The World That Tao Rules

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Queuing For Medical Treatment

Instead of coming in with their arrogance before, these three men bent over with respect, and walked backwards out of the door of DuoYao Pharmacy step by step.

After they left, Xia Shi rushed into the backyard immediately. He grabbed the arm of Jiang Yun who was washing the big cauldron, with his eyes shining, “Brother Gu, were you telling the truth just then? The poison thing?”

“Of course!”

“Awesome, Brother Gu! My dad have said that if one can diagnose ones illness by looking directly, he must be a true master!”

“Have you seen any master who need to wash a cauldron?”

“Uh…” Xia Shi suddenly grabbed the brush from Jiang Yun, “Brother Gu, how can people like you do that kind of work?! Just have a rest, and I will take it!”

“Stop it. I am not a master. The fact is that I have seen some real masters who were dealing with the same problem. That’s why I can tell it today. If it’s not the poison of the Fall-Gone Herb but another poison, how come I can tell it?!”

This is not a fake, although the Seven-Leaf Bitter Chrysanthemum was rare, but there were some in Mang Mountains. People in Jiang village had ever been poisoned by the Fall-Gone Herb. Jiang Yun had seen his grandfather curing them and remembered in his mind.

However, Jiang Yun’s high accomplishment in medical treatment was also a fact. Physicians might not know how to refine medicinal herbs, but pharmacists must know medicine!

Moreover, even a pharmacist might not give people a medical treatment; however, when Jiang Yun was in Mang Mountains, the first thing for him to study was medicine and medical skills; then he was slowly transformed from medicine maker to medicine refiner.

The reason why he said like this now was just to get rid of Xia Shi’s entanglement as soon as possible.

After being asked by Xia Shi for a long time, Jiang Yun finally persuaded Xia Shi to believe him. However, Jiang Yun never imagined that this was just a beginning!

Two calm days passed. On the morning of the third day, when Xia Shi yawned and opened the store’s door, his big open mouth couldn’t be closed any longer.

Generally, hardly would one visit this store. However, there was a large group of people gathering around at the moment. Those three big men who had been there three days ago were standing in front of them.

At this moment, the red robe man suddenly pointed to Xia Shi and said, “The master Gu is in this store. He saved the our three brothers lives!”

Following the man’s voice, “Hua”, a group of people suddenly came in to the store.

When Xia Shi finally came back into his sense, the small shop was already full of people. Everyone was shouting, “Master Gu! Master Gu! Coming out please!”

Xia Shi rushed back to the counter and shouted, “Stop shouting! Don’t …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Rescue People With No Reason

These three big fellows’ eyes were immediately attracted by the large bronze cauldron held in that young man’s hand.

You should know that a large cauldron which was the height of half a person and was completely cast in bronze should be at least more than five hundred kilograms. But look at that thin young man, though with weak appearance, he could lift it with only one hand and with no extra effort; he must be of super strength.

This also made these three men move their eyes to the young man, while becoming more alert.

“My dad has gone away? He said hello to me? How did I not notice it?” The young man named Xia Shi was stunned for a moment, but then he suddenly reacted. He rushed to the young man’s side and held out both hands to grab the other’s shoulder, “Thank god, you’re here brother Gu Jiang! I am really scared! They are about to rob us!” he said.

This young man, of course, was Jiang Yun!

He came to the South Star city two months ago.

He was totally shocked by this bustling and lively city. Although when he traveled from Mang Mountains to Seeking-Tao Sect, he had passed through some small towns along the way, there was actually no comparability between them.

Because at that time, there was still nearly half a year from the birthday of Luo’s Big Forefather, and he needed to understand the human world. So he thought of an idea and came to this DuoYao Pharmacy and became a staff whose duty was to brush the cauldron. It was a no-paid job, and only accommodation was covered.

However, in the South Star city, although there were quite a few shops opened by big sects, there was no shop belonging to Seeking-Tao Sect. Because the biggest boss of South Star city was Luo family.

While it was said that the relationship between Luo family and Seeking-Tao Sect was not very good. As a result, Luo family didn’t allow Seeking-Tao Sect’s business to enter the South Star city.

