The World That Tao Rules

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 149

Chapter 149: A Nearly Medium Talent

With the falling of Xiao Zheng’s words, all the participants went forward and took the test in sequence.

For those spectators at this moment, they didn’t even dare to breathe. After all, they were cultivators. Even a tiny action they took could be possible to blow away those sesame seeds.

Although the number of people taking the test was nearly a thousand, since each person had only ten seconds, so the test went very fast.

One after another, the Meridian Unclogged Realm cultivators had completed the test; but their grades were terrible.

The best one could pick up three sesame seeds; while most people could not even put one sesame into the bottle.

After all, ten seconds were too short, and they had never done such training before. Even though they had practiced for a short moment, it was not too useful.

What’s more, these sesame seeds could hardly be picked up even by hand, let alone to pick it up one by one by their Spiritual Energy.

Although Xiao Zheng always had a cold face, it was not difficult to find out that he was getting more and more disappointed due to the results.

This time they really wanted to find a few good disciples for their sect, so the recruitment news had been spread out long ago, which led so many cultivators coming to Luo family.

However, there were more and more cultivators who completed the test while none of them could meet the requirement. How could he not be disappointed!

Some cultivators couldn’t help but ask, “Master Xiao, can you tell us what the specific criteria for passing the test are? We are really curious about it!”

“Yeah, we really want to know how many sesame seeds we should put into the bottle to pass the test!”

Listening to the inquiries, Xiao Zheng as if he did not hear it and paid no attention to it. Instead, Xie XiaoYong explained it kindly.

“For you guys, if you could pick up five sesame seeds, then you passed; if you pick up six sesame seeds, then you can be ranked to almost the middle; seven to a little higher than the middle; eight seeds can rank in the middle of excellent; nine to be very excellent, and if you can pick up ten seeds, then you have a perfect talent!”

As knowing that Xie XiaoYong was kind, people hurriedly continued asking, “Then, was there anyone in your sect can pass such a test?”

“Of course!” Xie XiaoYong grinned and said, “Every one of us had participated in such a test. Although our talents are poor, we can still do six or seven, and Brother Xiao can put eight seeds in the bottle.”

“Is there anyone who can be able to put ten seeds into the bottle?”

“Sure!” Xie XiaoYong’s face showed a bit of admiration, “Of course, every elder in our sect can do it. While among my peers, Brother Guan can do …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 148

Chapter 148: The Testing Method

“All the cultivators in the Meridian Unclogged Realm regardless of their age can participate in this test. Then, we will give the final results according to the degree of your completions!”

When Xiao Zheng’s voice just fell, a cultivator immediately asked, “Master Xiao, many of us know nothing about the Medicinal Tao; but some people may have known a little. Then if we participate in this test together, will it be a little bit unfair?”

“There is no injustice!” Xiao Zheng showed a much more indifferent face, “The Medicinal Tao, in fact, does not need any talent. It’s nothing more than memorizing and remembering the characteristics of various herbs. As long as you have a strong willing and work hard, you can possibly make it!”

To be honest, most people didn’t believe in Xiao Zheng’s words. If it was really as simple as he said, then pharmacists would not have such a high status.

Only Jiang Yun nodded quietly and agreed with Xiao Zheng’s words. He had been learning all kinds of herbs for more than ten years, so he felt more touched than anyone.

After looking at the people disbelieve, Xiao Zheng continued saying, “But I’m just talking about the Medicinal Tao!

“To be a qualified pharmacist, you must have two more conditions.

“First is your state of mind.

“The most common thing when refining medicines is failures! Many people after failing to refine medicines dozens of times would lose confidence. Such people are difficult to become great!

“Be aware that any pharmacist must have experienced countless failures in the process of his growth. Failure is not a terrible thing; losing one’s good state of mind would be worse! Therefore, you must always have a balanced mind, neither conceited nor rash. No matter success or failure, you can stand on your initial mind!

“If not, then everything is nothing!

“The second is to see everyone’s manipulation of Spiritual Energy!

“Because when you’re refining medicines, you need to utilize Spiritual Energy to control the heat and add the right medicinal herbs at the right time. Being slow or quick for even one second would destroy the Dan pills. Therefore, this requires you manipulating the Spiritual Energy to be extremely accurate.

