The World That Tao Rules

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 159

Chapter 159: The Thunderbolt Demon-Vanquishing Seal

Although the Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger disappeared with the explosion, but the whole world of the Illusory Array was full of countless golden thunderbolts. These thunderbolts was going up and down and creaking which made people cannot help but tremble.

Watching the countless golden thunderbolts in the sky, everyone present even Bai Ze did not know what Jiang Yun wanted to do.

Jiang Yun suddenly reached his hands out, then a lot of strand Spiritual Energy was flying out of his hands and rushed to each thunderbolt.

In an instant, the Spiritual Energy was entangled in a thunderbolt. Under the guidance of Jiang Yun, these golden thunderbolts began to combine and finally became a huge seal!

Luo LingXiao instinctively felt a kind of familiarity to this seal, but for a while he couldn’t remember where he had seen it.

While Bai Ze could not help but scream out!

“The Thunderbolt Demon-Vanquishing Seal!”

Jiang Yun was no longer casting a seal with his hands. Instead, with his amazing control of the Spiritual Energy, he casted a Demon-Vanquishing Seal which was made of countless golden thunderbolts!

Although this seal was the most basic one in the Demon-Refining Nine Seals, Bai Ze had never seen the way of casting a seal. Actually, he even had never heard of it before.

Other Demon Forgemaster could not think of such a method at all. And even if they had thought of it, they had no ability to make it.

But Jiang Yun not only thought of it, but also did it!

Jiang Yun’s idea was very simple. Since this Illusion Array was made by a Spiritual Demon, then attacking it with the Demon-Vanquishing Seal should have a certain impact on this Spiritual Demon.

But he could not display a Demon-Vanquishing Seal covering such a large area, so he could only use the power of thunderbolt combining with the Demonic Energy of the Taoist Demon to display it.

“Demon! Vanquishing! Seal!”

As Jiang Yun shouted, the Thunderbolt Demon-Vanquishing Seal which was in a size of a millstone slammed into the huge eyeball and the endless Demonic-Energy filaments with a whistling sound!



The dazzling golden light after the explosion of the Demon-Vanquishing Seal almost shrouded the whole Illusion Array. While in the loud boom, there was also a strange noise as if a baby was crying.

Although the situation could not be seen in the golden light, Jiang Yun could feel keenly that the Demonic Energy surrounding had suddenly weakened and the scene in front of him was weirdly distorted.

Especially those Demonic-Energy filaments, they began to break inch by inch.

Obviously, his Thunderbolt Demon-Vanquishing Seal worked.

“Brother Xiao, run!”

Seeing that the Illusion Array has begun to collapse, Jiang Yun immediately reverted back to the side of Xiao Zheng and others. He once again raised his hand and gave four consecutive Demon-Vanquishing Seals into the bodies of the four Demonic Beasts.

Then he ran to the side of the …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 158

Chapter 158: The First time to Open The Demonic Eyes

Six Demonic Beasts were equivalent to six cultivators of the Blessing Land Realm. Moreover, there was even one in the third class. If Jiang Yun could use the Demon-Vanquishing Seal to subdue them, then they would be great assistance for Jiang Yun in future!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun looked at the Golden Demonic Ape who was directly hit by him and had not stood up until now. When he just wanted to subdue it, Bai Ze’s voice rang again, “No. Something seems odd!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yun immediately stopped and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“This Illusory Array is set by a Spiritual Demon. If the Luo family and the Spiritual Demon want to kill you, it is more than easy. But the little Lord Luo summoned these Demonic Beasts instead of the Spiritual Demon to fight with you! So weird!”

Jiang Yun after listening this was a bit stunned, but then he sneered, “His purpose is nothing more than to torture me.”

Bai Ze did not agree, “This Illusory Array can torture you to death. Or to say it more properly, it can even make you eager for dying rather than living in pain!”

“Then, tell me, what do you think? Why he did like this?”

“I think he should be buying time!”

“Buying time?”

Jiang Yun was once again dumbfounded. He really couldn’t figure out why the Luo family tried to buy some time, but Bai Ze’s words made him suddenly think of an idea, “Since you know that this is an Illusory Array set by a Spiritual Demon, then there should be a way to break this array, right?”