Considering that he still needed to go to Luo family in the future, it would be a shame to his master and sect if he was found to have been a little stuff for a period. So Jiang Yun changed his name.

Although DuoYao Pharmacy was not big, and the cultivation level of both the owner and his son was not high, as the father in the seventh level of Meridians Unclogged Realm and the son in the third level, they were nice to him. So he decided to stay here.

Sometimes he brushed the cauldrons; and when he was free, he would either sit at the door and watch the flow of people coming and going, or walk around the city indiscriminately. At night, he would stay in his small room and cultivated attentively.

Seeing a lot and hearing a lot, he had gotten a …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 111

Chapter 111: South Star City

For the appearance of Jiang Yun, Bai Ze was about to ignore. Because Jiang Yun dared to temporarily isolate his Divine Sense, which made him a little angry.

However, when he heard that Jiang Yun was about to cultivate Demon-Forge Instruction, his anger vanished!

“Have you really thought about it? Did you make a decision?”


Although he was happy in his heart, Bai Ze pretended to be pondering and said, “Alright, since you are so sincere, I can help you. However, to be a Demon Forgemaster, you need some Demonic Energy as guiding. OK, I will suffer some losses and send you some of my Demonic Energy to help your comprehension.”

As if being afraid that Jiang Yun would go back on his word, Bai Ze opened his mouth right after finishing these words. He spewed out a stream of Demonic Energy, which then wrapped Jiang Yun’s whole body directly.

“Remember, you must hide my Demonic Energy inside your Spiritual Lake in your Dantian. Otherwise, some self-styled decent cultivators will detect it, therefore regarding you as a demon and killing you mercilessly.”

Then, a shining text appeared in Jiang Yun’s mind at once.

Jiang Yun closed his eyes. He was making efforts to absorb Bai Ze’s Heavenly-Demonic Energy into his own Dantian while watching this text carefully.

Looking at Jiang Yun who was clearly immersed in thinking of the instruction, Bai Ze’s huge eyes showed a sly expression, “As long as my Demonic Energy stay in your Spiritual Lake, my Demonic Energy will surely merge with your Spiritual Lake someday.

“Once you cultivate your Blessing Land successfully, my Demonic Energy will exist forever in your body and grow stronger with your improvement. Then you will become my puppet! A puppet demon forgemaster!

“Smart and strong as me as an All-Know Heavenly-Demon, no one in this world will be more intelligent than me! Ha-ha! Ah, kinda lonely. I will be much lonelier after having this puppet demon forgemaster!”


South Star city was one of three biggest cities in South Mountain. The number of permanent residents was more than 8 million. Since there were always immigrants, the population was actually close to 10 million!

Although among the ten million people, most were mortals and only a few were cultivators, the number of cultivators was actually quite large due to the large population base.

Therefore, South Star city has a thirty-mile XiuYuan Street, which was open to cultivators specially. It was full of shops set up by various noble sects and clans in Five-Mountain Island, selling all kinds of cultivating resources.

If you had enough spiritual stones, you could buy most of what your cultivation would need in this street.

Therefore, XiuYuan Street had become a must-see for every cultivator coming to South Star city. Therefore, most of the time, the street was crowded.

Today, however, compared with the usual number, the number of cultivators in the street has even doubled, which made the shop assistants …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Shut Down The Seeking-Tao Sect

In the next two days, Jiang Yun never left Hidden Peak, even half a step. He stayed with Gu BuLao, and raised all his doubts about cultivation; and Gu BuLao was patient and explained one by one.

Although DongFang Bo had explained these knowledge to Jiang Yun before, but his cognition or horizon of cultivation was far away from that of Gu BuLao. Therefore, though in just two days, Jiang Yun gained a lot. These benefits have greatly improved his cultivation and laid a solid foundation for his future growth.

The next day Gu BuLao handed Jiang Yun a storage ring. “Inside it there is a map to Luo family, and also a birthday present I prepared for Luo family’s Big Forefather. Do you need something else? Tell me, and I will try to prepare for you!”

Jiang Yun shook his head and said: “Nothing!”

Jiang Yun never cared about worldly possessions. Last time when he left Mang Mountains, he took nothing but a black stone. Now for his approaching trip, he had already taken too many things. He really had no need for anything more.