“Hence, the test we are going to do is to test everyone’s aptitude of Spiritual Energy manipulation!”

Although Xiao Zheng looked indifferent and seemed to be hard to get close, but when it came to things that were related to medicine refining, he became totally different. He was indeed very devout to the Medicinal Tao.

His detailed explanation naturally made everyone understand. Many people had already shown excitement on their faces.

Because they were better at controlling Spiritual Energy. They were full of confidence.

Even Luo LingXiao, who had shown up secretly outside the crowd, had quickly flashed an excited look.

Originally, he had thought that he had lost to Jiang Yun in the eyes of the public; he must be over. But he hadn’t …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips

“A pen? A volume of bamboo slips on the left hand?” Bai Ze’s voice sounded in his mind suddenly.

After hearing Jiang Yun’s words, Bai Ze was pretty excited. “Hey boy, is that statue holds a volume of bamboo slips on the left hand and a pen in its right hand?”


Jiang Yun knew that Bai Ze couldn’t see the world outside but only through his own Divine Sense.

Yesterday, in order to help him to absorb the Demonic Energy on the Against-Demon Bridge, Bai Ze had been completely exhausted. Therefore, he couldn’t use his Divine Sense now.

So he simply described the statue in Luo’s house and the bamboo slips that just emerged with colorful light.

After listening to Jiang Yun’s description, Bai Ze was in silence.

Jiang Yun quietly waited for a moment. When he had thought that Bai Ze would not speak again, there was a sudden scream in his mind!

“Ah!!! Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips! It must be the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips!”

This sudden scream almost shattered Jiang Yun’s mind. Jiang Yun hurriedly shook his head and said, “Bai Ze, can you lower your voice?!”

However, regardless of Jiang Yun’s words, Bai Ze continued screaming, “Boy, your luck is really marvelous! How come both the Demon Refining Pen and the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips have showed up in front of you?!”

Jiang Yun shook his head helplessly.

Having gotten along with Bai Ze for such a long period of time, Jiang Yun clearly knew that Bai Ze had one big problem; he was very easy to get excited. Jiang Yun frowned and asked, “What is the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips? What use does it have?”

“To bestow Tao on demons!”

Bai Ze hurriedly continued explaining, “Because the demon is different from human beings. Their hopes of achieving the Tao is extremely hard to come true; but a Demon Forgemaster can directly confer Tao on the demon!

“As long as the Demon Forgemaster write down the name of the demon that he wants to confer onto the bamboo slips, then the demon can achieve the Tao! Therefore, this volume of bamboo slips is called the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips!

“In short, the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips is the same as the imperial edict of the emperor in your humanity, which once announces something, it would make it done and couldn’t be changed anymore!

“You should know that there are countless of demons who want their names to appear on the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips!

“Kid, no matter what method you use, you must get the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips!

“The Demon Refining Pen, the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips, the Demon-Refining Nine Seals! Kid, you are about to collect them all! If you can’t confer on me, I will not let you go even if I become a ghost!”

Bai Ze’s explanation made Jiang Yun totally stunned. He was not …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 146

Chapter 146: A Half-breaking Horn

Just when Jiang Yun and Xiao Zheng were chatting, in the left eye of Luo’s statue, Luo BaiChuan was standing in front of Luo Qing with respect. “My Forefather, Luo LingXiao’s reputation has plummeted after this competition. Should we still keep him as little Lord, or should we choose another candidate?”

After being silent for a while, Luo Qing said, “In the Luo family, who else is better in Tao cultivation than Luo LingXiao?”


“Then just keep his title for a while. Let him participate in Xiao Zheng’s recruitment. His Two-Free Tao Physique should bring him some advantages among pharmacists!”

“Aright!” Luo BaiChuan bowed and agreed. After a short hesitation, he continued asking, “Then, how about Jiang Yun? How to deal with him? Do we need to dispatch a few Demonic Beasts to kill him after he leave Luo’s territory? If we let him alive, he will always be a threat to our Luo family.”

“I will take care of it myself, you don’t have to worry about it! Leave me!”

“Yes, my Forefather!”

Although there were a lot of doubts in his heart, Luo BaiChuan did not dare to ask. He left for arranging the birthday party.

