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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu

Around that time Asora 2

It has been roughly one year since we had come to live in this wonderful place. I have felt several times that all of this was just a dream and will wake up from it. But no matter what, I am always here, this was reality and not a dream.

I have always thought of reflecting over what has happened this past year, but I believe it will be hard to reflect on all of it in a single day. I remember the first time I met that person.

It was a normal day in those desolate lands when that man suddenly came to our village.

Shen was one of the superior dragons, the one who manipulates the fog of illusion combining the attributes of water and wind. It was an old dragon with a bit of whimsical nature, but it was very important one for us. I have heard stories from my father and grandfather that long ago, our ancestors asked it for protection in exchange for serving it for the rest of our lives. Since then our scales have become blue and we have acquired abilities close to or superior to dragons, even though we are just of the lizard group. Even in this harsh desolate environment, we are able to live adequately.

The superior dragon Shen has long fallen into a deep sleep. I believe it has been asleep for quite a while since both my father and grandfather did not have a chance to see Shen for themselves.  Even though I have heard of its form and characteristics from the stories, I almost deemed it an enemy when it first appeared over our village.

“It has been awhile, my kin. Sorry for the sudden announcement, but we are moving.”(Tomoe)

Those were words that I had never expected. However, I wonder if it was an instinct as its kin? Just listening to those words and voice, I knew this person was Shen, our lord. Despite it being the first time I have heard this voice, I understood at first glance that it was our lord thus, I did not have any hesitation.

“I understand, we shall prepare.”(Mist Lizard)

I answered the lord, I did not know if my words would reach him. The figure in the sky faded away; I panicked a bit when it disappeared suddenly. I knew I was not daydreaming since everyone else in the village was looking up towards the sky because they heard the voice.

“Oh, thanks for the immediate response, are you the current chief of the village?”(Tomoe)

“?!”(Mist Lizard)

I suddenly heard a voice come from behind, I turned around to see it.

I saw a girl with blue hair, it was a hyuman being. It laughed quite fearlessly. But I did not make the same mistake twice because from the voice I could tell who she is.

“Lord, is that you?”(Mist Lizard)

“Yes, I am Shen, your lord,

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – Extra 11

Around that time……..3

Tlnote: Since this is a chapter about gods, please expect many tlnotes regarding the mythology.

In the Northern region of Europe’s Divine Realm, there are three goddesses who manage fate.

Each of the three sister goddesses are responsible for one part of fate. One is responsible for the past, one is responsible for the present, and one is responsible for the future. As a whole, they are one of the supreme deities in the world and can be said to be independent gods that do not rely on the others.

Their duties are to record the past and present and use those to predict the future.

They are three goddesses with a major influence on the world and are very popular among the humans who have created countless stories and books with them either being the forefront of the plot or driving the plot. They are very difficult goddesses to meet and attempting to do so would take months, if not years to even get just an appointment date.

“It sounds like a loud dispute.”(Urd)

The person who looks outside because of the noise, even though this is a very rare action for her, is the goddess who records the past, Urd*.

Tlnote: One of the sisters of Norn, Urd. The author put the name as Elta. I do not know how he got that name, but since the actual name is Urd, I will be using that name.

She has taken an interest in the disturbance that has interrupted her daily life and wants to talk to the gods that have come to the World Tree*.

Tlnote: The World Tree is Yggdrasil. This is Norse Mythology as some of you may know from the name Urd, one of the 3 sisters of Norn.

“They were very rowdy on their way here. I believe three gods that have come here, Onee-sama.” (Verdandi)

One of the two women who are at the entrance of Urd’s room responds to her. The one who called Urd, Onee-sama, is the middle goddess Verdandi*, the goddess that records the present.

“We have evacuated all the other personnel. Right now, it is just Onee-sama’s friends and us.”(Skuld)

The voice that follows Verdandi comes from the woman standing beside her, Skuld. She is the youngest sister of Norn, and the goddess the predicts the future. Though they are goddesses of fate, they do not actually have much power to do battle with other gods. The only who can fight is Skuld*.


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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – Extra 10

At that time, Modern day 1

This is the story of when Makoto first entered high school.

Makoto had a lot of hobbies, archery is obviously one of them, games, reading, movies , gardening, watching historical stage plays. There were also a lot of hobbies that he had but does not do anymore because he either no longer had any motivation for it or just got bored.

