The World That Tao Rules

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 129

Chapter 129: Arranging A Test

“My honored guest from Seeking-Tao Sect, you can climb the mountain now!”

A person from the Luo’s family came to Jiang Yun. He said with a fake smile, but his body did not move at all.

Obviously, he would not take Jiang Yun up to the peak through the Teleportation Array. Jiang Yun should climb there by himself.

“What a good hospitality from Luo family!”

Jiang Yun was not angry. He smiled and walked straight to the top of the cliff.

Behind him, that Luo’s people sneered and said in an unkind tune, “Against-Demon Bridge has existed for three thousand years, but since then, only two people have been able to walk through this bridge successfully. There are only two results, pass it, or fall into the abyss. So, be careful!”

Jiang Yun had resumed his identity being the disciple from Seeking-Tao Sect. He naturally didn’t need to hide his cultivation level any longer as he had done in DuoYao Pharmacy.

However, Jiang Yun did not deliberately show his true strength, but walking to the mountaintop step by step.

In the process of Jiang Yun climbing the mountain, more and more people had already emerged from Luo’s castle. Even those watchtowers were crowded with people.

To estimate, there were at least ten thousands of people!

Among them, some were Luo’s people, and some were those coming for birthday celebration. Most of them were just watching passively.

No one believed that Jiang Yun could successfully walk through this bridge with all restriction seals open. None.

At the same time, in the left eye of the statue standing inside Luo’s castle, there was a middle-aged man in a purple gown sitting cross-legged. He slowly opened his eyes and raised his hand. Then a stone shining with light appeared in his hand.

The man gently crushed the stone, and an old voice sounded, “Brother Luo, I guess that the person who killed my grandson should probably come to Luo family for your birthday celebration. However, since I have been cultivating for entering the Tao-Spirituality Realm, I cannot go there by myself. Therefore, I beg you, in any case, help me and find this person. I will pay you a lot!

“The identity of this person is unknown, but he has unblocked his tenth meridian and become a cultivator of tenth-level Meridians Unclogged Realm, just like Feng WuJi from Samsara Sect. he has cultivated a Physical Tao Doppelganger!”

If Jiang Yun could hear this sound, he would definitely be able to distinguish it. This was the voice of Du XinWu, the supreme elders of Hundred Herbs Valley!

Although the time had passed for nearly three months, Du XinWu was still looking for Jiang Yun. But there was no clue, so he could only take advantage of birthday celebration of Luo family’s Big Forefather and ask him for help.

And this man in purple gown was the protagonist of this birthday, Luo family’s Big Forefather, Luo Qing!

After listening to …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 128

Chapter 128: A Special Treatment

Although Luo family was an aristocratic cultivating family, it located on a cliff above a mountain, just like a sect.

Seeing from a distance, the whole Luo’s house was like a large-scale castle with strong barriers.

However, the most attracting thing was a huge statue of hundreds of feet.

The statue was engraved with a long-haired, middle-aged handsome man. With sharp eyes, people who were looking at him was standing in awe.

The man’s left hand was behind him, his right hand was stretched forward, and under his feet was a mass of cloud. Out of the clouds was a huge head like a dragon’s.

Around the castle was a cliff, as if it was on the brink of an abyss. Once stepping into the air, you would fall into the bog below which had existed for tens of thousands of years. The bog not only had a poisonous biogas, but it was said that there was a big demon.

The opposite of the mountain where Luo’s house was located was an equally tall mountain.

The gate of the castle right face to that mountain. Between them was more than a thousand feet distance. Only a black bridge crossed in the air, becoming the only entrance to Luo’s house.

Naturally, this black bridge was the Against-Demon Bridge.

At this moment, a young man of a mediocre appearance and a thin figure was standing at the welcome place. The welcome place was at the foot of the opposite mountain to Luo’s house. The young man was looking up at Luo’s castle and thinking.

Old Hei had told him that Luo family’s strength was not very good. It relied entirely on its ancestral fame and prestige. However, now the family had been built into the present size and maintained its high reputation. Luo family was indeed good at sociality and business.

No wonder so many cultivators from all directions came here to celebrate the birthday of Luo family’s Big Forefather.

“Hey, man. Sign your name and where you come from here, please.”

