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Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 About the Aliens

Although Hao Ren was still unsure whether Vivian’s treasure worked or not, at least in the following three days, Hao Ren did not continue to have nightmares. Yet he didn’t feel that it had anything to do with the “Ba Gua” disc. One reason was that he knew the “Ba Gua” disc was not originally designed to ward off evil was because you could use it to: practice geometry, as a compass, and to search for treasures. Those uses were more in agreement with its “setting”. To ask the disc to ward off evil would require multidisciplinary knowledge. The other reason was because he had found a tiny printed line on the edge of the disk, which read “a wood factory somewhere in Sichuan Province”….

He decided not to tell Vivian the truth.

Anyway, it was a good sign that he had stopped having nightmares, though the wolf hair, which was taken from the dream to the real world, still frightened him. Hao Ren was also certain that he was eyed by something incredible again, but he was a very enlightened guy who could easily smooth his own ideas. Even if the sky was falling, if someone as tall as Yao Ming was still alive, then he could still live happily.1 As for the nightmares or whatsoever, maybe he should go to Raven12345 and asked her about it.

Speaking of Raven12345, Hao Ren went to see her two days before. After all, previously he had been in such a hurry that he didn’t consult many things clearly, and he had also come up with many questions at home, yet the last time he failed to meet the weird “Goddess”.  Hao Ren still used the previous method to find her: He took a ride to the damn “Wang Ba Tuo Zi”, located the old Chinese Doctor Advertising on the street pole, and was successfully teleported to the upside-down building. It was located in “Alien spaces”, (which proved that the previous experiences were not just an illusion,) but Raven12345 was not there. Hao Ren only saw several blue Fogmen cruising in the garden and the house. They should be Raven12345’s servants and they looked as if they had high intelligence, but were unable to communicate in Chinese. At least Hao Ren felt that they were totally unable to communicate.

One Fogman handed a note to Hao Ren, where Raven12345 had written that she had something important to do with the Centaur, and would be able to come back in three to five days. But if she had fun playing there, then she maybe she would be back in three to five years.

Hao Ren was driven out of the house by the blue servent while clutching this unreliable note after.

“Hell, this is REALLY unreliable…” Hao Ren sat in the cold air from the AC while reading the magazines in the living room. When he recalled his experience two days ago at the “STA in ‘Wang Ba Tuo Zi’ Office”, he felt a royal pain in the ass.  He didn’t know when, if at all, Raven12345 would come back to give him a good FAQ. Now Hao Ren just felt that he was shrouded in fog, lost in all the stuffs which were beyond his knowledge. Even if he wanted to ask for a consultation, he didn’t know where to start, and the only one who could possibly tell him everything, was regretfully the unreliable, neuropathy-like “Goddess”. If it were not for the fact that his heart was open to weird things, he felt the simple compulsion was enough to crush him.

Of course, these days he had also tried to gather some knowledge from Vivian and Lily to learn a bit more about the “Aliens”, and in general… more or less he had some gains. At least he had some real understandings about werewolves and vampires these two kinds of Aliens, and also a vague impression about the “world” outside normal human society.

Aliens: This was Hao Ren’s subconscious name for Lily and Vivian, and in fact also the name many humans used for those nonhuman beings. Even Lily and Vivian themselves used the term aliens without showing dissatisfaction.

It was impossible to trace back the origin of Aliens as they seemed to have been active since the beginning of recorded human history. There were half truth legends about Aliens everywhere; from bizarre ancient ghost, to the Middle Ages when the Church hunted monsters, the devil in china, and finally the popular modern horror stories. Vampires, werewolves, demons, and zombies; these Aliens, which had only been witnessed in ancient times, were now only stories used to scare people.

The vast majority of Aliens were threats to humans, and although the initial conflicts could not be verified now, it was certain that Aliens and humans had been in continuous conflicts throughout history. Yet at the same time, there were many Aliens who were in close contact with humans and some even lived together. In era of Cavemen, Aliens were those primitive Gods or beasts in ancient stories. They were the “Men of God” or “Men of Supreme” referred to in many ancient books, who had animal characteristics or three heads and six arms and seemed in contradiction with the theory of evolution. These records were in part the ancients’ imagination and exaggeration and in part  deformed children as results of inbreeding or disease. The rest were Aliens that really existed.

They weaved the early stages of civilization with humans and served the role of “Genie” in records.

Vivian had experienced that era and although her memory was somehow confused, she was still able to recall some basic information. The most terrifying memory Hao Ren heard from Vivian was… Zeus indeed existed. He was a thunder giant and his brain was somehow pitted…

Apparently in the early stages of contact between Aliens and humans, the former was overwhelming more common. Aliens usually had special abilities far beyond human understanding; long lives, tough vitality, and were much smarter than primitive humans. Aliens were absolutely dominant over the humans. On an impulse, they would toss about the humans. Thus, the monsters became the scourge of the ordinary. As for the primitive Gods, who safeguarded the territory, their behaviors were just the result of their whim. But over time, the situation had changed. Vivian’s memory was not reliable, so she was not sure how Aliens suddenly declined, but she was certain there were three main reasons.

Firstly, as humanity gradually became more civilized, they learned to unite and create more sophisticated tools to use when the Aliens were lax. Humans could unite and hunt the solitary over-confidant monsters. Secondly, the Alien Tribes always declined somehow; Thirdly, the Witchers appeared.

The third was the most important point.

Witchers were strange guys with half human lineage. Nobody knew how they first appeared. It was out of nowhere and they began to hunt Aliens all over the world once they appeared. Their initial name was not Witchers, as they had no fixed title at the beginning. This title was not widely recognized until the Middle Ages when the European Church promoted the name  “Witchers”. At that time, Europe was the last place where the Aliens were rampant, so the names the European Church depicted the Aliens with became the standard titles.

It was hard to say whether it was lucky or unfortunate for the Europe…

In short, the activity of the Witchers coerced the Aliens to gradually decline from Earth civilization development stage. The Earth changed from the initial rulers to the marginalized ones. Although the Aliens still had great powers, they basically could not effect much in Earthly civilization.

This was all Hao Ren had heard from Vivian. The incredible hidden side of the real world that Hao Ren had thought calm and peaceful for twenty years… Anyways, although his perspective had just been reconstructed after the clash, it collapsed again.

As for the two super women in his house, Hao Ren also took this chance to consult them.

Lily was a “Newbie Werewolf”, who only had a few dozen years of life experiences, and was soft-headed, so she could not provide much information. Vivian was a high-end Blood Tribe, who was said to have lived for many years. When Ren Hao first heard about it, he was really shocked at the girl’s background. She had existed before currency had been invented, so it could be said she was even older than most human history’s civilizations! The strange thing was that the things Vivian knew were also limited. Her memories of the thousands of years were chaotic and it was said that the majority of her actions were to find a place she could have a sound sleep in. Until recent modern times, human society was quite dismissive to Vivian. The eccentric veteran vampire was not as keen as her fellows in tossing humans or “improving human lives”. She was focused on dealing with her bad luck most of the time…  She had lived in chaos for thousands of years. Hao Ren thought that she was definitely a shameful vampire, but could be instead seen as a good girl to human beings.

It was a miracle how her perspective of the world was formed.

  1. This comes from a saying in Chinese: Even if the sky is falling, there are those tall guys who stand against it.

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