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        baka king? do you really think he can actually explain well enough for the equally baka prince to understand ?

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      yeah the king already told him if I not remembered it wrong it just the prince super idiot and didn’t believe it

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        The king is idot too he explained it proably quite badly

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          The prince is selfishly convinced that his father the king is being coerced or fooled by the ‘evil’ duke, and believes the same of the prime minister. Nothing anyone can say to him will break his confirmation bias, from the looks of it.

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      It’s sad for the duke who is really soft hearted and suffers every time people make assumptions because of his looks and poor choice of words, the latter of which being partially caused by not being able to socialize due to the first.

      It’s sad for the duke’s son who has the most level head in the family and also suffers infamy because he’s too tense and occasionally goofs up.

      It’s sad for the prime minister who spends way too much of his days acting as the Express Messager of the State (read: running after the duke to stop problems caused by stupid soldiers).

      It’s sad for the king who can do nothing as baseless anxiety leads his troops and his own son to antagonize his friend even while that friend is the greatest pillar holding the country up.

      It is a dream come true for the royal purveyor of stomach medicine.

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    Prime minister: stop right there , mr.Police, Our Administrator only want to watch 200m running, he is not terrorist or criminal …

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