Hearing this, Bai Ze looked a little down upon Jiang Yun, “As a Demon Forgemaster, how could you get trapped by an illusion array which is set by a demon?! If others know this, I will totally lose my face because of you.”

Jiang Yun frowned slightly, “Then, what should I do?”

“Gathering the Demonic Energy into your eyes. This can help you temporarily open the Demonic Eyes. The world you see with the Demonic Eyes is different from the world that the human eyes can see!”

The fact was that although Jiang Yun had become a Demon Forgemaster and had studied the complete Demon-Refining Nine Seals, and even had gotten Demonic Energy from a Taoist Demon, but the skills of a Demon Forgemaster were not just these. Jiang Yun was still a beginner of a Demon Forgemaster.

A Demon Forgemaster could even turn everything into a demon, and refine a demon into a Dan pill, and so on.

However, unlike other Demon Forgemasters who could learn skills one by one from their masters, Jiang Yun could only learn demon refining by Bai Ze’s instructions, and naturally he had no idea about many of these skills.

Bai Ze did try his best to teach Jiang Yun. But after all, he was a demon, and was in a sealed …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 157

Chapter 157: The Upper Hand


Jiang Yun and the other three people who were galloping suddenly felt the earth under their feet was trembling fiercely. It was like an earthquake, so they had to stop.

In front of them, there appeared four figures exuding strong Demonic Energy!

The one at the front was the Golden Demonic Ape. At the moment, its golden eyes were dazed, and its face looked fierce. As soon as it showed up, it slammed its golden sword toward Jiang Yun in a flash.

Behind it was a boa constrictor. It had a long body, with a horn on its head. It arched itself and attacked towards Jiang Yun.

Following that was a white giant bear that was ten meters tall. It looked up to the sky and roared. Then, it took a big step, with big noises, it rushed to Xiao Zheng.

The last one was a wolf as red as blood; it turned into a red light and shot to Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao!

“They are all Demonic Beasts, and that giant bear is even a Third Class Demonic Beast!”

Jiang Yun immediately determined these Demonic Beasts’ strength from the Demonic Energy they spread. His face became a little dark at the same time.

Although Jiang Yun was a Demon Forgemaster, and thus he can produce a near-instinctive deterrent to the demons, but these Demonic Beasts should have the Demon-Refining Seal inside their bodies. Even, the Hundred Herbs Valley may have controlled them just the same as they controlled the Medicinal Puppet. All of these would make him a Demon Forgemaster have little influence to these Demonic Beasts.

Furthermore, he was a beginner of demon refining. It may be okay for him to deal with one or two Demonic Beasts, but he would be impossible to deal with four Demonic Beasts at the same time, especially one of them was a Third Class Demonic Beast.

As a result, their situation was extremely dangerous.

He and Xiao Zheng may still be able to cope with it, but both Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao were at the Meridians Unclogged Realm. In the face of a Demonic Beast that surpassed them a whole realm, even if they joined hands, they would die.

Jiang Yun didn’t have much time to think about it. He bit his teeth and didn’t bother the ape and boa constrictor which were rushing to him. Instead, he rushed toward the red wolf.

Since Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao were the weakest in strength, naturally the first thing was to save the lives of both of them.

“Younger brother Xiao, don’t care about us!”

Fortunately, at the moment, Xiao Zheng shouted and rushed in front of Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao in time. He waved his big sleeves, then a huge cauldron showed up.

Inside the cauldron, there was a burning flame which then turned into a big hand and wrapped himself up with Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao.

The flame temperature was …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Get Trapped in the Illusory Array

The sudden sound made the four people’s faces change slightly. Even if Xiao Zheng had not thought that the Luo family would have set up an ambush here!

The four turned around and saw a figure standing behind them. It was the Little Lord of the Luo family, Luo LingXiao!


Just at this moment, Luo Qing, who was in the left eye of the Luo’s statue, crushed a glowing stone.

The stone shattered, but the light condensed and did not scatter. In the air, a light curtain — like a mirror was formed. A white-haired old man with sharp eyes appeared on the mirror.

Looking at this person, Luo Qing said faintly, “I have found the murderer who killed your grandson. He is called Jiang Yun. He is a disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect, in the eleventh level of the Meridians Unclogged Realm.

This old man was naturally the supreme elder of the Hundred Herbs Valley, Du XinWu!