Soon, many cultivators were led to the hall by Luo’s servants and sent their gifts to them.

Most of them actually came for the Grand Medicine Sect’s arrival. But after all it was the Luo family that provided this opportunity, so the gifts they brought were either rare or precious.

When it was Jiang Yun’s turn, Jiang Yun, who had always been calm, became a bit embarrassed.

This naturally made everyone quite puzzled. After seeing the gift Jiang Yun took out, everyone’s face suddenly became very weird.

The gift brought by Jiang Yun was only a half beast’s horn!

Jiang Yun naturally had known this gift for a long time. Originally, he had thought that this half beast’s horn must be a rare material for medicine refining or tools refining; however, even having tried his best, he could not find anything special.

As a result, he had ever taken it to a magic instrument store in South Star city and asked for authentication, but he had been driven out of the store.

Because this was a very ordinary horn, a half one being cut from the head of a certain beast!

In other words, this half horn, even if being casually thrown into the street, no one would be willing to pick it up.

When realizing this fact, Jiang Yun really felt crazy. He vaguely guessed that he should have been tricked by his master!

Taking a half-breaking horn as a birthday gift, even if he only knew a little the ways of the world, he knew that such a behavior was clearly a naked provocation!

But Jiang Yun did not have the courage to replace his master’s gift, nor did he have enough Spiritual Stones to buy a valuable gift. So he could only send …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 145

Chapter 145: I Can Do Nothing For Detoxifying

Luo BaiChuan’s last sentence made all the cultivators show an excited face with expectation. Because most of them, to be honest, had been waiting for it.

As for Jiang Yun, as early as he was in the South Star city, had already inquired about the Grand Medicine Sect information. he knew that they came not only for Luo’s birthday celebration, but also for recruiting several disciples.

But it was none of his business. He had no interest in becoming a disciple of the Grand Medicine Sect, because he already had a master.

In his life, he would only have Gu BuLao as his master, the only one. He was absolutely impossible to transfer to other sects.

At this time, many cultivators were leaving for their residences; and when they passed by Jiang Yun, most of them would nodded to him as a greeting.

Many people even had already been considering to visit Seeking-Tao Sect after leaving Luo’s house. They planned to draw a closer relationship with Seeking-Tao Sect.

Regardless of the current strength of Seeking-Tao Sect, since it had such a genius disciple, it was not difficult for it to carry forward itself in the future.

For everyone’s polite greeting, Jiang Yun naturally gave them polite response. But at the same time, he was thinking of how to grease some wheels with Xiao Zheng.

Unexpectedly, not waiting for him to come for Xiao Zheng, Xiao Zheng had already walked in front of him. He cupped his hand and asked, “Thank you, Tao friend Jiang. Would you like to visit my residence for a while?”

Seeing Xiao Zheng’s attitude towards Jiang Yun and his initiative invitation, the cultivators around who had not left yet were a little envious.

Of course, Jiang Yun was extremely happy. He hurriedly nodded, “That would be great!”

Xiao Zheng smiled slightly, and suddenly pointed at Xie XiaoYong who was always behind him. “This is my Younger Sister Xie XiaoYong. She is close to your age. Maybe you can become friends later!”

Hearing this, everyone was not only envious, but a little more jealous, especially those male cultivators who were in similar age to Xie XiaoYong.

Xie XiaoYong not only had a good look, she was also a disciple of Grand Medicine Sect and a Second Class pharmacist. With so many backgrounds, she had already caused the attention of these cultivators.

If it was not because of the cold face of Xiao Zheng who had always been standing next to Xie XiaoYong, these people must have found various opportunities to approach Xie XiaoYong.

However, they did not expect that now Xiao Zheng would take the initiative to introduce Xie XiaoYong to Jiang Yun. What was more, Xie XiaoYong lowered her head and said nothing but her face had turned red. Obviously, she was interested in Jiang Yun and hence became a little shy. Seeing this, everyone was going crazy.

However, Jiang Yun did not think too much at all. …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 144

Chapter 144: A Battle Of Fame

Everyone was flabbergasted. They found that Jiang Yun deliberately provoked Luo LingXiao, but they couldn’t understand why.