A Luo’s person who was responsible for welcoming guests smiled and handed a roster, interrupting the man’s thinking.

This man, naturally, was Jiang Yun. After learning the Shape-Changing Magic from Xia ZhongXing, he changed himself into the present appearance.

Taking over the roster, Jiang Yun did not hesitate to write his name and his sect’s name – Seeking-Tao Sect, Jiang Yun!

At the moment when he stopped writing, the Luo’ person who had just smiled suddenly showed a poker face. He then sneered, “Seeking-Tao Sect!”

Jiang Yun was not surprised by the man’s different attitudes. Although his master Gu BuLao didn’t tell him anything when he was in Seeking-Tao Sect, within the half year in South Star city, he had known that the demon-refining Luo family which Old Hei had referred to was precisely the Luo family that Gu BuLao had asked him to go to!

Naturally, he had also known that the relationship between …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Shape-Changing Magic

After Luo LingXiao and his people left, Jiang Yun’s life completely restored the calm as before.

It seemed that Hundred Herbs Store and Luo family had completely ruled out his suspicion and no longer asked people to DuoYao Pharmacy to make trouble.

Time slowly went by, and the birthday of Luo family’s Big Forefather was coming in three days. As a result, the number of cultivators in South Star city began to reduce; they successively went to Luo family through the Teleportation Formation.

Looking at DuoYao Pharmacy which had less and less guests as if returning to three months ago, Jiang Yun realized that he should go.

Although he only lived here for half a year, but for boss Xia and his son, he had already had feelings for DuoYao Pharmacy as well as boss Xia and his son. He did not know how to say goodbye to them.

However, there is no never-ending feast in the world, and the coming will still come!

Another day had passed, and Jiang Yun had to go anyway.

This night, Jiang Yun did not go to cultivate nor sleep, but spent a whole night and used SanHua Cauldron from Du GuiRong refining three Unclogged-Meridians Pills in Heaven level!

The materials were naturally from Du GuiRong as well!

Although Du GuiRong was only a Second Class Pharmacist, he was the grandson of an Elder of Hundred Herbs Valley. Hence, there were many good things in his Space Tool, and refining materials were especially rich.

These Unclogged-Meridians Pills were gifts from Jiang Yun to boss Xia and his son for taking care of him.

Although these Unclogged-Meridians Pills had reached the Heaven level, Jiang Yun was still not satisfied. He made his stone become water and throw these three Dan pills in it.

After taking it out, looking at the brands that was gradually disappearing on pills, he murmured, “The brand is the word Tao. Does that mean that this brand is the Taoist Seal? Then what are the stone and the water truly are?”

Shaking his head, Jiang Yun no longer thought about this never-having-answer question. He put the three pills of extreme effect into a jade bottle and gently put it on the table.

There was already a piece of paper on the table, with only five words on it – Seeking-Tao Sect, Jiang Yun!

After doing all of this, Jiang Yun stood up and slowly looked around this small cabin that he had lived for nearly half a year. Smiling, he opened the door and walked away quietly.

He had no idea about how to say goodbye, so he decided not to say anything but leave DuoYao Pharmacy secretly.

However, he just took a step before Xia ZhongXing’s word suddenly voiced, “Is it proper to leave without saying goodbye?!”

“Boss Xia!”

Although Jiang Yun was a little surprised, he was not too shocked. Turning around, he looked at Xia ZhongXing coming out of the shadows and showing a …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 126

Chapter 126: A Storm Has Disappeared In Such A Calm Way

A middle-aged man who was quite refined came out from the crowd outside of DuoYao Pharmacy.

Jiang Yun had never seen him before, but some among the crowd recognized him immediately.

“Cong Qin! One foreign minister of Luo family, a superior cultivator in ninth level of Blessing Land Realm!”

“What a dramatic situation! An foreign minister of Luo family came to prove for Gu Jiang. Haha, what will little lord Luo deal with it?!”

No one noticed that with the appearance of Cong Qin, Xia ZhongXing’s eyes flashed a strange color.

Luo LingXiao got stunned slightly. He then blurted out, “Elder Cong, how come you are here?”

Cong Qin smiled and said, “Boss Xia and I are friends. When I am free, I often come to visit him.”

This sentence confused Jiang Yun. Because it was definitely a lie!