Luo Qing’s words made Du XinWu’s eyes reveal a fierce light, “The Seeking-Tao Sect! Brother Luo, where is this person now?”

“He just fled from my house, but there is a magical array in the mountains near my house; and I have already sent people to intercept them. They will not be able to leave for a while. If you want to avenge your grandson, you’d better come quickly!”

Du XinWu cupped his fist, “Thank you brother Luo. Believe me, my people will be able to arrive there quickly since we have a Teleportation Array. We just need you to delay him for half an hour!”

Luo Qing nodded, “Oh, and one more thing. The Grand Medicine Sect takes a good view to Jiang Yun, and now there are three disciples of Grand Medicine Sect around him. One of the three is a Third Class Pharmacist in the third level of Blessing Land Realm! ”

Hearing this sentence, Du XinWu spoke after a moment of silence, “Thank you for reminding me, brother Luo. I have no fear of him, but I hope that brother Luo can keep it as a secret. I will always appreciate that!”

Although Du XinWu was a supreme elder of the Hundred Herbs Valley, and he was even about to give birth of Tao Spirituality, but it was still considerable for him when it was a matter with the Grand Medicine Sect.

But comparing to other forces and sects, he was much less afraid of the Grand Medicine Sect. After all, his sect could refine Dan medicines as well. They were not afraid if the Grand Medicine Sect has stopped providing them Dan medicines.

According to the meaning of Du XinWu’s words, he had actually made up his mind not only to kill Jiang Yun, but also to kill Xiao Zheng and the other two people.

“Well, OK. I will help you delay them half an hour!”

After saying this, Luo Qing waved his big sleeve, and the light …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Leave Without Saying Goodbye

Hearing the answer from the person outside the door, Xiao Zhan’s unhappy face showed a smile, “Younger brother Jiang, this guy is coming to you!”

Jiang Yun shook his head with a smile as well. There were really too many of his old friends inside Luo’s house now. It was impossible for him to know who it was.

“Come in!”

Followed Xiao Zheng’s words, a ten-year-old boy walked into the house, holding a food box in his hand. His dress clearly showed that he was a servant of the Luo’s family.

Xiao Zheng looked at Jiang Yun with confusion, but Jiang Yun was also confused. Because among the cultivators he had treated, no one was from the Luo family.

This guy saying to be his old friend should clearly not know him!

Jiang Yun was squinting his eyes and was about to ask the little boy. However, the little servant had already walked over quickly, put the food box on the table, and then quickly retreated and closed the door silently.

This inexplicable behavior made the three people in the house all confused. After looking at each other, Jiang Yun raised his hand and waved a stream of Spiritual Energy out to open the food box. A few dishes inside got revealed then.

Xie XiaoYong pointed her at the bottom of a dish and said, “There is a piece of…”

Not waiting for Xie XiaoYong to finish the conversation, Xiao Zheng suddenly raised his hand and made a silent gesture.

Then, a jade appeared in his hand. He lightly crushed it.

Suddenly, a smoke rose from the broken jade and turned into a smoking umbrella. It shrouded over the top of the three people. Xiao Zheng then said, “Be careful that someone nearby may be hearing now. Younger brother, this note should be for you!”

Looking at all that Xiao Zheng had done, Jiang Yun couldn’t help but admire in his heart.

Although Xiao Zheng showed a poker face every day, giving everyone a feeling that he was an indifferent guy, his mind was extremely meticulous. Otherwise, the Grand Medicine Sect would not send him to the Luo family to recruit disciples.

It was not difficult to guess through the cautiousness of the little servant and the note that was hidden in the food box that they need to prevent being known by the Luo family.

That was why Xiao Zheng crushed a piece of jade with a Soundproof Formation. It could temporarily separate the three from the outside world.

Jiang Yun again used his Spiritual Energy to take the note out. Only a simple sentence on the note: something bad happened in the Demon-Refining World, so don’t enter it, otherwise you will die!

Inscribed by a word ‘Cong’!

Seeing the word, Jiang Yun suddenly knew who the guy writing this note and giving it to him in such a cautious way was. It must be the foreign minister of the Luo family, Cong …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Being Benevolent and Healing Patients

Right now, looking at Jiang Yun’s true appearance, and hearing Jiang Yun’s words, especially the last two words, the crowd originally in dead silence had completely boiled up.