Makoto also liked trivia and wanted to know various things about the world. This has become kind of detrimental to him, as he learned knowledge that gets in the way of learning important knowledge related to school. Makoto’s hobbies change as the seasons change. But there is one hobby that he has yet to discard no matter what, appreciation for historical plays. Archery for him has exceeded a hobby at this point and has now entered the hall of fame in his mind. He learned too much trivial knowledge and too much knowledge concerning the Edo era of japan…It has gotten to the point where he once taught the teacher in japanese history. Though when we moved onto an era other than Edo, his vast knowledge become completely useless, and he almost got a failing grade in the test.

He started a new hobby in the early summer of his first year of high school. He started to play a MMO with his friends. He had started due to being invited by a friend and then casually started playing using his own computer at home. The game was normal but talking to friends in real time and playing with them was fresh to him, so he had fun. Although he did not understand why they had invited him and he did not get as invested into the game as his friends, he still enjoyed chatting with his friends and hunting for materials.

One day, after Makoto finished dinner and gathered at the meeting point in the game. They moved to their hunting spot and started to collect materials.

The job he played in the game was a fighter. It is the best class in the game per pro players. The level of the character was also very high. However, this level was achieved by tagging along with his max level friends and is not because of his own skill in the game. His skill in the game was quite bad, the healer in our group is the support role and Makoto character is supposed to be the firepower of the group. But due to his skill, they could only have him play the middle range role, instead of the full frontal role that his character specializes in…..it is quite sad. The two friends he plays with …

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – Extra 9

Around that time in Asora 1

X day X month, Sunny day.

From now on, I will write down the events that transpired in this place that we have emigrated to, Asora.

I was requested to make a weapon called a Two Blade Sword* by Tomoe-sama.

Tlnote: it says Nihontou meaning Japanese sword but he interprets as a two blade sword, as in the blade is one in the beginning but becomes two swords through some gimmick.

I had never heard of this weapon before hence, I’ve been very worried about how to make it. We prided ourselves as the best blacksmiths in this world thus, no matter what, we cannot refuse this request.

However, when we were shown documents and other resources of blacksmiths making this blade, we were left speechless.

The weapon is classified as not having a single bit of magic; they do not use magic when creating the weapon either. This is the first time we had witnessed such a process to produce a blade.

They do not rely on magic or the fire spirits to control the furnace or even touch upon the will of the steel. They worked in a very natural process and seemed to be using their eyes to measure the situation and furnace when making the weapon. They possessed incredible skill. I felt as if the people making this had skills equaling or surpassing us.

They worked on a single blade with their entire being over many days, continually hitting it. Everyone who watched the footage could only say it was beautiful.

Tomoe-sama also has said the metal they use had no magic imbued into it, that would mean it was pure steel or some derivative of steel. The footage also showed other material being added to the weapon and they seem to be common materials…I cannot say much about this weapon.

This request was going to be considerably difficult.


X day X Month Sunny after a little rain.

We continued to discuss and decipher the resources she

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – Extra 8

Around that time – modern day 5

About 5 minutes from Nakatsugawa station, in commemoration of a new bookstore, a certain author was doing a book signing session.

This was also a weekend, thus many people were off work and have come to visit. The line for the signing was very long.

The author wrote a light novel, the contents of the novel are very traditional. It is describing the story of a young hero, but the genders in the line are split 50-50. This is quite unusual for this form of novel. Usually, the line is predominately males.

But when you take a look at the author you are easily able to find out why there are so many females here. The author was a very handsome man. The rumors of his identity have been speculated to be an actor, model, prince of some unknown country, etc. He had black hair, a figure, and face that made you think he is European.

His pure white skin and smooth facial lines further represent that he may be doing work in the acting field. His hair was neither long or short, and was naturally black. It suited him very well.

He was a very stunning man. A little while ago, he was caught by a reporter who took his picture and exposed it to the media. Previously, his face was unknown to the public and he never put any pictures of himself in his works. The buzz generated by the media is most likely the reason for the gender ratio of this line.

That man was busy interacting with his fans, there were several people behind him that were busy moving things around. One of them was very young and stood out among the people.

There was a man beside the author who was handing him the books to sign and instructing the little girl in the back as well.

Some people in the front could hear their conversation. Naturally, they adjust themselves a little to pick up on bits and pieces of the conversation they were having.

“Mari-chan, please take a seat. This line is not the end and will definitely increase later on. Sensei* has also informed the shop that he can handle an even bigger line than this, so we will be here for quite a while.”(Editor)

TLnote: The editor is the editor for his father’s novel. Sensei in this case means author, it is what Japanese call people who

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Extra 7

Around that time……..2

Tlnote: this will have a lot of TLnotes because it involves gods, since I am sure many are like me who cannot name any of Amaterasu children. I will be providing a lot of information of such lore by Tlnotes

Being the god of the sun is hard work.

