• Dicky

    Oh, Prince. Your prejudice is showing… I want his father to dress him down.

    Thanks for supporting our laziness.

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      He is the type of people who believe in their own justice so its fine but where is the romance !!!!

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      i suspect that he is a shota

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    Much thanks.

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    Well the Prince is showings signs of what much of post Trump election Americans are expressing.

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    Thanks for the new chapter!

  • Aria Anathema

    it(the misunderstanding) started out funny, but as time pass, it annoys me more and more…

    while I know we, human, always (conscious or not) judge people by their appearance, but not giving credit where it’s due because of someone’s appearance is not acceptable =_=

    I would watch in satisfaction if ractos has enough, quits and the kingdom crumble down =.=

    Thank you for the translation!

    • Dum

      Ractos (the father) does call quits a few times y’know, though the prime minister do anything possible to make him not to…..
      Since if he quits the kingdom economy will crumble within days….

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    prince, guy, hello. Jake is a good man, ok! he helped that girl and stuff, after all!

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    Shadow magic – snake tentacle!!!

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    Another hilarious novel of stupid misunderstanding. Well, this is promising. It reminds me of evil god average, but without the evil god curse, i hope it won’t be disappointing.

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    Okay…. I’m going to ship it!!! Prince X Jake!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!

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    It took me awhile, but I think I decided on something. This story pisses me off, I get no sense of joy or any form of value from even a single sentence in this dungheap.

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      Thank you for your comment, but unnecessary slandering of this story gets no-one anywhere. And if it does not please you, please read something else.

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    Prejudice is so high Prince can’t even see a good act…

    Good successor the king has.

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    I wanna be born with that face… ?

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    The prince sounds like a tsunadere princess

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    Alto-chan. Isn’t it about time you start judging by deeds instead of appearances? What an unfitting heir you are.

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    Kinda wanna ship these two :3

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    Soo, this one, actually makes sense. The prince was even about to change his thinking there for a second, but then Jake says “just do it in another place”. Honestly, the prince is basically right in this case, even if someone looked totally honest and upright, if they said something like that I’d think they were a bad guy too. The rest of the judging by appearance I still disagree with, but we can all admit Jake muffed it with that line.

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    Well I kindna hope that prince magically transform in to princess , and we will have
    Stundere stalker princess

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    Noo please no bromance in the future I hate BL

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    Did he seriously refer to those rapists as “poor men”? I hope he doesn’t suceed the throne… Since he’s introduced as First Prince, he might have more worthy brothers…

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    Loool, maybe the prince and Jake will become friends? He did actually sort of accept that Jake might be trying to save a woman. For like a moment. But progress!

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    Well their country is doomed once the prince ascended to his father’s throne. You know, Grid Ractos as the only one literally who handled the financial assets of the kingdom and if something bad happen to the Ractos Household related by the kingdom hidden agenda to them their grandfather would destroy that kingdom completely and blanket it under the shadow of darkness forever..