Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor

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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 64

Translator: Yuchaoz
Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 64: Offended A Bunch Of Ants



It was even more silent than just now when the silver-haired young man flew out of the room.

Weng Xiaohua and Han Xinyue had their mouths agape. They didn’t expect Yan Huang to be so arrogant too.

Zhu Yunhai was stunned too. However, there was more anger on his face.

“Bastard. How dare you scold me!” Zhu Yunhai’s face turned sinister. “Are you looking for death!”

After he finished speaking, he ran towards Yan Huang. His three sidekicks charged at Yan Huang too. They were going to win him by numbers.

“Yan… Yan Huang… be careful!” Weng Xiaohua warned Yan Huang uncontrollably. She was a hardcore fan of Jin Rui but deep inside, she was a kind person.

“You… be careful…” Han Xinyue shouted nervously too. She noticed that the red-haired man was not blocking her anymore so she quickly looked under the counter. There was a broomstick. She took the broomstick out and wanted to help Yan Huang.

She didn’t know who he was and he even stared at her just now. However, he was the only person that dared to stand up for her when Zhu Yunhai blatantly bullied her.

Hence, Han Xinyue was somewhat touched by Yan Huang.

Before she could finish her sentence, groans of pain could be heard from Yan Huang’s direction.

“Ah!” Zhu Yunhai flew into the air like a sandbag and fell outside the entrance of the shop. The silver-haired young man just stood up painfully but when Zhu Yunhai smashed into him, he fell on the ground again.

Han Xinyue was shocked. She opened her eyes wide to take another look. Yan Huang raised his right leg and kicked the other two people at the speed of lightning. The other two young men followed their boss and were thrown out of the shop.

Han Xinyue stood on the ground with the broom in her hand.

Weng Xiaohua was in a daze too.

Yan Huang placed the bottle of mineral water and the bag of biscuit on the counter. He asked Han Xinyue to count the bill for him before walking out of the shop calmly. He walked towards Zhu Yunhai and his five men.

Yan Huang saw Zhang Ziyun sitting by the table. He was focused on the paper in front of him entirely as though he was enchanted by it. The huge commotion in the shop didn’t affect him at all. He continued copying the talisman that Yan Huang drew. Perspirations dripped down his forehead.

Yan Huang nodded in satisfaction.

Based on Zhang Ziyun’s concentration and focus, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to memorize the numerous strokes of the talisman.

A talisman master was like the lawyer on Earth. A lawyer needed to memorize the various laws in the country in order to become a professional lawyer.

But, they only needed to memorize the laws briefly. When they needed to use it, they could flip …

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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 63

Translator: Yuchaoz
Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 63: Since You’re My Grandson, I’ll Let You Go If You Kneel

The entire shop turned silent.

Han Xinyue words were like a bee’s nest. The moment you touched it, all the bees would come out to attack you.

Zhu Yunhai’s face turned dark.

Bang! The man with silver hair slammed his hands on the counter table forcefully. He pointed at Han Xinyue’s nose and scolded her angrily, “Han Xinyue, don’t be shameless.”

“It’s your fortune that our boss likes you. If not, you’re nothing!”

“F**k you.” Another red-haired young man also pushed the metal shelf on the counter onto the floor. All of the items on the shelf were smashed on the ground and broke. A few expensive chewing gums fell and the boxes flew open. Small white pills scattered all over the floor.

“Ah!” The young men and women in the shop ran out of the shop frighteningly.

Zhu Yunhai looked at his sidekicks as they created a fuss. He didn’t say anything.

He looked at Han Xinyue coldly with anger on his face.

Ever since he met Han Xinyue in school, he had been enchanted by her. To him, she was his goddess.

Yet, this poor goddess kept rejecting his feelings!

Zhu Yunhai had tried sending her breakfast, drinks, went to look for her during lessons and gave her gifts, flowers and jewelry. He even proclaimed his love for her loudly in the main hall.

Yesterday, he went to the female dormitory and placed a flower cluster on the ground floor. He sang songs for her and confessed to her again. However, this time, Han Xinyue didn’t even appear. He was greatly embarrassed.

No matter how he confessed, whether he did it the rough way or the gentle way, whether he kept a low profile or a high profile, he was rejected by her. She rejected him for more than ten times.

Everyone had a temper. Zhu Yunhai was starting to get angry.

I’m the second boss of the famous Brotherhood clan. How can I be rejected by a lady continuously? This is humiliating.

If this lady was from a wealthy family, he was fine with it. However, Han Xinyue had a poor background.

What right does she have to reject me?

He came here today for a purpose. Either Han Xinyue obediently decided to become his girlfriend, or he would force her to be his girlfriend.


In the face of Zhu Yunhai’s provocation, Han Xinyue got fired up too.

She flicked her short hair and slammed the counter in front of her. A huge sound was heard.

She glared at Zhu Yunhai as she bit her lip. Blood was seen on her lip.

Han Xinyue trembled in anger. She knew that things wouldn’t end so easily today. But, she was not afraid. Instead, she felt relieved. She had enough!