Previously, Luo LingXiao just wanted to embarrass Jiang Yun; but now he really wanted to kill Jiang Yun.

This falling sword would definitely not have any deflection!

At this moment, Luo BaiChuan frowned hard. He didn’t know whether he should stop it, or just let Luo LingXiao kill Jiang Yun. So he looked at the statue in the distance.

Although the Luo family had strong background, the Seeking-Tao Sect as the largest sect in South Mountain had a strong foundation as well!

Therefore, even if Luo family hated Seeking-Tao Sect very much, he did not dare to let Luo Ling kill Jiang Yun in front of the public. After all, this competition was deliberately arranged by Luo family.

If Jiang Yun was killed by Luo LingXiao, it would not take too long for Luo family to face the crazy revenge of the Seeking-Tao Sect.

Obviously knowing Luo BaiChuan’s worries, Luo Qing’s voice sounded in his ear, “No worries. It’s not a bad thing if Jiang Yun is killed. It can reduce a potential threat to our family!”

To be honest, Luo Qing’s attitude slightly shocked Luo BaiChuan. But soon, he got excited.

What he could think of, his forefather must have considered. However, forefather still held the attitude of killing Jiang Yun, which showed that he did not fear the Seeking-Tao Sect’s revenge.

Although he didn’t know why his forefather was so confident.


The golden sword held by the Golden Demonic Ape rushed towards Jiang Yun’s head with the whistling wind. When it was only less than an inch away from his head, Jiang Yun who looked at Luo LingXiao all the time suddenly raised his hand and grasped toward the big sword over his head!


A dull voice sounded. Although it was actually not loud, but it was like a thunder heavily exploded in the ears of every cultivator present!

Jiang Yun caught the golden sword with his bare hand! And he prevented the momentum of the big sword from falling!

The golden sword contained very strong Physical Strength which was so powerful that even cultivators in the Blessing Land Realm would not be able to catch it directly. However, Jiang Yun, who grasped the sword, was as stable as a mountain, and had no slight shake at all.

Then, a loudly “bang” sounded, and the high platform suddenly burst. This made Jiang Yun, Luo LingXiao and the Golden Demonic Ape fell directly on the ground, making the earth shake slightly.

However, even if they fell on the ground, Jiang Yun didn’t loosen his palm. He stood still, with the golden sword grasping in his hand. And the Golden Demonic Ape had to keep its stance as well.

Because, even if the Golden Demonic Ape had tried its best, it could not shake the big sword held by Jiang Yun, let alone taking the …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 143

Chapter 143: A Coward Guy

Everyone was dumbfounded. Especially those who thought that Jiang Yun could not defeat the Golden Demonic Ape, at this moment, they were even more jaw-dropping and could not believe what they saw.

They knew that Jiang Yun was very powerful, but no one had thought that the test had just begun, and Jiang Yun had defeated this ape whose strength was similar to the Blessing Land Realm.

Luo LingXiao was stunned as well!

He was much clearer than anyone else about how powerful the Golden Demonic Ape was.

Although it had no Spiritual Energy, its body was even stronger than a diamond. Any Magic Arts from the cultivator in the Meridian Unclogged Realm could not cause a little damage to it.

However, it surrendered to Jiang Yun’s only one technique of Mist-related Magic Arts and several thunderbolts.

Being quiet for a long time, someone murmured, “Is the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm really so strong? Can it be so easy to beat one in the Blessed Land Realm?”

“The tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm is very strong, but it is absolutely not strong like this!” Luo BaiChuan suddenly spoke, “Jiang Yun is very smart. He actually took the advantages of the weather.”

The crowd hurriedly asked, “What do you mean, Lord Luo?”

“The thick fog that he displayed is actually water, and the power of water can increase the power of the thunderbolt. The two complement each other and their attacking powers are increased, so that the Golden Demonic Ape can be bound!”

Luo BaiChuan said in a very loud voice. Obviously, he was not just answering the question, but at the same time reminding Luo LingXiao.

He was telling the truth.

Jiang Yun’s favorite weather was the rainy days with lightning, because it could not only help him cast the Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth Arts more easily, but also increase the power of his thunderbolt.

