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    The biggest question of all gaming/manga history will be revealed in the next chapter… HOW DOES A MAN EAT/DRINK WITH A FULL FACE HELMET?!

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    amusing as usual! lol butler’s current no. 1 mission is to understand erza! ahaha!

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    What ? The spider drink the tea from cup ? Don’t tell me she is kumoko-chan ?

    • she traveled to that world to kill some time but then she got adopted, feed with all kinds of food and pampered, that’s totally her

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    it is the same way alphonese or luffy does it, god make them skip a time frame, so we always miss the timing they eat

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    But my favorite character is the Gale-like Old Man! ?
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    Of the 4; I find Erza to be the most adorable. The fact that she goes from being a quiet, almost normal girl outside the armor to hyper-genki invincible and unintelligible knight in the armor. And the fact that there’s a total of about 5 individuals who can understand her; her mother, father, brother, and Captain (maybe the Prime Minister too considering how often he visits them).

    Liliana would be the second; with how pure her love is yet the surroundings instead make it look like she’s a secretly sadistic witch.

    Then of course Grid himself, the poor guy. Face of an axe murderer but the gentle personality of a tenderhearted but hardworking individual.

    Jake still doesn’t seem to really have anything standing out other than being fairly honorable (but like his father, misjudged/misinterpreted).

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