Although he only stayed in DuoYao Pharmacy for about three months, he had never seen anyone come for boss Xia.

Cong Qin continued, “My little lord, actually, I came here in the evening yesterday. I wanted to go back earlier, but the rain was too heavy. In addition, I was too happy chatting with boss Xia at that time, so I didn’t leave and talked throughout the night when the rain receded!

“Therefore, I can prove that from last night when I came until I left this morning, no one had ever left here.”

Speaking of this, Cong Qin pointed at Jiang Yun and said, “Including him, he has never left!”

At this time, Jiang Yun’s brain was already like full of fog. Obviously, Cong Qin was telling a lie.

Because when he came back last night, he specially looked at the room of Xia ZhongXing, and it was dark inside. How could someone talk by candlelight all night?

It was clearly that Cong Qin was speaking for him, and it was not difficult to imagine that his identity as an foreign minister of Luo family was absolutely more effective than anyone’s words.

Sure enough, after listening to Cong Qin, Luo LingXiao’s face showed hesitations. Even though he was the little lord, he would not be stupid to offend foreign ministers of his family. After all, they were all hired at a high price.

However, he was a bit unwilling if just let Jiang Yun go. Hence, after a moment of contemplating, he looked at Cong Qin and asked, “Why have I never heard of before that elder Cong and boss Xia are friends? And, why elder Cong appeared right at this moment?”

Luo LingXiao’s tone was full of questions and dissatisfaction. If he had known this early, if Cong Qin had come here when he just arrived, then he would not face such an embarrassed situation.

Cong Qin surely understood Luo LingXiao’s meaning, and his face showed a bitter smile, “As everyone knows, boss Xia has always been low-key and not sociable. He specially told me not to speak …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Fulfill Me, Little Lord Luo

Nearly a thousand cultivators were angry at Luo LingXiao for he was about to take Jiang Yun away with no reason; but they dared not to speak up for Jiang Yun.

Because, as Luo LingXiao had said, South Star city belonged to Luo’s!

They all were cultivators who left their hometown for South Star city and didn’t serve Luo family. A powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in its dwelling. Anyone knew it. Not to mention, they were not strong dragons. They were only at the bottom of the world of Tao cultivation.

However, now, Xia ZhongXing’s words reminded them.

Since Luo family could take Gu Jiang without a reason today, it was equally possible to take all the cultivators who didn’t serve Luo’s family for no reason!

“Since little lord Luo has already grasped master Gu and our elder brother, it is better to take us two together!”

At this moment, two voices sounded almost simultaneously; two angry men appeared in front of the crowd.

They were naturally the strong man in the red robe’s brothers.

“Wow! Are the love among your brothers deep?” Luo LingXiao laughed with irony. He then said coldly, “This little lord will fulfill you! Take them away!”

Not waiting for Luo’s people to catch the two men, the earth suddenly shook slightly, as if an earthquake occurred, so that everyone could not help but follow the direction of the voice.

It was seen that there were a large number of cultivators running at a very fast speed from two directions of XiuYuan Street, probably over thousands.

These cultivators though had not yet arrived, their voices had been heard one step ahead.

“Since little lord Luo has already taken master Gu and Song brothers, it is better to take us as well!”

“And me, I am not a Luo person. It’s better to take me away now than always in fear. Take me with master Gu together, at least we can accompany each other!”

“Yes, may little lord Luo also fulfill us and take us away!”

One after another voice from thousands of cultivators sounded over the sky above XiuYuan Street, above the whole South Star, and surely in the ears of Luo LingXiao.

Looking at these cultivators, even Jiang Yun got stunned. However, when his eyes swept through the faces of these cultivators one by one, his face gradually showed a smile.

Because, he knew them all!

Because these thousands of cultivators were cultivators who had been treated by him during this time!

Although he didn’t know why they showed up at this moment, their purpose was very clear, to protect him!

Thousands of voices sounded, which finally crushed all hesitations of thousands of cultivators who were queuing in line.

They had been still thinking about whether they should stand up and support Jiang Yun, but now they didn’t need to think more!

“I am not serving Luo. Take me away then!”

“Just take us way!”

At …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Little Lord of Luo Family

“They come really fast!”

Although Jiang Yun has guessed that people from Hundred Herbs Store would definitely come, he did not expect them to come so fast.