Hearing Luo BaiChuan’s words, Luo LingXiao naturally realized it. Looking at the Golden Demonic Ape that kept rolling on the ground, his eyes flashed a fierce light. He said coldly, “Useless waste, stand up.”

With the voice fell, Luo LingXiao suddenly stepped forward and kicked at the temple of Golden Demonic Ape.


The kick let the Golden Demonic Ape screaming due to the pain. Jiang Yun became slightly serious, because he found that after being kicked, the mental aura of the Golden Demonic Ape was skyrocketed in a flash!

Although its mental aura still came from its physical strength, it was at least twice as strong as it had been before.

The most important thing was that those several thunderbolts bounding its body were trembling slightly under the influence of this mental aura.

“In the way of torture to increase the strength of a Demonic Beast! Hum, it’s not a kind of Demon-Refining Seal, but it is more like the way controlling the Medicinal Puppet!”

Jiang Yun was quite familiar with such a scene.

That Medicinal Puppet …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 142

Chapter 142: The Golden Demonic Ape

After Jiang Yun easily defeated Liu Hao, the other nine high platforms had also finished the competition. The final top ten had come out.

Xie XiaoYong didn’t enter the top ten. She took the initiative to admit defeat in the final round and was eliminated.

From this point, it was not difficult to see the difference between her and Liu Hao. Obviously, she was not willing to enter the top ten in this way.

In short, among the ten people, except for Jiang Yun and Luo LingXiao, other eight people were excited due to the rich prizes.

As for the following battle for the first place, they would not compete even if they had the strength. Because they were very clear that this competition winner would inevitably be Luo LingXiao.

The only one who could stand equal for this competition with Luo LingXiao was Jiang Yun!

Therefore, the competition among the top ten first ten had almost become a modest game. Everyone rushed to the stage to admit defeat. Finally, only Jiang Yun and Luo LingXiao were left.

Luo LingXiao’s eyes were filled with excitement. He stepped on the high platform and pointed at Jiang Yun below, “Tao friend Jiang, please don’t hide your strength.”

However, Jiang Yun did not care about Luo LingXiao’s provocation. Instead, he turned to look at Luo BaiChuan and smiled slightly, “Lord Luo, I get a question!”

“Any problem?”

“If I win the competition, I don’t know if I can leave Luo house safely!”

This sentence made all the sounds quiet, and everyone’s face showed their surprise.

Although everyone knew that the Luo family had a bad relationship with the Seeking-Tao Sect, they were all tacit and would not speak it out. However, Jiang Yun now asked so directly, which made everyone admire his courage.

Luo BaiChuan squinted his eyes and smiled, “Tao friend Jiang, you have thought too much. The purpose of this competition is to learn from battles and entertain the audience. If you can defeat LingXiao, it is your strength. Our family would not undermine you. You can just rest assured.”

After a pause, Luo BaiChuan went on saying, “If you still have doubt, then today I swear in the name of my ancestors, as long as you are in our Luo house, then our Luo family will definitely protect you and all the guests present!”

After listening to Luo BaiChuan’s words, Jiang Yun sneered in his heart. Luo BaiChuan’s words sounded great, but it’s actually a play on words. Surely, they would not harm him in Luo’s house; however, they would definitely not let him safely leave after he left Luo’s house.

Despite realizing this, Jiang Yun looked calm. He nodded politely, “If this is the case, then I can rest assured!”

Seeing Jiang Yun who went to the high platform and stood on the opposite side of him, Luo LingXiao was simmering with rage.

To be honest, he didn’t know why, but he just …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 141

Chapter 141: The Most Important

Other cultivators came with their sects’ elders, while Jiang Yun was alone. But he was not afraid; instead, he went directly to the high platform.

His opponent was a middle-aged man in his thirties. When he saw Jiang Yun, his face suddenly became a little distorted. He was so unlucky to have Jiang Yun as his opponent.

Unless he got something like a magic tool, otherwise, it was impossible to defeat Jiang Yun. What was more, Jiang Yun was actually not at the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, but the twelfth level the Great Completeness of Meridian Unclogged Realm.

The result proved it. Facing with his opponent, Jiang Yun simply defeated him with a big fireball.

“Good game!”

Politely greeted, Jiang Yun went down the high platform.


