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    You know, I was surprised at getting 3 emails for this novel pop up at the same time, till I saw it all as the 4th chapter… Now, all that is left is the middle child who is neither first nor last… Chapter 4-2, we shall pray for your siblings to always be remembered! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/24655a5c1e401086f6223041d35dd7a05dfbe92595c52c3c7814aff90b79b5df.png

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    “At that time, I did something a bit evil, hehe~”
    Beautiful evil sexy looking MILF with TEHE PERO~

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      Btw, who is the grand father standing in the back in the cover?


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        As of now, it has not been revealed fully, but I’m assuming his role is something like a patriarch

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        Lol he’s probably the high priest of the God of Absolute Evil, and those war medals are from being the hell general of the Army of Ultimate Destruction

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        his probably a general related to either the husband or the wife’s family. a grandfather possible.. maybe the prime minister.

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        Look at those f*cking medals!!! He could use them as armor at this point.

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          reminds me of some Girl who kill adveturer to get their emblems and use it as armor(Overlord)

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        she looks like that one abyss ship from kancolle . . .just put two short horns on her forehead and change her eye color

      • I’m betting it’s Grid-ractos’s lovable younger brother. He’s in back because he’s shy.

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      I prefer the onee-san. Now that is a real looker xD

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    Ah Liliana. She’s exactly how I thought she was.

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    Soooo they are the Adams family in looks only

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    This series reminds a bit of the Munsters, if only they were human and knew what people thought of them.

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