However, since they came, Jiang Yun naturally would not run away from it. When he stood up and was about to open the door, he suddenly heard Xia ZhongXing’s voice, “Xia Shi, Gu Jiang, stay inside the house and don’t come out. I will open the door!”

Not waiting for Jiang Yun to come to reply, the shop’s door has been opened, and this made Jiang Yun slightly surprised. It felt like Xia ZhongXing has been waiting at the store door!

Xia ZhongXing’s voice rang again, “Ha, I have thought someone was going to rob it. It’s you, boss Wang of Hundred Herbs Store. Boss Wang, although you and I are rivals, well water and river water leave each other alone – we always only care our own business. Today you came to my store so early and knocked my door as you smash it. What do you intend to do?”

A hoarse voice replied, “Boss Xia, by the order of my Hundred Herbs Valley lord, I come to ask your shop’s folk Gu Jiang to go to my Hundred Herbs Store!”

“Gui Jiang?” Xia ZhongXing raised his tone, with a bit of doubt, “Why is your lord looking for the guy in my store?”

“I have no idea as well! You know, although I am the boss of the store, I am actually a disciple in the Valley. Thus, we just act on what my lord orders!”

“Your lord is not my lord. His order is your business. There is no relationship with me. He wants to see Gu Jiang, then let him come to my DuoYao Pharmacy! Bye! And I won’t send you out!”

Following this was a loud bang. Xia ZhongXing had already closed the gate immediately.

Jiang Yun had thought that boss Wang and his people would not stop knocking or may do something worse, but he did not expect that there was no slight noise outside. It seemed that they came here just to have a try.

After a while, Xia ZhongXing came to Jiang Yun’s room and nodded to Jiang Yun, “Nothing happen. Prepare to open our store!”

Looking at Xia ZhongXing’s back as he left, Jiang Yun’s eyes could not help but slightly squinted. He found that he could not understand more and more about Xia ZhongXing.

Since he had started to treat people and detoxify in DuoYao Pharmacy, Xia ZhongXing had never said any word.

When he was taking the Dan-making challenge from Du GuiRong, Xia ZhongXing unconditionally trusted him, and he even gave him a Tao-Build Dan Pill as a bet.

This morning, the people from Hundred Herbs Store came so early for him, and had made such a big disturbance. Logically speaking, if a boss encountered such a thing, even if he cared for his workers, …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Burn The Corpses To Destroy The Evidence

The elegant man suddenly closed his mouth and stopped talking. He just looked at Xia ZhongXing for a long time. He’s dangerous. He was thinking.

Though he knew that Xia ZhongXing must not be a normal person since DuoYao Pharmacy has survived for so many years on XiuYuan Street where most of the stores were owned by sects. No one would believe that Xia ZhongXing was only a nobody.

But till this moment, he realized that he had been underestimating Xia ZhongXing from the very beginning. Xia ZhongXing must be a well-connected people, so powerful that he didn’t take Hundred Herbs Store, Luo family or Du XinWu seriously.

While he himself was only a foreign minister of Luo family. He just happened to catch up with this fight tonight, there was really no need to offend Xia ZhongXing for this matter!

The most important thing was that he couldn’t be the opponent of Xia ZhongXing!

The elegant man did not speak, and Xia ZhongXing was also silent. Both of them were just like two statues, quietly standing in this heavy rain.

After a while, Xia ZhongXing suddenly greeted to the elegant man, “I’m leaving now!”

After he finished speaking, Xia ZhongXing turned around and left immediately. While that elegant man, looking at Jiang Yun who was ten miles away and was raising his hand towards Du GuiRong’s head, after a little hesitation, sighed and left as well!

Because, Jiang Yun has finally made his own decision.

He did have fears to Du GuiRong threat. But since he had already burnt the bodies of those six cultivators and that mantis into ashes. Coupled with the good weather today; the heavy rain would wash away all traces. As long as Du GuiRong was dead, no one would know what was going on today.

Therefore, Jiang Yun raised his hand and slapped Du GuiRong hard on the top of the skull.


As his palm was touching Du GuiRong’s head, Jiang Yun’s eyes suddenly burst into a cold light. He felt a fierce crisis of death, so he hurriedly took back his palm with his body immediately rushed backwards.