Her eyes lit up in anger as she gritted her teeth. She said, “Zhu Yunhai, what do you mean?” …

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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 62

Translator: Yuchaoz
Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 62: Han Xinyue, Earth Will Be Destroyed 10 Years Later

Two people were standing at the counter. One was Weng Xiaohua while the other was a pretty young lady with sharp features.

The young lady wore a shirt that had turned white from washing too much. It was an ordinary and common shirt. Yan Huang could even see a few threads sticking out.

But, the young lady looked amazing when she wore this cheap and ordinary shirt.

She was tall and lean. Her legs were straight. The white shirt emphasized her curves.

She had an oval face. Her eyes were clear and bright. The bridge of her nose was high and straight. She wore no makeup on her lips. The smile lines beside her nose could be seen faintly.

Her hair was short. It was cut till her ears and made her looked lively and neat. With the complement of her sharp features, she had the gentleness of a lady but looked strong and powerful like a man too.

The moment Yan Huang saw this lady, he frowned. He felt that this lady looked familiar.

He felt that when he was Emperor Yan Huang, he saw this lady before.

Yes. Yan Huang felt that in the 5000 years of his past life, he saw this lady before.

Yan Huang furrowed his brows deeply.

Even though he had lived for 5000 years last time, he had never heard about Earth before. He never even heard of the Milky Way. However, the universe was vast. There were many galaxies that he didn’t know.

He did hear about the galaxy closest to Earth, the Fairy Maiden galaxy, before. There wasn’t much spiritual power in that galaxy so very few cultivators came from there. As compared to the galaxy that Yan Huang came from, the Pangu galaxy, the Milky Way and the Fairy Maiden galaxy were like an unpopulated barren wasteland.

Based on his past experience, the Fairy Maiden galaxy was the first galaxy the devil clan took over. If that happened, the Milky Way had probably fallen at that time too.

Following this deduction, the Earth would be invaded by the devil clan after 10 years.

Hence, a question arose. Since earth would be destroyed 10 years later, why did Yan Huang have an impression of Han Xinyue? This was absurd!

Weng Xiaohua was furious when she saw bastard Yan Huang staring at her best friend, Han Xinyue, the moment he entered the shop.

There was a queue at the counter, so the two young ladies hurriedly scanned the QR codes on the customer’s phone and collected money from them. Weng Xiaohua glared at Yan Huang before continuing her work.

After Weng Xiaohua finished collecting money from two customers, she looked up again. Yan Huang was still staring at Han Xinyue! She gritted her teeth as she was burning with anger.

She had never seen anyone as shameless as Yan Huang.

Han Xinyue noticed Yan Huang’s …

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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor – Chapter 61

Translator: Yuchaoz
Editors: Fire, Wise

Chapter 61: Talisman Master!

Monday afternoon. There was 97 days till the university entrance examination.

After school, Yan Huang wanted to go to the Nine Dragon Lake to cultivate. However, the moment he stepped out of school, Zhang Ziyun pestered him like a dog.

Zhang Ziyun opened his eyes wide like a bitter widow and said unhappily, “Old Huang, we have been friends for so many years. If you don’t teach me some invincible martial arts today, I won’t let you go.”

Zhang Ziyun grabbed Yan Huang’s hand tightly like an octopus. He looked as though he was chasing Yan Huang.

Yan Huang frowned slightly. He wanted to teach Zhang Ziyun some skills but his potential in cultivation was too low. He hadn’t thought of a way to help Zhang Ziyun yet.

It would be easy for him to just teach Zhang Ziyun a scripture but Zhang Ziyun was an important person to him. He didn’t want him to become a normal cultivator in the future.

Also, when your potential was poorer, you needed to choose your scripture more carefully.

A person with good potential could easily change a new scripture to cultivate when he realized that the current scripture was not suitable for him.

On the other hand, Zhang Ziyun was different. Based on his talent, he needed ten times the amount of time a normal person spent to learn the foundation of a scripture. If he was to realize that the scripture he practiced was not suitable, it would be a torture for him to learn a new scripture again.

The simple version of Strengthening Dan had little effect on Zhang Ziyun. Hence, Yan Huang prepared to impart Zhang Ziyun some skills after he managed to make the real version of the Strengthening Dan.

No matter how weak Zhang Ziyun’s potential was, after using the Strengthening Dan, he would be able to cultivate much easier.

“Do you have any hobbies or talents?” Yan Huang frowned. He decided to understand Zhang Ziyun’s physique first.

“Erm… hobbies?” Zhang Ziyun frowned when he heard this. He said with uncertainty, “my only hobby is drawing…”

“Talisman?” Yan Huang remembered that Zhang Ziyun’s textbooks were filled with doodles. His bed and table in the dormitory were also filled with pictures hanging all around them.

He recalled that Zhang Ziyun’s drawings would always be the top three in class every arts lesson. He had to wear spectacles not because he studied too much, but because he drew too much.

At this moment, a thought flashed passed Yan Huang’s mind. “Do you have a pencil and paper?”

“Yes.” For someone who aspired to be an artist next time, pencil and papers were necessities to him.

Yan Huang looked at his surrounding. There was a small hypermart near the school gates. Some tables and chairs were put out in front. Yan Huang brought Zhang Ziyun to a table and sat down. He took the pencil and drew a talisman on …

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