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    Wow it’s worst than I thought….ppl are scared and suspicious but not scared enough to not arrest him….

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      Yeah it’s like someone who have scary face just because hard labour work, people always misunderstanding them

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      he got backup from the king you know …. also prime minister ~ also he didn’t do anything bad for people to arrest him and there’s no evidence that he do something bad ~

    • Visunoriva

      well he got backup from the king, prime minister and high noble ~ also he didn’t do anything wrong XD

  • Rahmahdi Adi

    So it likw where you meet very macho man that full of scars but actually have mother heart

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    I can DEFINITELY see the beginning of a heartwarming story, poor Grid-ojii-san ;_;
    I personally like deep voices, they’re so cool~
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    I really feel bad for the guy.

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    you know, the thing is, i feel awfully sad for them…this is truly the, judging from appearances thing, huh! tsk, these people who judge by looks! prime minister-dono, i am glad you’re here—!
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    He’s doomed.

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    By the way, your spoilers are broken.

    “[su_spoiler title=”Spoiler Title”](TL : he use wagahai – the ‘I’ that
    is usually used by a person with high position )[/su_spoiler]”

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    appearance alone make him see to the people as some sort head of a crime syndicate… what the heck?! an old saying, never judge a book by its cover…

  • He should give that guard a transfer to another city so the people can at least think that he was made to dissapear after insulting the Duke