Even so, Jiang Yun’s action was still late. An illusory palm appeared from the top of Du GuiRong’s head, and was about to grab Jiang Yun.

An old voice was sounding at the same time, “I am Du XinWu. How dare you to kill my grandson?! Are you looking for death?!”

Although this illusory palm was not big, even its moving speed was not fast, in the eyes of Jiang Yun, it was like the sky was collapsing that he cannot escape it anyway. He was finally caught in this palm tightly.

“Haha, Grandpa, you finally appeared. Be quick! Kill this guy, kill him!” Du GuiRong, who escaped from the dead, suddenly regained his face full of excitement and laughed out loud.

Tightly grasped by the illusory palm, Jiang Yun only felt that his body …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Have You Ever Hunted


Just as the medicinal puppet disappeared, Du GuiRong, who was outside the fog, spurted out of the blood.

However, he did not even care to wipe the blood on his mouth. With a horror on his face, he turned and rushed in the direction of the South Star City frantically.

The death of his medicinal puppet made him have no backing now. As for his own strength, he was even more vulnerable. He knew that Jiang Yun would never let him go, and only by entering the South Star City can save his life!

Even though Du GuiRong’s reaction as well as his speed were almost at the best, he horribly found that Jiang Yun’s voice sounded near his ear, extremely clear.

“Master Du, have you ever hunted? I guess not. But I did, a lot!”

“As long as I desired, no prey has ever escaped!”

“You may not believe me, so I will give you enough time to run away, run faster, and hurry up to see if you can escape from my hands!”

At this moment, for Du GuiRong, Jiang Yun’s words were just like a King Yama. He dared not to speak, but rushed to South Star as fast as he could and used all his power.

While less than ten feet away behind him followed Jiang Yun with a murderous but calm look!

The killing intent in Jiang Yun’s heart has never been as blazing as this moment. Even when the time he faced Fang RuoLin, it was far from now.

All of this was naturally because he has witnessed the pains of mantis and that medicinal puppet. He could hardly imagine how vicious ones heart was to do such an annihilation act against humanity!

The heavy rain was getting bigger and bigger. Through the dense rain curtain, Du GuiRong finally saw the gate of South Star city, his hope of life.

Although he was exhausted at the moment, looking at the gate that was close at hand, he seemed to have another force, which accelerated his speed.

“Gonna do it! I can survive!”

Just as Du GuiRong kept chanting these three words, a golden thunderbolt crossed over his body directly, rubbing his ears and falling right in front of the gate.

The thunderbolt landed, but it was condensed and not scattered, so that it became a golden power grid; and the network port opened wide, waiting for Du GuiRong who was soon arriving.

“Either you get into this thunderbolt net! Or, you change direction and keep running!”

Hearing Jiang Yun’s words and seeing the sudden appearance of the power grid in front of him, Du GuiRong with fear hurriedly stopped his body, turned around without hesitation, and fled again in another direction.

Behind him, Jiang Yun was still following slowly. Not only he wanted to kill Du GuiRong, but also wanted to torture him to beg for death!

During the rainy night, two figures, one after another, kept …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 121

Chapter 121: The Suffering of Not-Getting

What Du GuiRong did not know was that although it looked like Jiang Yun was on par with his medicinal puppet, Jiang Yun had used only his pure Physique Strength right now. It was still quite far from Jiang Yun’s real power; he had not even used his Physical Tao Doppelganger yet.

However, Jiang Yun’s face had become much graver because he could feel that the strength of this medicinal puppet could also be improved!


Suddenly, this medicinal puppet opened his mouth and spit a long dragon-like fire, which surprised Jiang Yun.

He had thought that this medicinal puppet was only as good at Physique Strength as he was. He had never thought that it could also cast Taoist magic arts.

Du GuiRong smiled coldly and said, “This is its prior strength. Although it has been turned into a medicinal puppet, it won’t forget the magic arts that it had cultivated before.”

Seeing that the dragon-like fire was approaching, Jiang Yun reached his hands out and grabbed. The rain falling around him immediately turned into a water dragon, rushing from his hand towards that fire dragon.

Then, Jiang Yun flapped his big sleeves, and the fog behind him that was like a cloak suddenly widened which swallowed the medicinal puppet in a flash.