“I have a little thing for you!”

At this moment, the voice of Dao TianYou sounded. Then he appeared by the side of them.

Jiang Yun hurried forward and greeted, “My sect lord.”

Dao TianYou smiled and nodded. He took a small bag and handed it to Jiang Yun, “Wan HongBo has already accepted his punishment. Now he is facing the wall and pondering about his misdeed. And the Master of Hundreds Beasts Peak is temporarily occupied by me, as well as the Unreal-Beast Map. It looks like this cold-winged bat has a good relationship with you, so I just take it out from the map and send it to you.”

Jiang Yun did like that little bat a bit. But he didn’t expect Tao TianyYou to give it to him. He was very happy and naturally was not willing to refuse. Though a little embarrassed, he took that bag.

Dao TianYou kept saying, “But don’t be happy too early. Though this cold-winged bat is a nine-level demonic beast, it will sleep for a period as it has never been out of the Unreal-Beast Map till now and needs to adapt the outside world. So for the time being you can’t count on it.”

“I see. Thank you my Lord.”

DongFang Bo and other two seniors of Jiang Yun rushed over. They didn’t stop giving advice for Jiang Yun’s trip until Gu BuLao became impatient. He waved his big sleeve and interrupted, “Jiang Yun will come back. You’d better cultivate hard during this time. If you let your younger brother’s cultivation be beyond yours, see how I would punish you!”

After finishing speaking, he didn’t give anyone the opportunity to say anything more, but waved his big sleeve. The next moment, he and Jiang Yun have left the Seeking-Tao Sect and appeared on an official road.

“There …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Great Tao Achievements

“Luo family? Demon Refiners?”

This was exactly what he was going to inquire about. After all, Old Hei was a demon, he might know more about it.

“Well, Luo family actually doesn’t have much strength, but it is said to be a lineage of demon refining family. Plus that the family members are all good at business and sociality, so it has good relationship with many sects and big families…”

Old Hei suddenly stopped his words here and shook his head, “But the place where you will visit should not be this Luo family. Because the relationship between them and Seeking-Tao Sect is not good.”

Jiang Yun did not care about which Luo family he was going to. He just wanted to know more about demon refiners, “Brother Old Hei, what is demon refiners, and what are Heavenly Demons?”

Jiang Yun has just spoken his question out when Old Hei’s pupil couldn’t help but shrink slightly. He looked up at Jiang Yun and asked, “Let me speak first. Two days ago, I felt a mental aura of Heavenly Demon in Seeking-Tao Sect. What’s going on? ”


Although Jiang Yun trusted Old Hei, he knew the hostile relationship between a demon refiner and a demon. Since that Demon Refining Pen belonged to Lu XiaoYu, he was worried that if he told the truth, Old Hei would harm Lu XiaoYu. He could only say something unimportant, “Nothing. That was from the Unreal-Beast Map when I was running through Hundreds Beasts Peak.”

After that, Jiang Yun’s face turned red. Although his words were not false, but for him who had never lied, he was extremely embarrassed.

Looking at Jiang Yun’s look, Old Hei knew that Jiang Yun did not tell the truth, but he did not ask again, “Alright, I see! There is a Heavenly Demon hidden in the Unreal-Beast Map!

“The demon, all-inclusive, the race is far more than humans, for example, the demon of beasts, the demon of plants, and even the mountains and rivers, etc., can become demons after cultivating.

“As for the demon’s cultivation realm, it is exactly the same as that of human, such as Meridians Unclogged Realm, Blessing Land Realm, Sky Reaching Realm, etc. To better distinguish a demon’s power and strength, we have different titles.

“And Heavenly Demons refer to demons who can occupy a field, even occupy a world!”

Old Hei was prepared to talk about it in more detail. But considering that Jiang Yun’s cultivation was too low to know something too early, and it was not good for him, he decided to explain it generally.

However, this was enough to shock Jiang Yun!

He never imagined that Bai Ze, who was locked in the Demon Refining Pen, turned out to be the strongest in a certain world. No wonder that his little Demonic Energy could make a demonic beast equal to a Sky Reaching Realm cultivator fear.