“Master Gu!”

“It is Master Gu!”

“Oh my god! It’s Master Gu!”

Gu Jiang, or to be exact Master Gu, the one who spent nearly three months in the DuoYao Pharmacy in South Star city curing and detoxifying cultivators free of charge!

Although many cultivators who came to the Luo family for birthday celebration belonged to various sects or well-known families. But the number of cultivators cultivating in their own names was still quite a lot.

The purpose of their coming here was naturally to hope that they could be selected by the Grand Medicine Sect, so as to get rid of their current low status and step into a high status.

Therefore, these people who had once been treated by Jiang Yun recognized him once he had restored his true appearance!

With a cordial and respectful voice, they greeted Jiang Yun one by one.

But even they had recognized Jiang Yun and had shouted his name out, they still couldn’t believe it.

It turned out that Gu Jiang was Jiang Yun!

The one who was good at medical treatment, who had once beat the Second Class Pharmacist Du Guirong in the Dan-refining competition, and who even had successfully refined a Primary Heaven-Level Dan Pill, was the one who was in the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm and the one who had done a godlike masterpiece in controlling the Spiritual Energy.

Master Gu was the Seeking-Tao Sect disciple Jiang Yun!

“It’s you!” The most shocking person now must be Luo LingXiao.

However, he finally understood why he would inexplicably anger once he met Jiang Yun.

As for the other cultivators, although they had not seen “Gu Jiang”; they all came to Luo family via the Teleportation Array in South Star City. Therefore, they more or less had heard about the deeds of Gu Jiang. Hence, knowing Gu Jiang was Jiang Yun, they were dazzling and unbelievable as well.

Especially Xiao Zheng, Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao, they were completely dumbfounded.

Because Xiao Zheng and Xie XiaoYong had just talked about Gu Jiang yesterday. They very regretted why they had not come early, thus missing the opportunity to meet Gu Jiang.

They had never imagined that Gu Jiang who they had been looking for had already appeared in front of them.

At this moment, Xie XiaoYong had a bit of different feeling about Jiang Yun!

Jiang Yun’s eyes fixed on Liu Hao. He said, “Master Liu, now you should understand why I wanted to hide my true appearance!”

Looking at the surrounding excited people, Liu Hao certainly understood!

Not only him, Luo LingXiao also understood!

If Jiang Yun appeared in his real appearance, he would surely draw everyone’s attention and win a large group of cultivators’ honor.

What’s more, he would probably wouldn’t have to …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 153

Chapter 153: A Real Appearance

Hearing Liu Hao suddenly mentioned the Grand Medicine Sect rules, the crowd was still confused. While Xiao Zheng slightly loosened his frown. He nodded in a solemn look ass well, “Yes, there is indeed such a rule.”

But then, Xiao Zheng pointed at Jiang Yun and said, “However, younger brother Jiang is not an unknown person. Everyone here knows that he is a disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect.”

“No!” Liu Hao coldly smiled: “I don’t know whether he is really a disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect. I just want to ask him a question. Jiang Yun, is your current face a true one?”

After hearing this sentence, everyone hurriedly turned to look at Jiang Yun, looking at his mediocre face!

Even Xiao Zheng and Xie XiaoYong did as well.

Faced with so many eyes with doubts, Jiang Yun not only did not have any tension, but smiled. Because he had just guessed it!

His current face was indeed not his real appearance. Instead, he had changed it by using the Shape-Changing Magic learning from Xia ZhongXing.

However, since he had come to Luo’s house and met so many cultivators, no one found any flaw. As for Liu Hao and Luo LingXiao, they were only at the meridian Unclogged Realm. Hence, they could definitely not discover it by themselves.

Then there must be a person with high cultivatioonh. This guy had found this matter, but he had not been convenient to come out and testify Jiang Yun, so he could only ask Liu Hao and Luo LingXiao to come.

In addition, Liu Hao as a disciple of Grand Medicine Sect was the most appropriate one to question Jiang Yun with this.

As for who this guy was, Jiang Yun’s heart naturally had an answer. It must be the Forefather Luo Qing, the most powerful person in Luo family.

The only thing that Jiang Yun couldn’t figure out was that Luo Qing should have discovered that he had changed his appearance, but why he hadn’t spoken it out until now?