During these four months, though Jiang Yun hadn’t fought with others, he had never even relaxed slightly in his cultivation.

Especially as now he was unable to unblock his twelfth meridian, there was no need to think about his Tao cultivation. Therefore, all his energy had been placed on cultivating magic arts and refining demons.

The Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth Arts had become the most powerful magic art that Jiang Yun had cultivated. Now he could release twice as much power as before.

Coupled with the current heavy rain, the power of his Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth Arts that had been released was even stronger.

In the fog, Jiang Yun’s strength had been further improved.

A figure flashed; Jiang Yun had also rushed into the fog!

Under the mist, the medicinal puppet suddenly tore off the white bandage wrapping around its body. It pulled so hard that the bandage suddenly exploded and looking from afar, it seemed like a long white snake that was shooting in all directions. It seemed that it wanted to destroy this boundless fog and find Jiang Yun in the fog.

In fact, Jiang Yun was right in front of the medicinal puppet, wrapped in a thicker fog. Watching a few white bandages being shot towards him, Jiang Yun raised his hand and made a grabbing motion towards the sky.


A bolt of lightning fell from the sky directly into Jiang Yun’s hand. It condensed into a palm-sized thunderbolt ball which hit the medicinal puppet heavily.


The thunderbolt ball blew up and turned into countless tiny golden thunderbolts. They spread all over the body of the medicinal puppet, squeaking. After the thunderbolts disappeared, the body of …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 120

Chapter 120: A Quack That Will Kill People

“A Primacy Demonic Beast!”

Looking at this mantis, feeling the Yaoqi[1] emanating from its body, Jiang Yun immediately judged that this mantis’s level was equal to that of the cold-winged bat in the Unreal-Beast Map, whose cultivation level was suppressed.

Obviously, it was the one that just attacked him before; and the crack on the ground was made by its forelimb!

“You didn’t expect it, did you?!” With the expression of horror changed to excitement, Du GuiRong pointed at Jiang Yun and ordered, “Kill this guy into pieces!”

Immediately, the mantis jumped and waved its two knife-like forelimbs toward Jiang Yun.

However, Jiang Yun stood still. He didn’t move until the mantis came to his face. He made a gesture of the Demon-Vanquishing Seal and slammed it on the mantis’s head.

As the Demon-Vanquishing Seal entered its brain, the mantis was stopped for a second. The next moment, its body could not stop violently shaking, and its two forelimbs continued to wave unconsciously.

Such a reaction made Jiang Yun slightly frown, because this was not the first time he used the Demon-Vanquishing Seal. Last time when he struck the Demon-Vanquishing Seal into the cold-winged bat’s body, it submitted to him very quickly.

However, this mantis’s reaction seemed to show that it was in struggle, as whether it should surrender or continue to attack Jiang Yun.

“The Demon-Refiner Seal!” Bai Ze’s voice suddenly sounded, “There is a Demon-Refiner Seal in its body. Although it is not a complete one, it can still counter your Demon-Vanquishing Seal. Wow, I didn’t expect that this mantis actually belonged to a Demon Forgemaster. But this Demon Forgemaster seems to be an amateur.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yun was reminded of Luo Family, the family who was famous for refining demons!

Since Hundred Herbs Store had a very good relationship with Luo Family, pharmacists of Hundred Herbs Store deserved protections by Demonic Beasts from the Luo Family.

However, he hadn’t thought that this so-called Demon-Refiner Seal could even counter a Demon-Vanquishing Seal.

“A Demon-Vanquishing Seal is only the most basic seal to control a demon, mainly through suppression; while a Demon-Refiner Seal is a level higher. It’s extremely cruel method as once branded, the demon is forced to obey its master unconditionally and can never get rid of it until it die. Thus, it’s really a cruel torture for demons!”

“Isn’t there a way to erase this Demon-Refiner Seal?”

“There is a way, but you can’t do it with your current strength. You can do it when you are as strong as to handle this Demon Refining Pen. Man, don’t try in vain to subdue this mantis. A while later, it will feel unbearable because of the mutual attack between these two kinds of seals and will blow itself up unwillingly!”

Jiang Yun glanced at the trembling mantis which clearly showed that it was in great pain. He felt pity for it. After a slight hesitation, he said, “Let …

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