Although Bai Ze had said that he didn’t live in …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Luo Family

A chatterbox DondFang Bo came out when Jiang Yun asked that question. He excitedly rubbed his hands and said, “This can be a long story, come, sit down, I’ll explain with you a simple explanation!”

Before Jiang Yun sat down, DongFang Bo said, “Do you remember, I told you, Tao has three treasures?”

Jiang Yun nodded and said, “Yes. But i remember that Tao has many types of so-called three treasures.”

“Yes, let’s not talk about the other three treasures for a while. Today I’m going to talk to you about another three treasures, Tao Learners, Tao Cultivators and Tao Walkers.

“When Master accepted me as a disciple, he told me that when he accepted his disciples, they needed to fit in with the three treasures, that is, to convert to the three treasures!”

This sentence made Jiang Yun’s heart suddenly moved. Looking at DongFang Bo, thinking of SiTu Jing and XuanYuan Xing, he grasped something vaguely in his mind.

DongFang Bo pointed to himself and said, “My name is Bo, which means erudite, because I am a Learner, so I have to learn all kinds of knowledge of Tao and theory of Tao;”

“Your second elder sister’s name is Jing, meaning quiet, because she is a Cultivator, so she was always meditating, cultivating, and extracting the essence of Tao.”

“Your Third Brothers’ name is Xing, which means walking, because he is a Walker, so he always walks the world, walking through the true meaning of Tao!”

Jiang Yun suddenly realized that his three brothers and sisters, no matter their names or personalities, or even their cultivation, were all related to the three treasures: Learners, Cultivators and Walkers.

“Now, since there is you little brother besides the three treasures, Master should only accept you as a disciple outside the Tao, but don’t mind, it’s just a title, and Master still likes you very much.”

“You know, The Human Tao, he did not teach us!”

Jiang Yun said in a hurry, “Brother, I am satisfied to be a disciple of Master.”

“Haha, of course I know that!” DongFang Bo laughed and said, “By the way, Master said you would leave here in three days. Although I seldom left the sect, there were several times I left. So it’s better to tell you more about Five-Mountain Island, which I know, to let you gain more experience and take less detours!”

Although almost everyone couldn’t accept the nagging of DongFang Bo, it was very pleasing to Jiang Yun at the moment because he wouldn’t be able to hear it for some time, so he nodded with a smile and said, “Good!”

In this way, when the day passed, although Jiang Yun could not bear to interrupt DongFang Bo’s story, he did have something to deal with before he left, so he had to say, “Brother, how about you let it be for today, I have to go to see Old Hei and say goodbye to him!”

Speaking of Jiang …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Understand, Not Understand

Although Gu BuLao’s voice was not very loud, but it spread throughout the Hidden Peak, all the people were stunned and could not help but take their eyes back from the air to look at the cultivators in Sky Reaching Realm who were making strange expressions.

Only then did they realize that this was probably the real reason why Gu BuLao invited them to attend the ceremony.

What Gu BuLao has said was almost to directly ask for presents. And these Sky Reaching Realm cultivators who were asked for, though unwilling, had to give some things as gifts.

After collecting all the things, Gu BuLao coughed twice again and said, “It’s not early. My disciple should take some time to feel, and I know that you are busy, so in order not to waste your precious time, please go back first!”

When he got the gift, he started to rush people to leave without hesitation, which made everyone don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but it was not productive to sit here and wait, so they got up one after another, politely said something and turned away, even Dao TianYou was no exception.

As for the many disciples, it was impossible for them to stay here any longer. Therefore a moment later, only Gu BuLao and other three from the Hidden Peak left.

“Hold your directions and don’t let anyone disturb!”

Leaving this words to DongFang Bo and other two, Gu BuLao took only a step then directly entered the eighth floor of the Book Storage Pavilion. He appeared in front of Jiang Yun, but he did not disturb him. Instead, he sat quietly and waited patiently.

“Looking at the prosperity of the world, experiencing various human states, feeling seven passions and six desires, carrying eight hardships of life, and ultimately changing your body into a whole world, nurturing a Tao heart, to knock open the door to seek the Tao!”

