt in front of the gravestone and muttered to himself. Mu Feng, a young man who bleeds but never cries was crying uncontrollably when he looked at his father’s tomb. 

“Once, you told me that it’s a soldier’s honour to die in battle. However, we shouldn’t have lost that battle! That treacherous man, Nan Hao, set us up! If it wasn’t for him, it’s impossible that the entire 200,000 strong Mu army would be wiped out! It’s impossible that you would die!”

“Father, may you rest in peace. I promise you, one day I will seek justice for you and the 200,000 soldiers. I will never be a real man until I kill Nan Hao!”

The young man looked at the tomb and said while gritting his teeth. His words were full of hatred and murderous intent.

Suddenly, the black ring on his finger lit up and a jar of wine appeared in his hand.

This ring was a unique low-ranked Qian Kun ring that was forged by a blacksmith. There was a small space inside it.

Low-ranked Qian Kun rings were worth thousands of gold coins and were only owned by the rich. 

Mu Feng poured out two bowls of wine and put them in front of the gravestone. He then picked up one bowl, stood up, looked at the countless tombstones, and shouted in a sad tone: “To all my 200,000 Mu brothers, may you all rest in peace!”

He poured half of the wine onto the ground, drank the remaining half, and shouted emotionally: “The Mu army never loses in battle, we only kill, kill, and kill!”.

The first kill represented great sorrow,

The second kill represented their defying spirit,

The third kill represented their lack of regrets, even in death!

Mu Feng picked up the second bowl and said: “This is for my father. Thank you for raising me and teaching me how to be a real man. Thank you for teaching me what responsibility is. Father, please rest in peace. One day, I will avenge you and all the brothers of Mu army by chopping his head off!”

Mu Feng poured

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The Almighty Asura – Chapter 1

Translated by: Minx Calypso
Edited by: cdewsx77

We had previously released the first 11 Chapters of this novel, but this novel is now picked up and being continued by Minx Calypso, as he started back from Chapter 1, the chapters will be re-released again. ~ Enjoy the read! You can support the translation  by purchasing Ebook on Amazon or Just simply dropping a review there as you read the novel here..…

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