Jiang Yun would never know that he was again pitted by Master.

If it wasn’t because of the half horn that Gu BuLao had asked him to send as a gift, which completely angered Luo Qing, Luo Qing should have originally been too lazy to pay attention to this little thing.

“Master Liu, if you don’t believe my identity, then you can go to the Seeking-Tao Sect to ask clearly, to see if I am or not!”

Jiang Yun avoided answering Liu Hao’s question, but Liu Hao suddenly step forward, “Jiang Yun, I have said that whether you are the Seeking-Tao Sect’s disciple or not isn’t important to me. I just want to know one thing. Is your current face the real appearance?”

Jiang Yun touched his nose and said, “Yes or no, does it matter with my origins and backgrounds?”

Although Jiang Yun still did not answer Liu Hao’s question, his ambiguous words had already caused many …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Unknown Origins and Backgrounds

The crowd didn’t care about the departure of Luo LingXiao. Their eyes were still firmly watching the two jade bottles on the table.

Obviously, they were still being shocked with Jiang Yun’s godlike skill. Until a big laughter woke them up.

It was Xiao Zheng. At this moment, he couldn’t help but smiling all the time. He strode to the front of Jiang Yun, “Tao friend Jiang, please be sure to come to the Grand Medicine Sect with me when everything is done here!”

The scene which had made everyone stunned verified his previous guess. Jiang Yun’s score of picking up nine sesame seeds was casual and random for him.

This made Xiao Zheng really happy. Although he had had a good impression on Jiang Yun, he would have never thought that Jiang Yun’s degree of control over the Spiritual Energy would be so high.

He couldn’t even wait to take Jiang Yun back to the Grand Medicine Sect and make his master and Jiang Yun meet each other.

Although he was now not qualified to accept Jiang Yun as a disciple, and he could not change the fact that Jiang Yun was already a disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect, but perhaps his master could do it.

After all, in the Mountain-Sea Continent, very few people would not have respect for his master.

If his master was willing to ask Jiang Yun’s master personally, then he may be able to incorporate Jiang Yun into the Grand Medicine Sect.

Everyone around heard Xiao Zheng’s remarks about Jiang Yun. But this time, apart from a little envy, they had no other bad thought.

Because they were convinced by Jiang Yun’s true strength!

Jiang Yun responded with a smile, “Sure. Thank you, Master Xiao!”

“No, no, stop!” Xiao Zheng waved his hands, “Don’t call my master. Previously, I can barely admit it; but now, I can’t admit it. If you would like to, it’s better for us to be brothers. I am a little older than you, so I call you my younger brother and you can call me elder brother!”

Jiang Yun was a straightforward man. So he cupped his hand and said, “Elder brother Xiao!”

“Ha ha!” Xiao Zheng laughed again and said, “Good! Younger brother Jiang, even if you don’t know anything about the medicinal Tao, and even if you have never refined Dan pills before, but as long as you are willing to, I can predict that you will be in great achievements in refining medicine in the future. And I will definitely not be even better than you someday!

“At that time, I should honor you as a master!

“To be honest, younger brother Jiang, you should focus on the way of refining medicine. You should not put your energy on cultivating other Taos nor magic arts.”

For Xiao Zheng’s praise and sincere persuasion, Jiang Yun could not help but shook his head with a forced smile and said nothing.

Xiao Zheng …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 151

Chapter 151: A Really Godlike Masterpiece

Luo LingXiao’s words not only made cultivators around dissatisfied, but also made Xie XiaoYong a little unhappy, let alone Jiang Yun.

One should admit defeat when they were betting!

Luo LingXiao had lost but he didn’t admit his defeat; instead, he questioned the unfairness of this test. Such a narrow minded and intolerant attitude, it was really sorry for his identity as the little Lord Luo.

The cold light in Jiang Yun’s eyes broke out unobtrusively. He looked coldly at Luo LingXiao and said, “Little Lord Luo, what do you mean?”

“I suspect that you and Master Xiao have known each other long before, and that you should have already known the contents of this test beforehand. Maybe you have practiced it innumerable times. And that’s why you can achieve the current grade!”

Luo LingXiao’s remark not only attacked Jiang Yun, but also clearly insinuated Xiao Zheng, which made Xiao Zheng’s face suddenly darkened.