Finally, after Jiang Yun’s murmuring voice, he slowly opened his eyes, which were clear as water, but revealed two opposite emotions, both enlightened and doubtful, looking at Gu BuLao in front of him, “Master!”

Gu BuLao nodded gently and said, “You, understand?”

Such a simple question, but Jiang Yun pondered for a long time before opening his mouth: “Yes and no. I understand and do not understand at the same time!”

“That’s right!” The old man smiled and said, “The Human Tao is not only a skill of cultivation, but also contains powerful skills, such as Six Desires, Seven Emotions, Eight Pains, and the ultimate Human Being Tao!”

“All this, even I can’t teach you. You can only understand it yourself slowly. Considering the fact that you are not good at dealing with the world, without worldly wisdom, I have decided, three days later, I’ll let you leave the sect, go experience the outside world. By the way, I also have a task for you.”

“Leave in three days?” Jiang Yun was …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 106

Chapter 106: The Human Tao

By this time, the pavilion had flown into the air, and naturally all the people looked attentively, counting to and fro, still only seven stories.

Among the doubts of many disciples, the four Lords of the Peak have stood up one after another, and a scroll appeared in the hands of Dao TianYou, which was the Map of Phantom Beasts.

Next, the five men raised hands and threw the five magic tools, which belonged to the five peaks, over the seventh floor of the pavilion in the air.


Five magic tools, radiating lights, were arranged in a row from top to bottom. Looking from afar, they were like five more steps at the top of the pavilion.

Step by step, extending to the sky!

With the appearance of this magic step, a circle of ripples suddenly appeared in the empty space above the Five-Element Coffin, and spread around at a very fast speed until a moment later, in the ripple, the eighth floor suddenly appeared!

This floor was exactly the same as every floor of the pavilion below, except that it was located in the air, not connected to the sky, not touching the ground!

This was the eighth floor of the pavilion, which could only be opened by the Sky-Ladder with the help of five magic tools.

And at this moment, most people finally understood why Jiang Yun’s rush to the peak was not a peak, but five peaks!

The disciples thought that Gu BuLao’s ceremony was a small rain with big thunder lights. It was too simple. Originally, it wasn’t the apprenticeship, but the eighth floor of the Book Storage Pavilion.

“Jiang Yun, don’t be stunned, step up on the stairs, into the eighth floor, and take your gift!”

The sleeves of Gu rolled up again, and a breeze immediately wrapped the startled Jiang Yun, sweeping over the seven-storey pavilion, falling on the first step – Chopping-Sky Sword!

Although up to now, Jiang Yun still did not know what the gift was for him, but the steps formed by these five magic weapons were enough to make him realize that this was absolutely extraordinary!

When Jiang Yun stepped onto the steps formed by these five magic weapons step by step and felt a kind of emotion similar to identification from each magic tool, he finally understood why Master needed him to break through the five peaks.

Although the five magic tools could open the eighth floor, only getting the approval of the five magic tools by his own strength, one could be qualified to walk on the steps they formed.

Otherwise, even if the eighth floor of the pavilion could be opened, it would still be unable to enter it.

Finally, after walking five steps one by one, Jiang Yun stood by the gate in the sky, lowered his head, he found that all the people on the top of the Hidden Peak who were looking up to himself were like ants.…

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 105

Chapter 105: An Differ Tao Disciple

Although Hidden Peak had long existed in the sect, most of the disciples were unaware of the four people.

There were Five Peaks in Seeking-Tao Sect, few people mentioned the Sixth Peak, so among the disciples, there was nothing special about the Hidden Peak except its mystery.

However, since Jiang Yun came to Seeking-Tao Sect and was brought into Hidden Peak by DongFang Bo, the reputation of Hidden Peak had been rising with Jiang Yun’s amazing performance.

In particular, the strong and mysterious Gu BuLao, even the Master and Lords of the peaks were apparently quite afraid of him, all of these completely reversed the public’s view of Hidden peak.

Even so, people were still shocked to hear the words of Dao TianYou.

The other five peaks had never made such a big movement in accepting disciples, at most a small celebration within the peaks. Now Gu BuLao unexpectedly asked all the disciples to go to the ceremony.

