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That idiot prince pisses me off to no end. Has no proof but firmly believes that the dudes are guilty no matter what? Does his upbringing not teach him about the way his kingdom works, the head figures that uphold his kingdom, or any of the reason from the king? The king is on pretty good terms with Ractos, and Ractos works pretty damn hard. How does the prince of such a King not notice this? Plus both men have no criminal records, but the prince is entirely convinced based on rumors with no concrete proof. I can’t even. Thanks for the chapter though xDD

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If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself. Vladimir Lenin

Señor Clean

Wait…. so Hitler was just ripping that quote off Lenin?!


I can’t wait for the part of their royal training where they get told Governor Ractos is the major reason the kingdom is still existent and not under violent revolt with their princely heads on stakes.

Fantasy Magician

Or rather why the kingdom’s economy is running at all…

Andre B

it’s more hilarious than you would believe.


remember, he is good at warfare but he never told us about his politics and administration abilities so i am assuming he is a muscle head much like his father, the only diference is that his father is the king, as such he knows way better what is going on behind the scenes, like who is actually keeping the economy together


Well he kind of raising the flag by saying that he is expected to inherit the throne.. Who knows, maybe at the end his little brother is the one who is going to replace this idiotic prince?


and he will blame it all on the main characters


Thank you very much! <3


thanks a lot


so someone did see him , damn now it’s confirmed it won’t be a harem but still there’s nothing wrong in expecting a good romance

Lygar X

one day, some of these idiots might realize that it was all a misunderstanding. the future king might learn the real truth by the time he becomes king. until then, hilarity ensues as misunderstandings come about

CJ Carlet

thanks for the update XD

the idiotic prince what are you up to now don’t stop Grid Ractos of his food or else the entire kingdom will be burden with his absence in the office table after crying for several days!


prince…how is it that your father really trusts governor ractos, and you don’t at all—?!

Little Wonder

A potential economic crisis (Grid and his son distraught over meal complications) because a prince misunderstood “sashimi” hand gestures for execution…
This poor hard-working, shy, innocent family

Kensei Seraph - Terran Ghost

Thanks for the chapter.


Thank you for the chapter!
Can someone tell me that at the end there will be no more misunderstandings? I want a happy ending for the Ractos family.


Bet Zen will run into the Full Armor Idiot.


HAHAHAAHAHAH as always the idiot princes doesn’t disapoints!!!!!!!!

nai wa!

got a chapter 17 update at NU , redirected at TOC


Pfff, this trouble!

Ahahahaha, why doesn’t the prince go see what happens without Governor Ractos~

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