Unlike Tsukiyomi, I, who controls the sun have many responsibilities; it is quite troublesome.

It is not like if you are missing for several days, it won’t affect the world. No, there is no rest day for this job, I have to constantly do it.

Also, it is not like I am respected or rewarded for doing this job, my believers do not give me many offerings in this country.

Although Tsukiyomi has made my job many times easier by occasionally taking over a part of it and doing all the paperwork, there is still so much to do……

With a heavy heart, I open the door to the office.


Ok, see you soon…

It is fine to argue sometimes if it can advance a topic or problem then I can endure it.

However, right now, all this pointless quarreling was just loud noises, nothing but loud noises. It did not help in the slightest or advance our solution to the problem.

The reason for all these problems is because my busy-body, lecturer, serious brother of mine, Tsukiyomi has gone into hiding.

It is not the same as when I went into hiding in Ama-no-Iwato*. Due to him being absent, the administrative processing abilities have decreased by 50% and all the gods are now suffering from being overworked, many have also collapsed. The projects he was previously handling have made negligible progress. It was so steady and stable before…..why did this happen, you ask?

*Tlnote: Ama-no-Iwato is speaking of the time where Susanoo destroyed a lot of Amaterasu’s creations and killed one of her attendants. She hid herself in the Ama-no-Iwato as a way of getting back at him, it concealed the sun and almost wiped out all of the heavens and earth. Susanoo groveled at her feet when she had come out. Also as atonement, he gave her the Kusanagi blade.

My brother did not hide for the same reason I did but it was because he had

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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Extra 6

Around that time, Modern day 4

“Hey, Natsu, where did you hide Makoto!”(Genichi)

A man who appeared to be at least 40 with a robust body was visiting a dojo.

The man’s physique matched his loud voice, it reached the ears of the person sitting with a cup of sake in her hand at the very back of the room. As she furrowed her brows, you could clearly understand that this guest who was screaming at her door was someone she did not prefer. Exasperated, she shook her head and let out a sigh.

“That idiot….it has only been 3 days since he last came, doesn’t he have his own disciples to look after….”(Natsu)

Without making a single sound, she stood up and walked towards the entrance. She came upon the entrance where the voice was coming from and opened the door. There was the figure of a man who was in his late 30’s or early 40’s. He had a mature face and gave off a dignified aura. But to say he was a man in his early 40’s would be a mistake…..he looked like he had enough energy and physical strength to take on a platoon by himself.

“Stop coming here and saying the same thing every time, Genichi.”(Natsu)

She did not hide her annoyance at the man.

The woman called Natsu could turn away visitors, no matter who they were. She always gave off a certain aura of intimidation. She was said to be the same age or a few years younger than the man in front of her now, but her skin was still very smooth and pure white. She was someone in her mid-30’s to early 40’s but if a passerby saw her they would think she was in her mid-20’s.

“Where is Makoto! Where did you hide him!?”(Genichi)

“I do not know! I do not care! Go home!”(Natsu)

“Stop hiding him! Tell me! I will not go home! I have only taught Makoto the beginning of Iai*,

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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchu -POV Root chapters 143-150

The Ancient Dragon Laughs as the Academy Town’s Peace is Destroyed

The variants’ rampage, in the cities, has been continuing for a few days already.
The damage done to the city is enormous.
The city has stopped moving and is not able to get in contact with the neighbouring cities at all.
The situation is awfully serious.
The information being relayed in this shelter, which is also operated like an HQ for the city officials, has not received a single bit of good news.
In all of this city’s history, it has never been involved in wars. Therefore, the city being burdened to the point of closely approaching destruction is obvious.
They have evacuated key people from various countries, but seeing the situation play out in this fashion, the young man gave a small sigh.
The sigh was not from despair or pessimism, but out of disappointment and pity. This young man’s eyes did not contain fear, even in this situation.

This school has stagnated for too long. If the founder had seen this, he would have immediately re-thought establishing this school. They have been at peace for too long and have been too negligent in the preparations for attacks and emergency situations.(Root)

The youth’s name is Falz, the leader of the adventure guild.
Although this name, along with many others, is just his aliases, his real name is Root.
He is the oldest dragon in the world, and barely anyone left in this world knows his name.
Lancer, Grount, Clad, and etc. are all superior dragons known to the public, and Root is the superior dragon that stands above them all.
In the past, people had worshipped this dragon and called it “harmony” because of the harmony of colours on its body.
However, this is all an old story.
Currently, this superior dragon serves as the leader of the adventure guild. He does not interfere with the world anymore and is now just relaxing, a spectator of the world.