However, even being shocked, people naturally were willing to go, because everyone knew that the disciple Gu BuLao would accept was Jiang Yun!

This made the other cultivators who wanted to take Jiang Yun as their disciples dropped their idea completely, and it also made many disciples expecting more to know how far Jiang Yun would grow under Gu BuLao’s teaching and instructions!

The next day, just before dawn, all the disciples rushed to the Hidden peak, which they could never enter at all in the past.

But the area of the Hidden Peak was too small. So many disciples poured in, causing the whole Hidden Peak to be almost crowded out of water. Except the mountaintop of the Hidden Peak, no one dared to enter.

In the middle of the top of the peak, DongFang Bo and the three seniors were sitting behind Gu BuLao. On the both sides, there were Master Dao TianYou and other cultivators in Sky Reaching Realm except Wan HongBo.

Even Wei ZhengYang had to come, only there was no expression on his face.

In front of Gu BuLao, Jiang Yun stood there with a somewhat nervous look. He never thought that his master would make it so solemn.

At this moment, looking at Jiang Yun in front of him, the immature child’s face of Gu BuLao showed a rare trace of satisfaction, as for the three seniors and DongFang Bo behind him, they also looked excited.

Although they had long regarded Jiang Yun as their brother under the same master, after all, he had not received permission from Gu BuLao. After today, Jiang Yun would really become their younger brother and the master’s fourth disciple.

Seeing that almost all the people were here, Dao TianYou stood up and smiled and said, “Today is the apprenticeship ceremony of the Lord of Hidden Peak: Gu BuLao. You are invited to come and watch the ceremony. It is time now. Let’s start immediately!”

After that, all eyes looked at Jiang Yun. At the …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 104

Chapter 104: The Only One

In Jiang Yun’s mind, the Hidden Peak was already become his second home, and the people here were his own families, so since there was a chance to save XuanYuan, he would naturally not hesitate.

“I will!”

“Okay, but it’s not in a hurry. You go back first and wait until the tests end in the next two days!”

Looking at Jiang Yun’s leaving, DongFang Bo hastily said, “Master, the Grand Medicine Sect has strict rules. One could get in there only be recommended by their own clans. But brother Jiang can’t enter!”

XuanYuan Xing also said: “Yes, let alone how to enter there, the journey is very long, it takes three or five months to fly and it is dangerous too. It is too risky for brother Jiang to go alone, it is better for me to accompany him, after all, this is my business!”

Simultaneously, SiTu Jing said, “Let me go with him!”

Gu BuLao waved his hand: “Do not worry about that, I will arrange it!”

Jiang Yun returned to his cabin. Although XuanYuan Xing’s body worried him a little, since Gu BuLao say nothing about going to the Grand Medicine Sect for the antidotes, that he can be released for the time being.

Then, Jiang Yun took out the mutant egg and looked at it for a while, and Bai Ze’s voice rang out: “Now of course you can’t get something, even I don’t know what beast is bred in it, only after hatching can you know it.”

Jiang Yun frowned and said, “Then you still let me take it?”

“Of course, the mutant beast is equivalent to those of you human beings who are endowed with extraordinary talent, like Innate Tao Physique, or some other bullshit Tao Physique. It is extremely rare. If there is such a pet beast around, it will be benefit you.”

This reminded Jiang Yun of Wan HongBo’s centipede, which was comparable to the cultivators in Sky Reaching Realm. If he could own one himself, it would really help him a lot.

“How does it hatch then?”

“When you enter the Blessing Land Realm and there will be a Blessing Land in your body, put the egg into it and hatch it.”

Jiang Yun nodded, it was better not to act in a hurry. He put the beast’s egg back and asked again, “The evil spirit you spewed out before is still in my body, and it seems that there is not much consumption.”

The reason why Jiang Yun was able to use the Tame Stigma and seize control of the bat in an instant was that Bai Ze gave him the evil spirit.

“Don’t worry, it will disappear automatically in a short time, and if you want to become a Demon Forgemaster, it can provide you with a lot of convenience. Why don’t I teach you the law of Demon Forgemaster now?”

“Wait till I rush through all the peaks.”

“Whatever, I don’t care!”

Jiang …

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