Fantastic Creatures’ Travelogue – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 the Dream Plane?

Hao Ren formally sat opposite to Raven12345, waiting for the other to explain the concepts to him. In fact, initially he didn’t really expect that the other party would tell him everything so easily: In his mind, Raven12345 from the beginning was a person who was strong-minded. This impression had formed from the first day he was roped into all these stuff, but now it seemed… this woman was not so unreasonable. “This world is much more complex than you may have thought,” Raven12345 directly sat on her desk without caring about her impression on Hao Ren, and her temperament was like a Gang Leader, “the races unknown to you exist, another unknown society, even another unknown space – The vast majority of humans know nothing about them, but the minority who is gifted will be exposed to there, which is, the Dream Plane.”

Hao Ren subconsciously swallowed, Raven12345’s serious expression made him feel an invisible pressure.

“Of course, I decided this name recently, and previously I called it the Illusion Space, and then the Mirror World, Phantom Universe … ah, maybe the Second Sector too. ” Raven12345 scratched her hair, a move which took away all her seriousness, “Anyway, this is a unique phenomenon of this universe, and call it however you like or we can temporarily call it the Dream Plane but it is due to change if I have thought of another name later.” Hao Ren had slightly adapted to this strange woman’s messy thinking pattern, and asked one question while holding back his urge to Tucao: “What is the Dream Plane anyway? Parallel Space? Although I have heard of this theory… ”

“No, a little more complex than that.” Raven12345 shook her head, “The Dream Plane is a special kind of information structure in this universe, which is somewhat similar to the Parallel Space, but it is more illusory, and more unstable. The Dream Plane is added up together with the universe. The latter is real, stable and regular, while the Dream Plane is unreal, changeable and erratic. When the real world operates normally according to the Cosmos Rule, the Dream Plane would just change like a dream following the real world, but their mapping relation is really complex. Therefore, this change was substantially untraceable. You just need to know a little about such theories and that’s fine, as most humans don’t understand this. In short, you just need to know one thing: The Dream Plane is a place superimposed on the real world and very unstable, but almost never interacts with the real world. Inside it may also exist living and abiotic things, and even intelligent beings, but these all are very complicated. Before you have enough experience … you’d better not get in touch with that place. ”

“Who wants to get in touch with that thing!” Hao Ren suddenly shrank his neck, “A short while after I fell in, I was beaten by dozens of wolves okay! At least 20 percent larger than the wolves on the Earth! Didn’t you say that it won’t interact with the real world? Then what’s it got to do with me?” “Well just as I have said, there are those gifted who has been there,” Raven12345 pointed at Hao Ren’s head, “Exactly through the dreams. This world is a state of information, and everything is a manifestation of information, like hot or cold, big or small, light or heavy. These information are all stacked together. The process to make a thing can be described and perceived, is the process it is produced, and this is the most austere version of the Unified Theory of Information. Oh, in fact the whole theory is much more complex than that, but you just need to understand to this extent. You just need to remember, because of the presence of the Unified Theory of Information, the things in the Dream Plane can be guided to the real world with dream as its medium. This is also the reason why I recently named it the Dream Plane. In the human history, there have been a number of people who can be connected to the Plane, and most of them are short-lived as they were killed easily by the twisted beings in the Dream Plane. But their short life can cause endless trouble to the real world … Black Death, Flood, some … well, very troublesome things, and everyone who died in the Plane had more or less took something with them to the real world: 80 to 90 percent of which are harmful to the real world.”…

After hearing that, Hao Ren broke into a cold sweat, as he had never thought that the world which he was so familiar with had such a side – just a few days ago he had complained that the world was too boring, and the daily life was too dull. Now he had discarded completely the idea: On the contrary, this world was a little bit exceeding the extremity of exciting too far, okay!

“So, that’s to say I’m gifted?” Hao Ren did not know whether he should laugh or cry, and he just pointed at his nose with a weird expression. “If Dream Plane is so crotchety as you have said, it seems to be fatal…Why don’t you think of ways to solve it?”

“Gifted? Originally you had no such gift,” Raven12345 grinned, “Don’t think too much, you are just a normal person. It’s just that after contacting with me, you are influenced by my Information Disturbance Force, which makes you gradually deviate from normal people. The initial change is that you are easier to get in touch with those abnormal things, which also makes it easier for your work from now on. But don’t worry – those who died in the Dream Plane are those without background, and they weren’t like the employee of our Authority, then how can they continue living for a long time? You are not like them because you are certified, and this is called Granted Traverse – I will try to pull you away whenever you are near to death…”

Hao Ren’s forehead was sweating: “…”

“Now you are aware of the situation of the Dream Plane, but I really wonder how much you can understand only by listening to my words. You need to get in touch more with these abstract things later on, and when you have matured enough, you will have plenty of time to get in touch with those things,” Raven12345 jumped off from the table, and patted Hao Ren’s shoulder to relieve his pressure, which almost nailed him into the ground, “As for the nightmare sort of things, you didn’t catch it these days, did you? It meant that your balance with the Dream Plane has recovered. A real-world individual shouldn’t drop into nightmares under normal circumstances. ”

Hao Ren rubbed his shoulders and clenched his teeth, and finally remembered that he had one more thing to ask: “Oh right, you know the Witchers, right? ”

From Vivian, Hao Ren learned the thousands of years of grievances between the Witchers and the Aliens, and the grievance between the Aliens and the humans: the weak but large-population human beings, and the powerful but small-population Aliens, and the unknown-origin, Witchers between the humans and the Aliens. These three parties had been equally active on the stage of Earth’s history, but now the humanity had been in charge of the planet. The Aliens were marginalized, to the extent that ordinary people didn’t have the chance to know about them, while the Witchers had also lay dormant in the human society. At once, the situation of the three hegemony became that the humans were dominant, and everything seemed calm under such situations – But Hao Ren knew that it was just calm on the surface, which was maintained by the Witchers and the Aliens tacitly.

The Witchers were still active everywhere in the world, as these powerful warriors who looked just like the humans were still hunting for Aliens, and very unfortunately, Hao Ren had been accommodating two Aliens in his house – He was eager to know what attitude Raven12345, who claims herself to be the God, would be towards this situation.

Or in other words, how does the Hilling God Tribe and the STA view the races on the Earth? Which side were they really supporting?

Hao Ren thought a lot in his mind, but Raven12345 just waved her hands carelessly: “Yeah, I know, but I’m too lazy to confront them. Anyway, they haven’t got you right? Discuss that when they have found you.”

Hao Ren thought for a second, and felt that he could not fight against the white-haired majyo in front of him, so he went back to sit in the chair again obediently, crossing his hands, with a sincere expression: “Then the last question: for me who is a fragile Earth being, you want me to deal with those super women? At present Vivian and Lily’s temper is good and that’s fine, but what if there comes a bad tempered one… you got to give me some abilities to protect myself, right? Let’s make a bargain, how about giving me two hundred years of fighting skills?” 1

Hao Ren just spoke casually, and he didn’t expect Raven12345 would just nod readily and gave him the book of Buddha palm Technique.

But to his surprise, Raven12345 patted her forehead: “Eh, if you didn’t say anything, I would have just forgot! New employees should be hardened upon induction. I always felt that I have missed something… Fortunately you reminded me of that before I sent you to the battlefield! ”

Hao Ren: “…”

If he was killed one day, then he was definitely pitted to death by this father-pitting and brain-pitted neurotic boss!

  1. Here it referred to the description of traditional Chinese Wuxia novels, which means the fighting skills developed in two hundred years of training.

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