Well, since my guild does not have an active branch in this city we are only responsible for some paperwork here and there. I have sent a small fighting force, but I told them to pretend to fight and nothing more. The only ones fighting are the school’s purple guards and the mercenary force they have in this city. The situation is quite devastating.(Root)   

Root goes over the current situation in a very nonchalant manner.
The first variant was the mutation of the Hopelace child … what was his name … oh well. Then, several other variants had appeared and the city’s forces could barely kill any of them.

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This is the last  POV 5/5

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – POV Shiki 2 chapter 167-169

Shiki in Rotsgard

I reminisce about the events during my time with Waka-sama.
I thought I had always grasped this but this time again I learned the true capabilities of this body.
That is how I felt during the ordeal this time.
Far north of Rotsgard, the hyumans and demons are waging their war, and have now brought that war to Rotsgard with their large scale attack plan.
The miraculous meddling of the second son of the Hopelace house of Limia.
The unique meeting and contact we had with the dragon knight troops, from the commonwealth of Lorel.
The encounter with the goddess … no the reunion with the goddess for Waka-sama?
Oh, yes, speaking of reunion, Waka-sama’s rematch with Sofia and the dragon Lancer.
Indeed, this time was quite turbulent.
The people who are contracted with Waka-sama; Makoto-sama, are in order Tomoe-dono, Mio-dono, and me.
Tomoe-dono and Mio-dono did not participate in our battle with Lancer and Sofia, but they were given a different task, seizing Kaleneon.
I accompanied Waka-sama and … killed the superior dragon, Lancer.
That was the greatest moment of my life, I felt that clearly.

“Now that I think about it, I believe it was a somewhat reckless fight … But I got past that trial, even though it was a superior dragon.”(Shiki)

I am still nowhere near Mio-dono and Tomoe-dono in terms of strength, but I am slowly but surely growing little by little as a follower to our Master.
Also, I think it should be obvious but under a control contract, when we fight for Waka-sama’s sake in battle, we get a certain sense transmitted to us.
Despite it still being an unfamiliar sense, that sense is one of the most comfortable feelings in this world.
Now that I

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This the fourth one today 4/5

This is a about the fight with Lancer and Shiki from the perspective of a bystander and also has Makoto.

Thank you to Professional Arms Dealer jormugand for editing

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Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – POV Adventurer chapter 157-162

The unfortunate demise of a certain adventurer 

How did it come to this?

A terrible sight was occurring right before my eyes. Seelie… Seelie… I heard someone calling my name; it was the young girl from Lorel. I struggled to look around and realised that everyone who had been with me was dead…no, it wasn’t just them? Everyone who came from Tsige had died in the battle.

I am not sure if there were any survivors from those who followed a different direction from mine, but all those who were with me were certainly dead.

It hadn’t been too long ago since we left Tsige and came to the kingdom to become hired mercenaries….we aspired to start a new life here…..then the demon troops attacked. They came in full force and attacked with unbelievable coordination, engulfing the entire capital with the throes of conflict. By the time the knights sortied, the demons had already made it inside the castle and were aiming to eliminate the hero.

Nothing could be done.

The four-armed giant warrior sent a chill down my spine. I had never seen that kind of a warrior in my life. There were no monster I knew from the wastelands that could rival him. If I were still an adventurer then my thoughts would have been of escaping, but my position was that of the hero’s vanguard.

Running away was not an option.

Fortunately, a white golem like being came down along with a lich and intervened in the battle with the giant. We managed to escape the castle during the confusion, but then we witnessed the state outside….houses, walls, streets….everything was in ruin. This was the result of the initial assault……there were no signs of life in the city.

It was as if a superior dragon had attacked and that wouldn’t be an exaggeration. I presumed I had switched to a safer career compared to my previous one as an adventurer in the wastelands but it seemed I was wrong.

I will be heading back to the wastelands after this.

“How is Wudi, Chiya.”(Bredda)

“….it’s dire. My magic can’t keep him alive for much longer, we have to get some medicine or he will die.”(Chiya)

“Please keep at it.”(Bredda)

“I will do my best, but if this battle escalates and that Lich dispels this barrier, we might all die.”(Chiya)

The Lich seems to have been commanded to protect the hero, and has created a barrier to protect us. The party has the hero, Hibiki. Unfortunately,  the situation is deteriorating fast. Wudi, the palace magician, has a hole in his stomach. Anyone with this kind of wound would normally die, but the Lorel Priestess, …

The post Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu – POV Adventurer Seelie appeared first on Zenith Novels.

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