However, after hearing this sentence, other cultivators more or less showed their doubts.

Because previously when Jiang Yun had defeated Liu Hao, Xiao Zheng hadn’t been angry. Instead, he had taken the initiative to show his kindness to Jiang Yun, and even invited Jiang Yun to his residence. Everyone had seen such kind of scenes.

This did indicate that the relationship between the two was not a normal one!

Therefore, if Xiao Zheng really revealed the test content to Jiang Yun in advance and let him practice it secretly, it could definitely be possible.

Jiang Yun looked at Luo LingXiao, shook his head and said, “Little Lord Luo…if you become the Lord of the Luo family, the Luo family will surely be destroyed in your hands one day!”

Indeed, Luo LingXiao mainly made trouble for Jiang Yun, but now his words even questioned Xiao Zheng at the same time.

Offending Xiao Zheng, it was equivalent to offending the Grand Medicine Sect. Basically, nobody would do such a foolish thing.

However, Luo LingXiao did. Even if this time he had passed the test, but to a large extent Xiao Zheng would not let him become a disciple of Grand Medicine Sect!

However, at this moment, Luo LingXiao didn’t care that much anymore; he was completely out of mind, “Jiang Yun, there is nothing to do with you if I cannot be the Lord Luo. Do not try to change the topic. You’d better explain the thing clearly to us!”

Hearing Luo LingXiao’s aggressive words, both Xiao Zheng and Xie XiaoYong wanted to speak for Jiang Yun. But Jiang Yun spoke one second ahead, “Since little Lord Luo has doubts about me, then let me give you an explanation today!”

When the voice fell, two loud pops suddenly sounded.

The jade bottles placed on two tables were blasted at the same time. Together with the sesame seeds placed on the tables, they were caught by an invisible big hand and rolled into the air, which then like a fierce wind rushed to …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Let’s Bet

Luo LingXiao sneered, “In the previous test, Tao friend Jiang not only beat me, but also took away the prize that originally belonged to me, so now I want to make a bet with you!”

Jiang Yun raised his eyebrow and asked, “What do you want to bet on?”

“If you can beat me in this test, then I promise to double the prize you got; but if you lose, then you should give back all the things you got!”

Luo LingXiao’s words made many cultivators around secretly frowned. Although they understood that Luo LingXiao’s behavior was mainly to humiliate Jiang Yun and take revenge for his humiliation; but as a little lord, such behavior was really a bit out of place.

Because he could and should make this bet before he had taken the test. While now, he had passed the test before he made the bet with Jiang Yun, which made it pretty clear that he was deceiving and bullying Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun frowned and fell into hesitation.

In the eyes of others, Jiang Yun’s action made them feel that he must be a little timid. After all, Luo LingXiao’s current test result was the best among the nearly thousand cultivators.

In fact, Jiang Yun was actually a little embarrassed and shy.

Things I have gained are quite huge since I have come to Luo family. Moreover, I am still secretly planning to take away the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips. If I win more things from Luo LingXiao, will it be too much?

Seeing that Jiang Yun did not speak, Luo LingXiao raised his eyebrows and said, “What? Is Tao friend Jiang afraid of it? Or, do you look down on prizes given by my Luo family?”

“Uhhh…” Jiang Yun touched his nose and said, “No. it’s just that although those things are precious, they are of little use for me now. If little Lord Luo can change your bet, then I can consider it. ”

“What kind of bet?”

“If I lose, I will return everything, and apologize to you. But if I am lucky enough to win, I don’t want anything else but only the Golden Demonic Ape!”

This sentence made the crowd suddenly calm down. even Xiao Zheng was shocked.

Because Jiang Yun was really asking for too much!

The Golden Demonic Ape was a Primacy Demonic Beast, whose strength could be comparable to a cultivator of the Blessing Land Realm. Even, its strength could continuously improve. It was definitely priceless, even for Luo family, a family of demon refining, may probably be unwilling to bet on it.

Luo LingXiao was in silence as well.

Jiang Yun smiled slightly, “What’s up? Does little Lord Luo dare not to bet? Or, may you not believe in your own strength and be worried that you will lose to me?”

Actually, Jiang Yun had no desire to bet. But since Luo LingXiao had always been clashed with him, then he simply increased …

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