The exciting competition continued. When a day had passed, there were only twenty cultivators who were naturally the best left.

If each of them fought again, then the winner would enter the top ten.

Jiang Yun was naturally passing all the way, and was one of the twenty.

Although the strength of Jiang Yun had been recognized by almost everyone, but for Luo family, especially Luo LingXiao, they felt a bit helpless.

Because they had expected to take advantage of Jiang Yun’s test to see his real strength and the magic arts which he was good at. But the fact was, from the beginning till now, Jiang Yun simply won by a technique of the Fire-related Arts. No other techniques or magic arts had been cast, not to mention the appearance of his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger.

Of course, they believed that Jiang Yun did not just know the Fire-related Arts.

Therefore, it only meant that Jiang Yun had not encountered an opponent worthy of his other magic arts!

In this way, in the eyes of everyone, Jiang Yun’s strength naturally became more unpredictable.

While at the moment, Jiang Yun felt in trouble, because he was about to be Liu Hao’s opponent soon.

Up to now, Jiang Yun still had no idea about why Liu Hao had great hostility towards him. But since he had to seek the help of Grand Medicine Sect, he did not dare to offend him.

However, if he took the initiative to admit defeat like everyone else had done, then the fame of Seeking-Tao Sect would be affected.

At this moment, his hand touched his storage ring, which had a ring that was given to him by his two brothers and sister. He had not checked it to see what were inside till now.

Jiang Yun’s face showed a smile. He told himself, “The reputation of sect is important. But for me, my master, brothers and sister are more important!”

Because he did not have much sense of belonging to the Seeking-Tao Sect.

Compared with the reputation of Seeking-Tao Sect, the life of his Third Brothers was more important!

After making up his mind, Jiang Yun finally stepped on the high platform. …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 140

Chapter 140: An Eye-Gifted Spiritual Demon

In fact, ever since Jiang Yun had summoned his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger on the Against-Demon Bridge, he had been excluded from the suspect who killed Du GuiRong by Luo Qing and Luo BaiChuan.

After all, they could accept cultivators of the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, but they would never believe that there would be a cultivator of the eleventh level of Meridian Unclogged Realm.

Since Jiang Yun was at the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, if he took the test, he would probably be the winner or at least the top ten. They were surely not willing to give those prizes to their enemies in vain.

Therefore, they were not prepared to let Jiang Yun participate in this test.

However, now it was Luo LingXiao who was speaking!

At the moment, he was staring at Jiang Yun coldly.

He regarded today’s competition as his battle of fame, how could he give up a competition with Jiang Yun as the stepping-stone?!

So what to be in the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm? I have the Golden Demonic Ape to help me, even a cultivator of the Initial Success in the Blessing Land Realm cannot be such a serious threat.

If I can defeat Jiang Yun, a cultivator of the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, I will become the recognized top one in the Meridian Unclogged Realm in the Mountain-Sea Continent.

Looking at the twinkling cold light in Luo LingXiao’s eyes, Luo BaiChuan of course understood the thought of his heir.

The thing was that if Luo LingXiao won the battle between him and Jiang Yun, that would be great; but if he lost, it would be a bad thing for Luo family. Thinking of this, he was about to shake his head and refuse. However, at this moment, the voice of Luo Qing was heard in his ear, “Let him participate in!”

With the permission of Luo’s Forefather, Luo BaiChuan naturally would not prevent it any longer. He smiled and said straightforwardly, “Little Tao friend Jiang, you should also be in the Meridian Unclogged Realm, right? There is just one more spot on the third high platform, you can go there and participate this competition!”

Luo BaiChuan did not even give Jiang Yun the opportunity to refuse. He arranged him immediately and directly.

At the moment, Jiang Yun was completely confused. He had no idea about the competition. But after hearing Luo BaiChuan’s words, which before and after were obvious contradictory, he seemed to know what he was thinking.

A test among cultivators of the Meridian Unclogged Realm! Well, this should be specially arranged for me. They want to find me out! It seems that the relationship between Du XinWu and Luo family is really good.

Suddenly, Luo LingXio walked to the face of Jiang Yun and smiled sneeringly, “Tao friend Jiang, do let us see what your true strength is; and let everyone see, is it that your Seeking-Tao …

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